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Try weird Korean beauty products

1 Nov , 2019  

Is that how subscribe my channel and hit that notification bell, if you want, I forgot my own intro, hey guys, welcome back to my channel today we’re gonna be testing out some weird Asian / non asian beauty products today that are just weird and some of Them are just super cute and I just had to buy them because they’re just so adorbs and I wanted to try them for you guys. A lot of this stuff is Korean and Korean skincare is the best. It’s like the queen of skincare really wanted to test out how that’s gonna work on my skin like a full-coverage girl.
A lot of this stuff is super duper cute I mean there’s like kittens and candy lattes. I’m obsessed this is a blush. Can you believe that how tiny and cute this is a tattoo for your brows – and this is double eyelid tape that I don’t know how to use, but we’re gonna figure it out today? I honestly love asian beauty products. I love Asian food. I love Asian dessert, it’s like my favorite, hence mochi and Boba’s names and a little note to you guys on the side. I hate to even bring this up because it makes me super super sad, but I lost boba. She passed a few days ago and she is no longer with us and I went through it. It’s very very sad and I will miss her dearly and she was the most adorable thing ever but anyways. I obviously love Asian, treats and everything like that. So I even named my cats cute asian things, so I really love Asian products and I can’t wait to try these out. So if you guys want to see how all these Asian beauty products / weird products in general came out on my face, then don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and hit that notification bow. So you can be a part of the quad fam and without further ado.. So I was like really excited to get this V shape tape and when typed it into Amazon. I got this and I was like okay, this is the tape, but now that I look at it, it says moisturizing. I think I got the wrong tape. You guys what this is a pad. This is not the tape that I wanted.. You guys, let me know if you’re interested, to see the v-shaped tape to like snatch to the face. I really really want to try that I thought that’s what this was and apparently it is not that. So let me just see how I use this.
It’s like a sticky film, and I guess this is going to help with your chin, to like get rid of the double chin stretch. The mask two to three times before, applying to three. Okay, hang the mask on both ears and gently, make it fit over your cheeks and chin all right. Here we go mmm. I could feel like. I could see how this would work leave on for 20 to 30 minutes and then gently remove the mask yeah. So I got the wrong thing, but this is cool too a little facelift before I start the makeup, I’m gonna wait I’ll be back in 30 minutes. Okay, I’m back! I am going to take this off now and I don’t know, do you guys see a difference? I don’t know. I was hoping that I was gonna get really snatched today, but that’s okay. We could do it with makeup. It feels very moisturizing, so have a moisturize chin now yeah that did nothing. I’m gonna go on for the next thing. I’m gonna try is the cushion foundation. If from I can’t pronounce the name, I don’t want to butcher it so I’ll. Let you guys read it true, but this is in the shade 23, and this is supposed to be more of a skin care kind of a product. It comes with this sand pad right here. This pad is opposed to be like really great for sensitive skin, and it also it’s supposed to be really great at packing coverage on. So, let’s just see, let’s just try it out. Usually these types of cushion foundations, I avoid just because it’s no coverage for me usually, and I like coverage – it comes a little sticky paper over it, so I’m just gonna take it off. It looks like this. This is like 99% skin care in 1%. Makeup is what it says on the site, so I’m not expecting a whole lot of coverage out of it, so I’m gonna take the sponge. This is supposed to be like a really a sponge and press down, and oh that was easy. Okay, so hopefully this is my shade. So when I went to Korea last, I think two years ago I went to Seoul. Everyone’s skin was beautiful. Every person that walked by had the most amazing skin their skin care. There is so more advanced than what we are here. They just have some kind of secret sauce that we do not have, and I am icy coverage. Okay, I was thinking about this is gonna, be like just completely like moisturizer, but this is actually you know what too bad. I’m like really surprised how the coverage is on this thing. It’s pretty good. It kind of covered up my under eye circles too.
I was thinking it was gonna have like no kind of makeup in there, but there obviously is some type of coverage. It does feel like a youthful bouncy kind of feel. I like it surprisingly. I actually like this cushion so now, I’m gonna go on to concealer. There is this concealer you called silky fit concealer BB power brightening from a yachtie. I thought this was like a cushiony sponge, but this actually is a concealer right here, and it says that it’s supposed to be writing plus anti-wrinkle SPF 30 for oh okay, so you open this up. Whatever’s in here does not transfer here so nice. I wasn’t expecting this type of coverage from Korean makeup because it is mostly skincare based, but I am pleasantly surprised, Leslie surprised when I was getting this stuff. I was like the more coverage the better, so I was like concealer BB, plus a cachet and like I need all of that and that’s what I’m getting I’m getting a lot of coverage. So this concealer is pretty intensely hydrating. I can feel the moisture, but it’s not like a stickies and have a feel it’s really really nice and smooth. All I gotta say: is I’m gonna take a trip to Korea and just get a whole bunch of products, because their stuff is so good? There’s like a tacky, not sticky, feeling in the concealed that makes me feel like it’s going to last throughout the day, very excited to see how this is going to perform throughout the day you guys we are concealed. We’Re brightened, I’m very bright right now. I want to fix these brows. I got these, but these are not Korean they’re, not Asian. I just got them on Amazon, so I have these eyebrow transfers, which I thought they were like little eyebrow wigs but they’re. Not. It says that this can last up to five days, so this better be good. I didn’t know that this is gonna, be so permanent, but I’m kind of excited because it looks really feathery. So it could go very well, you don’t like it, then what do you do? I’m just gonna cut some brows. Okay, let’s put the brows I’m supposed to turn it around and wet the back. That kind of fits perfect. I think watch it looks so crazy. I do not like my eyebrows to go that far down, so I’m just gonna take the tail end and cut it.
I think all we did with that. Now we get the paper claws, I’m nervous to take this thing off. So, oh, oh, my god. That was off like it could have worked. No, it’s like a tattoo gone wrong. No, we cannot do that to ourselves, I’m taking it off. This is not what I was expecting. Okay, I’m gonna. Try it one more time, one more time, but it’s like a tattoo and you gotta, be careful on how you position it, but you have to hold it in the right place, or else it’s gonna look terrible. I think we’re good. I think I can take this thing off now. Okay, let’s take this. Oh, I didn’t wait long enough, but it looks like some of it got on there and that doesn’t look bad. I just have to have patient. I don’t have patience for this. Maybe doing a little bit at a time is gonna, be the best thing for me because, okay, look, I’m just gonna be honest with you. I failed miserably at these tattoos. Are this sticker thing? This is a fail like I’m sorry, but I cannot go on with my makeup like this. I’m gonna take them off. These were a fail, so I’m gonna go put my eyebrows on and I will be right back so we can move on to the rest of this makeup all right, so we got our brows on we’re ready to move on. The next thing that I saw was super freaking cute. You know how to get it. You know I had to get it. This is the I don’t know what it’s called, but a tude house. Everything is super cute. They checked off the cold brew latte, and that is basically my favorite drink, so you open it up, and it has this cute little lattes on the front. Look how adorable caffeine a little caffeine bag yeah. I hope that it’s good, though I’m gonna pick up these two shades right here, a little bit of this one. Oh my god, I almost forgot. I bought this eyelid tape. It’s supposed to be for, like the eyelids to you, know, look like you have an eyelid and then you know, but I have a ton of different folds here. So I was really excited to use it. But I totally forgot and I started putting on eye shadow and now I don’t know if I can go back, I’m just gonna. Do it anyways with the eye shadow on it’s probably the wrong thing to do. But before I go any further, I want to try these eyelid tapes, and I know these are for monolids that do not have like a lid, and I do have a lid.
But I just want to see if it’ll help with all the extra folds that I have, they also come with a little applicator inside where you can push the tape in. So let me try it out. Never done this.. Okay, so there are some instructions you’re supposed to clean your eye, but you know we break rules around here. Take the tape on the best eyelid crease, where the tape fits your eyelids, okay and then use the sticker, adjust and press what in the world like this is a sticker on my eyelid. That’s all that it is. I fell out these sticker things like these tapes and stuff. I just they were not meant for me. We’Re gonna try this again. It’s not sticking thick, it doesn’t stick. So many of my Asian friends are laughing right now, if you’re watching this. So, let’s just say one is here: is here: okay, now I’m gonna stick them back like this wait. Is that how you do it? No! This is wrong. This is so wrong. Oh wow, so these stickers are not my friend. Basically we’re not a match. We do not go together. I don’t know you guys if anybody knows how to use these comment below what I did wrong now, I’m gonna move on to that really pretty color and I’m gonna pop that on to the center, we are feeling the halo light today. This is a pretty good eyeshadow palette. I’ve never tried it toots shadows and I’m really picky with eyeshadow, but this is not bad. I’m done with the eyeshadow I’m gonna move on to the winged liner stamp. I thought that was cool. I can’t wait to try this. I actually have a winged liner stamp from someone, but I never tried it. You know just a little skeptical. This is not Korean, but I’m gonna put it in the mix. Cuz. It’s kind of weird one side is just like a stamp like a triangle and the other side you can like actually work it in there. This looks really big for a stamp like my I’m gonna have a really big wing – oh okay, and then use the other side. That was easy. That was really quick. I thought it was gonna be huge. The only thing is, it goes way up there, like it’s a check mark on your eye. That’s crazy! I don’t know, let’s, let’s go ahead and do the other side didn’t do a bad job if you are have trouble doing wings.
I would definitely try this out because I mean look at it. That’s cute, you know wow, I’m really impressed with this. You guys, if you have trouble with your wings winged liner stamp gots you for mascara. I’m gonna use this one right here from touch insole. This is the stretch X stretch, lash effect mascara. I can already tell that this formula is super lightweight, which is awesome. I don’t like heavy thick formulas on my lashes. I’ve never tried this mascara, so I’m really interested to see how it performs, because on the website it says it’s supposed to give you extreme length and almost like false II type lashes without having to wear so, I’m really interested to see, and it also said that I was enriched with silk proteins, so not mad at that. Okay, I’m putting on a lot of mascara and my lashes are not clumping at all, which is so cool and they’re getting really long. I really like this for my bottom lashes because I feel like it really defines every tiny little lash and my bottom lashes are tiny, like you can’t even see them with a microscope, but with this I feel like they’re, really stretching out for the top lashes. I like them, but honestly I need a little bit more length, so I am gonna put on some of these lashes and I just really want to try them. These are from hello beauty. I love the packaging, a very like Hello, Kitty, inspired they’re really wispy. They give me our dull wispy vibe, and I don’t think this is Korean at all. This is just a contour stick I put in curvy in contour, stick or like cute contour stick, and this is what popped up from pin pokes. When you have long nails. Everything is a struggle except for picking up hot food magic, the lightest one, because this is the most a shiaa stinking tor snatch those cheeks, because we didn’t have the tape. This is more and more. What is this? Oh, my god, this is beautiful. Who got this? Thank You Sophie you’re such a sweetheart. This is like all my dreams. In one little cup, it’s sparkly, it’s dire bugs. I love it. I love it. It’s like a lavender, opalescent kind of highlight and I’m gonna put it on my cheeks um. I don’t see much of a highlighting experience happening right now. I just kind of melts into the skin, but it doesn’t make it look more like dewy, but it’s not very glowy I don’t see any reflectiveness happening on my base, so that was no.
I mean that was okay, I’m not totally impressed by it Actually, the next thing that we have is this: a moisturizing blush, never seen that before look how cute this is kids, oh my gosh! This is adorable I’m gonna just take some of that Shh ooh That is baby pink, goodness smells good, I’m interested to see how this is moisturizing as a powder So the next thing I have is this super cute compact right here It’s like a little kitten and you take it out It’s from Tony moly It’s cats wink clear pack: it’s a matte translucent setting powder so cute, it’s a little cat paw, it’s adorable! Oh my god, my heart, my I wouldn’t say that this is translucent I feel like It definitely has some type of frightening color in there The last thing that I have is this really cute lip mousse It looks like this: it’s like a little candy mousse, candy tint and carrots I’m gonna open it up how adorable this is extremely vibrant by the way – and I was not ready for that and we can pull this off crossing fingers whoa yeah, she’s orange It smells really good I just feel so smooth and creamy on the lips I want like every color, it feels so good on the lips In the end, I feel like I’m very pale, I’m pale, I’m very pink It’s a look like I feel like this is definitely a look You know what I mean and I love it So I’m gonna go and contour my nose now Thank you guys for watching it was really cool testing These things out, I want to test out more weird things because I don’t feel like this is really that weird and if you have any suggestions on what you want to see, I really want to try the V shape face tape out I got the wrong one Let me know what you guys think about that and yeah There check them out if you haven’t already and before I let you go I just want to ask you guys if you have a pet, can you just please give it a big hug for me, didn’t show it just so much love today and Bobo’s honor I love you guys so much Thank you for watching hug Don’t leave

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