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Turn my 10-year-old sister into me

1 Nov , 2019  

Oh hello, guys welcome to my channel today, I’m here with my little beautiful sister.. Where you do my makeup pay later yeah yeah, it was really fun. squeaking, oh just hit Vinnie in the face. I don’t know how to feel about this.. but, let’s just say it didn’t go to do you like this song cute. I actually stopped.. I actually need to try it wasn’t that bad yeah, but I could have been better hi using nice love you gots, okay. so I’m just gonna. Do it like my guru makeup.
. That’s gonna make. You look even will like me and we’re off to a good start, because Hayley’s wearing my top love that okay, sorry, let’s start with the eyebrows um, it’s just been a big thing in the family. We’ve all had sloth eyebrows. All of them are so straight, so today we’re working with straight brows, I’m great, I’m a ah. I used top eyebrows exactly the same as you I’m gonna try and make your brows look like my brows. Look. How, let’s do this you know if anyone’s got hurt for me, I don’t really but like straight and they kind of go down a little bit yeah. I think I need help. That’s all I can say I’m gonna go in with the Mac. What is this true, brunette fluidline? I just thought using this on my brows to make them really defined. This is gonna be interesting. Honestly, I always get so many emails about people asking me to the make hot for, like formal and all of that. This is going to be the perfect example of. Why should not ask me that question? I cannot do other people’s makeup. I do not enjoy it, so make sure you give this a thumbs up, because, honestly, this is my worst nightmare. Doing up it make up, I’m just being dramatic, not really, but I saw no thank you. I’m going, I’m scared, I’m scared. This is gonna, be like a million things that makeup makeup artists shouldn’t. Do I’m not a makeup artist but like I’m gonna, be like blowing I’m precious and putting my hand all over her face. I’m sure you don’t supposed to do that. Actually, I know you’re not supposed to do that. But she’s mrs. starts line right. Oh wow, don’t lift your brows that when I’m doing out honey, you know like Wow, okay, you’re, the brows okay, so I’m just carving out the brows and then putting some concealer on the lid, because we both have naturally very veiny eyelids, not sure if that was Mum not sure if that was dad either way, I’m not here for it.
So there you go your brows looking very sluggish. Still, I’m just real Michael would approve with that you’re. Looking really sassy right nowhere Lee had anything like she just looks so cute. Okay, I’m gonna go ahead and sit the eyes with some powder. Sorry, I just Park you in the eyeball. Wait can’t like you’re, not scrubs, not because it’s like no space to put the prompt, okay, relax like this. What is all this noise around this house? I can Margaret okay what it was laughing okay that was next to his baby. Don’t freak me out because one time I literally thought I’ve had a baby like crying is scary yeah I can’t breathe like. I can’t stop. Oh my god. Now I shudder. I’m gonna go with this makeup. I should have helped. This is what I’ve been using a lot recently. So I’m just gonna take creme brulee, I’m pretty sure it’s cold and we’re gonna blend that into the crazy from definition cause. We both have hooded eyes, we need to fake the definition and a very very is there anything that says he does not really annoys you. No really. Really I mean we don’t see, you think it’s annoying. No, it’s good, but like it’s good, but when you try to act really weird like like before, oh okay, so she means like when I get off and start like, ripping out the dance moves in like tsunamis. Is that what you mean she’s always like? Oh, my god, actually. She always gets so embarrassed when I do that, I think it’s funny. Like I mean I think it is like. Oh no, you don’t alright! The next color I’m gonna take is this one right here, we’re gonna add some more color and then in the trees. This is the Shh caramel by Anastasi, beveling ham. When I hold that for me, I’m gonna pop this more in the crease, I’m kind of like over blending, your eyeshadow expand, honest mm-hmm. Oh my god, Haley. I have a question for you. Um, do you prefer being on the computer or outside playing? That is so bad. What do you mean like? What do you mean? Okay, sir, when I was your age, I was never on the computer, like you, I literally was always like outside, like riding bikes, so like having fun with my friends, but I feel like now like a lot of kids are just like chillin inside on the computer And I feel like that’s, you do you think, do you like going outside and having fun like in the Sun, and, like you mean my friends, are there yeah yeah? I guess I used to live around friends and stuff.
Do you miss Cara right now? Don’t know literally send help. Okay, just look at me. Look at my chin and don’t like look away from there cuz, otherwise, we’re gonna have some some hit with my chin. Okay, now we can move on to prime. Ah, sir, I’m going to take my most expensive primer. This is like $200 and arm wraps with this on your face for no reason: you’re gonna wash it off, but I have to do it. Okay, let’s do this, but like a kids brush to apply this on, this is literally, I think it’s from Todd. Do you want it off, though yeah you don’t? Do you make up dude? Sorry, okay, let’s, let’s do this! I’m gonna go into the true face Born This Way Foundation. This is like one of my absolute holy grails. All right got a blend on to the ears got a blend down the neck. Can’t you be not so much in literally guys. I looked exactly like this when I was younger, it’s so weird, except I was a little bit too sorry what yes, I was. No! You can’t telling me that you’ll really pale. No! No! No! I was really really tan growing up like this. No literally, I was a really tan when I grow up and then when I go out, that’s when I was really really pale, like I’m, naturally, really really really bad. All right going on can see a lot because gotta get rid of that discoloration. If you’re me for the day girl, look at you haven’t even literally ten like it’s, it’s not a big deal going with that booty blender already blend up booty booty booty booty. I may look up again we’re gonna go on a translucent powder. You don’t like this one. Okay, look up, just alright done: hey Haley! I have another question for you. What do you know what I’m gonna ask what I’m just an awesome. You have a boyfriend, hey! You don’t why I thought you have one like last time.. What happened? I wanted to talk that you don’t like to look about boys. That’s the spirit who has time for that. Well, we never kiss until anyway, sir whatever yeah, that’s good, really, young, okay, other side, nearly done three Two! Don’t look down, thank God, look hot potato town! Oh my god.
I already stopped it out Okay, but not doing nothing My lashes, okay! So now I’m it goes wrong, as I always use the Macra fine gold in I’m just gonna absolutely go in, because I mean I always do this look How small my face was for a second This is another size minute I always go dramatically Are the top in front us or I’m just gonna do it? Finally, even though she requested to not be orange, I mean: is that orange? Yes, literally, look at it, I’m so pretty! I’m sorry about your brows as well It’s quite unfortunate! What’s this blush yeah girl, you know: what’s up, okay, I’m gonna put that on the apples This is soft and gentle by Mac I’m gonna go in with some individual lashes because there is no way in actual hell that I’m gonna be I would put a lash band on her I just know her and it’s just not gonna happen So individual lashes, it is these ones, are really cute and they low enough for her So I’m going to absolutely go ham right what’s wrong, can I see it? Yeah, no, we gonna do okay, woody lips lost Sorry Would you like to do it because I honestly thought survived like I actually and serve at Joelle people’s lips? Okay, he’s America! I have this party towel for here This is gonna be a little a little heavy than what you’re used to sir I guess there’s one little thing that we’ve got to do until you mean am, i right, hurts yeah I was put in here, I’m putting it in her Sleep is all right Guys, sir Bama guard I’ve turned my little sister into me As I said I suck so bad at makeup like I know, but I thought this would be really fun to see how old I could make a 10 year old Look: how old do you think you look now 15? Literally, you could bosses 15 He sit up straight You know, give me some sass Look at me You look so pretty This is literally exactly what I was like when I was little like has so much resemblance I do realize the eyebrows redic, like my don’t, really talk as well Look yeah, they altered Let me know in the comments below I love you guys so much and we will see you soon Bye Okay, look at the camera!

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