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Ultimate Drugstore Cosmetics Guide

30 Sep , 2019  

. pulled things out so from the title. You can gather that we’re going to be talking about the very best drugstore makeup and part of my process with this whole like great big declutter, which I will link below at part 1. Part 2, because I have ripped this room apart and I tore you guys around and I literally took every single item like every piece of makeup out of every drawer, and I really you know, thought long and hard because I have you know attachment to makeup of What I wanted to keep and what I wanted to pass on and it really showcased a lot of my drugstore favorites that have been favorites for years and years and years and then newer things.
I’ve discovered over the past year and even in the past couple of months that I just loved so much that I really reach for over and over on a daily basis. So who doesn’t like a budget-friendly find that you can? You know wander on down to CVS and pick up, so I thought today I would share with you and updated. Oh F me: no updated drugstore makeup guide who’s in who wants to see everything that is in here because there’s a lot. This is kind of like. If you were to phone me up and be like hey Tati like I want to buy some makeup, we’re gonna go to the drugstore. Can you tell me what is the best I’m gonna tell you what the best is. So, let’s just do that. She’s got an awful lot of recomendation whoa right, you guys so we’re gonna start out with primers, and I know that you have all heard me talk about this right here. This is the Monistat chafing gel. I would not use this every single day. It can potentially clog your pores because it is very just like solid dimethicone. I love using this, though, when I need a very like horror, free type of a look, and I want to lock in my makeup. It works like a dream. It’s really funny, though, like when I was doing the whole clean-out one of the gals from practically perfect LA they, you know, came and helped me with this room had said this kind of up on the counter, and I think was kind of like why don’t you Have some Monistat in here like okay and I’m like it’s primer, it’s the best. You put it on your face and I got like kind of a weird look which anybody that is not into makeup. The way that I am would probably do the same thing but thought it was kind of funny anyway. This is so good. Okay. Moving from there, I want to give a shout out to the photo focus face primer, you guys. This is a really good one. It does have a little bit of that kind of white thing going on. I typically do not like when it’s like an SPF and actually changes the color of your skin, but, as you can see, this just melts in perfectly clear, and it is great it really does help your makeup go on smoother last longer and I’m all about it.
The other one that I do really enjoy is hiding here somewhere. Oh my gosh, why did I dump all this out? Okay? Here we go Prime and fine from Catrice. Now this is a dupe for the Tarte pore, filling primer that I love so much. It has a more whipped texture, so it’s not as thick. This actually gives you like this nice velvety kind of a finish. It really fills in your lines, your pores, and it just makes your skin so smooth. Your makeup goes on beautifully and it’s like $6.99. So this is really great love, it so very much, let’s very, very briefly, go over foundation, I’m actually wearing Cokie foundation. Today I am wearing for tw. I did mix in a little bit of Laura Mercier and cashew just to lighten it up a little bit, but I love this. You guys it just wears beautifully. It doesn’t look overly cakey, it covers nicely and it’s one of my favorites with the wet-and-wild photo focus. You know if I’ve talked a lot about any one particular product – I’m not gonna like stay here too terribly long, I’m gonna kind of list in the description box you’re a full-on guide. This smells like paint thinner, but will make you look marvelous and you will look good in photos, the other one that I just have. So what much love for this product you guys I cannot. This is the mega cushion foundation from wet and wild. You know you can take a sponge kind of dunk it in here and then apply this to the skin it really easily. It will not make you break out like I just I don’t know my days off. I love reaching for this, and then I recently discovered gosh. I kind of had a bit of a cry second like through the day, which normally does not happen, like I’m testing out a product, and then I had a rough day. I was crying and I sit down and while I’m kind of talking through some life stuff with you guys, I actually managed to like touch up my makeup in the middle of it. I was kind of like hey when you screw up your makeup. Here’s what you can do – and I just kind of went for it – and this fixed, my like tear-stained blotchy makeup like that, even though I had powder on top of it and it was halfway through the day it just kind of fixed the situation. So I didn’t feel like when I went to dinner that night that everyone was like looking at me. Like oh she’s, been crying, you know cuz, that’s that doesn’t feel good. So this is a great product. Alright for concealer. You guys already know.
I have my favourites. I’m gonna link my I’m only keeping ten below, because I really love drugstore concealer. I have to say the Catrice is one of my favorites. Obviously the Maybelline age, rewind Maybelline fit me. I would recommend as well, even though I didn’t keep that one and as far as like a range of color, that is better, the LA girl concealers are still really really good. I was on line those kind of looking at their shade range. If you’re looking for something kind of under 10 bucks, full coverage wears nicely. I would recommend that one as well, alright, so she’s like a speed demon right now, I’m really getting through it into it. Oh, I forgot to mention this one right here: the maybelline superstay. I have to tell you guys when I went to Palm Springs. I forgot Foundation and I was kind of snapping about it and I was like wait. How do I lover of all makeup so obsessed with makeup, forget foundation? What I know I have like fancy dinner plans with my husband and I want to take photos and like out and about and on the town, and I forgot Foundation and really it’s not like. I was gonna like drive on down to a Sephora like we’re kind of in the desert and doing whatever. So I went to CVS and I was like what can i buy? What can i buy and I was like you know what I want some long-wear full-coverage got another bottle of this, and it’s so good. It really impressed me even in the desert, we’re like it would normally melt off it’s just very long, wearing and beautiful on the skin. Let’s chat about powder for a moment who doesn’t love a little a little good powder, Cody airspun diehard fan will be forever and ever and ever and then they stay matte from Rimmel I’ve shared with you guys so many times I love taking a crease brush and Kind of swirling it in the pan and then just getting around the nose getting on the t-zone getting in the areas that are more shiny. That way, you’re not like doing the whole face. Okay, I have more powder. Okay, I just have to share this with you guys. A Milani does have a very good powder foundation. I don’t use powder foundation that much, but if I really want extra coverage on whatever I’m already wearing, I will use something like this and then for touch-ups throughout the day. If you want to really bring everything back together, a powder foundation can be great for that. Just be sure to use a setting spray afterward, so this one is from Milani, and this is the concealed and perfect shine proof powder. It’s really really good, the other one that I really love, which I think you might have to buy this on Amazon.
Now it’s harder to find, but if you see this scoop it up, this is like my third one, and I love it. This is the covergirl advanced radiance. I have the shade 110 and I love setting my concealer with this, because it just kind of brightens everything up and it’s not shimmery, but it just adds this very, very subtle, glow and then for contour. You guys wet and wild, knocks it out of the park. I have talked about how this one right here is such a great dupe for the Marc Jacobs duos, where you know you have the darker and lighter. This is great. It works well contour your nose, contour, your cheekbones, nice pan size and blends really beautifully, and I think I just broke the contour moving on from there we’re kind of trying to stay in order. Let’s talk about blush, I have a few from L’Oreal. You guys the new ones that smell like fruit. I am so shocked because a they do smell delicious, like fresh fruit like fruity shampoo, but it’s a lush. It smells so nice totally unnecessary, but hey it does make it a little more fun to use. I don’t know I kind of like it and this one right here in the shade bashful, it’s just this like beautiful peach. It has kind of this like silky finish that is not shiny and what I like about L’Oreal blushes. Is you really can just like sweep them on and they don’t grab any of the wetter areas on your face like if you didn’t, you know powder your foundation down, it will still just blend out beautifully and it builds up without being patchy. I also really love the True Match. Super blendable blush in shade. Are you baby blossom? This one is like a die, hard favorite. I love this shade. It is the perfect, more cool toned, baby, pink that doesn’t look purple or weird on the skin, like it doesn’t pull any weird color. It just actually looks like this beautiful baby pink. So I love that I also still really love the Almay smart, shade and coral. This one just gives you like a nice peachy kind of a thing, I’m wearing it today. It’s definitely one that is not strong at first. You want to build, build, build so good when you do so take your time with this one, if you like a natural flush, I think you will love this not in the mix here, but makeup revolution $5 matte blushes. Those are also excellent. Alright highlight highlight, highlight oh my gosh. I cannot get enough of this one from pixie this duo like look at it. Doesn’t it look unique and it is it has such an interesting texture like it’s just it’s beautiful. You can use this wet or dry. It transforms it boils, but it doesn’t look heavy like I don’t know.
It just looks like this blinding highlight from within somehow – and I love this – this is delicate. Do they have a few different duos? This is my favorite. I just I think it’s beautiful master chrome. This is what I’m wearing today, I’m wearing it here, I’m wearing it here, I’m wearing it here and we’re in it. Here. I think if I had to pick one drugstore highlighter, even though I love the pixie one, I think this one would be it. I love the way this looks on my skin. I love the color of it. They did bring out a new shade that I am just like you guys, I’m dying to try this new shade. I already forgot what it’s called they’re building on the chrome collection, and I love that I’m reiterating this. I mean everybody already knows. I love butter. Everything from Physicians Formula, so they’re bronzers, which you can purchase individually, are some of my favorites from the store the cream highlights, though, if you like a cream highlight – and you want that texture – they are stunning and you can use them as eyeshadow as well. They have a little more of a glittery vibe to them, so make sure you’re. Okay with that, because it is a strong highlight and then let’s move on to eyes, what I’m wearing today is actually the Milani basic mattes. This one is a completely matte set like this. I also it did use a few of the foiled shades and this one right here, which is the must-have metallics. If you like cool tones, I think you will really really love the must-have neutrals if you’re looking for a palette where you can get everything done, that you need from something dark for the outer edge, something in the crease, something to highlight the brow bone. You are probably gonna find what you need in this palette right here and the quality is there. I have to say I definitely am really really into the paradise palette from L’Oreal. You have to be okay with the kind of texture this in here. but it wore all day long and the thing is it’s very powdery texture, but once you blend it on the I kind of just fluff, some like shadows out and gives you this blurred Type of effect it can be messy. This definitely is a messy palette. Oh my god that just woke me right up. It’s so messy that the dust will make you sneeze, but you’re gonna look beautiful and it smells good like a peach I’m holding on to it. I really really am into it single eyeshadows. If you watched my declutter part 2, you saw one of the drawers. I completely cleared out like originally, there were probably like a hundred eyeshadows in there and I sat long and hard, and I literally I did this on the floor. Well, I’m just watched nice, you’re, beautiful and I’d like have a weird moment with my eyeshadow. Basically, I ended up getting rid of so much stuff, but what I held on to is the best and I’m going to share it with you right now, because a lot of it is drugstore so L’Oreal just they have set the bar high when it comes to Metallics single eyeshadows V infallible paints metallics this one embrace knuckles, especially oh, my gosh, you guys.
Color is a dream. It is not too warm or coppery, it does not. Look. You know, kind of muddy and cool. It’s just gorgeous easy to work with wears really well and then the other one that I am just so obsessed with is rose chrome if you need a peach shade that is really gonna, just like BAM, pull peach but also be very bright. You will love this and then I have to say from the galaxy collection. This is one of the prettiest purples that I have ever found at the drugstore. It’s iridescent, but it’s lilac, but it also has such nice depth. They have kind of a creamy feel to them that almost feels borderline wet, but when you blend it out it just it’s gonna sit on the lid perfectly. It’s gonna wear all day long and you can use them wet or dry. Oh, we can’t forget this single right here. It’s called the Glo town from Maybelline, so good. If you are on a maximum like, I can’t spend more than you know ten dollars at the drugstore, but I need something new in my makeup collection. This is 399 and you could use this as highlight you can use it as shadow. You can use this really for so many different things and I think the tone of it will work for so many different skin tones. It’s just the perfect, perfect metallic champagne shade and I love the texture of it, and then I also have the city mini palette in rooftop, bronzes, again similar texture to the L’Oreal paradise. It is powdery there will be fallout. You probably want to do your eyes before you do your face, but you will be able to come up with such a beautiful gorgeous. Look any time that I have worn this. I have just throughout the day been like wow, like my eyes. Look bronzy and kind of just effortless, and I love it also. I want to chat about some eyeliner. I have two of them that I’m you know, keeping hold of the lacquer liner from L’Oreal and then the Maybelline eye studio in black, both of them are pretty much the same. It’s preference! If I had to pick one or the other, I like the L’Oreal one. It just doesn’t crumble on me so much like. I never have an issue with it like smearing everywhere and the Maybelline one sometimes does that. I don’t know why, but they are both really good, really creamy. They dry down. Matte. You have a lot of control with it, alright for lashes, if you’re looking for some good ones, I would definitely go with our gel wispies or the Demi.
They just have that separation here, where they look very natural and it ends up giving you a more expensive look on the eye than kind of this short, more jaggedy cut ones. Oh, my gosh, I still have more eye stuff. These are an old favorite of mine. This particular shade bronze taupe. I mean this is like that in the madness Monday days, I used to really really obsess over these look at that bronze. Yes, more cool toned, really rich. This whole range has everything you need. If you want a pressed pigment go ahead and go straight to L’Oreal, you will not be disappointed with these. If you want a good liner, then we have this essence: eyeliner pen, it is waterproof. I will also link below a very extensive look at drugstore black eyeliners. Everything from gel pencil liquid because i don’t want to stay here too long – i already kind of did that so from there we want to talk about mascara. We can already guess the other one that I’m looking for. Actually it’s over here, because I wore it today. Lash paradise and then Cokie. I also want to mention essence, mascara and worth the hype, but I don’t have it on hand, because I’m being good and I’m not opening up like five mascaras, because really mascara goes bad after three months. You want to get it out of here. You don’t want an eye infection. You don’t want to stai, so I am trying to go through my mascaras before I’m like. Let’s use this one, let’s use that one. You know what I’m saying for cream eyeshadow. We didn’t chat about that at all, but Revlon Colorstay kills it you guys these feel kind of like this Chanel shadows and if you want a really good base or if you’re, someone that just wants to take a cream and just one color and mascara and out The door, I think you will really really enjoy these. Some of my favorite shades are seven three, five, seven one five which is matte and then seven ten, which is more of a coppery bronze. Okay, show you guys beautiful right. Okay, eyes are done check. Moving on to lips, I have a lot as we know this seems to be the area of my life that I just cannot get rid of the lipsticks. I don’t know why I want to share with you guys if you like, a good retractable liner go with L’Oreal color riche. Look I mean, like I’ll show you again look how just like BAM, really really smooth and creamy beautiful color range. This one right here is rose, infinite Rose, I can’t even read it. It is so small Rose we’ll just call. It rose flower cosmetics.
They are now at Ulta. You guys. I need to try more from the line. I picked up a bunch and I am gonna be putting them to the test, but I’m super excited because flower has great quality and I’m actually wearing their lip liner today in toffee. If this is the petal pout, lip liner again retractable really really really smooth and beautiful. I also super love. The shade Rose, hey. I have two favorites that are called rose. This one is much much much much much brighter. I also super super love. The lasting finish thousand kisses in natural from Rimmel and then Milani color statement in number. Four. I have another favorite. Oh, this is rose absolute. It’s like a little bit lighter and more kind of nudey pink. Then the first one that I showed you guys so super beautiful from their liquid lips. I’m not gonna talk about pixie liquid lipsticks, because I’ve talked about that like 20 times, but those are really good. The coqui lip powder is I’ve been back into these in, like such a big way, they go on like a dream. The color selection is beautiful. It feels sophisticated. They wear really well. As far as something that has impressed me more than I thought it would impress me these chocolate scented liquid lips from L’Oreal, oh my gosh guys, I really ate a burger the other day like just like you know, and I was expecting to get that thing right Here, when your lip kind of touches your chin, I was expecting it to crackle off for the oil to disturb it. I kind of like wiped my mouth clean after eating. Nose like wait a second. This is like better than expensive liquid lips. You guys try these out they’re sticky at first for a minute and then they’re beautiful for like 10 hours, it’s the craziest thing. I super love them also still totally into these L’Oreal color riche bombs. They are super shiny. They are the best thing ever. If you have chapped lips – and you want to disguise that or if you just want something colorful with a boatload of shine, but you don’t want like a gloppy gloss on top, these are so good. This is like my original love, 903 C from Wet n Wild. I’m wearing that in the middle of my lips right now. This is such a good one too, just kind of just like make your pout a little more pouty. I love working that one in with other lipsticks and glosses and doing that whole thing. Also, if you’re looking for just a really solid lipstick from the drugstore Maybelline as the best collections, they have mattes metallics, the vivid, so I’m really into these ones. Right here I have the shade beige babe I have peach buff.
I have naked coral, which is what I am wearing right now beautiful Is this not just like creamy, smooth, beautiful gorgeous the pigmentation is always there It is always consistent I love it to top these off Sometimes I do like to reach for the vivid hot lacquers I reviewed these last spring or summer, and I still reach for them still use them really good nudes at the drugstore that are glossy that have that opacity to them almost kind of reminds me of an honest, Asya butter gloss, or it’s just like very, very rich In pigment super super glossy and then, if you’re, looking for a good plump, hard-candy surprised me it so much This is pink Cadillac and I love this It feels good, it’s a plumping, serum wear it over lipstick, wear it on its own It’s just a beautiful product Can find that at Walmart and then at Target you can pick up this It’s a pixie lip icing in cake Oh, my goodness, I am wearing this today I cannot get enough of it oh, my god Okay, we have one final thing to chat about, and that is how to set your face to perfection So all your hard work lasts all day or if you are over powdered, you can get a little bit more dewy So at the drugstore, my favorites guys because of the mist on here holy smokes Does that not feel high-end? Yes, it does you’re not going to get any of those water droplets on your face and these work This is the seal The deal long-lasting, setting spray from flower They also have a dewy version, Vixia hydrating, milky mist with hyaluronic acid This has been a go-to favorite I’ve turned my girlfriend’s, my sisters, my mom onto this one Everybody loves it if you need something similar to Urban Decay, all nighter from the drugstore This is the l’oreal infallible Setting spray really does help your wear time with your makeup It will extend the your makeup from you know: day-to-night This is kind of the same thing This is the natural finish setting spray from wet and wild, but it is much more budget-friendly than everything else I have shown you here This is five bucks, and that is my updated Tottie’s mega ultimate drugstore hit list guides These are my favorites that I would recommend over and over and over if you’re not subscribed, go ahead and subscribe I post five days a week I hope you are having a great day Whatever you are doing

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