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Try a $1000 new make-up!

1 Nov , 2019  

Hello, my chickens are welcome to my channel, I have so much new makeup, whereas what peanut was peeing on the carpet? I have so much new makeup that I want to try out, and I have a look in mind that I want to do so. so let’s go ahead and jump right in I’m going to start out with the eyebrows, and this one is the Rimmel a brow. This way, Ralph sculpting kit and I have a shade medium brown. I just went to calls this morning and so this I’ve never seen it before in my life.
So that’s what I’m going to use today. I never use the wax. Maybe I should try it. I’m just going to add a little bit of wax in my brows to add a bit of texture. The West is pretty much just showing up like a brow. Pomade, it’s working really! Well! Now I’m going to take a little bit of the powder and really define these slugs for my god. First impression, I’m so impressed with this. It’s just like serve your interns so easy to apply. It is time for the eyeshadow, so I’m going to take this new Urban Decay palette right here. I’ve never seen anything about this or any one user on social media, so I’m very excited to see how it goes, because I have no expectations at all. So the first shade that I’m going to take is a levitation, and this is going to be my first transition shade and the brush that I’m using is the map 2 to 4? This colors really light time. I think I’m going to be able to see too much at all, not a problem. Ok, this is not showing up because my skin’s like a little too dark for it, so I’m going to take the shade and not to sail right here. This looks amazing and that’s going in the crease. Alright, let’s see if this is pigmented. Oh that’s really, nice! It’s not overly pigmented like the hooter Beauty ones, but it is going on really nicely. Sometimes it’s easier to build a color up anyway, rather than like have so much go onto your eye at once. This color is really blending out beautifully, so I’m just taking a clean blending brush to make sure there’s no harsh lines right. Underneath my brow, I’m just going to go ahead and carve out a cup crease. I don’t have any concealer. So this is like, I think, maybe the only product that isn’t neat, but I’m going to take the Tarte shaped head concealer in the shade, like medium just with F flat shader brush, you can get the real close into my eyelid once I have at the shape That I want I’m going to go in and set that down just so it doesn’t crease.
I’m trying to look up I’m just going to lightly Pat over the concealer. Put a lip color. I’m going to take this palette from at BH Cosmetics. It’s called it takes me back to at Brazil. This has so many colorful shades in here, so the color that I’m going to pick up today is this one right here, so I want to show you guys who I’m inspired by today. With my makeup look, I only follow one makeup page on Instagram and this is her page. This is a look that I want to do for yellow cut crease kind of thing. Her name is Stephanie Villa 3 s’s at the start. When would you ever think to put yellow on your lid? Never, but she may look good. Let’s see if I can well first impression, I am so incredibly impressed with how pigmented this color is. Oh, my god, I’m so nervous for this. I’m gonna try my best to do a winged eyeliner, so I’m taking the Schwing black liquid eyeliner by the balm. The winged liner and the lashes are on let’s go ahead and drop into the face because I feel like this is where all like the newer products start. So I’m taking the Dermalogica skin perfect primer. This one has SPF 30 in it. I don’t really like when they have SPF in it, because that’s the real. I don’t really go out in the Sun and most times when I do my makeup, I wear black. I wouldn’t make up at nighttime, so I don’t need SPF in it and then, when you have a flash on you, it flashes back. So we’re just going to put this family in the center of my face. I feel like it sounds like a bit of a tint to it. Oh well, I had like a lot of SPF and I’m kind of scared. Oh my god, this made my skin look so beautiful. It feels really light on the skin. It feels moisturized and we also have a little bit of radiance coming through to add even more glow. I’m gonna go in the Knicks born this way, a liquid illuminator, I’m so excited to try this I’m just going to put a bit on the back of my hand for a peek, I’m just going to dab this on the high points of my face. It kind of has like a little sparkles in it only a few and the rest is kind of just like a sheen. I am so excited about this foundation. This one is the hourglass immaculate liquid powder foundation. It is a mattifying and oil-free Unruh. If it’s mattifying, I guess you’re going to have to go in with this over the top okay, so I have the shade beige. I’ve never heard anyone talk about.
It’s like client weight, so the brush I’m going to take is from zoeva. It is the one very for master brush. I love this brush. I just wash all of my brushes and it took so long you or some songs suck in my nail, the by liner, I’m just going to go in and pop this into my skin. I really like the color and we’re go in the coverage is like crazy high. Oh my god, it’s making my face. Look so silky. What’s on this side, s we’re going back in with the same concealer that I used on my eyes: um yeah, okay! This is boring because you see me is this a million times I just think best, concealer in the world. You know what time it is time to bowl and out this concealer with my Beauty, Blender on my brush. We have a missing lash yeah, oh my god, because the foundation is so mad. I can still look like I’m not really blending properly or my gosh, I’m so excited to try this everyone’s been talking about it. It is the dermablend loose setting powder. So hopefully this can replace all of my translucent powders that I’ve been using. This is the widest translucent powder ever come across MELAS. Please don’t leave a white cast dull muchly nervous, but so many people have used in so it’s good so showing off. While this is the baking underneath my eyes, I’m going to take this real stay matte powder, but I got a new shade today, this one’s in the shade it’s silky beige. So hopefully this doesn’t leave like a little white cast like the transparent one did just going to Pat this on my face very lightly. I like how this is like a very light, doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. I don’t make this face like overly tight, either. Pat Foundation went super flirty right here and here I have no idea why, but hopefully we can fix it, but so far, so it’s really good. I like it. Well, I think the foundations came out to my skin. It kind of looks cakey now all right. So you learn a white cast: oh my god, Nora, oh, the white classes are going because the more I blend it my concealer is going to come off. So I guess I can just like fix it with bronze off for the lower lash line. I’m going to go back in with that same crease color, and this is just going from outer corner all the way to inner corner, nothing special under the Ain you just seem to like even it out. No. This is like such a great formula, I’m dying taking the same color that I used for the yellow, I’m going to pick up this shimmery white color up here and I’m putting that on my inner corners to give a little bit of a highlight just to the Pencil brush, okay, when you put some bit closer means: oh wow, now it’s really showing up! Oh my god, I just remembered I got a new Urban Decay eyeliner, so this one’s from the same collection as this one right here it is so fluorescent love the color.
So I’m just going to put this in my waterline such a crazy color, but Yolo it’s not really showing up as much as I’d like, but it is really nice still looking so talking like if you just like cracked, my face open, amazing, okay. So, let’s move on to like the bronzer and stuff I’m going to take the detection of no-nos sculpt and glow palette this one’s in the shade 0-1 light/medium. So this one has cream products and then also a contour highlight and like a glittery highlight. Oh my. I just realized all that, like glow is gone from the powder in the ternoon she’s, not a couple of okay. So I’m going to take this contour shade at first cut off the excess, and I wanted to be too intense so and I’m going to cover up my cheekbones, which I like this color. It looks really cool turn in the pan, but it looks really nice in the face like it doesn’t look, charity or anything and then for the bronzer, I’m taking the Bobbi Brown running powder in the shade at golden light. So this is one shade lighter than what I usually go for, but I’m super excited to see how it looks on my skin. I’ve always loved the formulas of these products of the Bobbi Brown. How am I supposed to get rid of that like weird thing that the foundation did with my Rimmel stay matte powder, I’m gonna take a little brush and just drag that underneath my contour and love the shade of that, but we run and then for the Blush I’m taking a slender from Rimmel in a shade at pink rose. I picked this one up this morning. The color looks absolutely amazing. It’s like a really nice shimmery, coral pink. I love this color Wow dignity. Well, I mean it looks pigmented on my brush with hips Clark comes off. I love. How does highlight to my face as well, and it’s made that um next product look less ashy. It is super light through So if your skin is darker than mine, I’d probably stay clear from that shade, but they have a chameleon shades anyway, you know what time it is girl time for highlight off, no matter what highlighter i use.
I always spritz it with maxixe, but you guys know this, so i’m going back in with a Natasha Turner palette I’m so excited this step and taking the highlight cheney, please feel crazy I always make it way too wet it just takes off my foundation I don’t think I’m like too crazy about the shade looks a bit like a she or because I have so much going on underneath it, though I definitely will give it another chance When I have my normal base down over the top, I’m going to take this color right here from the Urban Decay palette same collection Is that all I’m just going to put this over the top? Oh, my god, this one’s like even more pigmented! Look at that Like holy, let’s move on this is the urban decay 24/7 glide-on lip pencil in the shade 1993 I love the urban decay, lip range so much and then for over top I’m taking the mellow cosmetics and liquid lip paint in the shade eye You say: oh my god, this color is so pretty setting take o- up Sorry, my bad It is time for setting spray, I’m taking the locket makeup, setting mister Jesus once and I forget how it goes So, let’s try it again if you’re wondering why I destroyed so much fun, it’s because, like hardly anything, comes out, it’s kind of nice because um it doesn’t like into like one area Just like goes in yon here we have the finished makeup Look I really hope you guys liked it, I’m just going to give you guys a quick rundown of what I think of all of the makeups, so the foundation like was amazing It looked so pretty, but I don’t really like the finish of it was true Matt adverse I was fine but like, and it still looks amazing, but it’s just like cakey cuz, it’s Lorimar Obviously it can be my first time using it So I will give another try the highlighters look kind of nice like on camera, but they’re a little bit Ashley in real life love the bronze I love the contour The blush was so pretty Maybe a little bit too light through lip Color is literally amazing All the eyeshadows was so good, the brow, oh my gosh, our palette I love that so much I guess that’s pretty much the main product I love you guys like still haven’t changed my own

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