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Try delish’s craziest dessert (cheating day)

1 Nov , 2019  

It’s like chocolate times like yeah infinity. It moves away from you. Why am I doing this? You drunk hey? You guys welcome to an extra-special cheat day because Drew – and I are here in New York City – and not only are we in New York City, but we are in the official, a fish, a fish, a fish delish kitchen, Oh for all, the most amazing foods and Desserts I made, and also because we’re the delish kitchen. Something tells me that this food will actually be appetizing right before ready to eat.
Give it to us right in front of us I’m which, honestly in and of itself, is something to celebrate yeah, but we are celebrating a brand new cookbook from delish desserts which Drew, and I absolutely oh thank you guys we’re in the kitchen where the ideas, the Recipes were created, you were drunk up and it’s kind of incredible to like be here yep and now get to try some of these desserts for ourselves. I’Ll see you guys we’re very lucky, because we have Lena here today the Test Kitchen food editor, which is a very big deal, she’s going to be serving us, the desserts. Personally, let’s sweep this baby up, so I’m gonna start. You guys on office yeah. This is honestly my favorite way to eat peanut butter me. This is the thing I like that they don’t look like normal peanut butter cookies. These look way more advertising. I feel like a lot of peanut butter. Cookies are like crackly yeah, there’s the apper advertising did. I say advertising these look way more advertising or advertising. Oh sure they do look like sugar, cookies um. I think they are kind of made a little bit differently than most peanut butter cookies. I’ve ever had because they are like dusted with sugar crystals, but they’re stuffed. I’m excited, should we cheers it up? I try fears, is feminine girls smell good meat game play those words came out of my mouth. I feel like it’s just the right amount of peanut butter, I’m not gonna lie. We just had stuff with peanut butter. I was a little nervous cuz I was like who, what stuff, with peanut butter. This is perfect. It’s just perfect holy. I didn’t really like peanut butter cookies, but this is the best Peter by cooking. I’ve ever had in my life ha juices just melts in your mouth mmm. Oh, my god, yeah. I want to keep eating it, but I feel like it’s bad idea. You know we really need to slow down because we have so much more food to eat. This is our Moscow Mule cupcake, oh nice, it’s got a little. It’s got ginger beer in the cupcake. It’s gone, there’s a little vodka in the in the buttercream. I love Moscow. Mule yeah me too. Honestly, I’m ginger beer real talk, one of my absolute favorite things in the entire world.
I also love how it’s in, like the little brass cup yes come in. I know it’s like perfect. It’s like perfect. It reminds me of a Moscow Mule for sure. If I knew you could put alcohol in frosting, I’ve been doing that all the time. Dude, I think delicious is really good at infusing things with vodka, because when Emile – and I we’re also trying to issues – we had Oreo jello shots infused with infused with vodka yeah, you could get grandma lit at the cookout because she would eat five days. You have no idea this vodka, okay, I feel like that’s what my skills like die when it comes to cooking. I can’t use things like. I always wonder how they get flavors and other things where I didn’t have the flavor to begin with. What am I sense? I also just can’t cook so there’s that have to work on that. Take all the paper off yeah here. Why didn’t want to get me by my mouth? Are you stressing me out now? I always need a cupcake with a fork, also yeah. So do I mm-hmm all right see paper in my mouth Wow Wow, it’s the frosting yeah, it’s not like! I’m also infused again. You know it’s refreshing. It’s really really refreshing, which is something you never usually say about. Frosting yeah, it’s like it’s! It’s very light. It’s not gonna. This is not gonna. Take you out, hmm, which is also a dangerous thing, because it’s vodka and you’d be like you’re drunk. I like that you can taste the ginger in it. I like that you can taste the lime in the frosting like I can taste all of the different ingredients and it really does feel like it’s very similar to a Moscow Mule the Moscow Mule. You can like a sliver line a little bit of ginger. This is awesome, so I have some sorting that cupcakes, for you guys, are so cool in the center of these cupcakes there’s a colorful frosting that will indicate which house you’re sorted in know where that’s really cute before eating this cupcake. What do you think your house is? Well, I got sorted on the official sorting test online and when I was like 11 or 12 and I was sorted into Ravenclaw which’true soon, I naturally like was really bummed about when it happened. Yeah, because you know I was 11, I was like this is BS like I was really upset about it, mental that one I’m telling you, but now, as I’ve gotten a little bit older um. I see how that is possible, but I still have some sort of issues with it, but almost like a giant nerd when it comes to being so I’m just like they got it wrong. I don’t actually know what my house is, but I would assume that you we would be the same house or not.
I got bowling laughing because I took that test like last year yeah I was assumed that we’d be the same house because we’re both Aquarians like it works the same way. You know, that’s how I told myself it worked at least well, I guess now. This is really gonna, be the ultimate deciding factor here. In order to do this properly yeah, I think I’m going on three, let’s take a big bike together, so that we both find out together. Okay, why am i nervous? It’s pretty good one, two, two! Three! Okay, so technically this is regular, but also technically Ravenclaw is sometimes more of a purpley color. So I guess this is still undecided. We’Re just like to keep trying things until we figure out what house we’re supposed to be today. The cupcakes don’t lie that does solidified your fame, the test and the cupcake said. You’Re able call your info next. All right, Santa’s, a trash, so they’ve got sprinkles. They’ve got potato chips, hands own kind of a mixed bag in camera with his waiter. I think it’s actually kind of a group effort. We all kind of have a different ideal. Cookie is some young sweet, our favorite snack? So we just kind of it was an amount and amalgamation of everyone loved it. It’s Santa Claus, because it’s it’s green and red yeah it was. It was around holiday time when we developed it, so we thought would be a good control. You know yeah, it’s awesome. I love this right off the bat I get so excited about these because I love a salty sweet combination. Mm-Hmm, like I love you pretzels and chocolate or else but M & Ms in my popcorn. I go to movie theater, like I’ve, seen a person that needs to have a good balance, see now so this speaks to my soul. It just looks like it’s gonna be delicious, and also, if you leave these out for Santa it’s gonna leave me some good stuff. Yeah he’s gonna be there so you wake up in the morning. Go yes Cheers. What do you think it hit? It hit me way after I love these. I also feel like this is really good to entertain with, because it’s an option for people who don’t like overly sweet things. Are you kidding me opposite? I was gonna say really. I don’t feel like it’s that sweet. They, like punches you in the face. Well, I got a lot of chip in that bite. Maybe it was a mixture of like the salt with the sweet yeah after today’s was like whoa, because I’m trying to figure out what Lena said it was all in this. It’s pretzel! Yes, so I’ve like just looking at it. We can see it’s pretzels, yeah, potato chips, chocolate, chocolate, chip, sprinkles and then like salt, there’s sea salt on it, as well as definitely sea salt in there and it’s a sugar cookie and it’s a sugar cookie.
Oh yeah, it’s chips, two Jet’s, so this is the type of thing I think is good to have as an option for parties yeah and also you just want your guests to bounce off the walls and yeah the water. So these are topped with cookie dough made with almond flour, my god dick brownie, but I do love how clean they are. You know they’re very nice. Oh. I also feel like every piece of the same amount of chocolate chips which is wild. I feel like that’s. The biggest indication that, yes, we are in the delish kitchen, because only in the delish kitchen kitchen – wouldn’t be this perfect, the OCD of it all I like it, you know it does something to it. Should we bite into it yeah? These are huge nervous. To be honest, you ready yeah. This is a very weird way to do this right: yeah, yeah, yeah, the water, of course gorgeous. You need like a gallon of milk right now. Oh my god. It’s like yeah! It’s a lot! Whoa man delicious! There’s a lot. I feel like this is ain’t perfectly made brownies, because it is just the right amount of crispy on the outside, but not crispy like for its even close to being firm. So usually, what happens when I make brownies like? I have to always avoid getting the very outer layer because that’s always like birth. You, like crispy, like almost like, like you’re fighting through, like a potato chip like a breaks I know, but like I want to get the middle not like gushy. So this is amazing, because the middle is the perfect texture is perfect and the outside is also the perfect texture yeah. When you have this dessert, you truly don’t need to eat any other dessert. When you eat this, you need to eat any of your meal like you’re done after this yeah for sure like this could be at a restaurant where they give you like a really small dessert. You just share it. Yes, 100% small. But, like you, take a bite and you’re like oh that’s. Why and we have all righty me inappropriate name. This is an exclusive for you guys not on the web, yet just in the book and if you enjoy serious back to our hotel. Yes, Wow Wow. This is like you, it really does. This is like 100% cooked like in the skillet. What do you think about the name death by chocolate? I think it’s very accurate. They know. What’s about to happen, that’s work. I’m scared. I think the fact of the fork feels heavy there’s, a sign that I am I am wearing down. Oh, I figured it out that must be dark chocolate, milk, chocolate in one chocolate. Okay, I won’t definitely get the holy juice I think, out of all the chocolates.
That’s my least favorite Really I am oh man Am I going to Yogurtland, I literally don’t like it yogurt, I’m hoping to watch off the chips in the cup You know you can just buy a bag of white chocolate It’s right the same It’s like the rebellious Oh, you know this is the way I like a brownie to feel because it’s like, oh my gosh, there’s like bushiness in it That’s got you like a bunch right, oh yeah, I’m ready I described the journey to the people Imagine a brownie mm-hmm, but with cookie essence, yeah fudgy and just like when you think of chocolate amateur, it’s like chocolate times like yeah, infinity and surprisingly enough, even though there’s so much chocolate it doesn’t all blend together, become like one Saini type of chocolate job in Your minds have like a lava cake You know like a chocolate lava, molten lava cake get around The chopper could get Costco that big one It’s like yeah I’ve ever had a molten lava cake from Chili’s No, you haven’t one minute till there’s one time So everybody says food cuz, you’re from California, that’s Midwestern people We understand that we understand the Chili’s life, my god, it’s so good Do you have a favorite? I know we tried a lot of things, but what do you think spoke to your your stomach? The most? It’s a tie between this demo chocolate and the peanut butter cookies right, peanut butter cookies were so good I have to agree view because peanut butter is not necessarily my go to cookie preference yeah, but because I enjoyed that so much, I’m like oh, my gosh, there’s Actually, peanut butter cookie good enough that I would, I would choose that over my usual goat cheese, I’m just saying words at this point, like I don’t know, what’s coming out of my mouth bomb cookies What just means! Thank you What use means to say we had to rally have to rock this up if you loved all these desserts, the visual of them make sure your does that delish desserts cookbook it’s right here Doesn’t it looks like we’re gonna link it in the description below yeah and try all of these delicious art at home, and we will see you next time also wish us luck today when we hit the bathroom or visit my grave because death by chocolate? If me out, but cool man, that was some delicious clever style, but if you want even more savory treats click right on over there I don’t even know if there’s food in there, but people when there are also tasty, also subscribe

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