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Tutorial: how to kill the wing Eyeliner 4 simple steps to get the perfect wing every time!

1 Nov , 2019  

Hey guys, I’m Rexy Teresa and today we’re doing a tutorial on how to slay you winged liner. If you struggle with winged liner girl, I feel you the struggle is real. I struggled with winged liner for a long long time, but I have a technique now that I use all the time every single day. I do at my ring liner, so I wanted to share it with you guys because it really did help me out a lot. It took my wings from like here to here and the thing that I like the most about it is that it’s really consistent.
So once I got the hang of this technique, I felt like I could consistently get a nice sharp, fierce wing that I was happy with. So I really like this technique. I find that it works well for me. You don’t want to miss out on all the fun we have here.. Hauls tutorials things like that, and I upload twice a week, so you definitely don’t want to miss out so go ahead and subscribe. Let’s get to cracking one of the key things I like to do before we start actually creating the wing is measuring out the angle which we want our wing to be. This is really important. Actually, because I know for me, it was always so inconsistent like sometimes I’d be out there. Sometimes I’d be like way too high, so this little tip can really help you get a consistent line and make them even on each side. So what you want to do is take your brush and actually angle it at a diagonal from the tip of your nose or not the tip, but more so the nostril, the end of the nostril of the gnu’s past, the edge of your eye, all the way To the end of your eyebrows, so this is going to create a diagonal line and it’s going to create the perfect angle for your winged liner. Now this is different for every eye shape and every person, because dimensions are different, but overall this can really help. Get you a consistent angle, every single time once you’ve got your angle down, you can go ahead and pick up your tools, so I like to use gel liner to start off my wing. I just find it the easiest to work with, especially when it’s a good product, because it’s just really smooth and usually very black, but even more important than the gel liner that you use is the brush. In my opinion, I think it’s so important to have a good quality brush with a nice shape. This is my absolute favorite brush. I can’t do my wings without anymore. Ever since I got this brush, I have not put it down. I’ve never used another winged liner brush, so I highly recommend this particular one, it’s from Sigma and it’s the Sigma wings liner, e6 brush.
I’m telling you guys this brush will change your life. It literally took my wings to a whole nother level. As soon as I started using this brush and the reason, why is because it’s very narrow and the bristles themselves have an angle to them, but, like I said, very narrow and they’re a bit of a softer bristle. So they have a little bit more movement and a little bit more flexibility. So it’s really easy to draw on nice wings with this brush. So I highly recommend this brush as anybody I know like in real life. I always recommend this brush. Kelsea I’ll see you and I always get really good feedback from my friends and family. When you know they start using it. They’Re like yes, you were right, hands down best winged liner brush. I mean no pressure but really good. I’m gonna lift this down below. Just so you guys can find it, but honestly, very good investment. I do think the most important thing when doing gel liner is the brush that you’re using, but I do have a couple favourite, actual gel liners, the first one that I love is from Oprah cosmetics. This is their fixed line, eyeliner gel, it is very liquidy, and I find it really easy to work with, because of that you can just see in there. Hopefully you can at least that it has a really really gel like texture, it’s not too creamy. If that makes sense, so it actually is like a gel formula and it dries completely black. So I really like this one very easy to work with as well, but I also love the Sigma one, so this is the Santa eyes gel liner in the shade wicked. It’s just the black one. This one is much more creamy than the previous one that I mentioned, and I really like it as well. I mean it’s very black: has a lot of the same benefits being easy to work with and smooth when you apply, but if you’re you know trying to just decide which to spend your money on in regards to gel liner or a brush, I would go with The brush and just stick with the gel liner that you already have use it up and then invest in a better one, because the brush makes the biggest difference in my opinion, with that out of the way we can start drawing on our wings. So what I like to do is I the brush with the longer tip directly onto the end of my I, and with that perfect angle that we already found, we can just start drawing a very thin line.
I always recommend starting thin and then building up, because you can always add more products, very easy to add more harder to take off products so start out thin. Just draw a straight line as straight as possible. I do like to make my wing line are pretty fierce and bold, so I go pretty far out. I would say past the halfway mark to my eyebrow, not all the way touching my over obviously but pretty much past the halfway mark, but you can totally do. However, thick thin long short, you want it’s really personable and once you are happy with the length of that thin line, you can go ahead and start drawing a triangle shape back to your eyelid. This is basically our base wing and we’re going to go ahead and fill that in and you’ll see the shape start to form. So once you’ve got your base down, you can go ahead and start shaping out the corners and the edges a little bit more. I like to make the middle part pretty thick and then taper it out towards the inner corner. So it has a nice flowy shape and don’t worry too much if the edges are a little bit messy or if it’s not exactly smooth, because we are going to be smoothing it out now that we’ve got that base layer of our wing down. I personally like to go ahead and smooth it out, thicken it up a bit and just shape it perfectly. For this step I go in with my NYC liquid liner. This is an amazing liquid liner. It is drugstore it’s like 2 or 3 dollars. I think – and it has such a great applicator on it – the applicator is very thin, so it allows you to work with precise strokes, which I really like again going with, that same concept of starting out light, and then building up is really key. So, with this liner, I’m just going to touch up any spots that need it and smooth everything out. Layering your liners is really going to help get a super black line, and it’s also going to help just make everything almost look like velvet. That’s how I think of it. At least it really does look like black velvet to me when I layer these two liners and I really love the effect, because everything looks smooth out clean, sharp and as close to perfection as we can get once I’m done. Smoothing out the lid section, I do like to go out and flick the end a little bit. This was a really hard look for me to achieve for a long time, but I highly recommend using something with a very thin applicator tip and using very little product and just flicking it out lightly.
It’s really going to give you that gradient of shape and the kind of tapered wing that we all want You know so, as you can see it’s like thick at the bottom and then it gets thin all right at the end You can tell what a difference it makes when you layer those two liners and again you can use different mediums, but this is just what I find works best then, once we’ve got that shape on fleek, we can go in with some concealer and this is mind-blowing What a difference this makes So I just take a small concealer brush this one’s from Real Techniques and my Anasazi Beverly Hills Concealer, you can use any concealer This is just the one that I tend to gravitate towards, and I run it directly underneath the wing when you start to blend it out, you’ll really see what a difference this makes and just cleaning up the look and just making everything look extra, sharp and at This point: if you have made any little squiggles or any tiny bumps right underneath where the edge of the wing is, you can really clean it up with the concealer, which just makes everything look way better So that’s how it’s done! That’s how I do my winged liners and, like I said before, I really do find that this technique of doing winged liner is a very consistent and very clean So if you are going for that fierce sharp wing, you might want to try this technique out I hope it works for you guys, because I really did see a huge difference when I started doing all these steps, because I know the struggle is real, guys and girls and everyone Watching it is so hard to get this step of makeup to look perfect, but I really hope that this tutorial helps you guys and helps you You know achieve your perfect wing If you guys start using this technique and see an improvement, I would love to see pictures on Twitter or Instagram or snapchat Even all my links for social would be down below in the description box It makes me so happy, so I would love for you guys to do that and yeah on that note remember you are beautiful inside and out I love you guys and I will see you next time, alright, gosh hell and we’re not done yet I can’t talk now, but in today yeah That’s all I really gotta say about that I already said that subscribe My

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