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Travel to an empty house!

30 Sep , 2019  

Should I try to do my first-ever backflip yeah come on, there’s no chance you’re doing this. What’s up you guys and welcome to another vlog today is an exciting day. We’Re taking you through our empty house, an empty house store so excited for you guys to see the new house, but first I just got to a photo shoot and I am at the poppy fields in Lake Elsinore California, it’s funny because this is actually where we Shot our very first vlog ever we went on a little road trip with Leafs brother and his wife, and that was our first vlog we ever filmed.
So I’m feeling nostalgic, I’m back here with my fun photographer friend, Danny and we’re gonna. Take some photos. I have a campaign that I’m shooting and then we’re also just gonna have fun, because this place is amazing, so I’m really excited to take you guys, along with my day. Okay. How amazing is this PS, hi Danny, look at these beautiful flowers also, I can’t believe I’ve never introduced you guys to Danny because she’s my favorite human, so I’m actually sweating. I thought I was gonna be cold. I’ve been freezing at every shoot. We have done for the past month because California has been so cold, but the weather today is beautiful. I’m actually kind of sweating right now and these flower fields are so pretty they’re blooming so early because of all the rain, because it’s been raining for like a month straight so paid off. Alright, I’m back home and we are getting ready to go to the new house right now. The shoot went awesome. The light was actually so much harsher and it was so much more sunny than I thought it was gonna be, but the photos are gonna. Be amazing, sohere’s what our house apparently looks like have the kitchen stuff all packed up right here, more stuff, packed more stuff right here, you’re getting packed up! Oh there’s! Nothing in that box we’re just packing up all of our crap guess where we are guys and guess what we got we’re in our new house. So I’m gonna give you guys a little tour, but first I want to say that we are having the whole house painted white. It is currently painted gray and there’s a few bedrooms that are like tannish, so it’s gonna delay our move-in date a little bit. We were hoping to get it painted sooner, but there are a bunch of different little issues, but we just now found the person. That’s gonna paint it and they are unable to come for a few days. So it’s gonna set us back a little bit, but it’ll be worth it.
I really just like my house will be painted white inside just because it’s so like bright and clean when it is so. I think it’s gonna look even more amazing when it’s white right now, like I said it’s kind of gray walking, and this is the little living room it has the cutest fireplace ever and these amazing windows. I am so excited about these windows. All the windows in the house are so so good here is the window from a different angle. It is seriously my dream, so then you have the dining area and looking at cute pendant lights right now and I really excited to put a new one in there. But these windows are so it’s so cute. Oh and I forgot to mention that this has like gas logs in it, so we can have little fires and then you come over here, and this is the kitchen area. It’s super bright and open, and pretty and again I feel like once it’s painted white. It’s all just going to come together so well. This is the double evidence, got a nice little fridge and then you come around the corner and we have the washer and dryer and it’s a big cabinet and definitely gonna, put like two cute baskets up there. And then we come this way and you guys this is neat along this hall ever so there’s this hall, which is too like the master, bedroom and stuff, and then they extends over here it goes the entire length of the whole house we’re gonna go to The left first, so this is our master closet on this wall, which is kind of random that it’s not in the actual room, but that’s okay, and then this is our master. Bathroom okay seriously feel like is a hotel bathroom or look at resort. Look at how deep this is, I don’t even know if you can tell this tub is like please get in it, so they can see it’s so deep. Like my whole body, I’m gonna, I don’t, if I get in it, Wow it’s gonna, be so awesome, I’m living his best life and then this is a steam shower which is really nifty, so it like completely closes up and it’s super steamy in there. It’s little window, and here are the sues, the vanity here, the sinks Here I am. I seriously think that this bathroom doesn’t remind you of a hotel yeah all the time. Okay and then we continue down the hallway. This part is my favorite, because it’s all windows on the side, it’s so bright, I’ll take you into the master bedroom. First, the master is huge. You guys like way bigger than our old master about the bedroom. I’m sorry, it’s seriously so big! It’s the entire back wing of the house and it looks out to the cutest orange trees tree.
I guess just one tree, but this is our little backyard I’ll. Take you guys out there in a second lady’s gonna love it so again we’re gonna get different lighting fixtures. I’ve been looking at some cute ones online and I love the old doors. This is an older home, but it’s renovated. Here is our little back. Patio area they’re gonna wash it off and they’re still like kind of painting. Oh yeah, I don’t think we can go out actually but they’re still touching it paint, but it’s so cute. It has little lights out here and we’re gonna put like chairs, and this is just a little patio off the master which i think is so fun back through the light and bright hallway, and then we come into this is gonna be our office. So it’s spacious room, we haven’t decided exactly how we’re gonna set this room up, but I think we’re either gonna have the desk across. Here we have like a really long desk. You guys have probably seen it in past vlogs or we’ll. Do this whole wall, so we’ll see I’m out of here and to our left is the guest bathroom. I think that this is so fun and has so much character. It’s this light blue tile and every single part of it is tiled even in the bathtub, and I just think this is so fun like it’s not something I would pick out myself, but I just think it’s a cool vibe look at this okay and then around The corner right here is gonna, be our guest room, so this is the smallest room out of the house, but it’s just so cute. It has lots of light from these windows. Okay, we’re going out to the backyard. This is from right off of the laundry room, sohere we go. We have all these steps. This is the best part. This is the best part you guys it came with a doggie door for Lady honestly, we’re not even sure if she’s gonna be able to open that, because it’s a lot bigger than her is at home. But here is our backyard. We have this little courtyard area, I’m thinking about doing like a little table and chairs right here, like a little Bistro set and then here’s our garage got a grill right here, and this is like this is the master bedroom back here. So this is the hallway I took you guys through these we’re gonna get different pots and they’ll be up there with plants in them, and I love all the greenery and the vines on the house keep walking through here, and this is our backyard.
Oh nice Buddha included So this is our backyard seriously Lady is gonna freak out and be so excited to just have free reign out here we don’t really have a backyard We have just like a tiny patio, our current apartment, and then I love this little back area with the lights I want to do like a cute little setup right here Here’s the view from the backyard hey everyone Should I pick this one, how about this? One? Yes, you Dora the Explorer You guys didn’t know this about Leif when he gets concentrated He looks super mad It’s not good I can talk, not sweet yet yeah Well, there you have it folks, ending the vlog eating our own oranges and our own backyard I am seriously so excited about that It’s too seriously like our dream, Californian little home and I feel like that’s actually much more our vibe than our last place, even though our last home was so nice and like modern and new But this feels a lot more homey to me and it’s kind of like what I envisioned You know that I wanted when we move to California initially, but we obviously had to work our way up to this a little bit I’m seriously so excited to decorate this space and like put cute furniture out here and have little get-togethers and like make fresh orange juice in the mornings and nohappy just got the keys today, you can do a backflip, do it in this open yards I try to do my first-ever back foot yeah come on I’ve, never even seen you do like a cartwheel lace I was pretty good Oh, are you seriously if this is not a good idea, gonna break your neck here, you cannot be serious right now Gate, stop my hand is shaking I’m so nervous There’s no chance you’re doing this leave How do you even say you wanted to excuse me? Don’t I can’t? Why did you say you? Would you don’t thought I was? I thought I was a new man new place New city, you talked me out of it No, I didn’t time playback, there’s no chance you’re doing this Well, how do you even say you wanted tohear you cannot be serious right now, Kate, stop strong we’ve been working out Look at these legs hurts the angle of them Maybe that could be like something to work towards in one of our blogs: okay, okay I’ll! Do it for you guys in another vlog subscribe subscribe000 likes I’ll Do a backflip thanks so much for watching guys, we love you and we will see you next time Yeah

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