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1 Nov , 2019  

Hey guys welcome back to my channel, I look a little crazy. Don’t worry, I’m not doing a makeup tutorial on how to achieve this look. I am, however, doing a Tips & Tricks for a hooded eye makeup and initially I was going to do just a tips and trick tutorial, but then I realized, I really wanted to illustrate the things that I’m going to tell you not to do. I really wanted to show you why and kind of the effect that they create on the eye, so I decided, rather than making this a hooded eye makeup tutorial.
This would be a do’s and don’ts for hooded eyes. So obviously, if you can’t tell the right eye, is the do tips and tricks? The left eye is the what you might not want to do and y-yes. I was a little bit more dramatic on this eye. Maybe I went a little heavier than I needed to, but I really wanted to illustrate the things that I’m saying not to do and kind of the effect that they have on the way your eye makeup looks so without further ado. Let’s get started wait, but before we get started, if you are not subscribed to my channel, please do so. I would love you to stick around and see all my future. Videos alsohit that Bell notification, and that makes me super sad and then you can find on Facebook and Instagram. Those are the two that I can keep up with a not on Twitter, I’m not on snapchat but find on Facebook at Instagram, it’s Lisa, J, makeup and and let’s stay connected all right guys, let’s get started. So, let’s talk about how to eyes before we get started, there are varying degrees of hooded eyes right. A hooded eye doesn’t mean that it’s the same for everybody, some of us, you don’t see any of your eyelid. As some of us, you see a little bit of your eyelid, some of us, you have a very mild hooded eye. My old, I don’t know if that’s the best way to describe it, but you know what I mean it’s very it’s a very subtle, hooded eye. I kind of fall into that category like if you, depending on how I’d tilt my head or which direction I’m looking my hooded eyes, may seem more obvious or may not. My right eye is more hooded than my left. I’m going to see it’s hard to, because I want to look directly at you and explain it. I also want to look in the monitor, so I can kind of describe what I’m talking about, but when I do that it changes the whole way that I look so I’m just gonna kind of look directly on. I don’t know if you can tell but the right eye there is less of my eyelid that you can actually see on my left eye. You can see more. I have lash extensions, so that’s a little bit of a distraction and it actually kind of compensates for that. In fact, that’s kind of why I find myself always going back to lash extensions, because it does just open my eye up so more so much more and it may and to me it just makes the difference in the two eyes less noticeable.
When I don’t have lash extensions, I feel like you can really tell a difference in my right eye. In fact, I’m gonna post a picture for you guys to check out right over here no check right over here for you to check out. This goes to show you my eyes before lash extensions and my eyes after. If you look at this picture, the top portion, the before picture, you can clearly see that right eye is a lot more hooded, there’s less eyelid that you can see, and you can see how lash extensions really balance that off. But anyway. So, let’s move on from that. Okay, so now that I’ve kind of talked about that, let’s go ahead and get started with the tutorial. First and foremost, you always want to put a primer. I believe you should wear a primer, whether you have hooded eyes or not, but especially for hooded eyes. You definitely want tohave a primer, because a hooded eye means that you’re the skin above your crease kind of folds over onto your eyelid. And so when you have that fold, it just gives more opportunity for shadow to move around shadow to crease. If you especially a bit of oily skin, it just makes the creasing of eyeshadow more likely, so we are going to put a primer on that eye. I am using the Milani primer, you guys know. I love this one and I’m just using my finger. Okay, I’m gonna skip it on the left eye. So next I like to kind of set my entire eyelid with a like skin tone eye shadow color. You could also use a translucent powder. You could use your face powder that you used to touch up with. Basically, you just want to use something that has very little color variation from your actual skin tone and something that’s just going to set that primer and create like an even canvas or the eyeshadow that you’re going to apply. I’m gonna reach into the busy our neutral matte palette and I’m just gonna grab. Let’s describe this one right here this one’s a little too light. I’m gonna grab this one. You could do the lighter one, but I’m just gonna go with the shade just a little bit deeper than that, because it’s closest to at my skin tone and I’m just gonna dust this all over my lid from lashes to my eyebrow, okay, so crease Crease is the hot topic of a hooded eye. Part of a hooded eye means that you don’t really see that defined crease. So for me, what I like to recommend is that you look directly straight into a mirror and you apply that color, that shadow, just above where your crease would be or kind of where you want to create the illusion of a crease okay.
So when I look into this mirror, I see my natural crease is really right here, but you can see when I look at someone that crease disappears under the fold. So I do not want to go directly in here because what happens when I do that and then I look at you, it’s gone. You don’t see anything so I’m gonna use this as a guide, but I’m really going to create that crease color to be a little bit higher. I almost like to describe it as a halo above the crease. You want a soft fusion of color, so I’m gonna go with a shade that is deeper than my skin tone, but not really that dark, I’m gonna start there. I can always go darker if I want more of a dramatic eye, but I always want to start with a shade that is just a little bit deeper than my natural skin. That is going to give you the most beautiful, just airbrushed kind of blended look. So while I have this palette in front of me, I’m gonna go ahead and grab it. This is the Tarte in bloom palette and I’m gonna grab this shade right here. It’s called jet setter and you can see that it’s just a really good kind of soft medium matte crease color. So I’m gonna go in here with that and I’m just gonna start in my outer corner and go back and forth kind of like a windshield wiper. Now I am gonna take that pretty high up, because it is not that dark. I want it. I’m gonna take it a little bit high almost to where my eyebrow starts, so I’m going to take it over there and then I’m going to kind of take it straight out. I’m not gonna pull it down, I’m really just going to kind of take it straight out almost to where it meets the end of my eyebrow. You also want to go with a matte shade, because Matt is going to create the illusion of a crease where a shimmer is going to do the opposite. Okay, so that’s what we have next, I’m going to show you what not to do on the left eye. So what not to do you do not want to go with a shade? That’s a lot darker than your natural skin tone. You don’t want to start off there again. You can always build there, but you don’t want to start off there and you don’t want to grab a shade with a lot of shimmer. You don’t want to grab a really metallic shade so for this demonstration I’m going to grab this shade right here. It’s a beautiful shade, it’s just not the right shade! I’D pick for my crease, my transition shade and I’m going to start in the outer corner and I’m going to bring it over and I’m going to kind of pull it down. You don’t want to do that.
You don’t want to pull it down because that’s just going to make the eye more droopy, it’s not going to give you the illusion of a like lifted eye. Okay – and you can see that it is very, very, very shimmery it because I’m going with something so dark and so shimmery – it’s actually going to kind of wave the eye down. So your do and your don’t okay! So next, if you do want to create a little bit more drama or you want to create a little bit more glam on the eye than just this, you can go in with another shade. I recommend a matte shade. That’s a little bit deeper than what you just apply, so I’m gonna grab, I’m actually gonna grab a mixture of these two shades. This, like really like medium kind of cool toned like grey shade and then this one that’s very similar, but a little more Brown and then I’m gonna start in the outer corner and I’m just gonna softly go back and forth. I’m not gonna go too far over because again, I don’t want to weigh that eye down. I’m just gonna keep it right here on the outer corner and then I’m gonna kind of bring it down two of these. So if you want to imagine that you’re creating almost the shape of a V on the corner of your eye, so you’re, starting on your outer corner your Veen up and then your Veen over here, if you were to look at it this way, it would look Like AV on the outer corner of the eye, that’s what you’re creating and I always recommend being very light handed. You can always build and add more but again it’s very difficult to go back and correct. If you go in with too much color more is not always better okay and you can see that I’m not bringing it further than the end of my eyebrow. I haven’t even done brows yet, but I’m not bringing it further than that. I’m really using that. As my guideline, if I had an imaginary line right here, you could see that the shadow is going to end right where the brow ends. You can also see that I’m just keeping that darkness on the outer corner – I’m not bringing it too far over, because I don’t have a lot of lid space that you can see or work with. I don’t want to make that area too dark, because it’s going to make my eyes look smaller and I really want to create more of an open, bright, eyed. Wide-Eyed look so to demonstrate what not to do I’m gonna go in with a darker shade so because this shade is so much darker in order for me to achieve a darker look, I’m gonna go in with something like this and I’m using it a Lot bigger brush so the brush. I recommend for use in a hooded eye and I actually didn’t use it on this part. I’m gonna start using it from now on, but it’s the 221 by Mac.
It’s a lot smaller of a brush and slot easier to control where you apply product. but you can see between these two brushes. Just how smaller and more precise the 221 is. This one is actually kind of frayed out a little bit, but it just gives you a lot more control of where you put that color. So for the don’t. I’m gonna grab a larger brush and I’m gonna grab a darker shade and we are gonna just kind of go over that in the outer corner. So again, what you don’t want to do is you don’t want to bring it too far down, which is what we’re doing it just really weighs the eye down. So now you can see what adding a darker color does to both techniques. So next I’m gonna apply my lid color – and here I am gonna play with a little bit of shimmer. Shimmer is not off-limits for hooded eyes. I don’t even think it’s necessarily off-limits for mature eyes. I really think it’s about the quality of shadows that you use and the level of shimmer that you use. I personally think that a satin, Sheen type finish on a shadow, looks more complimentary on a hooded eye or a more mature eye. Then, like a really foiled metallic shadow. So I like to use shadows that have a soft subtle, sheen, so they’re not flat and matte, but they’re not like metallic frosty disco ball either. So for this, look, I’m going to grab this shade right here. You see which one it is it’s by makeup, geek and it is the called the and it is homecoming. So I actually think this might be a frost shadow, but I’m gonna use a soft application in it so that it’s not you know in your face. I’m using a 213 brush by Mac. I really like this brush because it’s small and it has a little curved edge, so it really helps you kind of follow that line of that crease. It’s a little soft and fluffy. So it’s not super dense. So it’s not going to especially where, if you’re working with shimmer, you don’t want it to be really dense, because then it’s just gonna pack on a lot of shimmer. For this look, I want that shimmer to be pretty soft, so I’m gonna use this 213 brush and I am gonna just load the side of my brush shot and I’m just gonna go and kind of press this on the eyelid. I’m gonna keep the inner corner of the eyelid bare because I am gonna go in with a color. That’s a little brighter there, okay! So now what not to do so? I’m gonna go in with this really metallic foil shadow and I’m gonna load up my brush and I’m gonna pack it on my eye now. Don’t get me wrong, you guys this shadow is very beautiful and I’m not saying I don’t wear it. I’m not saying you can’t wear it if you had putted eyes, I’m just showing you different techniques not to combine them all together, because it’s not really going to create that lifted open eye for a hooded eye.
If that makes sense, as you can’t use this shadow and you can’t use this brush because that’s not the case, I’m just saying that to create an open eye for a hooded eye, it’s not going to do that For you, by using these techniques and these types of products all together, if that makes sense, so I’m gonna pack this all over the eye to kind of compare the two so far on the right eye. I’ve worked with both matte and shimmer shadows on the left eye. I’ve only worked with foiled metallic shadows, so next I’m going tohighlight the inner corner of the eye, and I am going to use this shade. I believe this one is also by makeup geek. It’s called shimma shimma by makeup geek. This does have a shimmer to it. So again, I’m going to apply it really softly. I’m gonna use the same brush the 213 I’m just gonna grab the tip of the brush, though I’m not gonna grab the side, I’m gonna Pat it off. Because again I don’t want a whole lot of shimmer. I really want to control how much product I can apply and I’m just gonna go right in the inner corner of my eye. This is just going to create a more open eye, okay, side and I’m going to grab this shade right here, which is a brighter or a foiled, more metallic eyeshadow and I’m gonna load up my brush and I’m gonna pack that guy on OK for Eyeliner, I’m gonna use the same eyeliner on both eyes, but I’m going to show you more technique and what’s gonna give the hooded eye more of a lift. I am using the Physicians Formula. It’s just like their lash boost. It’s called eye booster and one lash, boosting liner like a liquid liner, but it has a really fine point felt-tip. So what really works for me is starting in the center of my eyelid. I don’t really like to start in the really inner corner of my eyelid, because again, when I’m looking at you, you can see that you don’t really see a lot of that of that lid right there. So the last thing I want to do is cover it up with a harsh black liquid liner. I really want to keep that area liner free if I can now sometimes I’ll start in the center, and my line may not be perfect and it may look really harsh so I’ll kind of have to transition it over there. But I really try to avoid getting liner in that area, so I’m gonna start there, then what I’m going to do is I’m going to create my line and I’m gonna wing it up. I like to do very soft baby wings ever see a really dramatic, thick winged liner on me.
I just don’t think it’s very complimentary on my eyes, and so I like to do what I call a baby wing. It’s just a soft little flick, almost of the eyeliner just so it kind of tilts the eye up here. I like this. I really like this liner because I like to lay it on its side. I don’t know it just works really well for me, so I kind of create that line. First, I don’t go, I don’t pull it all the way down. I don’t follow my natural lash line, so I pretty much stopped right when I get to that very far. Outer corner, then I gently kind of flick. It up. Okay, and you have to be perfect because then you can always kind of go back and perfect it and that’s actually a little bit higher. I got a little bit more dramatic with that flick than I normally do, and I kind of create a tiny little triangle and fill that in so then. What I’ll do is I’ll go to the outer corner here and I’ll create a little line and just kind of fill that in okay? So that’s what we’re working with on the other eye! What you don’t want to do is do a really thick black liner, that you start in the inner corner and you drag all the way down falling or not your line. I’Ll show you. So I’m going to start real far in the inner corner and we are gonna create a thick thick black line. Just pins almost gone, I need to get more yeah. So what you don’t want to do again is just create a really thick black line and go and follow your natural lash line. So you don’t want to do that. You can see that when I’m looking at you pretty much, all you see is liner and by pulling that liner down, I’m really dragging my eye down. You can see that taking the shadow down the liner down, all I’m doing is working against what I’m trying to accomplish. Okay, so we haven’t talked about brows, yet I have micro bleeding done so I have a little bit filled into my brows, but I do want to show you guys what works best for hitted eyes and what you don’t want to do. So I for the do eye, I recommend kind of filling your brow here and, like you normally would I like to go. Do like little upward strokes with my product rather than like side or like filling it in I just kind of like to draw a little hair like strokes that go up almost to mimic real hair. Then I’m gonna kind of follow my natural brow shape again. I have micro bleeding done so I have a really nice shape. That’s been created for me, but what you don’t want to do so I’m gonna gohere. I’m gonna really stop where my natural brow would go. I do not want to pull it further down. Okay, I don’t want to extend it again, of course, if you have a brow that ends really early, and you need to extend it of course, but I wouldn’t extend it further out then again that imaginary line right here.
Okay, so I’ll show you what not to do so, you don’t want to drag that line too far down you see, okay, so I actually realized that I skipped the brow highlight section: I’m gonna go ahead and do that really quickly. Okay, so for brow highlight I’m gonna use this shade by the CR. It’s this white shade. It looks really stark, but honestly on me, I think it works well. If you are a little darker, then you might want to go with something. That’s not so white and you want tohave a soft hand if you feel like it’s too white, and you can always go back with your brush use for your crease and just kind of softly. Don’t really get any more product just use. What’s on it and just kind of softly blend your crease up? Okay, so what you don’t want to do is grab a really intense, shimmery shadow. I’m going to use this, which is what I used in an inner corner of my dua. I’m gonna grab it with a really flat, dense brush, and I’m gonna put that right. Underneath my brow, this shadow could actually make a pretty brow, highlight it’s all in application, though, and I’m gonna demonstrate exactly what I mean so by taking the brush that I just use, I’m going to show you if I swatch it on my hand here you Can see how intense that is now, let’s take another brush, that’s a lot softer and fluffier at like the 224 grab product, and let’s do you see the difference and those two I hope to. I hope that makes sense. I mean: are you guys, looking at this and seeing the same level of intensity because there’s lights on this, and this is metallic, it tends to reflect and make it look a little more metallic than it does. But when I’m looking at this, this looks really intense and this looks softer. I can see my skin through this. I can still see my skin tone peeking through this is almost completely opaque and completely covers my skin. So again it’s all in application. I use this color on this eye, just in the inner corner and with a softer brush. I just wouldn’t recommend putting it under the brow with a dense black brush. Like I just applied it. I hope this is all making sense to you guys. I hope that I’m not making you feel like you can’t wear shadows that you love or you can’t use brushes, that you love again. It’s all about technique and application and what you use for. What? If you have any questions, leave them down below, because I am really happy to answer them. Okay, so I dohave a little bit of concealer on, but I want to kind of clean up under the eyes and talk to you a little bit about concealer and how that can help with your eye makeup.
So I’m gonna use the Kevin a Quan and I’m gonna use it on both eyes on the do eye, I’m going to kind of take it up a little bit higher and on the don’t. I I’m just gonna kind of apply it like. I normally do in my tutorials I’m going to take a Beauty, Blender and I’m gonna use the pointy tip and I’m going to blend that up. I kind of taking your concealer up a little bit after you’ve applied your shadow. It’s going to kind of give that eye a little bit more of a lift again and just kind of clean it up a little bit. Okay. So for the don’t, I I’m just gonna kind of apply it. You know directly under the eye and straight across, get out okay, so one trick that I love to do on my eyes. Is I love to line the inner rim with a brighter nude flesh tone eyeliner? I have a few that I like today, I’m going to use this Maybelline one I’ll link it down below, but I love to line the inner rim of my eye. I feel like this just opens the eye up, makes it look awake. I just think it’s such a pretty look, especially when you use a liner on your lower lash line. That’s darker, something that I personally don’t like on my eyes is lining the inner rim with something really dark. Don’t get me wrong. There are beautiful. Makeup looks out there that have you lined the inner rim. I see makeup looks I see makeup on women and they do that and I love it. I just don’t personally love it on me, so so I’m going to show you what it does to my eyes. So I’m all about trying to make my eyes look a little larger, I feel, like my eyes, are kind of smaller. Our almond shape I like tohave them look a little bit more rounded and just bright eyed. When I align the inner rim of my eye with something very dark, it makes them look smaller. I’m going to show you guys what I mean: okay, okay! So this i has the brighter at this I has the darker. I am gonna line the lower lash line with a darker shade. I’m gonna use this pencil. It is called deep, plum by pixie and I’m gonna start in the outer corner, and I’m only going to take it about half way. I could take it all the way in because that will make your eyes look a little smaller again. If you have again, if you have large eyes – and you want to make them look a little smaller or a little more almond shape, then by all means go for it. For me, I want my eyes to look a little larger. I feel like I keep saying that, but I’m going to show you what lying all the way to the inner corner does so I’m gonna do a night. I like a thick line I’m gonna go all the way to the inner corner, so I do recommend setting your eyeliner pencil, especially if you’re working with a soft kind of coal like pencil, which I do I do, recommend setting it with an eye shadow and I like to work with Matte shadows: I’m gonna grab this teeny tiny detail brush.
I believe this is the 228 by Mac and I’m gonna go in with the shadow that I did in my crease I’m gonna use this one and I’m just gonna go over the liner that I just applied really simple It’s also gonna soften it a tiny bit so because I stopped in the middle of my lash line I want to kind of soften that edge So that it’s not a harsh like ending point sorry, my hair is in my way so we’re just gonna go softly over that line, and I am gonna do the same thing on the other side, but I’m gonna go with a really dark shadow I’m gonna use this really really dark brown here and I’m going to go all over that liner Oh Lord, look at this eye the first time I looked up close to it: okay! Well, there you have it next time if it’s mascara on no trick to mascara, really just put it on wow That looks crazy Maybe I went a little too dramatic with the don’t alright that wraps it up I hope I showed you guys a couple of tips and tricks for a hooded eye makeup and also some things not to do and why I realized that this I is pretty dramatic and maybe I overdid the don’ts, but I really wanted to illustrate why I mean if you look at the two eyes, you can see that this has more definition You see more of my lid You can see more of the illusion of more of a defined crease, even though it’s not a cut crease My eye seems more open lifted Where this just looks, you know too much shimmer, just no definition in the crease It makes the whole eyelid in crease area Look flat the really thick liner, just completely overpowers the eyelid space and just takes up all that precious real estate that we are working sohard on for our shadow and, of course, the liner pulling it down the shadow pulling it down and the eyebrow extending it Too far down really just turns the eye down Let me know what you think down below Can you please? Let me know one tip that you learned from this, that you may not have known or something that you’re going to try the next time that you do your eye makeup I would love tohear leave all your questions down below as always Thank you guys So much for watching

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