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Try Halloween costumes from! Ah!

1 Nov , 2019  

Check one so today we are doing a very, very requested. I asked everyone. so that made an awful sound when I slid it across the table. But I do have a big tub of Halloween costumes that I ordered a little bit over two weeks ago now. One thing I have learned from shopping off wish is the higher the price, the faster the shipping, usually so, if you’re buying something really inexpensive, it’ll take like a month to get to you and, if you’re buying something a little bit more expensive, it comes a lot Faster, so just keep that in mind if you’re thinking about getting a costume for yourself or your kid or someone off of wish costumes, I got range from four dollars to thirty three dollars plus shipping, so I’m really excited.
I think I got a costume that at least one will work with everyone they’re very drastically different one may or may not be a dinosaur that I’m really excited to try but yeah. So I think, without further ado, let’s get into opening these up and trying them on alright. The first costume that we have to try on is a Pikachu costume, and this was thirteen dollars. As you can see, this is a really full package. It’s super light, though. So, let’s see the picture looks super cute. It basically just looks like a onesie in the shape of Pikachu, which I am totally on board the dressing up in just onesies that are themed. I actually did that. I dressed up as scooby-doo and all I did was wear a brown onesie with like his tag and ears, so I’m on board with it it’s comfy. I like it, oh, very yellow. So it’s super soft. It honestly feels like a throw blanket, which I mean. Why would you not want to wear it, and especially here in Canada, Halloween like around then gets pretty cold, so this would be something you could wear like a winter jacket and ski pants under, especially if you’re a little kid or like someone who’s gonna go Trick-Or-Treating this would be a good thing or, if you’re a grown adult going trick-or-treating that too, that works too. I don’t know why I didn’t say that just looking at the Adreno and it had four and a half stars from 800 people, so clearly, I think this was gonna be pretty solid. Here is what the hat looks like, and it was $13. All the prices I say are before shipping, but either way that is pretty decent. It’s got a little Pikachu tail and then in the front, it’s just a button-up. Okay. This is super soft.
I really like this so far. Let’s go ahead and try this on sorry. For a boring, this backdrop is, I know it’s really boring, but I promise it will be exciting soon, more important than the room. We’ve got our first costume, let’s hop in it, should we actually hop in it? Okay here is the first costume. What do you think? One thing about the actual costume: is it unzips fully right on the back right now? I just look like a yellow blob, but it makes more sense when the hood is up and of course, also there’s the stripes on the back and the tail also. I just realized this Pikachu outfit. It has a drop crotch. I did not notice that off of the ad, but like look, it clearly is 9 out of 10. The only way we would get at no.10 is if it was a little longer for me, but not bad. I like flashing everyone cuz. This is just a button-up. I better leave before I do more damage. Okay, next one Mia who toss me that I’m pretty sure the only black costume I bought was this bat costume, and this was $15 and it looks like it’s gonna be pretty short the person wearing it looks older. So I think if you were getting this for a kid, it wouldn’t look longer on them. But what am i? What am i overanalyze? Okay, so it’s pretty so there’s like pieces of it that want to stick out. Oh all, right! So it’s basically just like a sweater and then you can feel in the wing part that it shows in the picture that are like sticking out they’re made by this like wire, that’s sewn into the fabric. So that’s nice because I wasn’t sure looking at it. If it would like droop but sure enough, they have stuff to make them stick out. It is a little bit bent up from the shipping. The Hat. Oh, that’s cute, that’s really cute, and this is actually short. I did not notice that from the picture, but it’s shorts, but I mean, if you didn’t, want to wear something really short or if it was too cold. You could just put on like leggings under this, so let’s try. It feels good, though, feels like something: you’d buy from a costume store: okay, firstly, wearing all black really shows how pale I am out of the bag. The wings are gonna, be a little bit disjointed and like pointing the wrong way. So I think, if you’re having that issue, you should lay it out with like text books on it or something honestly, I’m a fan of this.
I kind of think it’s cute, and it’s also like this really nice velvety color. I just ran up and down the stairs twice to get a new battery. If you’re wondering why I’m out of breath, I actually think I’m gonna give this a 10 out of 10. I think it looks like the picture. I think the wings can be figured out and I actually think it’s really cute. Maybe I should be a bat this year. Oh, this is the cheapest costume I bought and pretty much could find on wish. It was this little colorful butterfly and I think it’s just the wings and I actually also was butterfly ones for Halloween. I wish I could find these pictures, but my mom put them all on like a terabyte and we have like no idea how to get on it. But this was four dollars and I got it in the multi color one basically you’re just going to tie this around you like a cape and then does this have little hand holes no, so this would be nice if it like could attach to your wrist and Then, when you lifted your hands, it would kind of flap. But that’s like an easy thing. You could add, I mean for four dollars. If you don’t want it to go like super trihard that wouldn’t be bad, but let’s try it. I have my full black outfit on because that’s what everyone seems to be wearing in the ad, but this is super easy. This is for the people who like like to participate, but don’t really care or just like butterflies. I guess I mean it looks like the ad. I can’t say too much on that, so it obviously looks have like a cape on from the friend. People are like what are you, but then from the back. It also looks kind of droopy. I really wish they’d just elastic right here, cuz if I tuck it into my shirt. That looks a lot better right if it can go with the hands for those people who don’t want to try super hard and or like butterflies, it’s not bad. It was really inexpensive too, like four dollars, so I mean do the anticlimactic, but there you go. This looks like my Mario Cart shield. I don’t know if I’m saying Mario wrong, I am a true fan. I play Super Mario Party. I play Mario Kart. I love it but like a lot of people like to correct the way, I say it, so if I’m saying it wrong, don’t claim me as a fake fan. I am a real fan. I love it, but I got this costume. There was a lot of really scandalous, Mario and Luigi costumes, but this one was pretty tame.
I thought I mean obviously, but it also looked comfortable. I actually can’t see myself being this this year, the mustache it came with a mustache, and this was 16 dollars. So the mustache like tapes on and then it comes also with the Hat. It goes with my shirt and then together there is the outfit okay, so this would be really really great if it was cold where you lived and you were planning on wearing stuff underneath it because you could layer a lot under here. The fabric feels really really cheap super stretchy, but I actually kind of don’t mind it because I think I would wear like lots of layers under it, but it doesn’t look like it’s gonna like hug you and do your body any favor, so for everyone who’s. Looking to have a rockin bod on Halloween might not be for you, let’s try it on and see. If it looks like the picture, at least I think it will God when he was walking by. I cannot answer the door because I’m pretty sure she left now. Where was I, this hat is huge like it really is, but I gotta put the mustache on. Excuse me: mustache yeah, oh just kidding, I was doing it wrong. Some girls want to look cute on Halloween me to be honestly. I just think it’d be 100% real. This mustache is definitely distorting the audio it’s gonna fly off, but this costume looks just like the picture. One thing their attention to detail is minimal, seeing how the straps stop from the front. I actually think it’ll give this costume. I mean it looks so much like the picture. I’ve got to give it in 8.5 out of 10 nobody’s gonna. Ask what you are. This hat is humongous. I actually don’t mind this, so alright, this costume is what I’m so excited for. This was only $21. Actually, I think it was more than that, I’m pretty sure the kids when was 21 and then like the adult one was like 40. So it’s this dinosaur, I’m so excited about this. I watch the YouTube. Video ones were like 30 people dressed up as these dinosaurs in these costumes and ran around. But my thing is like they’re going to fill with air, and I can see this little tab right here and I remember like those sumo wrestler costumes would always like be pumping itself with air. So I’m wondering how this gets in there and does it come with. I really hope so it kind of looks like whoever sold. This might just have like the old costumes from costume stores that maybe closed down, and then they could sell them unwish because it does seem like the same packaging.
You would see at a Halloween store. Oh no does this need batteries? Oh no, four, double A batteries and if you guys have been watching my move in series, I just moved in here different backdrop: backdrop than usual and I’m gonna have to like scrounge for doublea’s. It feels like a tarp material. I’m gonna really get into this when I try it on full body. So let’s get into that, I scavenged around my entire house for double-a batteries. I didn’t find any so. I’m gonna put it on in to make sure I’m not missing any other wiring and then I’ll go out and grab them, because I don’t want to go out, get doublea’s and then realize I needed double e’s and like a specific course. So my gosh, this is so cute like the hands are linked, and then you can slip them out like this. Alright and then your face goes through like this. So clearly it does need air going through it somewhere wow, it’s hot there. Alright. So I need to go, get some doublea’s, so I will be right back all right. You guys it’s like three days later, I got some batteries so that I can charge this dinosaur costume, look so wet, so we have all been waiting for well, but for me it took me a minute: okay, sweet! Okay! Let’s get it on plug her in. I don’t know what the USB is far but we’ll just know yeah. No, it looks very funny. It’s definitely yeah. It’s gonna it’s gonna get there I see the head is inflating now. This is where it comes together. Oh yeah yep, that’s what people came to see. You hit a snag. Yeah you wanna try on yeah sure why not the transformation? Oh! No! I just came to the door what she do. That’s any reason then I’ll give it a 10 yeah. This is a freakin 10 last but absolutely not certainly not least, we’ve got a Harley Quinn outfit now last year. I think I might have seen a thousand Harley Quinn, so I wonder if this year, it’ll be as many because Suicide Squad didn’t come out this year, but we’ll see either way. There were so many of these I’m off wish. I was like I should probably try one so I got one package of the clothing which was $33, the most expensive like and then a wig, which was $14 Wow.
This pack was $33, but it does seem that come with, like everything the daddy’s little monster shirt Long pants and even the jacket, which actually has some pretty nice detailing on the back, let’s check the wig It’s really gonna complete the outfit I did a big haul on West wing’s a couple weeks ago So if you want to check that out, you can see more wigs, it’s hard to say Harley, just without Harley Quinn, because the only Harley I’ve ever known was the golden retriever Let’s try this whole look on and see if it was worth $33 Most expensive costume, like let’s see my outfit is so loud People could definitely hear me coming in like, but I can’t judge I can’t judge until I have the wig on hi your worst nightmare called they’re wandering in fear of a label Here’s the completed look I would grab a baseball bat but, like I said, I have absolutely nothing in this house, so I definitely don’t have a baseball bat My hair is all tucked into my jacket and my ponytail I mean the front is so laid so obviously to be awake, but that’s kind of what you get from costume, wigs, a huge they don’t do like a lace front or nothing like that So it is kind of obvious from front, but from far away think the idea is there keep in mind This was the most expensive outfit and I definitely think this wasn’t the best I liked the dinosaur, the Mario and also the bat a lot more than this, and they were less expensive, but I mean, if you want to be Harley Quinn in this outfit, looks good to you Then I would suggest it I’ll link all this stuff down below That’s a wrap huh get this loud jacket off of me Are you guys so that has been all of these costumes? I tried off of wish I think that they’re actually pretty decent, especially in this case, because you don’t need it to be amazing quality, because it is a costume and you probably won’t be wearing it like multiple days in a row I will say, though, if you buy a costume wig, expecting it to look like very real I don’t think it ever will unless it’s got like a lace friend or one that you like cut and glue down, but I mean it’s all for fun just in general that you can watch Thank you guys, so so much for watching and I’ll see you guys in the next one bye

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