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Try 7 “best” drugstore Concealer for a week! | Hit or miss

30 Sep , 2019  

. We are going to be trying seven of the best or top rated drugstore concealers. Now, in the past, so I thought that I should carry it over and try drugstore concealers, because, if you’re anything like me, you have wondered what drugstore concealers don’t crease under your eyes, because a lot of people think only high-end concealers are like Really good for, under your eyes and not creasing. So that’s exciting, but yeah so really quickly. I’m just gonna show you the seven concealers, keep in mind right now, when I’m filming the intro.
I’ve already tried all of the concealers. Wear it throughout the day and then, at the end of the day, I’m showing you what the concealer looks like after 10 hours, 12 hours of wear, so hopefully, by the end of this, you guys have a good idea of what these concealers have to offer anyways. I feel like I’m getting out a lot of info in a really really short period of time, but ok, I’m going to show you the concealers we have. So here are the seven concealers. We have the covergirl outlast all day: Wet n Wild mega glow this Maybelline one, and this one supposed to be a dupe for the shape tape. So you’ll see, if that’s any good, the Revlon Photoready the hard candy glamoflauge maybelline, instant age, rewind and then the Revlon Colorstay. These all are very highly rated online. There are other concealers that are high rated too, but I just picked seven so but anyways without further ado. Let’s get into trying all of these concealers out on our face under our eyes and see how they all work. Let’s get in to that hey guys. So today um – I know this is kind of like a weird angle, I’m in my room right now. It’s really messy, but today I’m going to be trying the Maybelline New York concealer it’s this one. This would actually has been known to be like a dupe for the tart shape tape. So I’m really excited to try this, because if it’s not good, I’m gonna excited, because here in Canada we can’t get shape tape, so I’ve never actually tried it. But apparently it’s a revolutionary concealer and this is supposed to be a dupe for it. So I’m gonna try. This mine is in the shade 15 faire, and I think that was the lightest shade and it should be it’s a little yellow, but I think it’ll be good. So let’s try this on. The lighting in my room is so bad and the furnace is so loud right now. I don’t know why. So, basically, I’m just gonna do my foundation. How I normally would and then I’ll be back to put on the concealer and then I’m gonna set all the concealers with the same setting powder and that’s the Laura Mercier a setting powder, so we’re gonna use the same thing for all of them.
Just so that nothing has like a advantage over the other, so I will be right back. Okay, so here is the foundation on sorry for the lighting. This is honestly bad, but once I have everything on in my makeups done I’ll go in front of natural lighting and then, at the end of the day, I’ll use my ring light and everything. But here is my foundation. Nobody cares about. My foundations are here: it’s just a doe foot, just gonna use it under my eyes blend that in it’s blending in pretty smooth and seamlessly, but I do notice that it’s not super brightening like being the lightest shade. It’s not super super light. It’s more like my skin tone, so if you’re super pale, the lightest shade will probably be like your skin color. Okay, there is that concealer before it’s been set. As you can see, it’s like the color of my foundation. It is really pretty, but I do have like deep creases right here that I always have an issue with so we’ll see if, after setting it those go away but yeah, I will report back when I’m done my makeup. Okay, you guys. So here is my finished makeup with the concealer honestly, the concealer is holding up really good granted. It hasn’t been on that long. I usually get a crease right here like instantly because my like, I naturally creases there, but when I UNPO it there’s no like fine lines or gapping there. So it’s not creasing yet, but I’m gonna wear this concealer the rest of the day and then I’ll touch back after like 10 hours. So I will see you guys then. Okay, so here is the concealer after it’s been like 10 hours. So basically, after looking at my concealer, I am so impressed you guys my under eyes not yet creased, which is honestly unheard of, and I never put primer under my under eyes or nothing. Their lightest shade is not super light for under the eyes, but like it doesn’t crease. So that’s amazing right there that’s the crease I always have so. Usually my makeup falls into it and you when you go like this, it looks like separated, but it doesn’t. But I will say the concealer did make my foundation separate on my forehead. That is the negative. So I’m going to suggest this to you guys to be a under-eye concealer and maybe not a full face concealer. I don’t know, maybe that just reacted with the foundation. I used, I use the Revlon foundation, maybe it wouldn’t happen with all of them either way, though under eyes.
Look pretty good. I’m gonna give this a 9 out of 10 and the coverage was pretty amazing too, like it covered my dark circles and everything. So I’m really happy with this one. So far, so let’s try the next concealer okay. So today we were trying a different concealer. Sorry, if I look a little bit like beet like the bad side, I just got out of the shower and I stayed up super late last night. That’s why my room is a mess. I was watching. Rupaul’s Drag Race with my friend Emma till, like 5:00. In the morning, but anyways so today I am trying out the Maybelline age, rewind concealer. I am so excited to try this one. You guys this is one of the other concealers that has been really hyped on YouTube like it’s supposed to be amazing, and I have never in my life tried it. I don’t know why the shade I got is in the shade of ivory. I got in a different shade, but then I found this one was a lighter one at a different drugstore. So I got this one. Oh I’m really out of breath. I’m talking really fast, I’m excited so let’s go ahead and do our makeup and try this baby on okay. Once again, here we are with this terrible lighting, but I’m just gonna quickly do my foundation and then I will be back to put on my concealer. So, as you all most likely know, it’s got like this little spongy top the frick. Oh it’s a twist. I think then it’s got this little sponge tip we’re getting some. I’ve never had something put on concealer like this, it’s very yellow. Looking and now. Obviously, that’s all dirty doesn’t look as cute anymore, but okay Wow it blends out so nice. Okay. So here is that concealer, I’m just gonna set it and finish the rest of my face and then I’ll be right back to say how I feel about it. At like first impression, okay, so here is my finished makeup with the Maybelline age, rewind concealer, I will say, one thing is when I first put it on. It was really good coverage, but it almost felt like it was a little bit cakey because it was such good coverage, but that might just be a mix with my dry skin, but for the most part I really like how it looks I like I said before. I have like a crease and it’s falling into in a bit, but not too bad, so hopefully that stays under control, but I will touch back at the end of the day. Okay, guys funny story with the Maybelline age: rewind concealer. I am wearing it right now, but it is a different day. Okay, so I filmed me putting it on yesterday, but then last night I got home really really late and I just like immediately took my makeup off when I got home and I was like, I got in the bed and I was just like I didn’t.
I didn’t look at my concealer and I didn’t record my concealer, so this is the next day and it’s after I’ve worn it for literally like 12 hours, so it has sat on my face. So it is like a one day review also, but I didn’t end up looking at it last night, so I had to wear it today too. So it is like two days of wearing this one, but anyways honestly increased a little bit, but like hardly at all, which is pretty good. I would say that this probably would get like an 8 out of 10 to me. It was a little bit dry on my skin, just because my face is naturally dry. So if you have oily skin, it might work a little bit better. But okay, let’s flip to the next concealer, we have to try. Let’s go hey you guys, so today I am trying. I should I’m sorry. I got up so early this morning, okay, anyway, so today I’m trying the hard candy glamoflauge concealer. I am so excited to try this you guys. Every time I go to the drugstore, I see this and I have hardly tried anything from hard candy. So I’m excited here it is, and it claims to be like a really really heavy duty. Full coverage concealer like apparently it is the ultimate coverage over blemishes. So it says they would even cover up tattoos, so must be intense, so here it is so it comes with the concealer, and it also comes with this little pencil thing. I’m just gonna be using the concealer. What shade is this? This is in the shade, zero three one, two light, so let me just buy my foundation on and then we will try this okay. So here we are with bad lighting. Again I have my foundation on. I swear editing this. The Lighting’s gonna bother me. So, let’s see what kind of tip it has okay, so it’s just a little squeezy, so I’m just gonna put it under my eyes and a couple other places. Oh my gosh, okay, you know what this reminds me of like instantly: the makeup forever: full coverage. Concealer, like that was like thick in full coverage. Oh dear, okay, it’s looking very bad under my eyes. I don’t want to be like really negative, but this is really really terrible. I don’t know if you can even see how crusty it looks. It’s like flaking off this eyes a lot worse than this one, and I put lotion on that – is not good. I’m gonna do the rest of my makeup and I’ll be right back. So here is the hard candy glamoflauge concealer, okay, so from a distance it doesn’t really look bad at all.
But then, when you get up close, it’s kind of like cracking – I don’t know if you guys can see that yeah. It just looks a little bit dry but um okay, so I’m gonna wear it for the rest of the day and then I will touch back at the end of the day. Okay, so it has been a full day of wearing this hard candy glamoflauge concealer. I don’t know why that feels like a tongue twister but yeah it does it just caked up and got really dry all over my eyes, like it almost looks like I have wrinkles that I didn’t think I had okay. So if you can see like right there, I usually wouldn’t be getting that like it just looks like it’s crumbling. I think I’m gonna have to give this concealer a 6.5 for me personally. I just think it didn’t really work with me since I do have dry skin. I think that this really didn’t work well with dry skin, because it’s so thick, but then in saying that it does have really really good coverage so, depending on what you guys are looking for. I think this concealer would probably be really good over blemishes. If you have oily skin but for under eyes, I don’t really suggest this on to the next day of concealers: let’s go okay, so today the concealer have to try is from Wet n Wild. This was a really really an expensive concealer, and this is in the shade. 807 follow your bisque. So here’s what it looks like I wouldn’t usually use a stick form concealer, but I’m curious to see how it works. Since I don’t usually that’s how much is in there, that’s pretty good for the price and wet-and-wild known to have some pretty good face products and it’s also cruelty free. So I’m rooting for this. Let’s try this I’m just going to apply it out of the stick. The colors definitely the shade of my foundation, but the coverage is good, actually blending and surprisingly easy for, like a cream, usually a cream alike, lift up the foundation a bit. So honestly, not too bad. It’s a little bit oily, but I kind of don’t mind that cuz, like my skin, is dry, but I will touch back in just like a couple minutes. I’m just gonna finish my makeup and set everything. Okay, so here is my finished makeup. The concealer is creasing just a little bit in this one line. I have see it’s kind of falling into there, but on the rest of my face, it is like a really really good concealer. I thought this was gonna be really like hard to put on, but it’s actually a really really smooth concealer, but I’m happy right now, cuz, it doesn’t look cakey, so fingers crossed okay. So I’ve been wearing this concealer for over 10 hours now. So I’m gonna take a look because I have not looked here, is the line and how you can tell if it like, creased or not, is basically if it like bunched in the crease.
I actually think I am gonna wear this as face concealer. Just not under my eyes, because around my face, it didn’t separate anywhere with my foundation and it had really good coverage. So I’m gonna have to give this a 7 out of 10 because I like it for face concealer, just maybe not for under the eyes but honestly, not a wash for a concealer like it’s pretty good. Still, let’s get on to the next concealer okay. So today I’m gonna be trying out the Revlon Colorstay concealer. where I tried seven drugstore foundations, you know that Revlon Colorstay did really good for the foundation round, so hopefully the Colorstay concealer will do well too. I got this in the shade zero one fair, but it honestly is not that fair, like for being a light. Colored concealer, it’s very very like deep toned, but I do like how their shades don’t really go, yellow or orange II. It more goes like a dark like base color, so hopefully this will be good. Just a doe foot. Let’s try this on. I’m actually gonna be filming a little makeup tutorial for Instagram, so I’m gonna pause right in the middle and do this. But okay, okay: I am currently in the middle of filming my Instagram makeup tutorial, but I’m gonna try the concealer now. So let me just put it on okay, so kind of like I thought it’s not very brightening and it is actually burning under my eyes. A little bit which is kind of weird but just kind of like tingling under my eyes, okay, so there is that concealer on it doesn’t look cakey or nothing. It actually does look pretty good. It isn’t brightening really, but it does blend out really smoothly. So I’m just gonna finish the rest of my makeup and I will be right back okay, so here is my finished makeup. Let me just take a look. Concealer actually has creased a bit on this side, but for face it looks really good and it looks just so creamy and smooth under my eyes, I’m like almost not bothered by it creasing a bit. So we will see how it goes throughout the day. But I will touch back at the end of the day. He’s been, I think, around 10 hours of using the Revlon Colorstay concealer, I’m gonna take a look blemishes. It really did cover really well and it didn’t do any like bunching around my nose, but it did crease under my eyes a little bit not like super bad, but did a bit I’ll zoom in oh, my gosh. It looks awful yeah. I was just saying: oh, didn’t look too bad this one’s not as bad.
It’s pretty bad, though, like I don’t think that this is a very great under eye. Concealer d, I’m saying a lot of concealers are really good for the face, but not so for under your eyes, and that’s just the truth of it. Like I’m trying to be honest, I’m gonna give this a seven point. Five out of ten. I liked it for all over my face under my eyes: I’m still gonna use it, but it does crease a bit so just be aware of that. The coloring actually ended up being pretty good. I like how it’s like a good, neutral tone on to the next concealer. Okay. I actually am having trouble like looking into the light it’s so bright outside. I swear I’m getting like snow blindness. Okay, you guys. So today, I’m trying out the covergirl. What is this outlast all-day concealer? I’m so excited to try this because first things first, I actually was in oh right there, so this concealers got its work cut out for it to cover, but so this is supposed to be a soft touch. Concealer that’ll do that’ll cover dark circles and blemishes, so that’s good and I’m excited to see how this works, just because I haven’t had the best track record with covergirl products, because a lot of times they oxidize on me. So I’m excited to try this. I got mine in the shade 810 fair, it’s kind of just like a squeezy tube situation and then it’s got like a twist off. Yeah no go put my foundation on and we’ll try this out. You know me just putting on my foundation. Okay, so I have my foundation on and all complete. So now it’s time to put on concealer. Well, woah, okay, I don’t mind this applicator, I actually kind of like it. It has pretty good coverage. Oh my gosh. That actually is so pretty an airbrush under my eye. There’s the concealer so far, I’m just gonna set it and do the rest of my makeup and I’ll be right back so far, though that is freaking, so nice under the eyes. Okay, so here is my finished makeup with the covergirl concealer, you guys: okay, sorry, I’m really washed out so stay back here. Firstly, I just want to say so far I’m living living for my under eyes. They look so smooth. Probably the smoothest they’ve looked and they don’t look cakey at all, so I’m absolutely in love so far, but let’s see how it wears throughout the day. So let’s go okay, you guys, so it has officially been 1012 hours. It’s been the full day why the Lighting’s so bad and why I’m in a different spot than I usually am after the end of the day, is because my brother’s upstairs and he’s watching a movie.
And it’s just this really intense movie and he doesn’t want me being loud or filming or nothing. So I came downstairs to film. Why, honestly, is there no concealer that doesn’t crumble around my nose like? Why can’t it just exist, I would buy it. I am beyond impressed with this concealer you guys it did not crease under my eyes at all, and it is probably the smoothest concealer look under the eyes. I am beyond impressed. I don’t know what I expected from this, but I have heard no hype about this. Covergirl concealer and trying it it’s so it might be my favorite look at that. Let’s move on to the last concealer we have to try and then we will have our final thoughts. Okay. So today we are trying the last concealer and that is the Revlon Photoready concealer. The only thing that worries me a bit is it’s a stick formula and a lot of times. Stick formulas do crease under my eyes, but we’ll see just clicks out. Okay, I’m excited to try it, let’s go ahead and put our foundation on and then concealer time just excited to see like how creamy it is because I kind of don’t know what it’ll be like. Okay. So, under my eyes, I’m gonna do the tea see the color. It’s just like a couple shades lighter! That’s what I like covered my! Is it really good? Oh my gosh, it’s like completely gone. Oh my gosh. It’s actually blending so smooth, there’s the concealer. All blended in it actually looks really really smooth. I’m actually really liking it so far, so I’m just gonna set it and do the rest of my makeup and I’ll be right back. There is my finished makeup. It takes in the background, obviously we’ll see how it wears after a couple of hours, not a couple like ten hours, so I will see you guys that, oh, my goodness, okay, you guys so you can probably see half of my eye is done. I was literally just taking off my makeup and then I was like I was supposed to review this concealer. So here I am is off, but I can judge what I I was extremely impressed with house went on especially being like a stick formula. Usually that would fall into fine lines, but it really honestly didn’t and it didn’t separate my foundation. This is definitely one of the top running concealers, but it’s also the last one. So I’m gonna flip to my final thoughts and tell you guys what I think of these concealers I’m gonna go take them, so I make a bob so I’ll be right back different day, but I’ll be back Okay, so after seeing me try all of those concealers throughout an entire week, you guys probably have a rough idea of which concealers were my favorite, but I’m just gonna go ahead and say these three are my all-time favorites from all seven of the concealers.
I still don’t know what this one’s called, because it has no actual name on it, but it’s this one that was supposed to be a dupe for the shape tape This one was really really great under the eyes and another really great one was the covergirl outlast All day, I’ve heard almost nothing about this concealer Maybe I just live under a rock, but it was seriously amazing you guys with my dry under eyes this kept it really really like moist and smooth I know everyone hates the word moist, but I just used it to describe a concealer, but this one also didn’t crease under my eyes, which I really really love, that was kind of what I was out Looking for a concealer that wouldn’t crease or get like super cakey and the last concealer that I would suggest, is the Revlon Photoready concealer now all of these, I don’t know what the shade range looks like you guys would have to look into it These shades were a bit dark for me just because I am so pale, but I did make them work I don’t know what the rest of the collections shade rage looks like I would hope that there’s a color for everybody, but I don’t exactly know I also really like the Maybelline age rewind if you have a little bit more oilier skin, just because with me, this did kind of cake up, because my skin is really dry, but it had great coverage, the one that I probably wouldn’t suggest b4 under eyes and I got multiple comments telling me my under eyes Look terrible So if that doesn’t tell you that this doesn’t look good under eyes, I don’t know what to say I just didn’t have a good experience with this one, but it does have really really high coverage I think it would be good over blemishes, so yeah That is my final thoughts on these concealers and my recommendations I actually was pleasantly surprised with a lot of these concealers They turned out really well like I definitely think that you can find a really good concealer from the drugstore and not just high-end expensive You don’t gotta break the bank to look cute but yeah If you guys want to see it for any other products

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