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Try new make-up and tutorial chat Shani Grimond

1 Nov , 2019  

Hello guys welcome to my channel – oh my god. I have so many new makeup products that I really want to play around with, and I just want to talk to you guys and update you with my life. I feel like it’s been so long since I’ve, literally just relaxed with you guys and chatted chatted whoo. Okay: let’s go ahead and jump into the makeup: let’s go ahead and start with the eyebrow, so I’m taking the wet-and-wild ultimate brow kit. This one is in the shade ash brown and I kind of feel like I’m in between both of these two shades, like that.
One is way too dark for me and that’s why tea lights or I might just mix them together, then how’s that sound. That’s right, powdery! Alright, let’s see how this oh wow, that’s pretty pigmented. So as most you guys would know, I just got back from America. Oh, my god, it’s so hard to talk. While I’m doing my brows, I just got back from the US and I literally had so much fun. I love it over there. So much, but honestly, nothing is better than being in Australia. Like I love Australia very much. I just think Australia is like the best place in the world, but it’s nice to go overseas for holidays and stuff, but I’m just started happy to be back and have all of my friends back and just have left like go back to normal. I did get really upset when I got back from holiday because it’s really hard like going from being with people every single day, true being alone like oh, my god, it was like horrible. I love having my alone time, but after a breakup, it’s like just gets really hard because you have to adjust not having that person in your life and I think that’s why I’ve been well. That is why I have been so upset, but I’m pulling through and I’m really happy and I’m doing well. It was just like a few days that were, I was really upset, but I feel good now I wouldn’t say the best browsers ever done, but not bad yeah. The next step is to carve out my eyebrows, so I’m using the Amalfi and 4:3 to brush and a bit of top shape tip concealer. Am I going peanuts run it Sneaky’s little bat head in here pika. This literally makes the brows look so clean and, of course, I’m gonna cover up all of those veins, so we couldn’t even to be eye shadow. Alright, now it’s time for the eye shadow, so I’m taking it Nullah yeah, Natasha, Turner, Lila palette. This is what it looks like right here. It’s so beautiful! I’m gonna take this color right here.
I’m gonna start this as my transition color. I kind of want to do this, like purpley green on my lid, but I also want to do this. Gold, like I don’t know, let’s just start with the transition shade on my brother’s hair in my lash. I think he, oh sorry, pigment ish, it’s looking a bit patchy, though I don’t like that formula. I really don’t. Oh my god. It’s sorry patchy. What the hell call you Michael face times: change they’re like calling turn. It’s so weird. This palette, the purple one from etosha de no, no yeah have you used it? Oh my god. I literally just tried to blend out my eyeshadow and I should have listened to you. Alright, just so dumb confirm that cuz I thought it was me being a bank huh, alright I’ll talk to you soon, then he literally says rock. On 24/7 now he’s like how much he says it: oh, my god, this post honestly frustrating me so much: okay, anyways! Let’s move on to the next call, because I really want to see if I can make this work. So I’m gonna take this burgundy color right here and use this in my crease. I feel like. We definitely need some warmth as well. Looks a bit bruised next up. I’m gonna take some fix+ right on my brush and then I’m gonna go in with the lid color and I’m gonna. Take this greeny blue color right here. I meant granny pebble, it’s so pretty. I am trying to do a daytime look but like whatever mmm it’s not overly pigmented. We go why this pellet start bad, usually like it’s, not bad. Okay. So next I’m gonna go in with my NYX HD primer base and I’m gonna need a brush for the Sun. Here we go, I’m just gonna shake it up, because it’s really separated and I’m gonna put a bit on the back of my hands about this one from LA. Oh, my god, it’s blue Wow. I have a feeling this is gonna make my face. Like really wide, oh well, it kind of feels like a moisturizer. I hate the fact that it doesn’t look at my face. I hate it. Okay, so I have this Stila stay all day foundation and concealer and Siri. I have the shades three and thirteen, so I need to mix the two together to make the perfect concoction, so I’m just gonna pump out a lot and put it on the back of my hand and then just like mix the true colors, not bad. There’s a lot of foundation oopsy-daisy, I’m just gonna blend this in I put so much on you wow, it’s very full coverage. It’s covering everything, it’s kind of thick, too, okay, wow.
This foundation is a very, very matte kind of makes my face. Look a bit flat. I don’t really like the finish of it: okay, so Cielo, I’m gonna take the Milani, retouch and arrays light lifting concealer. I have the shade at medium alight, and I’m gonna need this under my eyes to like brighten everything up, because that color of the foundation is disgusting but anyways. Let’s try to fix that in a blend. This out, I feel, like literally, nothing is going to replace my Tarte shaped. Add concealer. It just looks like a shoe under my eyes. It’s not like covering the dark circles. It’s just like making them go like a weird color like a purple, alright Dill’s. Let’s move on to the Born This Way, setting powder – I am so excited to see if this tomorrow, okay, sir I’m just going to pour a little bit in the lid and then we’re gonna bake with it, let’s go in whoa. It actually feels just like the Laura mess yeah powder like it’s super fine. It feels nice and light and then for the rest of my face, I’m going in with the L’Oreal infallible Pro matte powder. This one is in the shade 500, not bad, not bad. I litterly always use the same powder, so I needed to get some new ones. I really don’t like this foundation, it’s like so stiff on my face. I’m just gonna brush this away. I didn’t pull off and you can see loss or I’m not mad. I guess we’d have to see what it looks like with different foundations and everything. Okay, so let’s go ahead and finish the eyes. I’m gonna take this vanity color and put this on my lower lash line. So we can even it out of it time for mascara, I’m gonna go in with this one from a stralla, it’s called the Baywatch mascara go open the bastard, I’m trying to think of my next holiday destination, the king, like maybe Bora Bora, let’s lunge it Or something hmm, I love traveling. There um you guys that dark, no, I’m actually in my boobs done as well in literally two weeks, I’m so excited all the one looks really good on this. I’m gonna vlog the whole experience, so you guys can come along with me. Wow business cards pretty good, no clear a lot for the waterline I’m gonna go in with the it’s hot in a rim. Ilona, this stuff is so good to make the eyes appear a little bit bigger, because all this purple is making them look bruised. Oh no, are you serious? I just dropped the palette and all of the colors come out of it.
I didn’t want it anyway. I’m just gonna set my brows with the. What is this brand Adele brow, sculpting gel, I’m just gonna push my brows upwards who’s, no one’s looking psycho this stuff is so good. Haven’t used it in so long. Okay! Does it is time for the lashes? I’m going in with these ones from the last warriors. These are three day firming clashes. They look like this. They are v pretty I’m just gonna put these on and I’ll be right back. Oh my god. I totally forgot to use the foundation that I wanted to use. It was the nas umm. What even is this velvet matte foundation? Stick. I use this once and I really liked it. It was like kind of like coverage, but it was good. So, let’s move on to the bronzer, I picked up this new one from NYX this one’s called the matte bronzer and it’s in the shade medium. So, let’s see what this looks like: oh that’s, right, cuz! I just jabbed it before this looks like a nice color there, let’s get a little brush, I’m just gonna start working this on the cheaper hello. I see a little bit. Oh that’s pretty! I left those orangey looks orangey shades kind of it’s like a nice sunkissed glow. I’m also gonna put this around my forehead as well, and also John, my necks or everything kind of matches. Cuz my neck is kind of like brown for a little bit of like a bronzy look to the face. I’m gonna go in with the Mac of gold deposit and I’m just gonna lightly. Put this over my bronzer, that’s better! You can never stay away from Sheree cheeks, I’m gonna bake, underneath my bronze line cuz. I want to see how this pot of gars and I’m gonna, make it nice and neat. Oh, it’s sorry like silky they’re, just cool adds on I’m not gonna. Let it sit for too long cuz, that’s what it gets: cold, literally cooked! Well, that’s nice! Next! We have this blush Bazaar, Amazonian clay. Oh my god. It literally says Arthur, said Amazonian. Slay know it says Amazonian clay palette and we have it so many blushes in here. How amazing is this, so I’m gonna pick up this shade. Hmm, this one right here, that’s called authentic, just because it has like purple undertones in it. I think it’ll tie nicely together with the eyes, so let’s go in with a turn. You do that and then for the highlight, I’m going to take this one from Stila, this one’s the heavens hue highlighter in the shade at kitten This is like the putty.
Looking one I wanted to use this for so long and I finally got it in stock It’s literally like it’s putty, it’s so cool, I’m so excited to see if this works on top of powder as well Well, I’m just gonna use my normal, like highlighting brush I don’t know how this is gonna go Oh, that’s pretty Wow It feels like weird like it feels sorry smooth on the skin It doesn’t feel like a powder, but it’s going on like a powder Oh, and just so you guys know – I mean Michael, do you have some new merch coming out very soon, so keep your eyes peeled on SD to label com I thought like smells weird in here That’s very intense! No, I think that’s pretty it’s just like not my favorite shade in the world I’m gonna go in over the top with this fancy highlighter, just because I want it to be a little bit more gold So I’m gonna take this color good go over the top – oh my god, so intense Now, it’s time for the lips, so I’m gonna go in with this color right here This is a at morphe lip liner and lip pencil I don’t know if you have the pencils This is awesome, so I’m gonna start by lining my lips Actually, I’m gonna do the liquid lipstick First, I feel like that’ll be easier Hmm insert confuse the lip line is literally palpable, and this is like a warm tone nude Why is that happening? This lip color is really nice I love the formula as well It’s like storm, you see, okay, so this lip color, I feel like, doesn’t go with the purple eye, so I’m gonna have to I’m just gonna put another color on top Well, this one’s pretty this one’s from art, fried it’s called a Manhattan This is soy side because I actually really like that other color So let’s go in with some Oh, it’s a lip lip treatment, Milani, moisture law, coconut oil, infused lip treatment, so I want to put this on over the top, so we can have a glossy lip Why did I do this? That’s very pretty! Okay! So last but not least, I’m gonna set my face with the Slade a setting spray by Jerrod cosmetics mmm that smells so amazing Okay So here we have the finished makeup Look I really hope you guys enjoyed it It was really fun just like playing around with some different products, seeing how everything wept Oh my god Oh my god I think it looks pretty good

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