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30 Sep , 2019  

Hey Ron, it’s really so I was really hoping. but it received the microphone and it’s not come with a battery. That’s really nice! I’m not sure if this is going to become like a series on my channel, but on my eBay, wedding and prom dress. because on the app they sell a load of a random stuff for really really cheap prices, so you were wondering if they are too good to be true, I ordered a Coastal they’re all in these bags we’re going to all package them and see what we think.
Also. So if I don’t like that products and they are scam, I will ruin them. No, I’m joking! I’m not gonna ruin them. I will just give a nice obvious review for you, I’m wondering which was simple. If I’m just going to box a polystyrene like I mean so, why abscissa there’s something in that? Okay, roll ghost nigga? Probably not because my microphone is absolutely terrible, because there’s no batteries on the one that I ordered – Oh glasses, okay, we start from quite a nice one. Oh my god. Okay, these actually look quite good. How much should I pay fees? These glasses were one pounds apparently down from 28 pounds. I don’t know how accurate that actually is, and you have to pay shipping as well shipping with literally a pound. So we’re going to see what these like, how? How are these one pound? How are they one pound? I say: okay, we fit okay, oh my god. My visions blue, if I paid like 50 pounds for these I’d, be a bit like my other, not gray. When I paid one pound to them. It also depends on what you buy the glasses for whether you buy them for how they look or practical uses. If it’s a practical use to protect you from UV rays, don’t buy one pound, glasses are probably not very effective, you might go blind the make it alive. I’ve got no eyebrows and it gives me horrendous flashbacks to when I was like 11 and 12 years old, and I had no eyebrows and I don’t really want to be taken back to that time. Oh no! This is a facial, hair, remover, and I bought this because I know it’s gonna hurt. Oh No, ah, okay, this is a facial tool. I’m going to tell you the price of it anyway, just in case you interested in torturing yourself, you know each terminal. I did buy a few calls as well, but I don’t know which box burn all the trees in here. I go for it and I don’t hurt too bad, I’m actually not too bright.
I’D like we’d, actually mix it out any hair. It is safe and it doesn’t hurt as much as I would my prove through. Okay, I’m doing this to show you how it works close up the hope you can see. Okay, don’t a face like that, expand it close it remember it also. If you look close, you can see the hairs are caught on the wires from my face. Okay, this next one is going to be a coordinator. Why is it shooting by the way, we’ve just hit half a million that is bloody insane. Oh it’s this one! Okay! This is a cropped jumper with little laces down the side. It’s great! I lose everything in my wardrobe and it’s got kind of like a really since lessee inside, which isn’t like extremely soft. It’s covered quite well, but not going to enjoy radical Islam inside this is five pounds and down from 35 pounds. I mean tell you now that this was not ever sewed. If I found just in cake, that’s not obvious. Imagine the pictures you know if I bend called what pictures show. So this is a cordial plan. Am so impressed with it. If I did, the material is really thin: either the materials pretty thick design. Things have finds a pretty good fit as well and beautified in child Creed Acura. But this one is a crop, jumper guess what in English this is extremely thin, not as good quality of the other one of these iconic, basically great quality. This was four pounds, but it in comparison to the one that was five pounds. It’s like nowhere near squad again to do the jump on training and exert again. I don’t hate it at all, though, to not look a lot thinner on this, but literally weight slices cotton stitch, the materials ever so slightly scratch here, which will just lead to it. Being very uncomfortable after a while, so it’s not this much wear it or not. We got hooked on it, everything Cod that might hold on to me. I don’t think it is recording item if you didn’t are extremely worried. Imagine to fit it into a bag of this size. Oh, I got a food a little bit. Oh yes! This is amazing. Ok I’ll play what this is. If it’s not what you think, it’s really not worry fingers. This is a hairdryer hat, connect your hairdryer to this thing here it pulls air into it and it’s just really easy total, oh, my god. This might actually be the best invention ever. I will keep that and I will use that, depending on how effective that was two pounds: bloody insane from cash resources.
Helen subscribing Lovelace. What keeping this I know, what you’re thinking stop thinking my hair dry, more petunia benarjee? How do we can do now? These were what Tyrell fetch. Yes, I’m moving out soon like I’m, I’m gonna be used in household. I promise feels male almost disappears again. She wearing the dress. Everybody conjure. You want to accentuate your bodily features such as I want to be from the front a normal pair of shorts from the back. Then you stretch these two around you bomb and it like proper perks. It makes it stick out, but I feel like you won’t do it too much and it will just want me particular return. I hope you look stupid honestly and sing the reasons I’m dying. Oh my, oh, my god. What’s up boy style, please leave the opposite of what we’re supposed to have you couldn’t even pay me to go out with me. I keep forgetting everything that I’ve on it. I’m not even all this naturally well. This is your lens clips in your phone okay. This is really cool right. You judges to try this one out, so you put these on your phones and it change it to lentil. I equip it to phone cameras. I changed it, so I’ve got the mobile device. I’m going to take picture of this microphone. You’Re going after the odd stuff on my desk, it’s like cold this Drive, and then you screw this on. I think whoa no way that actually works. Okay. This is a fisheye one. These are so inexpensive as well. Can you see how it like clips on? Okay? This is a quite a wide one: okay did you get fisheye one, but to the extreme and the fisheye lenses were 5 pounds that is so cheap. What if they can sell see what, if you like, absolutely disgusting sale, this is called the computer mile. Ok, a decrease in the quality of your picture big time, but yeah she’s can’t complain to the price it works on both sides. You know that my fingers well, it seemed like sticky glue from the parcels. Okay, that’s a goner! That’s what it’s like when it’s fun! You can also reverse it to put it on the front camera and to our bot – oh my god, I’m so impressed by how what good these are. Honestly, oh, I got way too excited with the boom enhances. This is another one It is in a different style.
Spot, but it’s been all, why did you watch like them? Positive, tiny got to be like massive I’ll have to see it when it’s on that was 7 pounds that well, that was what expensive, like my part, laughs These are the Pampas another, not like extremely padded, but I can see quite a difference with it like it’s definitely given more shape, but they do feel very artificial That is original the fuel prostitution The probably looks aureus okay after retirement always address to be on a you really like the look at this dress is kind like, of course, that styles from lace up front, but I’ve got to do a DIY pop there’s lace through the whole thing Okay, that’s too much effort and just real thought things couldn’t get any worse to try this dress on now, as you can see, first of all failed trying the laces try and tie them, because apparently I realized, as I got to the end, I’m supposed to have Two laters at the top: here’s: how can alter them or one of the laces is tied down here So I gave up so we’ve got one a long string of place here If a train make this tighter, okay, yeah, that’s really not help Yet Obviously I wouldn’t really rate this massively It’s a SmartWatch that looks like quite good packaging and a feeling that this was the most expensive thing I was in marbella fingers like 13 pounds, someone say 9 pounds This was wasn’t with 9 pound down from 232 pounds I just caught it’s actually up: Norway’s you’re, a camera on it Okay, the camera is actually functioning, but I don’t know what the qualities like yet not great, rather than my is that a memory card, it’s got A blue T put a pedometer, asleep, monitor Facebook browser Twitter What’s up as far as I’m concerned, that is what I’m seeing today The dog use any misleading from nails So what you see in the thumbnail is actually what you get okay, that was my wish hole because everything was just so weird and just something new that I was genuinely interested to tell the old canal and overall, I’m actually quite impressed Please just leave a comment You’D want me to do in the future, maybe more on wish whatever it is Let me know have a beetle day and a live life

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