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Travel to Cosmetic Collection and Film Room

30 Sep , 2019  

Hi, so I will be taking you on a mega collection and room tour. Today, now I’m not going to show you every little makeup item that I have I’m not going to go through each one individually or really be here all day. I know many of you would not mind, so you can see what goes on behind the camera as you walk into the room. There is the little couch that I fit on to film the insurance and the outro, and then that is the setup that you usually see behind me in the tutorial and make a table in front where I film all this toriel there is me.
Let me start over on this side. You may have brushes favorite candle. The moment come back my work and this value, which holds random products. I found this at HomeGoods and the eyeliners over here. I learn more all right and then moving down to the Alec stores. So these two are Alec drawers that came from Ikea and I’ll just get a little bridge over you to look inside each door. Top drawer here is really just my junk drawer is where I tend to keep all of my samples products. then the lecture this is the last drawer. Remember favorite durable time, and there is that your makeup revolution pallets to your heart’s content. Can you tell I like makeup revolution, empty drawer it moment and you can handle and back and body with similar cruises here and then there is two exits here at products I’m storing and moving towards the middle. so I’ll go through it in specific detail in case you’re, curious about the organizers and where to get them. So these units, right here from here to the bottom, are one unit and there’s multiple drawers in each one, and these came from. I believe it was the original beauty box. I will have it links peel it for you, if you’re interested in checking these out and on comedy, if I have a closed boxes that I found at the Container Store, which is really the divided container.
As you can see, they are great for storing eyeshadows and pigments lipstick holder, which also came from the Container Store and then behind that I have another folder also from the containers, are Italian containers or has a great makeup organizers. They go to the middle here. I have this little thing, which I’ll take some of these top you get better idea would actually looks like so this is actually a lid organizer. If you would used in the kitchen – and I found this a container – also – that it’s perfect for holding that all kinds I’ll briefly go to the drawer tracing paper – is in each top. Georgia’s lipglosses liquids of success. Next work lip liners eyeshadows that this is mainly drugstore. If I have bronzers pattern, the beauty, trees path in here, that these are foundation, BB, Creams, crimer slip, those color, correctors, etc, etc. None of the fact I shadow palette – yes, I shadows salmon. These boards are great for holding palettes like this and, on the other side, basically the same setup as well as big boxes at the base, and there are nice I have provided for agendas container store and there are max pigments up here, a lot of drugstore eyeshadow Throughout another lipstick holder that came from the container for brush holder and more brushes and go down into the drawers here, these are drugstore with a thick black, more drugstore lipsticks and underneath that our random blushes and other cross, simply where I just stick everything that I Haven’t used yet stuff, I want to use in the future as a reminder to use it last words. Bottom, I have more callous over here and then setting sprays to go over to this out of the north side Over here I have bunch of director lipsticks and listing holder also from The Container Store couple pallets from holidays and then my MAC eyeshadow palette organizer, which is really just a DVD rack, but all about how, unfortunately, even the old Mac palette that fit in perfectly here.
You one do not, as we go through the three tiers top drawer: it drips or blushes random Holly, Nikki, highlighters, blushes eyeshadow palette, just move around the top Alright that made up sponges and the rest of yours literally of nothing, and then they are for future expansions I have extra places to put things and underneath those drawers not going to go into too much detail down here, but this is where I usually keep a lot of high-end face products, lipstick samples, pigment sample, perfume samples, other samples that are from random orders and whatnot I want trying the teacher – and this been down here – is for makeup done nation So when that gets filled up, I just recently donated a bunch of makeup I donate all the makeup that I don’t use to a local women’s shelter for those who have asked in the past That’s what I do with excess makeup Then I have – and I don’t use and then there’s more samples backups, that type of stuff that I keep there on the bottom and again we use plastic containers, as you see here, with the three drawers and then those are also purchased from the Container Store and Then, on the other side of the door is where I keep all of my nail polishes I think you can get this rack online I think I send it on eBay and that’s everything just a general overview and you’ve seen what goes on behind the scenes That is it, and, I will try to have all of them linked below For you, a majority of them did come from the Container Store, they’ll see if I can find them on website Let me know what products we had in common and thank you so much for watching I look forward to seeing you again next time

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