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1 Nov , 2019  

. I have five products that I am so into right. Now, these totally caught my attention. They are new launches, so this is all very exciting stuff that if you were on Ulta or Sephora, you might be looking at these new items. Thinking, I wonder if they’re any good, they haven’t been out for long, but I have already put these to the test along with so many other new products. There have been a ton of them recently and these have been my favorites. These are like on my desk.
Every morning, when I get ready and I’m excited to share them with you, swatch them, let’s get to it and talk about something new from NARS. Now this is really cool, because I actually don’t like their liquid concealer. I think I’m the only person on YouTube. It’s like increases on me. It doesn’t work for me. I actually tried that one out a few years ago, I think goth, makeup artist, who I love. I love him so much. He recommended that concealer and I was like I got to go to the store. I got to go, buy it and it didn’t work for me, but I will say this makeup is super personal and I have like three friends in my real life, not even other youtubers that love that concealer.. But what I will say is that I’ve already plotted to love that concealer. It just didn’t work for my under eye area, but nurse came out with one that does – and this is this guy right here. This is a gel formulation. Concealer they have 15 shades. I have the shade light 2.5. I have light 2.75 and medium one. What I am using on my face today to cover up the hormonal breakout that I’ve been dealing with this past week. That is super frustrating. I use the shade medium one I used in our toothbrush to kind of Pat it in those areas that I want to cover up that way. I can keep the rest of my foundation really light. I also used the light 2.75 underneath my eye area. I did something completely different and I didn’t do the triangle I didn’t highlight with it. This is more the kind of under-eye concealers that I’m going to go ahead and say it’s like real everyday life, concealer like if you aren’t doing full Instagram esque makeup. If you aren’t doing full glam – and you want something that you can Pat underneath the eye that is going to not be overly wet or exaggerated wrinkles, but it’s really really going to cover this is a beautiful concealer. I just Pat it on with my fingertip that melts right into the skin. It has a matte finish, but it’s not an overly dried matte finish. It’s like the perfect natural matte finish, and I really really into this concealer right now.
It is some good stuff.. This is from milk makeup. This is their blur stick and a lot of people. but I started using it right away, so I kind of you know couldn’t go and you do like a first impressions on it. This is awesome. It’s very similar to benefits, Porefessional or Estee Lauder has a little poor vanishing stick where you can just go on the skin in the areas that you would like to blur and foundation layers really really beautifully. On top of this, I put it in my t-zone. It just helps everything to look better, wear better and the convenience of it being in this kind of deodorant style tube, where it’s like really wide on the top is just so nice because you can kind of just go. You know ready to go. I have tried this on top of makeup, which they say you can do. I don’t like that. I, like it underneath makeup only otherwise it’s a little bit too powdery and chalky, but whereas other poor vanishing sticks like this or even the Porefessional kind of gather and bunch up under the eye area, this one I can actually put underneath here, where a little bit Of crows feet might happen, you know if you’re trying to soften up any of those lines right here. This is actually good anywhere on the face to do like a blurring action, so I do really really love this. I am feeling very much like a toned-down. Glam lift guru today, I’m a natural life guru like this is a very plain kind of a faith for me in the fact that I am not wearing falsies for one. You guys know I’m trying to kind of back off of that just a little bit, but also I just love the effortlessness and the look of using one shadow. So I only used one eyeshadow today. It is all over my lid and it is from a new palette from Kat Von D. Oh my gosh, you guys this looks like nothing like. It looks like a bunch of like white eyeshadow pans, but this is beautiful, not exactly a brand new concept like we’ve. Seen these type of lighter shadows that are iridescent, you can layer over darker ones and they really transform, but this palette itself in the quality of the shadows is insane I feel like this is something I’m going to reach for over and over and over. This is the alchemists holographic palette, you guys know I’ve turned into quite the little homosexual and I just can’t help it. I love everything Hollow and this is a face and eye palette. I don’t know that I will be using any of these on my face.
They are pretty intense. I am using the shade pink opal on my eyes today and that’s it and it actually looks like it’s two shades because, depending on where the light hits, it really transforms. It’s really beautiful. It’s not overly powdery. I freaking love this. Then you get a green shade that is called green emerald, a blue shade that is called blue sapphire, a violet shade that is called ultra violet amethyst and a nice little mirror, and here is a cute little tiny compact. I love it. I also love triangles. If you didn’t know, I love triangles and holographic, so this is like a major win for me and I love it.. This is the Brazilian kiss couple. Cuppa cool lip butter. What is that? I don’t know what it is, but it smells good couple cool couple of yuku. I can’t speak today. This is I’m solo Janeiro. You guys know. I love their body butter, the bumbum cream. I love that so much. I cannot get enough of that. Fragrance, I have their body wash in my shower right now. I love everything that this company comes out with, and I got a sneak peek of this right here and it is so good and you get a lot in hair. Do you not love the size of the barrel of this thing? It’s like a glue, stick for your lips. I love it so much. You can put it on top of liquid lipstick. It’s not overly waxy, it’s not just like overly wet where it would screw up. Your liquid lipstick, so if you’re feeling like a little bit, mmm things are kind of cracking and dry. You can put something like this on and it will heal the situation, but I have been addicted to this, like I put this on five times a day, and sometimes I just open it up and smell it. That’s really weird: it just: has this intoxicating food kind of cocoa vanilla scent to it? That is so delicious? It’s really really filled my lips and you know I came back from my honeymoon and I had been out in the sunshine and this just kind of brought them back to life. They were so like chapped and dried from that trip, and I swear to you. This is amazing, you will not be disappointed with this, so now that your lips are hydrated and they smell great and the experience is wonderful and you have your Brazilian kiss going strong, you’re ready for a liquid lipstick, but whether you use a $5 liquid, lipstick, Which I talked about on Tuesday, going high-end, definitely use a bomb underneath wipe a little bit of the excess off and then go into your liquid lip Now this one right here from Marc Jacobs, I am thoroughly impressed with this – is their Lamarck liquid, lipstick, I believe, that’s the entire name.
They have six shades I have them all right here This was sent to me about a month and a half ago I have been wearing these non-stop This is the only little lipstick that I can wear three days in a row and my lips do not die and become shriveled up and angry at me So this is an amazing liquid lipsticks, not completely transfer proof It doesn’t dry down completely matte It’s almost matte, I would say, like 85% of the way there, but it will transfer a little bit, I’m okay with that, because it gives your lips a nice slip and if you want to touch up throughout the day 10, it’s a very unique formula I really really love it The colors are gorgeous and beautiful and as far as a higher-end liquid lipstick, this is one of my absolute favorites I’m so glad that I have these on hand and I have been reaching for them a ton I have the shade hot cocoa I have a shade, shush blush I have what I am wearing today, which is slow burn, which is one of my absolute favorites I alsohave gone over me also totally gorgeous and really like a beautiful nude That actually is very flattering sometimes with liquid lipsticks, especially when you get to light it can look a little bit weird This one is actually super flattering I have yours to try and then truth or bear so you can see these are all very sophisticated, gorgeous beautiful shades I dohope they come out with more I think the whole packaging, where you can actually see just a tiny bit of the product through the barrel, is really cool It’s very much Marc Jacobs, it feels luxury and I love it I’ve probably talked a little bit more than I needed to just four five items, but I hope you guys enjoyed this format as things that I’m really really loving right now and letting you know straight away as soon as I decide that it’s a hit product – and I think this is kind of fun, so let me know below Just Let me know that you like it We want more of it and also, if you missed out on style code, live last night I will link that below I was on there with a hot product of the week, so be sure to go and check that out as well, and I’m hoping you guys are having a great day whatever you are doing, have an awesome weekend

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