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Twin Contest: Who can dye my hair better? Bramondo

30 Sep , 2019  

What’s up my beautiful babes, how you guys doing today, so I have two special guests with me. My my brother is okay. I don’t know if you guys knew this or not they’re like I’m a triplet where the coil triplets for the condo, triplet, Boyle and Mondale. Whatever you want to call it, but no just kidding. Where I roasted the Jedi have better old hairstyle, oh yeah, it was cringing. Have you been through? It he’s had a lot of different books. You know they were.
Definitely look. We need a Brad to save us babble today, like you know, you’re saying like it’s a lot like. Oh, it was definitely a look just not about just not a good one yeah. What you want. So I decided today I’m gonna ruin my hair, but you guys already read the title. I will be having that that color to my hair, I’m gonna split my hair in half down the middle and I’m gonna have one of them do one side and the other do the other side and they have been little hair experience a little bit. A little bit alright a little bit, but I’ve never actually done hair on someone else slate. How are you allowed to do this to you? A lot of trust in us like it’s gonna, be great. I’m just gonna ruin, my hair, but, like I already know going into it, I’m gonna ruin it. So it’s fine, but who knows they might actually do. We might go a little long. I have like a little bit of hope. A little bit come through a bit: we’re not gonna try to mess it up too bad, so I’m going to give them a picture inspiration a moment here. It is I’m a pudding right here. This is what I’m having them create on my head course. It’s like the hardest, like the pears yeah, it’s like it couldn’t just be simple. No they’re gonna be doing one of the hardest things, which is a bleaching tone situation and they’re gonna make my hair, like kind of a rainbow pastel moment. I’m here for a little unicorn, so wish me luck and if I don’t see you guys on YouTube the next like month or whatever like that means that I’m a really miserable, and I hate my hair and I never I’m gonna talk to these two. you can definitely check that out. It’Ll be linked below obviously hunty and you should check it out because they are honestly amazing and that’s why they’re on my channel, oh they’re, new, on YouTube kind of right there, new unusually, got YouTube like Ferragamo on there yeah I’m like your drag mom, for, like Your YouTube literally art museum I like coming in as we’re joking we’re like I don’t know why Brad is that like do each other across today about you know, cuz we gotta, keep our New York YouTube sister. Yes, we’re all new. You know everyone’s out in LA so we gotta, keep it tight over okay. So if you want to see what happens to this cabeza and then just stay tuned, let’s get it okay! So here’s the deal.
I have some 30 volume, some bleach for different colors over here, so we have sweet mint, Oh sky-blue and yeah you guys. So let’s get started and I’ll answer some questions. Do you guys have them, but, like mostly, I want you guys to just leave us like no directions so we’re kinda. Just like I’m not like that concerned, like I feel kind of good about this cuz. You know it’s fine. He has some trust in us. Yeah you’re not living your ex-wife unless you’re risking your life, I’m not you’re, risking it all frisky, all risking my hair for views. Okay, so we show the product okay, so we have the 30 Valk, though this helmet for simple bleach and tone. You know bleach in Joseon, reacting to it, getting it everywhere. Oh my god. Alright, the moment we’re starting we’re starting. It’s kind of you know what, if I got your ears, okay, see it the sides, I’m like okay, but like once you get to the top. I don’t want to yeah that’s when this struggle happens. What I’m curious about is obviously like you’re all about the hair, but when you were younger like would you get your hair done? I’ve read a person that you’d be like telling them what you want and like. If you didn’t like it, would you think? No, you have to yes over again, we’ve got home and cried and then like well so here’s the thing, my dad owned a salon. Oh so I would have people who work there. I do my hair and where you think like, could you they so they’re? Like more classically trained, stylist and so like it was always me being like. I want Bali, ah Joe, like I want this and they’re like I don’t know. If we can do that. Well, we can try and I would they would try to do it and it would just be an absolute sound. They just like nah, like the trends. I’m sorry you guys are watching like it was not good like I was a diva. I was like that makes sense like me and being a diva. Now is nothing compared to what I was when I was when I was thirty, twelve or thirteen, no, no, no, like all through high school. Well, when was the first time you got like your hair, like what was the first time you like, I want to dye my hair like, however, yes, I’m curious. Oh, I was like five or no younger younger. I don’t you guys. Remember like have when people had like the front stuck up. It was weird like a tidal wave of like that. Okay, it was a wave moment, but it was just like it all.
Like the boy bands were doing it, it was a six o’clock guy. So you were like, so are you serving like Justin Timberlake people will use to just color the tip like the front part blonde and leave the back like brown? So that’s what I started doing when I was a kid like one of my brothers did it and I was like dad, can you do my hair, no like just like it, and I was a baby like that – was foreshadowing a lot like so hundred years old? You were trying to live your actual life even back. Well, oh yeah! That’s what you know! Okay! I was right in the comments for you. I know I didn’t seen my hair in my natural hair, color and just might shave my entire about that. One time how’s. It going up there um see the problem. Is I’m just trying not to get on the already existing, but I’m padding. You know Jesus in a wheel. I don’t know what the hare gods are gonna be in our favor today, we’ll have to see, hopefully, they’ll come through, I’m not that concerned, but I feel like for girls and like maybe like what kind of sheep had in the past. It’s like more pressure because, like they can have really long hair and it’s yeah, I don’t want to cut it like into a little pixie watching. Oh my god wait I’m trying to suction. I feel so yeah! That’s your lane! Okay! Excuse me! No! Not today sweetie not today when I had long hair, I was so particularly by my hair, though I would only have this one colors to my hair and because I think but yeah, because if i damaged it, I had to grow it all out again for another Year or two I like to be low maintenance as much as possible. Like I love little meanness, I mean it’s queen, yes like as much as I am high means, I’m almost like it’s just I don’t like being high minutes. I just like looking good right there. I’m like enough so growing up. Obviously, you always been into hair always living that extra life you know but like how did you get like that confidence when you’re, really young to just experiment with your different looks and things like that? Cuz, like five is such a young age you know, is yeah. That’s right, yeah and I think most people they want to do things like that. But you said you don’t have the confidence or too scared. You know yeah, I feel like I always just never gave a like honestly. I think back.. If you want to see Brad Rose, his old hair looks because I knew that I might we’ve got so many different looks like I’m soaked down the ground with your pictures, but your long majestic Jesus wins. I bye guys all back on his Instagram. He used to have like a buzz moment. He had like this long Jesus hair, like you, can really seriously that co-op, like I’ve had like every single hairstyle in the world.
Like that’s a worn influence, everybody was always like doing the same hairstyle. It’s like when I grew my hair out long. All the other guys were there, how long – and why did you? Oh, my god, like oh yeah, your hair, all the jocks would like come to me at school and be like. So how do I grow my hair? Long like, what’s your advice from me, I wasn’t whole high school so like it might. Well, if you wore our mute answer, flip-flops like today, you’re trying to say Paris situation, no, but I seriously feel like a hairstylist right now cause like we’re asking questions about the life like we’re going to know you. This is where yeah yeah they get the tea. I got all the tea, they do what we know more about our clients than anybody in there. People like will tell me they’re they’re, cheating on our husbands like like they’ll tell me every so you got that boiling hot child. Oh, I love the tea’s like I just have fun with it, like the the more juicier conversations get with clients and more I enjoy it. You know what’s funny, though, like I’m offered tea like a good-luck warm moment, whaling hot, but some husband is boiling hot. Like seven nights, he could like ruin alive, my groom, Ariana’s. Okay, do you guys think I should do like a beacon, looping or something like I’m so here for it I’m vegan, I don’t know I would so watch that anyway. Yes, no, I got you use right now, use right now. What kind of vegan argue are you the person like really like just shoving bananas down his face? Why are you like just like, like coiny game, where like if it’s brought up a conversation, yeah like well like? No, I will never. I will never even talk about it unless I’m not going to dinner, I don’t care if anybody else is vegan like I’ve got over that like in the beginning, I was like, oh my god, everybody please, transition the being VA like it’s so fun, and now I Just like I don’t care anymore, because even if people try it, they usually give up in the first like week. Well, what are your reasons for going? Vegan was an animal reasons or, like just I know, I’m not like a lot of skin issues. Us I was like gonna try. This do it. I know it’s been two years I’ll even commit to one thing: no, definitely not man, yes, you’re giving me what do you look like right now, you’re kind of giving me like Whoville, no Cindy Lou, who was found dead, very popular soos loved that thing about us.
We can also kind of like rap kind of – let me try. It will give me a rap, but it’s only like dr. Seuss, where Deacon Cooper, they call it twins back on the track, making wins Oh kind of cringy, not the best. Oh, what here we are on brand mondo, show myself that, but like once, the bleach washes off we’ll see where we’re at they’re gonna be watching this back and you’re gonna make. What were they doing? Why did I do this myself? Like all right, you guys so that’s the bleach moment we’re gonna leave that in for like 35 minutes and we’re back to show you the results, see you in a sec all right, you guys, so I just washed off the bleach and a girl. My hair is looking like honestly pop in again and drop in, and I’m so happy so great when my hair is still on my head. Thank God. I don’t want to say that we did that, but we did that. Okay, dad Frost. They really did me good. Like honestly hi, I have four colors, like I said before, for them to pick from they’re gonna pick, maybe one maybe two, maybe three or maybe all four colors fit on my head again. I show them the picture that I showed you guys in the beginning. This one right here of the other, rainbow kind of like lavender pink moment, so we’re gonna go for that. We don’t know if it’s really gonna work out cause. I have like really short, hair and also they’re, not hairstylist. I don’t want to mess up our perfect long you’re on Tabatha’s salon takeover. Oh my god that you know what all I have to do is just walk in a big. Give me a Ches. Oh my! Oh, my God, look at my higher using the same color as me, you’re really trying to call me. No! No! Oh, I thought we were. I was shuttled in my purple fancy. This is what happens. Um twins compete copying each other’s then. You know this is a lot harder than it looks so, okay, no, but seriously going talking about like Tabitha’s accents like all accidents like that is my thing like I will watch a show like he thinks you can do a really good, like Sammi Sweetheart, and I’m Accent any accent I was like I’ll watch it we’re talking Sammi Sweetheart for like having an accent but Jersey Shore I mean come on. I was home waiting for you. My boyfriend was at a club dancing with other girls. You know I’m done right like stop. It. Bob stop. You do brought you jet and uh. It’s the real line from the shop yeah like she actually said that wait. Have you never watched her leash, or I don’t remember like? What’s the craziest thing that someone has acts you’d like to you when you were like that’s not gonna work? Oh my god! Well, this girl wanna just the front piece blonde like just like just like what front like a face frame but like the chunkier space room like this thick and all over her all of our other hair was black and I’m like just a natural moment.
Favori, like I don’t think like we can do this, I don’t like in the cars anything it’s like. No one do that to clients, then they show other people their hair and, like nobody else, wants to go to you, because, like your names on yeah, I took my name on their hair she’s, a walking billboard. I think end up actually doing it, though her hair look terrible like it look no matter. It looks like good from what for what I work. I did but she got what she wanted yeah, but what I wanted was not a lot, but it she smells like the like the sweetest girl. I’m like I love. I love like hanging out with her, so I think I didn’t because that was like I’ll be. I’m curious the shoes dude is dripping is getting way too confident right now. What was the experience I coming from Boston to New York City? Like was like a club I ride, so I moved here at 19 right out to her hair school. So I was like I’m gonna complete her school and I’m just really got a job in this city and like live my extra life and always just be my like live my true self. I had only visited in Europe and once before I came, and I I told my mom – I want to move to New York all the time and I don’t think she’d be like to leave like it was gonna happen. I told myself I was gonna find an apartment like in a week, and I found one really and I just said, like mama moving and she’s like what I’m like. Am i moving trucks from tomorrow? Oh she’s, like what do you mean I’m like? If I, because I don’t do something like right away, I won’t ever do it you’re like that type of person. Yeah. Okay, I mean love. My do not come up to my side. That’s my domain! No! No! We are not playing that today. Okay, how does the color looking don’t want to speak for myself? I do it good, okay, oh yeah, then I moved here 19 and I actually hated it here. Oh my. I move here without a job without friends that takes so much courage just to come out here and just yeah, and I was 60, so y’all know who I was so. I ended up hating it and I would like one to leave – and I remember not wearing to my parents that I hated it because I just wanted when I ever took a lot to convince it yeah, and I want everything like I was looking my best life. I really was living my worst life. I was like going up by myself all the time and like just like super-lonely, probably at the end of the first year.
I start like making friends, but no, I won’t say introduction here that, like seriously like Brad on camera is exactly the same in person like you were just as extra justice bag just as nice in real life, so you guys will not be disappointed if you know Come to is next to meet and greet okay, let’s get mo actually yeah come to beauty con la July’s, their team. Unfortunately, tickets will be linked below. I think you won’t be disappointed. No, what was like the first time like you got like you notice. If you will from you to like okay, I mean it’s on the street and I was just walking and she’s like a paparazzi Brad. Oh my god, I remember being like so nervous, like I get so nervous and like I want them to like think. I’m awesome and yeah, you know and if I push I just get scared like people are gonna think I’m different online and stuff. So I think I just take some nervous mouthing. Oh so that’s meeting you really kind of cool, but at the same time I was like freaking out you just have like, I always think of Spears mom. I was a fan of her like I’m your enemy like oh yeah, I’m adding in some. You know some color now I think we’re giving unicorn Pegasus. I love mm-hmm, you know by the way you guys, I can’t see anything right now, so we’re gonna see how it looks when I show off and only looks great, I was telling them before we were filming. Like I just like meeting, you guys is like my favorite thing in the world, because you guys are just so supportive and uplifting and make me remember like why I’d do this for a living, Jules, oh, my god, they really are. I’ve listed the facts like I like, being bad. Basically yeah, I was gonna say we met at a club. Well, okay, like he walked into the club. The first time I ever saw him. I could for a sec. Wait is that Mike? Is that and then I and then I see the big fur coat the platinum here this shot on my helicopter was like sleeve, for you was playing and he’s like giving like a walk. I’m like okay, so be kind of oh yeah. What’s going on, we haven’t even talked to Mike yeah, I don’t even add the pink yet. Oh my god she’s I mean we’re not really going along to the picture. It’s kind of taking its own life a cricket, but I think it’s with the best weights. So obviously like meeting like fans and popping yourself, how did you ever meet like Bella like hair dressers? Like oh yeah, I mean I, I love them. People with DM me pictures all this happens all the time Oh, that’s a hair icon, it’s just the craziest thing like I think I’m done, I think we’re done.
Let me like I want a little bit more pink eye, just shooting my side, like my lane for my head on sugar, yes you’re, giving me trolls, you know like the trolls dolls, I know, but I think it’s so fun like how you are like such an advocate for, like Changing your hair like doing fun things like what life are you living up like you, just have the same hair you’re, a girl great? Is it bad that I could see you writing a book called how do live your actual eyes or like or like play that guy like I did it a coffee table book? Yes, and then it’s just like I thought about writing a book Oh, like I don’t know what to be about, but just like fun are you guys done yeah? I think we’re done Okay, all right Let’s go and watch we’re gonna, let it over like ten minutes or so and then we’re gonna wash it and I’ll be right back! Okay, wish me luck? Oh so I was just looking at it and there’s like a spot I mean it’s definitely a moment Yeah, I’m saying you guys should stick to just bleep I think yeah I think I’m not able to do that The fact that we are even able to bleach listen, I’m impressed, I mean they did a great job with the bleaching and that’s like the hardest part and that’s alright Now they, like you, know the the other part didn’t go as well What we thought was like when I was born, I was born first like it went well, but then the other part didn’t really go as well as didn’t really show up as much It might be a little splotchy Yes, you know what I’m really dim dark lighting I think it will be a hit one iPhones, maybe the other ones, squinted mm-hmm So with our capabilities through this, I need this extending up good mess like try this at home – maybe maybe not maybe don’t get like ready people to your I hope you guys enjoyed watching thou like subtly scrub my hair It’s like a huge screw-up and I can definitely fix it up, but we will see honey I don’t know if it’s gonna come out of my hair I don’t know so wish me luck and again I reviewed some of their old hairstyles Like I said before, he’s got a little interesting and deadly subscribes done because they’re amazing, oh thank you guys so much for watching today Don’t forget to leave your actually your other leg a little bit and we will see you all next time

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