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Try on Wig!?? Front lace and affordable wishes for transportation!

30 Sep , 2019  

Hey guys, I literally had the best time of filming my previous wish wig try on hole that I just wanted to do it another one a set, so I purchased a bunch more and I’m gonna try them on today. Some of them are really cheap. Some of them are a little bit more expensive, but nothing too crazy price-wise. I just wanted to try slightly more expensive ones to see how they compare to like the super cheap ones. So I’ve already got my hair up. If you want to see how I did this I’ll link, my previous wish, is such a fun.
Video make sure you check it out if you haven’t seen it yet, I’m so excited for this. I hope they look good. We will soon find out, I feel like I should probably be wearing a nude colored would get, but this will do for now. Okay, so, first off we have this one right here, it’s a beautiful color! I can’t see what it looks like um. It’s called the woman’s flawless like coffee, color, lace, front, wig and it went for $55 is how it all looks, and then it’s the picture right. There, sir looks like a nice long layered way. Let’s give it a go. Okay, first impression: it’s quite heavy, which I’m excited about means, there’s lots of hair, and it is so so long, but it feels so softer. It is synthetic, but it doesn’t feel real, plasticky and like coarse. It feels soft, but not too soft, and it has all the clips and bits and pieces on the inside and it is a proper lace front wig, which should I be wearing it. I feel like. I need a nude kit. Let me just see if I’ve got one okay here we go so I’m just pulling it down into kind of place and then I’m going at your trim, some of the lights off. I’ve never done this before so who knows? If I’m doing this correctly, I know you wouldn’t normally um glow it down and like put a little bit of foundation over it, but we don’t gonna do that today. I’Ll do that if I actually decide to wear it one time, I’m just gonna conceal the hairline just to see how it looks so, I’m using a little bit of vanilla concealer by NAS, and I think this is what you do just making a little bit. Paler than my face cuz, your hairline, isn’t it usually, you know super ten compared to your face, never fun! I’m just gonna use a little bit of my nerves, concealer in custard, which kind of matches my face. I think this will look so good when I actually trim it properly, because I did a bit of a shocking job. So, let’s just imagine it’s trimmed bitter. I think this is so pretty. I feel, like the hair lines, a little bit strange, how I like kind of it, comes out funny, but you can probably styler.
I mean I’m such a beginner with wigs, but, like I think that is so cool. I actually think this is so worth the money. It doesn’t look super techy, like the actual, like fibers. You know it doesn’t look super synthetic yeah. This is the only part that looks a bit weird to me. It’s a little bit flare, so I feel like I’d, have to like style it up a little and, like I don’t know like just this area, the color itself, I’m so obsessed with I’d, be happy. If my, who is this color permanently like I love it, love love it it’s so pretty, but yeah. I need to like try it again with some actual like glued it blow it down in place, but I’m not doing that today because I am trying on like a few wigs. I think this is cool. What do you guys think? Does it look like the picture? I definitely think it does. I feel like it’s a little bit more wavy than in the picture and probably a little bit more purpley pinky than the picture and the picture it’s a little bit more like muted and like less colorful. But it’s not like super bright or anything, but it is differently like a kind of mauve color, whereas in the picture it looks more like brownish toned. Overall, I really like it um. I just need work on this, like style situation, if you have any tips for me. Well, let me know Lisa, I think, is this one right here. This one is called the short hate resistant here. Brown ombre blonde hand tied wig synthetic 43 u.s. dollars, and this is the pitch. I chose the one with dark roots. So let’s see how this goes, I’m excited because if it actually looks like this, I want to wear this a lot. People always tell me to cut my hair off because they suit it like you know this length and I do agree but my his legs. So fine, we could go to water here, but it’s so fine there. I would have style it like every day to actually make it look good if I cut it that length, whereas if it’s long, I can just like let it air-dry and you can just do it something, and it looks good. So that’s why I prefer long hair on myself 100%. So this is another lace front wig. It looks like really good quality. So all the clips and their gadgets on the inside I’m gonna turn this one off my head. This time see if I can do a bit of job just remember this is just first impressions like I think we can get a pretty good idea of how they gonna look they’re, not gonna look perfect cuz, I’m not spending much time like you know, Doing it properly, alright, let’s pop this sucker on see this one looks really flattening a cherry, but surely there’s a way to fix that.
I think it must just because it’s packaged, like you know it’s washed, that looks kind of green, though don’t you think, and it’s like a piece of Mitchel sticking out of this. What is that? It’s a bit dangerous? They could’ve gone straight into my freakin skull. Oh, my god, oh it’s like it’s the needle they use to make it look at this literally like a freaking needle and there’s a few funny strings in there. But I mean it’s only it’s the world. You could definitely just trim them. You know it is a cheap wig on the scale of wigs. After all, this one feels so so voluminous. It’s like it feels really good. I’m like loving the way it looks, except for that work. Hello like it looks green, like I thought it would be brown. So does it look like the picture? Yes, except for the roots like in the picture of the roots? Look a lot more like warm brown rather than green, it’s a bit of a bummer. It feels really comfortable. It feels sort of thick and it’s similar kind of quality to the last one like it doesn’t feel fake, and it’s cropped at the back, which I really like I’m gonna see. If I can like push it up with this teasing brush, I feel like I could pull out some of my own little baby his with this, when I wore it, because my hair is blonde her and it would help him make help, will that help make it Look a little bit more, you know syntek just concealing the hairline again this one. I pretty much feel the same as the last one about the quality. The nigga was a bit weird, but hopefully that’s not like a common occurrence yeah. The only thing that is bothering me is just that root color I like love everything about. Oh man, I’m so gutted. Is there any way? I can change this color because of some Didache, so I can’t really diet. Can i, if you want his any advice? Let me know cuz it’s a little bit funny. I don’t know it’s supposed to be like a steam to power an office into pub, but I’m kind of wearing it just all seems a once again once it was stuck down properly. I feel like it would look pretty real. I love the volume in it like this just so much hair. It feels so nice. I wish I had this much hair in real life. So overall I do like it. It’s just the root color, that’s not ideal, but I mean $43.
It’s not too bad and I think it looks moderately real. It doesn’t look crazy Wiki, especially if I go bitter at like applying it and gluing it on and styling this little bit right up here, which is a bit flat. Please, please give me advice people, because I just don’t know how to like fix this all right. Next one beautiful kind of color, so my spot on to my natural hair color. Well, when I was a kid, god knows what my natural hair color looks like these days. I have not let my hair grow out that much okay, so at this one I’m assuming is this one here, which is called the new sixty woman’s girls fashion, styling wavy curly, a long him full a twig, I’m assuming it synthetic feels kind of synthetic, and this One was really affordable, only thirteen that US dollars here’s a close-up of the picture, so you can see what we should look like. I feel like I’m, not gonna shoot this hair, like that, I’m a fringe! Sorry, no hair! I don’t really suit side fringes. So this one isn’t nice, French or anything, it’s just like a basic wake and it has all of this stuff underneath it doesn’t have any cars, but it has the clips, don’t wiggle it. I can’t even see, doesn’t look like the picture. I love at the color bar okay hold on. I bet, if I let my hair grow out, or I would not look the same as it did when I was a little kid, I never does. Oh there’s a random clip hanging out here. I don’t have enough like for headspace, to pull this off and just overall look strange. My phone would unlock because it doesn’t recognize me. Oh I’m, just gonna like do something like this to get it out of my face, but yeah. I do not sue this kind of Fringe. I look like I should be in the 70s, be good first seventies party and the way is they look similar to the picture and not quite like in the picture. They’Re definitely more like choppy laters, whereas these are like they couldn’t go all the way and it’s just curly at the bottom. It just doesn’t really sit properly. I love it. The color, though I think the color is so pretty. I don’t know if I’d even tie. My hair, that’s colored, but I mean I’d be tempted. It’s a stunning color like it’s just so like warm and beautiful, and I’m obsessed with it yeah the actual with itself like I’m, not a huge fan of the slime, like it’s just kind of strange.
Sir. Probably would not repurchase nice op, we have a heat resistant, synthetic lace, front wig, with baby hair platinum, blonde 24 inch ombre wig, which is just like a diverged. So this one goes for city of five US dollars and then his well. The bitch looks like so. Hopefully it actually looks like this, I’m already a bit sketchy, it looks like the roots old minor a little longer, and the curl is a completely different on mine, they’re way more like tight or is on this one they’re kind of like a wave. Sorry, this money has little what Combs clips. It’s got a really wide lace friends, so you can like style it and yeah. It’s got loads and loads of baby hears which looks exciting. So I’m just going to trim this so far. We look like a witch. So, let’s attempt to kind of tie this up once again. Of course, the lace will it be hidden normally because you would glue it down and stuff uh what the heck! How are you mean I feel like you’d have to really trim it, because it’s dark and we’re gonna pull, pin some concealer, which I accidentally got all over the hip? No, that’s! Alright! This genuinely it just does not look like the picture, and I just starting. It’s fluttering, it looks like I’m wearing a helmet or something like with up or braided. Just doesn’t look good. It does not look real, it just looks awkward like I’m sorry. If I look like this, I would be pretty happy, but it does not look like that whatsoever. Expectation versa. Reality got me again. It’s just really really open at the actual quality feels good. Sir. I’m looking over here, I’m seeing how it looks they can barely see myself over there, but um yeah. It feels nice, but the quality’s good. It’s just not like the picture and not what I was expecting and yeah looks like I’m wearing a wig 125 percent. I tried on a short black wig that I loved. I just didn’t think it was like amazing quality, so I weep fat on to wish and found another black cropped wavy at wig that you know it was a bit more expensive just to see how it compared this hair laying straight away. It looks quite good if you can see, like the actual part, looks decent there and I probably normally wear like a different wig cap with this one like one that I can like. Oh, I guess I can just conceal it anyway, so this one was 49 US dollars, and this is how it looks. I think there was a couple different options though, and I chose like the wavy, oh one. So again it’s got the rule like long at lace.
Front and then a Carm and clips, and all of that feels like a really decent quality. It feels quite heavy considering how short it is like it feels weighty and it feels it actually feels like real hair, like it doesn’t feel fake whatsoever. It’s the latest friend wake a loose body way of curly natural synthetic hair, long bob just a mouthful there fear alrighty. Let’s do this. The hair kind of sits funny again off like the front like it goes Ruby, but if I figure out how to style them, we can easily fix that. Oh, I love the length it just like brushes the top of my shoulders and it’s so thick and I love the hairstyle. Obviously we would normally stick it down once again. Okay, honestly, I love this so much. It’s just this pie here like if I could figure out how to make it look Lisa Wiggy right here. I actually love it. I look kind of like a witch again, but I mean I love the his style yeah. It just kind of goes like boom like this. Do I don’t know what that noise is but yeah I like make it kind of his side pot a little bit more. I feel, like I said that better. It’s definitely cool. I really like the quality. The quality is amazing: it’s yeah just this little pot right here. That’s bothering me and even slice around, like it’s still just kind of has like a real hush lying around. My you know face like man. I wish it just had a bit more going on around the front. So, let’s see does it look like the picture and the picture it’s got. Full-On baby is, if it had them, I’d be fine, but I don’t see where those I see if I can like just cut up any recommendations. Obviously I’d need to do my brows darker, but they’re, just healing at the moment from my brow to do so. I can’t put product in them, but it looks so thick. It’s yeah. What’s going what I just art, I don’t get it and I’d like to be able to put it up in a little bun at the top, but, like you just cut him with this healing, like it’s just so blatant. I love me and I hate it at the same time. I just don’t know I feel like the picture. Let me down a little bit with the baby hair situation. If you guys have any recommendations on what I could do this to make it work.. I want to make this work so bad, like. I think it’s so cool honestly what I wish I could cut my hair like this, but I have to literally like curly every single day, and I just don’t have time for that plus.
I know I’ll regret it. Every time I cut my hair off. I regret I’ve done that a few times in my life and it’s never worked out so yeah this line, I’m not I’m like iffy about, I don’t know I feel like the first one was definitely my favorite and also the cropped blonde. One was pretty cool this one I really like is well. I love love, love, the fullness and the texture, and the quality is just strange. Let’s do one or two more this money here. It is 39 u.s. dollars and it looks really pretty. It says it is a 180 scene density, swiss, natural hair, high-temperature fiber, silky long straight brown, synthetic lace, front, wig, full woman and it’s a similar color, true, the other one with the funny and fringe. So I’m kind of excited. Let’s hope this one’s a bit better. It is a lace friend. Oh, I should show you how it’s supposed to look to. It looks really pretty it’s literally just like a straight long. Wig super super long. Once again, I’m obsessed with the collar seriously. If I have a great brunette again, I need to try like this type of brown. I think I think it’s really pretty I’m thinking about like trying a more natural blonde hair color. What do you guys think? Would you like my blonde, like I loved like that, but on an are? Sometimes I wonder if I should look a bit more natural, I don’t know. Am I getting too old for this? I mean I’m 26 soon, guys like how am i that old, I don’t know, I feel like I’m still 19, this one’s hairline looks okay, like the actual potty line. The front hairline looks similar to the last one, where there’s like no variation. So it’s probably gonna look super Wikia, but hopefully not because I love this color and I really just want it to work. So the inside has a little bit of a lace and then the cap and the clips and all of the you know bits and pieces this one’s already looking better than the last couple one I wish my here was actually the Salam like this is how long I want my hair I’ll show you in a second this one is probably sitting the nicest against my head out of all of the wigs, like it’s not sitting funny in here, really like it’s a little bit flat, but nothing crazy like some of those other ones. Okay, so I’ve concealed the hairline a little bit. This one feels a really good quality. It feels a little bit more soft than the others, but not necessarily in a good way and more like a plasticy way, but it still doesn’t. Look I don’t think super synthetic like it still looks kind of real, it’s not as shiny.
You know I film, I need one like of this, that’s blond, so I can work when I want long long long here, because this is how I want me to look all the time, I’m obsessed with this color, so much okay, this one, probably my favorite of all of Them I’m definitely keeping this so it’s service it belong You can see it kind of hits me right at my waist and I think the color is incredible It’s a little bit wicking at the top, but it’s not as bad as the others In my opinion, like, if you guys can teach me how to kind of give myself a little bit of volume up here, maybe dress and pull something I feel like it would just look so so good, I’m in love with this I think this looks pretty realistic Like I mean, I think I could get away with it once actually and it’ll blow down properly and everything and the actual light his at the front are a little bit more like baby His let me just show you up close a little more see how there’s like little strength like it’s actually pretty legit I love it Oh my god I wish this was my real hair It’s so long and just relax so yeah This is my favorite I think I’ll have to go into this, like wish’ con and like see if I can find some more from the seller cuz That is by five bits I definitely have to say the color is a little bit warmer Then it looks in the picture and the picture looks straight up just like brown, whereas on me it’s more of like an almond brown like once again This is kind of like what my hair look like It is a child like ripped Brown and that’s why my eyebrows and everything always throws so warm baby anyway In love, love love, this color, so much so I think we’ll into there On a happy note, I really enjoy this leg I still have more wigs I could trial and if you do want to part three, but maybe that’s a bit overkill, you tell me I don’t know otherwise tutorials Halloween or something I’ve got some like gray ones and ombre ones, and some colourful ones and stuff But yeah Let me know what you think and let me know which wig was your favorite as well You

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