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Try to use the new fashion star Kadi B series!! You guys are all crazy.

30 Sep , 2019  

Everyone, as you guys can see by the title. We are going to be trying out the cardi B X, fashion, OVA collaboration that they did now. This is old news. This is like the biggest old news, but I am brand new to this. I didn’t know this was happening. I was on fashion over looking for something else, and then I saw what like cardi B collection and it was a restock, so it already came and went once and I was like this – is the first I’m seeing this. So I bought a ton of stuff.
I’ve got this huge bag right here, full of her collection. I didn’t buy everything. There was a ton of stuff, and you know what all this stuff is so cool like cardi, has some different style. I appreciate it. I will never be on her level, but I can admire from afar and buy a few of her fashion, OVA pieces and try and live that life, like you guys will see if you are new, just like I was to the collection prepare to be shocked. This stuff is like stuff you’ve never seen before. It’s super fun super creative. It’s super different and I’m very very excited the only negative. I have it’s not cardi B. Obviously it is actually this package now. This is not fashion. Nova’s fault. You guys have told me this before, but this package actually wrapped up a hundred and fifty eight dollars of customs on it, so on top of paying Fashion, Nova’s shipping – I also when I picked it up – had to be a hundred and fifty eight dollars. That is ridiculous and I honestly think I might be almost done shopping at fashion Nova because I never get huge charges like that unless it’s with fashion Nova, so I don’t know what’s up this bag really is not that heavy. I don’t know. Let me know if you guys have been experiencing that more as of late. Maybe it’s just something going on, I’m not sure yeah fifty eighty dollars, but okay, no need to ramble on. You guys know what we’re doing we’re gonna be showing the stuff trying it on and we’re talking about it. So, let’s get started alright, I’m just gonna rip into it. I remember kind buying things like that. I thought would be good outfit, so I will try and try them on as such. So I’m just gonna throw everything out of here, just a quick sample of what you’ll be seeing. Okay, this first outfit is the one I’m most excited about.
So it’s the one I’m gonna do first, I’m not even gonna hold out on it. It’s actually why I did my okay. It doesn’t look that exciting, but I did like some fun eyeliner, because I thought this was such an edgy outfit. These two pieces were actually sold separately, but I had to buy both because I thought, like this outfit is so much, but, as you guys can see it is this black and yellow jacket. Now this is everything I don’t know if the model was just really selling it, but this is pretty cool and like very extra. If the pants are the exact same fabric, then I have never worn pants or had pants like this fabric, and they are the exact same so here they are they’re. Just like these three-quarter length pants, I am hoping these fit. I got them in extra-small and, as you can see on the tag, it says fashion of a cardi B. So it is the collection, I’m pretty sure it’s limited time. Oh my gosh, I’m so interested to see what this is. Gon na look like on honestly comment down below right now, where you think I would wear this cuz. I think we both know it’s just gonna sink my closet, but for some reason I needed it just kidding honestly, like the whole point of this was just like.. All these pieces were so unique. So, okay, let’s try this one on. Oh my gosh, 100%, something I didn’t know I needed in my life but sure enough sure enough. I did need it. Oh. What is this this is so so extra my hands actually have like a weird film on it. From holding these but okay, you guys what do we think of this outfit? So it is 3/4 length. I’m pretty sure. That’s on purpose and also like my legs are just kind of like a weird like that. That happens a lot, but I actually think that was intended with these pants. So I think this is actually fitting like how it’s supposed tooh, my god, new life goal put it on my bucket list. I need to wear this somewhere and it needs to be soon I’ll. Do a quick spin just so you can see the whole thing, it’s actually surprisingly pretty comfortable and just so anyone who’s wondering the outside. Is this really like water-resistant feel, but then the inside isn’t feeling like that. So what do you create like humidity inside, like if you start sweating, it’s not the same fabric on the outside in the inside, so that’s good for wearability for sure, but yeah? Okay. I absolutely love this. We are starting off with a bang for sure.
Okay, let’s spice this up with a little bit of color, we got this now. I don’t know what this is going to be if it’s gonna be like a few pieces or if it’s seriously all connected. Okay, it’s a few pieces. Oh, my gosh, so it’s got padded shoulders a little like corset design, and then it’s got these that hang down and there was a second part. They are little like. Oh my gosh, so many pieces right now. I just flashed my um sweatpants. It’s not a secret! Okay with this is these little shorts and they are the same color same fabric. This is so extra. Oh my gosh, I’m so excited about this, and then it’s got these little like leg covers. I wanted to say: cab covers just hell, but that sounded like not right at all here. Those are they just hang over the leg. If I just got sent this – and I was like oh by the way I wasn’t sent this stuff – I bought it with my own money. Fashion OVA, isn’t sponsoring this, they don’t know, I’m doing it, but if I was sent this with like absolutely no indicator of the model like wearing it, I would be like what is this since I know what it’s supposed to be. It makes sense. This is not going to look right on me, like the model, rocked this so hard, and I’m just gonna look very out of place. That’s the fun of it right! So we’ll put it on all right, I’ll say it now. I think this is going to be the Wii artists mm-hmm like it’s definitely a look. I just I’m like. Oh my gosh, like nothing even comes close to touching this like this is so interesting, so interesting. So we’ve got the blazer jacket, which fits great. It’s got huge, huge shoulders like it’s, not just the pad it also puffs out, so that you are looking really like boom boom. You know what I mean and then we’ve got the shorts which actually fit amazing, and then you know just the elephant in the room. We’ve got some little pant legs just attached to us. I feel funny, I’m not gonna lie. The only thing I would say is these are a little bit long for my feet, but if I was wearing heels, I think that they would fit pretty good. I don’t know what do you guys think of this? This is pretty crazy right. It’s super super fun. Definitely would turn some heads at a party for sure um cardi B went all out with this when I saw it online.
I was like there’s no way, I’m not getting that like. That’s that’s insane, so here it is okay! Next we’ve got this dress. This really reminded me of like Quentin Tarantino. I don’t know why. Oh my gosh, it’s like another padded shoulder moment. Cardi loves her padded shoulders. I guess so it’s just this like striped suit, and then it came with this little belt and you just cinch it around the waist and it’s supposed to be kind of like a suit dress mesh, which I really really like. That idea. I’ve actually been looking for, like a suit dress for awhile, that’s just going to lay really really flat on me and just like not hug any curve, so maybe that’ll be this. For me, these are have all been built. Really nice too, like they feel nice and thick and well made so okay, I’m interested about this one, two pockets! Oh my gosh! It has pockets you guys that is such a plus. Honestly, you don’t really appreciate pockets until you’re in a dress and it clearly should have pockets, but it doesn’t and you’re just like okay, I see how it is, but okay here this is, it definitely reminds me kind of of like a trench coat a suit. A kid with some like extra flares, there’s these zippers on the sides and zippers down right here. It’s got the buttons there’s actually no option to button it up any higher like this is supposed to be open like this, the buttons there’s like no holes coinciding it. So this is, I think, how you’re supposed to wear it. I think it’s cute again, no clue where I would wear this, but that’s gonna be a reoccurring thing. We’Re not gonna worry about it, maybe one day, but either way. It’s super cute super fun. The reoccurring thing with all of this is, I could see, cardi wearing it. We’Re just super fun because it’s almost like a little like peekaboo into her closet and like dressing like her, and it’s really easy to wear like it’s actually super comfortable and I think it for sure does look like high fashion. So I like it okay, so those last two have actually been sold together. First one was separate and then these next two pieces are separate as well, but I got them based on what the model was wearing, because if I was to buy this stuff separately, I don’t think I would know how to style them.
So I was like just really blindly following the models on the websites, but okay, so we’ve got the two pieces. We’ve got the shirt which is like a black blouse whoa. Oh my gosh. This feels really nice. Oh, my gosh. Is this completely sheer? Oh, my goodness. Ooh all right, so it comes up in a high neckline and it is completely completely see-through and oh, my gosh. These are I love a sleeve like that, like granted, every time I have a sleeve like this, it ends up with like dip and stuff on it. Cuz I’m like reaching through, like hummus, just like getting it all over the sleeve, but for the first five minutes of wearing it. It always looks really good but yeah. This is completely shared. You guys, I think you could probably see my hand under there. I would have to wear something underneath it but pretty exceeding and then to go with that. What was paired was this white skirt, and this is not just any white skirt. You guys. Oh my gosh. It’s like that fake leather feeling again, as you can see, there’s a little bit of shine to it, but, as you can see right here, they’ve got two spots perfectly cut for you know what I haven’t been blessed with. You know what, but we could still like, have the illusion with the skirt. I got everything in an extra small also just so you guys know. Hopefully everything has been fitting and it’s good, but these two should look pretty interesting together, so we’ll put them on. Oh, my gosh, okay, what do you guys think of this? I’m kind of thinking that the sleeves like are actually it was like fun shop just a little bit so that your hands are actually showing not exactly sure. I suppose you could probably do it either way. First, things first fits great. The skirt fits awesome. It’s super comfortable. Actually, like surprisingly, I did not think this fabric would be comfortable in the slightest, but it is the shirt super comfortable. I think I could fly out at any moment, but that’s just the risk you take honestly and I do have a nude bra underneath and the Sheerness kind of I don’t know it just sort of disguised it like this in my eyes, could not look better on Me like, I did not expect it to look like this.
It’s not terrible. I do look confused, don’t get me wrong. It kind of looks like what it was meant to look like. What do you guys think? Actually, don’t tell me, don’t tell me actually tell me yeah, I can take it, but yeah. This definitely gets a 10 out of 10. For me, I really like it. It’s super comfortable and it’s really wearable, like my body shape, is a lot different than the model and I think it still does justice on me too. So that’s nice good job, cardi, all right! Let’s bring some color back in we’ve got this stunning pinky purple like magenta color. You know from my Blue’s Clues magenta vastly this is gonna picture her if she was like real life. This dress reminded me so much of like an old-school like 80s prom. I just thought it was so cool, it’s a one-shoulder and it’s got a one padded shoulder there is padding in here. Then it just whips over to the side. Like I’m sorry, have you seen this and, like I don’t know your mom or depending on your age, you’re yourself. Did you pause? We wear this to your prom back in the 80s. This is pretty that I’m very interested like I have never tried on stuff. That is even close to this. So if anyone wants to tell me that this doesn’t look like a prom dress, that someone would have worn in the 80s, I just I’m gonna need proof. I’m gonna need proof, because that no don’t take that as a negative. If anything take that as a positive, I really like the car to be did this, because I think it definitely is inspired by like old school proms or something like that, and I just think it’s something really different and fun and like never would I have this In my closet now I’m just excited to have – and I think it’s so cute and like above that too, it fits really well like it hugs the waist really nice and also the hips good. It definitely gives some shape to it, but yeah. I really like this with some like strappy heels and like a little cute crossbody bag like a really small one. This would be such a look going to an event. I really like it yeah I like this too. Okay – and the last thing I got is the set – and this was sold all together the biggest way I can convince myself to get This was because I actually genuinely wanted a white cropped jean jacket, so I got this one, but, as you can see, it’s got huge flare sleeves, which is so frickin fun honestly and it’s super cute very, very cropped, and I believe that the pants are where it Kind of gets a little bit more fun because it’s got these lines down right here in the front and then it just pleats super vague, and I think these are 3/4 length or they might be all the way but yeah they’re flared and they just open up Entirely, this will make more sense when I have it on vaad, so we will just flip to that really quick.
I do not trust myself in a full white pant suit, so it will be short-lived for sure, but we’ll try it on okay Why do I feel like this is like a slight inspiration from like Elvis or something like? I don’t even know how I don’t know I just get that vibe, I don’t know, maybe put some rhinestones on it and call it a day, but okay fits great The jeans are super comfortable I almost cut is down a little bit in them, but they’re comfy jackets Great honestly, usually when I wear like a denim jacket, I never button it up, but, like this looks pretty cute as a top, not even as a jacket, love the flared arms, I’m definitely gonna get a lot of wear out of this baby and the pants Are cute, I’m always afraid of white pants? Oh and it was like the reverse You know when you like, put your pants on you like push your foot through a hole It was like that, but, like opposite and on purpose, which was nice, it was nice to have that yeah here is this one on, I think we’re ending with a bang honestly, like I loved all of the outfits I think they’re so unique, they’re, so fun they’re, so cardi, B and like it just makes me think like If I had a collection, what would it be? Probably just sweatpants all right guys Thank you so so much for watching I had a fun a ton filming I had a ton of fun filming this If you guys have any ideas for any of the outfits, let me know down below I want to put them to use, but I just don’t know what to do I don’t know what to do with them, but yeah Thank you guys so so much for watching If you want to know when I upload – and I will see you guys in the next one – bye

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