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1 Nov , 2019  

Good morning, everyone welcome to my channel, sir. I just got back from holidays and I thought, let’s love, because I only look when I’m on two holidays. You need to see what I get up to I’m a normal day. You know because not every day is a holiday. My lips entire italic, what’s going on my whole face is dry from all of the plane rides. I just did six plane rides in like three days. Well, sir, I’m making scrambled eggs cuz. That’s literally all I have hey babe.
No, the house is like dirty: what’s new, hey babe we’re doing doing eggs too? Oh, my god, these exits origami um. So today I have a few things that I need to do. We’Re gonna go to the shops, get some dog food. Did you get my nails fixed, so they literally ripped all of my nails. Also. so it’s gonna catch up on a lot of the work and just things that I missed out on doing when I was um away so y’all, oh, my god, I forgot to take my Iron public’s lost two days, nestles so dead and I feel like waiting seek as well, but now I need to fight through this. I need to have lots of vitamins and spend my ten huh real good stuffing so work Wow. I don’t tie my music up really loud right now like this is the one way to get really motivated just crank the music. Oh, my god. I really get my face like needles, something because I’m getting really bad breakups around here. So you have to Cena. See me talk about that in all my love sex with your head down. Oh yeah, I’m nothing! I’m okay! She would like you she’s little. Have a auditor I don’t know, but I’m about to go ahead and put a lot of moisturizing oils on my face. So it can really hydrate from hold that trembling the life out of me all I want. I want to show you guys this new puppy. Would I be loving it’s a little okay guys. I really need to show you my favorite soap. By the way, I just got dressed white tights from Turkey and they stop from seed. It is cold. Clammy guard. Sorry, god wait! That’s not the right one! It’s this one! Okay, it’s cool to! Let you down my dad my edits. Oh, I’m sorry, but I have to filmic me applying my foundation because it is a very satisfying theme in the world. Like do you agree, it was just me on oh, yes, this is an odd foundation and that’s really nice like daytime coverage like it doesn’t add a lot, but it still like makes the color match my neck. You know I mean so I’m gonna pop this in it’s so funny, because when I film like daytime, looks for my channel, I do you like lashes and everything, but like quite literally when I go out to the shops or something I just put on, like The smallest amount of me, okay, my face, is on feeling that off now I need to take all off my vitamins, so I don’t get sick and too much to one’s ability to take so.
Firstly, iron tablets need some energy. I am gonna read the doctors and get tested full like alert iron deficiency still, because I’m not sure that these are working too well for me, because I still feel like always run down, so I’m micro, the doctors and see, if I can do you, like The b12 shots in my arm chloe gets him in a pot by like serious I’m no date with my boss, like I’m too scared. Ah, okay. So next on my list – and yes, I do have a big list, because why not you gotta! Look after inside! Quite outsides to look good. Am i right so this one is the Nature’s Way, hair skin nails of fighting gummy cert. I take two of these a day and I’m like desperate phonies right now, because, as I said before, my now is us are wake right now that actually so so, like I feel like, I can’t do anything at all. Until I get my acrylics put on earth, a Chopra said that wait, but let’s see if I can save them actually really good as well. So it says it has been specifically formulated to help maintain healthy, have strengthened nails and help support collagen production for radiant healthy skin, which is exactly what I need anything that’s going to make my skin look amazing right now and my hand look good. I believe a couple of my house, I like honey, what I love it there, I’m actually loving it now, like my long hair was just sort of dead, no it’s time to keep it healthy. So I just want to say a massive thank you tonight.. This is my second tub of this now and I take true every day. It’s honestly amazing – and there is extra vitamins in here as well, vitamin C vitamin E and think so many vitamins I do get I’m a tank, Hey holy crap. I have so many parcels I just opened like off of them in the oh. Ah, I just open like half of them in the post office, because I want to get rid of little boxes. You guys are gonna die. Now I got the funniest thing sent to me. I got this milky foot intense exfoliating foot pad and it’s literally like a sock that you wear to bed anyway, caught myself fate like that’s, really cool but like how random and by the way I got a lot of army merge, sent back to me. Cuz me Michael has March, and a lot of it gets sent back to me because people don’t write the correct address and make sure what you write your full address properly.
I got these bikini sent to mean they’re, so amazing, from they’re from the brand for three seven and the material is just like so soft, I’m obsessed. Oh, I love this one. This is like backless, that’s cute, just like a band or the material is literally like. I look like I love this. Oh my god. These are high waisted yellows, oh my gosh, and then we go to black pants, okay, love bash, and then I got this package set to eat from laundry lips. I’ve been using laundry lips for ages. Now I’m obsessed with them – and I just got a few little presents so we have a hand cream and a lip balm, and then they offer something um, a bounty I’m which lips has been too much now wait is that I love it and then I got Some products from that medical, cosmetic car. They have like a new makeup line out now. This stop the boss hi lap patter, oh my god, I’m news out of it here and then I’ve got a few mother like skincare products and all of that. Oh my go guys, I’m such a freaking klutz. I just went to fill up my car at the petrol station right now and I went to the wrong side of the like to fill my car up. So I went around to the other side and then I got out of the car and I was on the wrong side again and I’m like all cuz cuz. I just turned around it just swept aside so now, I’m on the wrong side again. So now I’m back on the other side and if I get out and it’s on the wrong side, no, I’m on the right side, yeah beautiful on both sides to fill up my car when I could just turn around revenge. I’m just too embarrassed to fix myself off me. I’m just gonna sit here and wait. If I go in there and now like I took you awhile to figure it out, I will probably melt into the floor and die. Sorry, I’m just ready to use my colour for my nails. You need my turn stone a little pile here, grapefruit yeah he’s teaming up, so I just would ready to ask a question because she’s an expert with this stuff. She does no idea what I’m talking about. I’m thinking of going with this color sorry yeah. What are you saying? That’s why I called you I feel like you would approve it, but I usually go for like nude, so I’m scared, so I just got my nails done, although that looks amazing. They describe my turn so bad that I got orange clothing shaped nose. It’s so cute, oh my god, sir I’ve just stopped in to barela’s and things no trying on bras with first time. It’s really fun. That was fishy. Much wasn’t it yeah, I’m gonna get this one. It’s super cute and then we have these ones.
I’ve got a nice one exactly been words, but I’m officially a 12d, so wait cuz I used to be a babe now I can’t wait any petting at all. I’m going I’m not peak traffic right I’ll wait. It’s gonna take me forever to get free, but like whatever I’m so happy, I got my nails done. They look amazing and this is so much longer than normal, like it’s made. I feel like when I do thinks it’s gonna, be like a lot harder really, so I can pick my nose, oh by the way little update on my boobs. I’m allowed to weigh under why eyebrows now. That’s why I wanted to go shopping and get some all bras, and I never now I’ve got three bras. How amazing bras and things are the best fool pretty bras like that, and those are like really comfortable ones, because I usually earn them at comfortable bras like ever. It wasn’t trying to like impress someone you don’t I mean um. What else did I get? I got like a nicer bribe. I got a top or a dress to wear on the weekend because I might go out on the weekend. Yeah, I’m pretty impressed with my purchases today. Do all right! Sorry just got home and got a few things from Aldi because I reckon stuff from Kohl’s, hey baby. I love you and it’s super anyway anyways. I got for him and I have this package to do my table from like ages ago. I never opened it. Oh my: what a concept look at my nails and a holy crap, it’s so amazing! Let me show you look how beautiful this palette is. I feel like I could make so many looks with it. It’s the mani appellate, like that’s gonna, be perfect for traveling anyways, sir. What I’m doing now, I actually really need to clean. catch up on a few things that I need to do about yeah. I really need to unpack my bags. I need to clean the whole house because I just want it to be spotless clean house clean mind. If you don’t live by itself and clean air and clean mind you don’t I mean like it actually does help me. My mum’s friend is coming out about. Originally she used to come over all the time to like help me clean and stuff, but now she comes in because she’s literally like my best friend in the world and it’s amazing, like mom, I stole your friend, sorry yeah Kelly comes over like once a week To clean – and I just pay her because I really need help cleaning, because this house is pretty – I mean it’s not big, but lack its tiles and that’s why and that just I just need a hit with the clean, even start It’s always next time I company as well so she’s gonna, come over soon and she hates me on camera.
So we’ll see how that goes But I’m gonna get a little head start So she’s not even an actual pig I don’t mean okay, so I’m just cooking dinner now I just put some in fun and I just prepared the salad, because I make things up that goes and I just flip my candle and it smells so yummy, it’s my glass house So the reason why I wanted to blow up today is because, obviously, coming back from the whole thing, I feel like you guys, you think I have the puppy class and I mean I think I had a really great life, but not every day is the holiday I just want you guys to turn it up today: sings stupid children, just like oh yeah every day, has to be super fun, yeah, say hello, so I just going through all of my makeup right now and I have so much stuff that I’m getting rid of And Kellie’s helping me so this is all the makeup that I’m keeping and then I have some trash and then I have this box and stuff them in giveaway So that’s amazing You gonna help me pin yeah look at my tie, so I’m gonna wearing white again say that R and again tochka this is a bath bomb Kelly just wrote this to me and she’s like, oh, my God, look what I found and I was like Oh wow, it’s got so much dust on it What does she say when I stole your stuff when I got broken into I’m the police like dust and everything? So that’s what it is kind of cages talking the pain I don’t want to have any memories of that, I’m getting all right I still want it both men’s, so it’s like 11:00 at night and we just rearranged my filming room I feel like this looks a lot better bit different bit cleaner and overall, the whole room is sorted out pretty much, so I’m very happy about that more space over here right guys So it is a one o’clock In the morning, I’ve literally been cleaning for like eight hours, seven hours, seven hours – yeah – oh my god, how I don’t know how I lost that money, but I really hope you guys enjoyed it Today’s, it’s love! It was really nice to just get some things done That I wanted to get down for a while Now, sir yeah, I’m super happy, I’m so tired, I’m gonna go! Oh my camera’s odd, but I’ve been be him Nick Don’t forget subscribe if you enjoyed this blog yeah, I’m gonna be read in oh, my god Okay see now they can actually walk my boobs without it hurting alright, say goodnight, say goodnight love! You guys bye!

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