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Tropical wings cut pleats make up

1 Nov , 2019  

Caleb’s welcome back to my channel today. I’m gonna be showing you guys how I got this tropical inspired wings cut crease. So let’s go ahead and jump into this tutorial. I’m gonna start off driving my eyes using the P Lewis base in the shade and rumor number four. I’m gonna spread this all across my eyelid and just kind of buff it in using a fluffier brush to make sure the product is nice and evenly distributed. I’m also gonna use this to carve underneath my brow to kind of create that shape, for when I do my brows later on.
So once my eyes are prime I’m going to go ahead and start moving into shadows. The first color I’m using is from color green, and this one is in the shade drip-drop I’m going to go ahead and start applying this into the crease using a morphe M 506. The way I’m applying the shadow, I’m gonna go ahead and create a wing shape, so that way it kind of creates a guide for when I go ahead and cut my crease before I move into my next shadow, I’m gonna use a little bit of Fenty beauty’s blotting powder and add that to the base above that last shade that I just applied so that way, when I go into my next shadow, which is gonna, be like our last transition color, it’s gonna be a lot easier for me to get That really smooth blend that I like on the outer edge then to blend out that blue I’m gonna go into the morphe 35n palette and take that lime-green shadow and start blending out the edges. I’m gonna use in clean morphe M 506 brush and I’m just gonna make sure to really work. The color in so I have a nice smooth blend between the two shades and to deepen up the crease. I’m gonna go into another color green eyeshadow. This one is in the shade: got life: I’m gonna start applying this into the crease using a Murphy M 5:07. This brush is slightly more tapered and more pointy than that than the morphe M 506. So it’s really great. If you’re, looking for like a super defined crease shape, so I’m gonna go ahead and start buffing that color in and then go back in with the same brush that I used to apply drip-drop and just go over your life to really make sure that there’s No like harsh lines anywhere using a small amount of Lancome’s bi-facil eye makeup. Remover, I’m gonna take some of that onto a q-tip and start cleaning. The lid space, I’m also gonna start kind of carving out my cut crease.
I’m gonna be using a white base to create a liner in this area. So I don’t want that white to blend in with the blue and change the color. I want it to be really really white sohaving that space clean is just gonna make it extra bright and make sure that there’s no like colors blending into it. So for the first cut crease I’m going to be using the janessa, my arcs color fix in the shade lifts. This is just your basic white base. I love using this product because it dries down to a matte formula and it doesn’t crack. So it’s perfect if you’re looking to create any type of liner, looks so I’m gonna use this first to cut my crease with a sigma e 58. This is my favorite brush to use for cut. Crease looks so yeah, I’m just gonna go ahead and start cutting my crease to create that liner. Then, once the product is applied, I’m gonna go in with some white eyeshadow and kind of set the product. It doesn’t really need to be set. But I kind of wanted to go in with some white shadow anyways, so I’m just gonna dab some white eyeshadow and apply that directly onto the product using a small little shader brush, then for the second cut crease, I’m going to be using a mixture of Three different bases, the two color bases are from P Luiz and the shade hint of mint and a bang in blue. The mint color I’m using in the middle of the lid, the darker blue, I’m using on the outer part and for the inner part of the lid, I’m going to be going back in with that rumor number for base. So now that we have those bases on, we want to go ahead and set them using some shadow. I’m gonna go in with some of the colors that apply it on the crease onto the lid. Now I’m gonna start off using got life and apply that on to the outer portion of our wing, and then I’m gonna go in with drip-drop and apply that next to it, and as I’m applying these shadows on the lid, I’m making sure to really Blend out in between those shades to kind of get a really smooth, ombre effect. So after I apply a drip drop, I’m then gonna go in with a matte mint colored eyeshadow this one’s from Julius place from their Zulu palette, and I’m gonna apply that right next to it.
So it should go kind of towards the center of the lid and I’m applying it using a fluffier brush to kind of get a really smooth finish. I noticed that sometimes, when I use a flat brush to pack on that eyeshadows, it can be a little too much product, so using like a smaller fluffier brush gives you like more of like a smoother effect. If that makes sense, then I’m gonna go back in with that lime, green and apply that onto the inner part of the lid and as I go in I’m using smaller and smaller brushes just to make sure I don’t mess up the liner that we did Before then, to really brighten up the inner lid, I’m gonna go in with some neon pigments from my own makeup, I’m using their ultra bright, yellow and ultra bright green. I’m going to apply that just on the inner part kind of closer towards the inner corner of the eye, then going back in with that color fix from Vanessa Meyer eggs. I’m going to use that to create another line on going from the outer corner of the eye and kind of connecting it to the liner right above it, and I’m packing that color on. I’m also going to go back in with that white eyeshadow and add that right on top to set it and then clean up the line using a makeup, wipe then clean it up even more using a little bit of the pee-wee’s face again in the shade. Rumor number four then, before I go into lashes, I’m going to add a bit of mascara to my top lashes just to prep for them, so they blend in a lot more seamlessly into the falsies, then the false lashes that I’m using are from color drained. This came in the Safari collection: these are the glamazon lashes and I’m gonna apply those using a pair of tweezers pop those babies on and then just press them. Together with my natural lashes using a pair of coal ash curlers, I was really loving the way. My skin turned out after this looks. I’m super excited to get into skin the Becca backlight priming filter and I’m gonna apply that using a duo, fiber brush and just spread that all over the skin to prep for foundation. I’m also going to add a little bit of liquid glow this one’s from OPV beauty and I’m gonna apply this on to all the high points of the face to kind of give the skin a little bit more of that extra glow underneath my foundation.
So, with my finger, I’m gonna go ahead and dot this on wherever I want a little bit of extra glow and just make sure to really blend it well into the skin, then for foundation. Today, I’m using the Milani two-in-one conceal and perfects foundations. This is in the shade, amber I’m using a flat brush to apply this first, then I’m going to go in with a denser brush, just to kind of give it an extra blend to make sure Willy is like pressed into the skin. I totally forgot how much I love this foundation. I just picked it back up recently. I hadn’t had it in, like my kit or collection for a while, and I really really love this foundation. The coverage is amazing. I also picked up the new Milani conceal and perfect concealer, along with the foundation, and the concealer is also bomb. I’m gonna use that tohighlight all the high points as well, so I’m gonna apply that on to the under eyes along the sides of my mouth, my chin, Cupid’s bow and nose and then just blend it out using a smaller concealer brush and also Go back in with that same brush that I use to buff out my foundation and just kind of go over the edges just to make sure there’s no lines of demarcation between the concealer and the foundation. Next, we want to go ahead and set our concealer, so I’m gonna be using the setting powder from Purdy vulgar. I got this one a couple months back in a boxycharm and I really enjoyed this powder. It has like a really nice, like velvety, feel to it it’s a very wait list. It doesn’t feel like I have like a ton of powder on my face when I’m wearing it, so I’m gonna use that to set all the areas that I applied. My concealer and just really make sure to use a very small amount at a time so that way, I’m not over powdering, then to give the under eyes a little bit of extra color and brightness. I’m going to use a little bit of AXA mineralized skinfinish and the shade of medium golden and kind of focus on powder, more so towards the inner part of the eye, because that’s where I mostly want all the brightness to be so now, I’m going to go Ahead and start adding some color back into my skin we’re looking a little washed out we’re looking a little pale, so I want to go ahead and start bronzing up the skin. I’m gonna be using this new cover effects, face palette and the shade a medium deep and it’s using the contouring color from the palette.
I’m gonna use that to start warming up the skin, I’m flying this on all the areas where I would typically apply prawns, err as usual, so cheek bones along the hairline and a little bit on the nose. So now I’m going to go ahead and move back to the eyes. I want to start smoking out that lower lash line, I’m pretty much using all the colors that I use on the crease onto the lower lash line, so I’m gonna go in with drip-drop. First and then, I’m gonna use that lime green shade from the morphe 35n pilots who blend it out and then use yacht life, which is that deep Navy shade to get really really close to the lashes and create that extra debt. And, of course, that’s add some a liner to the waterline. This, I believe, is the shade Alice D from urban decay and yeah, I’m just gonna pop that into the lip to the waterline it has a bit of sparkle to it. It’s a super cute like deep navy blue liner, so I thought it would go perfect with the eyes I’ve been really wanting to try a different browser, so I ended up picking up the Urban Decay. Brow bleed because it just seems like a really cool product. When I saw it like posted on trend mood and everything, I was really interested in it, but I don’t know I’m not really sure how I feel about it, but pretty much. What I did for my brows is: I use the pen side of this product to kind of create little hair strokes on the inner part of my brow and then for the outer portion of my brow. I use the pencil part to fill in like the rest of it um. I do want to give like the pen side. A few more tries because I thought if the color would come off a little bit more pigmented than it did um. So I’m thinking about giving it an extra try, but so far I’m sticking, probably gonna stick to my own associate dip problem. Eight. Oh, I’ve been really wanting to try something new, but I don’t know I feel like I’m that type of person where once I find something that I like it’s really hard for me to like switch over then to mold all those powders into my skin. I’m gonna be using the Mario Badescu facial spray This is the orange blossom and sage’ln and my gosh.
Does this smell good? Oh, it smells so good if you guys haven’t tried this fragrant or this scent yet definitely give it a try I love the Mario Badescu facial sprays, they’re amazing They just feel so good against the skin Then I’m gonna go ahead and apply my highlights I’m using a new product from Lancome I believe this came out with their spring collection It’s a I’m not really entirely sure exactly what this product is, so I’m gonna make sure to put like the name of it down below in the description box, but it does have like a highlighting quality to it So I just used it tohighlight my skin Tay and I do love the way it looks It has like definitely more of like a natural type of finish, but you guys know me I love like a beaming like poppin highlight so I also went in with the cover effects glitter drops and this one is in the shade Nova So I’m just gonna add a tiny, tiny, tiny bit of that on to the highest point of my cheekbone and the bridge of my nose just to give a little bit of extra like bullying tohighlight then moving on to lips You guessed it we’re doing a new glossy one nude glossy lips are like my thing so to line my lips, I’m first gonna go in with a Mac lip liner This one is in the shade chestnut then to fill in my lips I’m going to be using two different liquid lipsticks today from anastacio I’m using a mixture of starfish and naked I’m gonna apply those onto my lips first and just kind of dab them and blend them into the lip liner Using my finger and for gloss I’m going to be using one from JD glow cosmetics – I can’t remember the name but I’ll again I’ll put it down below in the description box I almost forgot to do an inner corner highlight I used a matte white eyeshadow The same white eyeshadow that I used to set like my white liner and everything and yeah – that’s pretty much it for this, look guys I really hope you enjoyed it If you did like this makeup, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel for more makeup tutorials I can’t believe we’re almost like 200 K Strong, you guys are amazing I love you all so much Thank you So much for watching guys – and hopefully I will see you in the next one

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