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Try on the aliexpress prom dress!! *Great success * & Giveaway

1 Nov , 2019  

Everyone.. Ever since I started my prom dress series, so I’m really excited to finally be doing it. So today we are trying prom dresses off of Aliexpress. You guys have been asked me to try Aliexpress for a while now, but there will be more in the future. Don’t you I’m assuming none of you were really that worried. So I have the Aliexpress app on my phone right now, so I’m just looking back at the things that I ordered and all of the dresses were from $44 to $56 and I actually ordered five dresses, but only four came.
I actually had a little bit of a difficult time. With a few of these dresses, I had to contact the sellers and ask them what’s up because a lot of them weren’t being shipped, they were just like. The payment had went through, but nothing was happening, but for the most part they all replied and was good. Except one of them, so that’s why there’s only four dresses, so all the dresses came in separate packages and I didn’t have to pay customs on any of them, so that was good. But, okay, let me show you them quickly. So here are the dresses, as you can see, they’re all different colors. So let’s go ahead and see what a $50 dress off of Amazon can get yeah, let’s go okay, so the first dress that we’re gonna try on is this one? Okay, so I have the ad up right here and this dress was the most expensive one. It was 56 dollars and 20 cents, Canadian and then, when I click on the ad, it now says it’s a hundred and forty-three dollars. What that is so weird, I don’t know why. I have proof that I did buy it for 56 dollars. I don’t know what made the price go up like three times the picture looks super stunning, it’s a black dress and it has a nice top half and then it goes gradient Lee in the bottom. So, let’s see what it looks like it looks like it’s inside out, so I’ll flip it in because right now, the way it came out of the bag, it’s a pink skirt and a black top which doesn’t look anything like the picture, but it looks like it’s Inside-Out, so let me flip it. Oh Oh! Oh my gosh, oh there. Oh, my goodness! Now it looks so stunning. So here is the top. It’s like this little sweetheart with this detailing and then oh, my gosh. This skirt is so stunning. It goes black gradient. It looks just like the picture with the heck. Okay, let’s try this one on and just so you guys know. I got all these dresses in a size, small and I am usually a size small and I’m 5 foot 5 inches. So let’s try this on. I’m really happy that the skirt actually turned out okay, so you guys think this is so funny we’re gonna jump into the dress.
Okay here is this dress on honestly kind of loving this? It’s a little bit big. So let me just grab a clip. The back makes this, but you probably wouldn’t want to wear a strapless bra just because it has this little opening right here. That is, like perfectly cut to expose a bra, strap it’s a little bit staticky, but that’s no big deal also. I set up a second angle to get the full dress, because you guys always ask about that, and I can’t move my camera any further back without hitting a wall so like this is the amount of full body we can get so hopefully the second camera helps You see everything better if it’s completely useless, I won’t do it again, but yeah this dress feels pretty good quality. I think it was pretty good to size granted. I just had to clip it a little bit on my waist. That’s not really out of the ordinary. I usually like to do that, especially with strapless, because it helps it hold it in even better and hold it up. The skirt isn’t see-through. I absolutely love this gradient detail so stunning and I actually think it looks almost exactly like the picture. So if you guys, like this dress, I definitely think this was worth $56 and I don’t think in you would say nothing about your dress at crome. People would just be like jealous so anyways. Okay, next dress; okay, so the next dress that we have to try on is this green dress and I’m just gonna check the ad quickly to see if the price has changed, because I bought it for $44 and 86 cents. Okay. Now it’s forty six dollars and ninety one cents, and this dress was available in a bunch of different colors, and I decided to get it in this really stunning emerald green shade. A lot of you guys have been asking me to try dresses that have sleeves, because your school has like a dress code, so this one has short sleeves, so hopefully that works. I love this green color. Oh, my goodness. Okay, here is what the top half looks. Like it’s just got this detailing and then inside there is a strapless thing. I don’t know if this would even work for dress codes. Cuz, it’s sheer right here. I don’t know how strict they are with what you’re supposed to wear. Hopefully this would be okay, like I’m pretty sure this isn’t scandalous. Anyways, okay, and here is the skirt. The skirt feels kind of, like all feels nice. It’s got two layers. It’s got this silky one underneath, so it won’t be see-through. Oh my gosh! This is such a pretty color.
I don’t know I love greens, some people hate green. I love it. Okay, let’s try this one on let’s spin into this dress. Okay, here is this dress on once again, it’s just a little bit big on my waist, which is not the worst thing that could happen honestly, I would rather it be a little big than too small, so I’m just gonna grab my clip again just clip This in okay there’s the waste a little bit clipped in it definitely made the dress more fitted, which I love. Oh, my goodness I am so impressed. I don’t know what I expected from these dresses I just kind of expected sort of like the EBA dresses. I guess, when you’re spending 40 to 50 dollars, you can get a little bit better of a dress than when you’re spending like 20, but like this is pretty freaking good. It looks just like the picture. Riddle me why I paid a lot of money for my prom dress. Why didn’t I just it’s a really really nice length and the tool actually doesn’t look cheap, sometimes tuol makes a dress look kind of cheap, but in this case it really doesn’t. It just makes it look kind of like a fairy dress. Is this one of the dresses that I had a difficult time like I had to contact the seller and be back and forth a little bit to figure out where the dress is and why it hadn’t been shipped. But I mean I eventually got it so not too bad, but that is a little scary. I don’t want to take this off. I wish I had somewhere to wear this okay. Hopefully all the dresses stay on these levels, but okay, next one fingers crossed okay. So the next dress that we have to try was the least expensive dress, and it was 40 dollars and 95 cents, and it’s this really stunning kind of simple black off the shoulder dress. And then it has some jewel detailing up here this one shipped in like a day. It was so random. I got it in like five days. I don’t know how they do that, but okay, okay, so here is the dress. Alright, so it is kind of a more stretchy fabric doesn’t feel like the other dresses have it doesn’t feel cheap or anything. It feels like a thick athletic wear. That’s what it feels like kind of like a bodycon dress here is what this looks like some people don’t like the mesh. I usually don’t love mesh like this, I’m supposed to blend in with your skin, but I don’t think this really is supposed to blend in with your skin. I think it’s supposed to be like a statement since it’s all jeweled up. I think we better just try this on okay, so we are going to jump into this your eyes.
It didn’t work. Okay, here is this dress on not loving this one first off when I was putting it on all these jewels on this mesh part we’re like falling off onto the ground, which is never a good sign, and this part like where it connects the mesh to the Shirt looks super cheap. These sparkles are actually super itchy. So. That’s already happening big-time to me, because these jewels are so itchy. No, I don’t think I’m 100% on this dress. It doesn’t look awful, but it’s just not the best and I actually don’t think it’s worth $40. I think it looks like a dress that would be like $30. So it’s not it’s not doing it for me when you could get those two other ones or this one for around the same price, I would definitely say those other ones. This one more shows that it’s an inexpensive dress. It does, though, look like the picture. It looks okay, but when you get up close, this looks pretty cheap. The jewels are really super itchy and falling off, and the fabric is just not really what you want from your prom dress, but I mean to each their own. If you guys like it, then here it is all together. Just feels kind of like a droopy dress, not 100% on it. Let’s try the next one. Hopefully it’s better! Okay last dress. We have to try. I am so excited about because when I was prom dress shopping, I found lots of dresses that looked like this and they were so expensive, like 700 $800. So hopefully this looks like the picture. One thing, though, is I bought it for $49, and now, when I click on it, it’s 56 dollars to 70 dollars, which is kind. I’m excited to see this okay, so the fabric feels like a nice thick fabric. It feels a little stretchy, but nothing like this one like it just feels like it will be comfortable. It’s got these like boob cups in it, but they’re like flying out. Okay, let’s try it. Okay, let’s jump into this dress again. Okay, here is this dress on? Oh my gosh, this looks just like the picture and also I didn’t need to cinch my waist or anything. It just actually hugged me in the right spots. I don’t want to be negative, but I do wish this was just a strapless top. I wish that it didn’t have this mesh. I think it would look so much more elegant and nice without this, but I also get that this fabric is a little bit heavy, so makes sense that they would want a little bit of straps. I think that I would really like to keep this and just like, take some burgundy straps and put them here. This fabric is super soft It’s a little bit stretchy! You could drop it.
Oh, I think, for $45 This is well worth it It fits me good on the lengthwise It goes all the way to the floor enough, so I could wear heels and it actually looks pretty expensive This detailing is nice It’s not super itchy The match is like a little itchy, so I’d like to just cut it off and put straps I think that would make this dress Look 10 out of 10 gonna give this one a thumbs up It is time for the final thoughts as well Okay, guys so that has been me trying on prom dresses off of Aliexpress I am so impressed you guys There was only one dress that I really wasn’t a fan of the rest of them I was just like these are so good They looked just like the pictures There was a few little pieces that wasn’t super comfortable Okay like this right now, this redness, because it’s itchy, but I mean it, looks good I think it is a little bit iffy just because I did order five dresses and only got four So imagine if you only order one and it’s the one you want to wear to, and it never comes So I can’t really say on that front that it’s super reliable, but I can say that I think you just have to find the right seller read reviews and just do your background checks like I said, I’m super impressed with how the dresses look the first one, The second one and this one I’m beyond impressed – I don’t know what I expected I just expected like nothing or like a random piece of fabric I don’t know, but they actually look so much like the pictures, they’re decently comfortable I think that it’s worth trying out if you want to find an inexpensive, prom dress I definitely would wore any of these dresses to prom for sure But okay done talking about prom dresses, we have a little bit of a giveaway, so this is really really off topic of prom dresses I said I was going to be giving away some pallets So here they are I’m giving away these five pallets off of hush, just because I had so many, and I wanted to give some back to you guys So you guys said a lot of these were sold out So so, if you guys want more info on this giveaway and anything like that, just go over to my Instagram and follow that because the enter you have to be following my Instagram and subscribed But I’m gonna leave the rest of that over on my Instagram So just go over there And thank you all so so much for watching

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