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Untie the secret box of wig!! What??? I am very excited.

1 Nov , 2019  

Everyone. First things. First, you can hear it in my voice. Your girl is sick. What else is new? I’m gonna address it early on and we’re not gonna worry about it. It is my life, so, as you guys can see from the title, we are going to be opening some wig mystery boxes. Now I am so excited. Mystery boxes was a big thing a little while ago and I’m not gonna lie. I’m excited about it. I’m excited about mystery boxes, I’m so excited about surprise products.
I’m excited too it’s it’s like getting it. I just realized my ring light is pointed at the wall. What okay hold on there we go. I can’t really tell if that made a difference, but anyways okay. Where was I so, as you guys may or may not know, I have a ton of wigs. but also on the contrary, I actually just love buying wigs. I don’t know it’s just an obsession with drag its obsession with that. All of that basically, so it has stemmed a lot of wigs being purchased, and this is no exception so brand that I really really love and follow on Instagram, wigs and grace. No, this isn’t sponsored. I bought all these with my own money. but I really love their wigs, so I follow them on Instagram and they did this. This post, basically promoting wig mystery boxes, and I was immediately intrigued. There was three different mystery boxes and each was going to be one wig and it was basically a deal on the way, usually their wigs served on a hundred dollars u.s., but the mystery box wigs would be $70 u.s., probably just like an accumulated like stock, That they couldn’t sell or just like the owner, wanted to have some fun, I’m not sure. So there was three categories: there was vibrant natural medium to light and the natural medium to dark. So you know I had to buy them all, and I have them right here. My nails actually match. Oh my gosh Wow okay, but, as you guys can see, the wigs are still in the boxes. I have yet to open them. We’Re gonna get the live reaction and I’m gonna put them on my head. I tried to keep the makeup neutral outfit neutral so that we can match whatever wigs we receive. So, let’s get into opening big mystery boxes. Okay, I just decided to back up cuz. We have no idea how long these are gonna be so I want to get the full length but okay. Firstly, what is this? I’ve never received this, I worded from them all the time and I’ve never got a reusable bag, but here we go. We got a wigs and grace bag. I’ve never really addressed the way I say bag on camera, but I honestly can’t stop it’s. It’s I’ve been doing it since birth, I’m so excited.
Alright, here are the three boxes. It’s just. The basic box is that they always come in they’re, really cute they’re like lavender, and they got wigs and grace on the top cute packaging. For sure it’s not just like a brown box he’s got the lavender, but okay, so it doesn’t say on any of the books as if it’s the vibrant or if it’s the light or the dark. So I guess we’ll just open up and see you guys, I’m so excited. I don’t know why. I just love wigs. So, okay, you guys are gonna see before I am so. What do you think? What is it my eyes literally haven’t focused to it? Oh, it’s pink, oh, I can’t even see the wig. What am i doing? Oh, but here’s, the inside of the box. but like it’s pretty fun and then ooh little pin comes in here and also, of course, a little o2 to things for your head. That’s nice! Alright! You guys, let’s see oh my gosh, so many packaging, so many packaging. I just okay, I’m gonna guess it’s blonde! No wait! What oh my gosh! It’s like a green! It’s a greeny blue with dark roots. I love it. Oh my gosh. So this must be the vibrant one, I’m assuming unless it’s not the vibrant one and there’s more vibrant to come. I would be surprised if this wasn’t the vibrant. Oh my gosh, I love it. I literally have no wig like this one. This is so: oh, my gosh, it’s so pretty. Why am I getting overwhelmed like? I feel tears for her to my eyes wrong with me. Oh my gosh, I belittle II, crying I’m so excited okay, so all of the wigs from wigs and grace are lace friend. So I’ll have to cut the lace, but I just want you guys to take this in. It’s got these stunning curls, it’s like a short to medium length, and then it goes into this. Like light seafoam blue seafoam, green color – oh my gosh – this could not have went better, I’m so excited to try this on okay, I’m gonna cut the lace friend and we’re gonna throw this on. I’m so excited. Let’s get cutting. I always cut my lace. Really close, some people don’t, but I definitely prefer that so just leave like honestly centimeters like not much at all, I literally can’t believe it. I can’t believe this color, I don’t know what I was expecting. I think I just didn’t even really have an expectation, but this exceeded my own expectations. Okay, but now I’m gonna get my hair back. That’s always that’s always a big struggle. I got a lot of hair.
I used to always braid my hair to get them in, but now I feel like, if I just shove it in and then like try and flatten it out that tends to work the best. For me, my hair is pretty thick, so it’s kind of problematic with this query, pretty good. Alright, you guys so now we’re gonna put on the wig. I’m not gonna glue it down to anything just cuz. I have still two other ones to try on just throw it on okay, oh okay, let me just style it a little. Oh, my gosh, who knew, who knew I needed a green wig, I’m so freaking excited the front, is a little bit different than what I’m used to I’m used to more straight across or like pulled hairs, whereas this one is almost like comes in a little bit Like a heart shape, it’s cute, it’s something like I don’t have all right. You guys there is the wig on here is just like a little amateur style with it. If you glued it down and like took that time with it, it would look better like I’d. Stick that back a little, but you get the you get it. You get the look honestly. I I love it. I love the color. I love the dark root gradient into this, and it’s just like I’m assuming this is the vibrant wig. It’s literally green. It’s gotta be right if this is like the dark wig because of the roots I’ll be very surprised like. I think this is the colorful one that we got so definitely starting off with a bang um, if you guys are actually curious about these wigs um. I personally really love them. They are lace friend and they’re, very soft, and they hold a really good style when you first buy them. So you don’t really have to worry about that and they just feel super soft like they’re, not the type of wig. That’s gonna get tangled and they hold a really good volume, so they’re great wigs and I’m really happy to have these like fun ones. Coming in, like I didn’t even choose these and I love them. I mean I’m too good. I guess I’ve just opened one. So I can’t say, but I don’t know I just feel like I’m gonna love them all, but I got here is the first one? What do you guys think? Do you guys think I should dye my hair? Do you think I should recreate this? Is my real hair, let me know, and we will move on to the second way. Okay, I’m really surprised that we actually opened with the vibrant one first, so I’m very curious to see what the other ones are again got a different pin in this and two more I don’t know why I just want to call them socks for your head. So I’ll call them that all right this week feels heavier this one feels like it might be longer.
I love wings. That’s my problem! Okay, alright, you guys are seeing it first. What do you guys think of it? Is it nice? Why do I feel like it’s red? It’s not red? Okay! Oh my gosh! It’s almost my normal hair, color, okay! So I’m assuming this is the light one and oh my gosh, oh my gosh, I’m so excited okay. The lace front on this one looks like it’s. Gon na be pushing it back kind of like windswept it’s a beautiful ashy blonde. Like oh, my gosh, my hair is not this color. I don’t even think I could ever get my hair. This color, like it’s so pretty, oh and see this one talking about like it looks so natural and healthy hair, but it’s also got a little bit of a style to it like it’s, definitely not like a thirsty, looking wig, it’s so pretty. Okay, get off of me. You green wig, it’s time for a blonde. This is such a nice length. Okay, I’m gonna cut the lace front on this one as well, and we’re gonna put it on. I actually don’t really have any wigs that are like more natural-looking. I mean I have a few, but even then they’re not that natural. So I’m very curious about this one. I’m always scared. I’m gonna like fall in love with the way a wig looks and then I’m gonna. Like change my hair to it. I have never really done anything to my hair, it’s like natural, and I just I don’t know it’s a big commitment to change it, but we’ll see if I ever fall in love with a wig enough to want my hair to look like it feel like. I would do that just like love a wig so much. I just need it on all the time, laces off time to go on and here’s what the inside of the wigs look like by the way you guys at the three Clips here and very nice. Okay, I’m ready I’m ready. Two people on the first lay of the wig is uh. Oh my gosh, my camera is like absolutely not. Oh, my gosh. This is an actual. What it’s supposed to look like. I just flopped it over and like here’s. What we got! Okay, I left a little bit of the lace showing oh my gosh. This is definitely like a windswept wig like there’s, no real dominant part. It looks like it just is wanting to go back like this. Oh, my gosh, okay, sorry and you just stopped my like viewfinders over here, so I keep looking in it. Oh my gosh, I kind of feel like a rock or chick like right. Oh yeah! This is definitely a more natural looking wig like natural, in the sense that like if I saw a girl with this hair, I’d be like her hair is healthy. Her hair is beautiful, but I would believe that it was natural like this looks like it could be.
Someone’s just like normal hair, it almost even looks like it could be my hair, like not my actual hair, but it kind of like it almost looks like it goes decent with my eyebrows. This is freakin stunning. I love this week’s so much. It’s got a little bit of like a natural wave to it, but for the most part, it’s straight. I wanna see great size on my head too, because I have like kind of a big head, sometimes they’re like too tight, I’m assuming it. This is the light to medium, because it’s kind of like a light to medium cub color show you the back. I need to brush it. Okay, there is the back looks like just a healthy, a healthy head of hair. Oh, I swear anyone walks into my basement and there’s just like 20 wig heads and I’m just like. I can’t explain also there’s something about this part that just like always goes backwards that I really like, but okay, so here is wig number two. The mystery boxes are coming in clutch so far, we’re two for two: let’s see what the third wig is. I am so impressed so far all right, let’s see I’m assuming this can be the dark one. So I’m expecting like a natural look kind of like this. One but dark again: we got everything in here: oh we got some stickers and stuff and then two caps as well. Also the inside of these is so cute. Alright, I’m high hope we can’t wait I’ll do the same thing if you guys can see first I’ll just judge based on color or what it feels like. I mean based on thinking. It’s dark, I’m gonna guess it’s like really dark, like almost black and it’s like a medium. Okay, not really it’s like a oh! It’s like a chocolatey Brown. Oh my gosh, it’s cute! It goes up in the bottom. It’s got like a little curl. What does the front? Look like, okay, this is more like a middle part. Reading the front, unlike this one, that’s more like swept back. Oh my goodness, I’m so excited chatting on. I literally, I don’t know how many times I’ve had people ask me like. What would you look like as a brunette, and I don’t have any brunette wigs, let’s see today is the day we figure out. What would you look like as a brunette? I am dying to know, I’m also kind of dying to know what my mom would look like as a brunette. I’m gonna try these on her after the lace. Friends are so good from here They have a lot of the wispy hairs so that, like it, looks a lot more natural.
Of course, I found this shop from a drag queen What else is new? I really love the marketing look at this sticker It’s so cute I want to make stickers Oh, my who am i oh, oh my gosh, should I be dyeing my hair darker I am so confused I love this cut too Oh, my gosh, no mental, crazy Oh my gosh this week is so pretty it’s so thick and like it feels so good I think I would have to maybe steam that down, but let’s just assume that from the packaging it got a little bit messed up Oh my gosh Look at it behind my ears, my ears, look in distress right now, pushing back so much hair but like this is seriously so mind-boggling I’ve never seen myself as a brunette and like I’ve always wondered about it because, like my eyebrows are so dark like what would it look like if my hair matched, and what do you guys think, let me know like, am i destined to be a brunette? I don’t know I’ve always loved being blonde, but like this is confusing Maybe I just like, because it’s a little bit different, that might just be more what it is either way, though I am so happy to have this wig So that is what it was It was vibrant, then light then dark, and they were all surprised, mystery box, wigs and they were $70 us each and pretty sure it was limited edition I just saw it on their Instagram and immediately went and bought all of the boxes It was so much fun I think three for three, this turned out 100% amazing, there’s any more like mystery boxes for wigs that you guys know of Please send them my way I want to buy them up I’m so impressed excited I’m trying to think of a third I don’t know a third, but like I’m so happy with all these wigs, you guys I’m so excited about them I think it’s a lot of fun to have like more natural, looking wigs to play with cuz like I could totally just use this one yeah 100% so happy let me know from what brand thank you guys So much for watching, I really want to know your opinion on these wig colors on me like what the hair is, such a big part of Like your look and it’s like when I change something and I like it, it just puts me in like a dilemma: cuz I’m like Should I change it? Should I know I and like I like my hair, I don’t know whatever I’ll stop talking about my hair [ Applause, ],

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