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30 Sep , 2019  

Hello, friends, where I buy one-size-fits-all clothing. So first of all I went on Amazon. I was trying to look for one size fits all and they wouldn’t let me search by one size fits all. So I kept searching – and I only found like two things I was like okay, you know what this is taking way too long and all of this stuff is boring and ugly and we’re just not gonna. Do this, okay, and then I went on wish some things are one size only and I tried searching one size only and nothing really came up.
Their search is broken. It’s like one of those searches, you type in one size fits all. It’s gonna take anything that says one or anything that has a size and it’s gonna show you everything. I hate that I met those broken ass searches, so there is another brand called brandy melville, and I have like two sweaters from them that I love, but this is a one size only brand. Basically, all their clothes are for the skinniest of Legends, and today we’re trying to figure out if my size or booty can fit into this brand or not. I was moseying around and a lot of the stuff is like. It fits like extra small. It’s like a small fits like a medium, but only up to a medium or it’ll go from like small to medium extra small to medium. It’s like a one size fits a specific body size. You feel me which I’m not sure why they do that, because I feel, like their clothes, are hella cute and they would have so many more customers if they would just make more sizes, I mean: do you guys have a small size which is like the standard Size and then just make like a medium to large size. If you guys don’t want to like mess with a lot of sizes, you feel me they were like greatly expand their brand. I haven’t done much research on the brand side. I don’t know why they do this, but anyway, so we’re gonna go. Buy me a verage female height, I’m 5’4. I weigh 120 pounds. You know everybody kind of fluctuates from like 115 or 125, depending on what I eat that week for shirts. I do wear a size extra small to medium and for bottoms, I would say, firm extra small to medium again, but I have seen this brand and I looking at all of the clothes I saw two pair of their sweatpants a few months ago and then I Was like no way if you skipped it on me and it sucked, because they only made them in one side, so we’re gonna head on down to the mall.
Try some clothes on that’s yeah! If you got the matching short that beats kinky cute, I don’t know, I assume, there’s matching shorts, the best part about it being one side, so I can just grab it. I don’t have to like look for my thighs or anything, no sifting through all the copies of the coil. It’s like I can barely reach that song. It ain’t no chance game. I wanted to try this on. I saw this online, but I want to buy it. Look like me might fit do a lot of stuff most of the stuff that I saw online. I got it here, cookies shorts, one side that I’m short all right, so I gotta tell you stuff we’re gonna go! Try this on you way more stuff, and I like putting my card online, so they have a lot of heat up here. Surprisingly, so we’re gonna go to three room right now. I’m a baby cute was like these shoes, it’s just so like it was. My look my head look. This is a whole other. Look, no they’re gonna get one. I would get this one right here. It’s boring no to the finger. I don’t want to. Okay come on son yeah, the other thing. I’ve never seen. You wear something like this before. Oh you look like a referee. This is stupid. Oh my god, that’s an extra-large! These sizes are really small. He doesn’t even wear extra-large. I actually really like it. What I really like it! No, I feel like you, should get one. No, not that print, but one of these they’re getting you one okay, so we are back home because time literally went by so fast and we were at the mall. So, as I was trying on the stuff they’re like excuse me, we’re closing the store in three minutes. I’m like damn the mall is closing already, so I made it a stupid decision to buy everything else that I didn’t try on and I think some of the stuff I did try on just so you know we can see it again in my home setting and Bra, it was over three hundred dollars, so I’m probably gonna return some of this stuff. You know if it doesn’t fit, or you know what really made me mad. When I checked out, she gave me a coupon for 20% off. My next purchase sound like breath like hack, and I don’t know if this will actually work because they haven’t tried. No coupon will even apply to the brands, but like I’m gonna return, all the stuff and then I’m gonna buy the ones I want again with the 20% off.
So I’m gonna show you really quick what I got. Okay, I kind of cheated. I tried this on a student. I got home, I was wearing it for a few hours. I took a quick nap in it. This is the most stupid cute thing I have bought in a long time like I am in love with this. It fits perfectly just say no one. Oh my god. This is literally stupid cute, so you can wear it like this with like a bra light under earth, you can actually button your buttons. You go ahead like this and it’s so freakin cute. I love this. I feel like, like it fits fine. I just have a flannel like this. I mean loved it. I like this print, I feel like, looks really good on me. Yes, ten out of ten, I just wish I had like a matching skirt to go with it. I think that would be really cute. The next thing I got this was not part of the haul, but I got this just because it was on sale and it was a buy one get one free. So I wanted a like nude jumper and I love. I love love, love the things that like sit like what is this 3/4 zip? I was gonna crop in and I tried I was like this is cute. It’s like a hoodie. I’m like this was some black biker shorts. Oh I’m! So over summer, it’s too hot. Now I’m like go back, see what’d. I tell you this some biker shorts. I feel like it’s kind of baggy like right here, so I was thinking about cropping it. What if I crop it then it’ll be like too short. I’m really feeling this athletic background, so the buy one get one free. This is the thing I got free or no. I got the jumper free cousin, more expensive. I couldn’t stop looking at this and I didn’t have time to try them on before. I got them because the store was literally closing in 3 minutes and they were brushing me. I don’t know how I feel about this, I’m almost like because it’s like they fit really awkwardly. There were two pairs of overalls that I really wanted. I’ve just been wanting overalls for a while now and then I finally tried them on on like this age. These I was super excited to try because I love these kind of shorts. For you know like chilling around the house and my man’s, he loves these kind of shorts, so the prices for this brand are pretty good. I mean this was $18, but like it has a high waistband, there’s plenty of room for it, but these are like much longer than these shorts usually are, which is great.
I don’t know why. I got this color, but, like I can heck with this okay, I love these shorts. These are perfect, they cover my butt completely, I mean if they were like a little bit longer. I think it would be perfect or no if they had pockets, that have no pockets but like they’re high-waisted like a true high waist and they’re cute, I freaking love this this one. It goes like yeah. I was panicking. I really wanted to try this on before. I left because I didn’t want to buy them because I knew they weren’t gonna fit, but these are slim high, waisted shorts. You don’t look very high waisted. They look like mid rise but like they’re longer shorts and I’ve always struggled with like denim shorts. So it’s like nothing fits my waist and my butt. They love them. I’m sure it’s so much. I’m gonna try these on. Here we go the moment. Oh you saw me these jeans. I actually fit Wow okay, but doesn’t look cute, though check this out for being on one side, and I feel like the waist is like really big. You know what maybe you feel like cuffs ease a little, I feel like they’re weird length. I mean they could be hue. I like the color and the wash a lot, but I’m impressed he’s for real what size no way I’m freaking out like because this one I needed my whole life to wear one size fits only jeans, Brad. Alright, I saw this online I was like this is stinky cute. I really hope it fits on me, so it is just like a plaid dress and I don’t think I haven’t just like this. This has a tie on it. I would not have bought if it didn’t have the time, because, usually I see these just as all the time but like they don’t have a tie. I don’t want to wear a belt Liz down, but yeah. It has a zipper in the back just super great. How else am I gonna pull this over my butt and lose only $28? So I think that’s a pretty good price, like everything is really moderately priced from this brand. This is a shame because I really like those dress and it fits like really weird awkward like is this supposed to tie in the front or the back supposed to tie in the back, but the back won’t close, and it’s like there’s a lot of fabric around Here, which is like weird, but it’s like really tight over here, but I wish they just made it like bigger.
Overall, I don’t know these kind of dresses never really fit my body, but it sucks, because it’s really cute – and I just want, like a flowy – dress, a little more flowy than this, but, like I feel like that’s just like fits awkward. This is the skinny Legend dress, skinny legends, only please, okay, I need to stop buying these kind of shirts because I have so many of them and I just end up not wearing them, because it’s just way too much cleavage. Every time I put one of these shirts on it’s just like yes, you monetize me, so these are more like date, night shirts. This one is like a stretchy material, which is why I got it because all the ones I have aren’t stretchy and just want to stretch it. So this might be pretty cute. Plus it’s like a cow. There was like a black and white leopard cheetah print. I don’t know what kind of prints this will you call this? We don’t call it black and white polka dot. Okay, ignore my shorts. Was this buy a damn? This literally looks so good, big fat. Oh, like it’s stretchy, it’s got a tie. It makes you look snatch to have to throw on a bra for this one though, but I freaking love this obsessed, so this shirt I try it on. I ended up buying it because I love this material. I love the Dragon embroidered in the middle of it. I might crop this just because they feel like it’s like an awkward length. This was $23, that’s just little pricey for a t-shirt, but I feel like it’s a very good quality star. Dt, that’s been washed a few times, so you know it’ll probably be good for a while, but yeah. I think this cropped would be super cute because I don’t like this really awkward length. I did end up buying this brown gladness skirt and this was $26. I think that’s a little much for our skirt, but I just thought it fits so nicely. I got this cream cardigan like a few weeks ago and it’s like a really chunky cardigan, I feel like it would be super cute with this. I’ve never like actually tried on a skirt like this material and how’d it fit so well good purchase. I feel, oh, my god, this skirt again still cute.
I guess that’s cute like even this, and I feel like this, wouldn’t even like ride up that much. I usually don’t like, like short skirts like this, just because, like you always have to wear shorts under them, but then you might as well just wear shorts. I like this one, okay. This is something I am super excited about, because I have been loving these skirts lately, this one’s the first one, that’s not satin this one’s, like, I think it’s viscose, and it’s got like this really cute embroidered lace like up top and it has a side slit On it, I love these skirts for summer. These were like a crop top or like the cutest thing, and it’s so comfy and like yeah girl, yes, hella sweaty – and this is just I don’t feel like really nasty and sweaty like in this kind of stuff. That’s why I’m wearing like mostly dresses this summer, because you’re gonna try to become for you, okay, I gotta be like top 10 favorite things. I’ve ever bought I’m holding a little bit from like the back. Oh, what up but like it’s not supposed to be this tight, but because it’s like so small this is probably the smallest ones of these skirts that I found but, like I love this slit, it’s like not too high, not too body but like super freakin, stinking Cute, it’s little shirt with so little and cute and $14. I had to buy it. I have a shirt someone like to this. Oh my god, this looks so small, it’s literally tiny, but it’s stretchy. These kind of shirts make your boobs like look really good and that’s 100% cotton. Okay, I mean it’s okay, I’d imagine! On my camera. It literally just looks like a blob of paint. Looking like I’m washing boo or something I don’t know, I could barely see it. It seemed like it’s just like blending with my skin almost, but just like a pink hue. I don’t I don’t like it. The last thing I got from the one-size-fits-all is this little gray, bra sweater and the only reason I got this was it was cropped because I don’t really like these kind of sweaters, but it was cropped. I hope I’ll keep it. Let’s try it on. Oh, probably, never ever wear this, it’s like Why would I wear like a fitted cropped sweater when I could wear like a big comfy one? I mean it’s cute, I like the white on the neckline, but I like how it’s not like a deep three, but it’s like sushi monetised other stuff I got were from Nordstrom, but it just so happens that one Nordstrom did not carry the one size brand, and here we are spent over three hundred dollars like Bringing the stuff here, but I got these shorts from Topshop and I feel like these are really pricey.
I usually do not pay $60 for a short but like these fit really cute, okay and their cat pee, and I really like khaki stuff But it’s funny because I buy it’s on my khaki stuff, what I never ever wear it These are the shorts wait Oh, I thought these were no pockets for this guy, but I feel like they’re, pretty cute They fit good guy I actually really like these kind of material It’s like so soft It’s like a very soft khaki she’s The pockets are kind of weird but like oh, they can’t really fit anything either They’Re like the really small pockets I’m on my tippy toes I’ve got some little shorts and I feel makes the best cropped t-shirt I mean depending where your waist is or what kind of waist you have there’s like different, like crotch lengths that look good on different body types So it’s like, I like a higher crop I call it the thottie crop You know like a brands that, like crop it really short and then my friend was stop the bougie crop, which is like longer and looks better on her, but, like all the expensive brands, do the crop like that, it’s kind of like inside Joe I don’t know if anybody’s understanding what I’m saying like I don’t know I got this one and I got this One didn’t have a black one, but I wanted another one and I got a green one Hopefully I’ll actually wear it Oh my god This color is not that cute, no I’ll wear it I will wear it so like these are the skirts in anyways That’s all for today You think look the best, and would you try a one size fits only brand or not make more sizes, or you ain’t getting my heart, our money So if you guys are drive, I should hit that like button in the face and make sure you turn on notifications So you know why not upload click click subscribe to my channel I love you guys so much thanks for watching bye, guys,

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