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30 Sep , 2019  

Alo 1234 alo, Hello, everyone we meet again.. I have done a bright toned makeup. Look in today, going to create a soft and fragile nude look, but it is very easy to apply.. First, I will change my eye color by wearing this pair of brown contact lenses in the limited edition collection of Nice Lens., Then I will start by applying a layer of vitamin enriched face base from Bobbi Brown.. This will give your skin the moderate moisture extremely pleasant. Fragrance.
– And this is the best seller product of the brand. – Keep your face. Oil-Free in this summer day with Fit me foundation from Maybelline.. This is probably the most famous product of Maybelline. I’m using a sponge to blend the product out.. Firstly, I will dampen the sponge with few pumps of spray so as to blend more effectively. After that apply the foundation cream to each part on ​​my face then quickly blend it out as the product can dry out. Easily. Next is the concealer. My concealer product was broken. I’m doing exactly the same way, applying the light color to my under eye areas and the darker one to cover some blemishes.. I will use different surfaces of the sponge that is suitable for each part of my face.. This is Peri Pera’s, nude, pink, cream blusher. I have just bought. This color give my skin a pretty flush, not too intense, and it is a pick for multiple skin tones.. For this step, you can use your fingers or a cotton puff.. Is this a nail polish bottle? No, it isn’t.! This is another blush product from Apieu.. Is this purplish pink, extraordinary and special, But when used to mix with the pink shade, it will be very trendy.. As the texture of a liquid blush is so loose, I will use my fingers in order to make the color appear more clearly.. Then it will help us get pink rosy, cheeks naturally.
. This Nyx’s palette has already been so familiar. I’m, going to use this non-glittery light powder on the V and T zone of my face.. Then I will apply the dark shade to my jawline so as to make my face. Look, slimmer and smaller. Using the same color. I’M contouring two sides of my nose bridge to make it look higher and more elegant. For the remaining parts of my face. I will not set powder and leave my skin with a natural finish.. Add a little of glitter highlighter to my C- zone, my nose, the Cupid’s bow and my chin, so that my face will look a bit smaller.. The foundation is completed. I’M going to deal with my bushy eyebrows. I’m using Luster’s eyebrow pencil with a flat tip to easily define my brows fill in any gaps and extend the tail of my brows., Then I will put on some brown eyebrow mascara to match my brows’ color with that Of my hair and my eyebrows will also suit this makeup tone better., Applying eye base before doing the eye makeup. This eye primer from Lustre is quite oil-control, which is totally ideal for those having oily lids.. However, you need to apply it quickly because the product dries out easily.. This is the Clio eye, color palette, of which I posted a photo on Instagram, and a lot of you asked me about it. I’m sweeping this brownish pink all over my entire eyelids.. This eyeshadow palette is incredibly beautiful. These colors are all matte light, easy blend and suitable for those who, like Korean natural makeup look. Next, is the nude pink shade I’m going to blend it out on the outer half of my eyelid., Then using the brush included in the palette to add the reddish Brown to the outer corner of my eye.. This, of course, will help to add more depth to my eyes.. I will apply a bit of this white glitter eyeshadow to my lids, so as to pop my eyes. This shimmer color is not as intense as other European palette’s.
It gives a fragile, delicate look The darkest brown color in the palette will be used to draw the eyeliner This won’t make your eyes look too defined, which will go well with this gentle look This is the Holika Holika Eye Metal Glitter This silver glitter contains two different sizes of particles that create striking effects on the eyes I’m, putting it on both upper and lower eyelids This product dries quite quickly and after drying it will not move anymore After finishing off the eye makeup, we will curl up our eyelashes and put on some mascara This is a very popular Japanese mascara in Asia They sell this mascara everywhere So I decided to buy this product and it was really good The brush is full of small fibers so as to lengthen my lashes To make my eyes a bit more outstanding I will draw a bold brown liner, close to my lash line This will help your eyes look deeper I will not forget to thicken the liner at the outer corner Blend, some more of the eyeshadow outwards To make my eyes look Longer, The nude orange lipstick will be used to apply on my entire lips VDI VOV matte lipstick makes me quite excited about its soft smoothness Then add this nude purplish pink color to the center of my lips, Combining with the nude orange lipstick pink, is much easier to use I’M going to finishing off my makeup Look with this mineral spray Afterwards, I will use a large barrel, curling iron, to curl my hair, Also I’m going to curl at the roots This tip will help to achieve better root volume in your curly hair So I’ve done this makeup look I think it’s not too hard to do Goodbye

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