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Top 5 under $5

1 Nov , 2019  

. You are all in for a treat, because I have found new things at the drugstore under five dollars that you will be absolutely impressed with. I know I am loving everything in front of me. I’m wearing a lot of it. We’Re going to swatch we’re going to play we’re going to just fall in love with all of these items that are under five bucks, no one’s going to go broke here and I love finding new things that actually work and compete with my higher-end items that I Can kind of throw into the mix and play and just not feel that overwhelming commitment back when I had a much tighter budget, I would always want to try new things, color wise, but often felt like.
I couldn’t because I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on a new mac, lipstick or something like that, and now we have the options at the drugstore of great makeup: that’s affordable that you have a little wiggle room with, and you know you maybe play A bit more so the first thing that we’re going to chat about is what is on my lips right now. This is from essence. It is $2.99, it is their matte lipstick. They have eight shades. This was a launch that they had back in October and they are placing it in their permanent collection for spring. So these are here to stay, which is a great thing. This is the matte matte matte, so I mean they’re really like they’re driving that home. It’s matte, I said that three times and it doesn’t just like the boy’s name, ma TT, not ma tte. They have gorgeous shades. The really interesting thing that I love about this product is that it feels kind of like a chapstick. It kind of feels so lightweight that you don’t really feel like you’re wearing anything at all. There’s no sense, there’s no flavor, it just feels light as air, but you do get a lot of color payoff and you definitely want to do more than one swipe. I think that’s my only criticism is it’s not a one swipe and you’re done, lipstick you do kind of want to go back and forth and build up the color. I am wearing the shade number three wow effect and I feel like this is the easiest lipstick ever. It is not drying, but it is completely matched their long wearing in the sense that you have about 4 or 5 hours of wear time without anything completely going downhill. So, let’s take a look at all shades right here in my hand, I have the shade one. This is natural kiss and it’s beautiful everything just has the same. Texture is very consistent through the entire range I can’t even get over the DVR $2.99. I found this display at Bed Bath and Beyond. I don’t know why that’s a great place to find new makeup displays, but if you have a Bed Bath Beyond in your neighborhood and may carry makeup, go there to find the new stuff.
It’s always there. It’s the craziest thing to me. So we alsohave the shade number 2. This is really pretty. This is perfect match and again you can see how this could be very, very light weight like if you wanted more of a sheer wash of color, but you didn’t want it to be shiny and you’re really into the matte look. Then this would be a great option. You definitely can build it up as well, which I really like shade. Number four is pink up your life. This one is not exactly a shade that I’ll be rocking on completed a basis – it’s not for me, but they dohave a nice selection, there’s so much to choose from here. They, you know, really hit every color across the board. This red is absolutely stunning. This is the shade ready or not it’s one of those in-between shades that looks like it’s a blue undertone, but it kind of has an orange AQ in it as well. It’s really just an interesting red shade. Super flattering really easy to wear, and the texture of these is what makes it so incredible in my opinion, now this is a more deep kind of a brick read. This is the shade kiss me if you can right here and again, it’s much more brick orange deep red. I also really love that the tubes of the lipstick themselves kind of coordinate to be color, that you’re purchasing it makes it really easy to identify what color you’re grabbing for and your lipstick collection. I always love those extra touches like that. This is absolutely terrifying. Why do I choose to wear white shirts whenever inflamed was like red lipstick and then I read the comments and you guys are like. I had anxiety watching you. I thought you’re going to really shirt and trust me. The second I sat down in the film. I have the same thoughts in my head. I’m like take a breath. Pay attention, don’t wreck your shirt, okay, so this is number seven. This is the shade purple power and look at that. It’s that a lot better than the $42 lipstick from or BAE. As far as like the even tone of it, I gotta say you know the drugstore through my ears on YouTube. I have seen them in every avenue up their game, get a little more competitive with the quality of product and I’m just blown away. When I find stuff like this, that is literally not just under $5, but is $2.99, so this is really pretty as well, not as smooth as this one. This one on is actually a tiny bit patchy. So maybe this is the one shade that is not my absolute must-have phase, but if you layer it up blot your lips a little bit put on a little more, you can get it to be a very, even opaque amount of coverage and it’s a beautiful color.
So this is it’s a statement number eight, so you have eight of these to choose from love them. I was also going to throw in the mix that I am still super in love with the catsuit liquid lipsticks from wet and wild. If you want to see swatches of those liquid lipsticks they’re $4.99, I’m going to take this off of my hand. So I’m not like waving my arm around making a relationship. I love this blouse today by the way this is Tahari, which is not it’s an expensive brand, nothing that I want to get red lipstick on, but if you’re in California go to Oxnard, they have the best outlet store for Elie Tahari. Oh my gosh. It’s like heaven on earth and everything’s like 75% off, and that is where I got it. A lot of you guys are like linked products and clothes, and this one you can’t really purchase online anymore, but you can find it at the outlet mall, which I love finding a good deal. I don’t think that will ever change with me. I just kind of get like a rush of satisfaction whenever I find something really great on sale. I don’t know it’s kind of a weird thing with me here from Wet n Wild. We have this beautiful photo focus powder. Now this is not a bronzer. This is actually a powder for the face, it is said to not have any flashback, they have a huge, wide range of colors. The compact itself is super duper, flimsy, there’s no mirror, I don’t like the packaging, but the product itself is stunning and smooth and beautiful. This one I tried on on Friday, I did a what’s new at the drugstore haul, Tryon style, and I was so impressed that this has become quickly. You know it’s only been a few days, but in every day, bronzer that I am loving, it gives the most subtle glow it blends really beautifully. It does not separate or patch off, and the texture is just out of this world. I really want to try at the lighter shades. I got this specifically to bronze my face, but again you could use this as your setting powder if you had deeper skin tones and this matched you, but for me and my skin tone, this is the perfect bronzing type of a shade. It has a little bit of a sheen in there, but it’s not sparkly, it’s just a beautiful beautiful powder again. This is this shade, 8 to 8 C cocoa and it is $4.99. I have chatted about makeup revolution, matte blushes in the past. This is the shade new rules. I just want to show you how just a little dab in here like if I just going stop look. Are you kidding me just like the craziest thing ever? It is so what pigmented, and sometimes when you have a very, very pigmented blush, it won’t blend.
Well, especially with a formula that is not as expensive. It doesn’t have the same ingredients as a higher-end blush to kind of smooth things out sometimes, and it can be a little bit of a trick, but this blush just smooths out so gorgeously. I learned it right now. It wears a really long time that intense color hangs out it stays around. They have different shades that are absolutely beautiful as well, but this is the one that I am super into. I know I’ve talked a lot recently about that. Little trick where you put on a more subtle blush kind of everywhere, and then you go right on the apples of the cheeks and kind of boop-boop and you kind of put the focus to the center of the face. And I love doing that technique with this. Particular shade it’s matte, it’s gorgeous it blends. Well, it wears all day the color stays and I just love it. I had wanted to try these when they first launched online and they were sold out. I was going to do a whole, they were just sold out, sold out sold out. So when I saw these at Target, I got super excited. They only had these two shades. They do carry six shades. This is the Aqua, molten, metal, cream or cream or liquid eyeshadow from ELF. This is $4, and these are beautiful. They are so easy. This is the quickest way to get the most like angelic kind of glowy eyelid. Look ever once they settle they stay put all day like you will continue to see that high shine, they don’t manage to be completely crease proof, but they’re still really beautiful and almost wet looking but natural at the same time. So this is something that I really enjoy for the inner corner or just all over the lid. If I’m keeping my look really really simple, it’s fast out the door makeup you can just pat pat pat, pat pat, and you have something really beautiful and high shine going on the lid without having to spend so much time. Blending and worrying about things moving and looking patchy. It’s just very effortless makeup and I cannot believe these are $4. I really love the rose gold, one. That is what is all over my lid and then sometimes I will take this one right here, which is light gold and all kind of Pat it just in the center of the lid for a little extra shine. But these are beautiful and even the packaging is very stunning, so you can buy them at Target. Now I want more of the colors If you have tried these, which colors do you love so so much are there kind of bad ones, because these two are great? Let’s all take a moment and just acknowledge the fact that I have now gone several weeks without lashes for the most part, I still love them.
Do not get me wrong I love of glam, but being that I have skills back on The lashes means that I have been trying out a lot of different mascaras and I can actually see which ones are more volumizing, which ones are more lengthening, and I have to fear from essence This one is the rock and dull crazy xs-xl volume, this one’s a little bit chunky, but if you like a ton of volume, this is a newer one that I wanted to mention That is really nice It does not smudge everywhere It really really builds up, but this one right here, these false lashes mascara This is dramatic volume Unlimited this I actually disagree with the name of the product I don’t feel that it is super super volumizing, but if you are looking for length in your lashes, this will make them almost hit your eyebrow, I was putting this on the first time I was just like Are you kidding me like my lashes are just like, like they grew so much? That’s how I felt when I applied this, and I was like this is great This is a really cool brush It’s very tapered right at the tip, which means you can kind of fluff the individual areas that you want to fluff out and lengthen same on the lower lash line and really get that type of a dolly effect With your lashes, I think it’s fantastic It wears! Well, it isn’t flake and it’s not waterproof, so try not to rub your eyes too much, but so long as you keep that in mind This is an incredible, affordable, wonderful, new mascara I actually have one more item I wanted to really like me, miss 5 under 5, but I have one more item hanging out, so we’ll just kind of sneak this little guy in this is from ELF as well This is a brush that is crazy, affordable and really useful for so many things This brush, I actually use on the inner corner of the eye I can use it under the brow bone and I can easily smudge the lower lash line It’s really packed, it’s very dense, but it has a nice tip and it just feels like it should be More expensive than it actually is so whenever I find a brush, especially that I’m reaching for a lot super affordable at the drugstore, I have to let you guys know so This is like the extra bonus affordable number in two days, pile of products under fire there We have it, I hope you guys enjoyed this Let me know what you did and you want more of these in the future I love you guys so much leaking comments below

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