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Untie what Zoe sent me!! Zora lifestyle 2017? Is it?

1 Nov , 2019  

Good morning, everybody, I hope you’re all having a good day and now so basically mom, and I would kick start in the day to day by going to the gym. Well, why not, through the day, it’s 9:40? I thought that’s not Oxford ever a.m. morning. It’s fine! I’m getting ready and she’s like it’s tomorrow now like it’s all tomorrow, muscle fiber, you know eight perfect. I think we might have a mother darlin. I have a you, got battle nine, looking such a saga at lap time on ml.
Oh my god! Yes, this one part today, 24 gin right. It’s really hard to show you in the car, where I like this pillar, where, like this pink right, some luminous pink this stuff on my denim jacket and wear black shorts and gray shoes check it in the cards and notice this month wearing denim jacket. Seeing that same pink like if you saw in your life, if the exact same hot and luminous working black trousers and grey shoes will agree mother, we look like we’re trying to be twins. Yes, when I know that, like in your life enjoy the time ago, huh, oh that an hour ago yeah, I didn’t, I didn’t coffee, I didn’t see. You, though, did I No, so I’m actually so like tired, like really cannot deliver to work at the gym, but I do need to so same. She says warning and put up already an hour ago: nothing we’re going on holiday in less than a week six days while her garden six days, we’re going on a holiday cannot wait to vogelin guides, comply they’ve one’s my favorite vlogs, so we’re just trying to get In a little bit a little bit more the shape, then you’ve got six days. So it’s a more for shade, but you know moping your makeup that something so yeah Electra beige until we go so that’s all. We go trying to automate the gym now. How much o’clock that I will try to orous? Not everything goes out guys a gym set completed, leaving the gym right now to go home sort myself out, have a shower and gallon today. So right now I am going to go through a couple of packages and stuff not actually hang on, so my room is actually reasonably tidy. No, it doesn’t happen. No, no, let me say that, and it’s not that it actually is. She can, with my life at the way, so I’m going to film a bit so go to movies out the way and then I’m going to go through a pass that I actually got sent from Zoe, so basically once a day anyway. So he gets real life. This is a long losing her sauce. What’s nice, it looks so if you know just a thumbs up in my room or because I compared it to the softbox like it’s like when I have that on my room is like literally pitch-black my life. I got here. Ah, barely does absolutely anything it’s so annoying.
Actually I don’t know what to put you. I hate the fact. Never any way to put you guys in my bedroom, okay hold up so like. I think I want two or three days ago now. I thought send this parcel by Donna, I’m sure majority of you guys know how and that’s also why. So if you guys like please, please can you show us what’s inside and I just mean like waiting to target my room before I open more stuff, so kind of rank done that now cut it. Well I mean it, doesn’t I mean yeah, it’s just that desk. There’s some stuff on the floor here, but everything else is actually messy. No, no as we call young, so you say that: okay, okay, so, okay! So basically I got service box from so Ella and it looks like this. So this is pretty much what the box is like, I kind of ripped it open because I’m yeah, I don’t want to show you my dresses up, it’s just so much easier, but from what I’ve seen so far, everything inside looks so so so cute. Some so excited so it needs. First thing is pillow and it says easy: does it easy? Does it yeah easy? Does it and it’s felt like a weird way or bit easy? Does it? I probably does because like to doze off at gas, but I really really really like the gold. You know it’s kind of like a yellow gold. I just think it’s really pretty and it’s kind of like a Softail, but on the back and it’s really nice. So that’s one of the bad things I got some from card. This is her zoella lifestyle range. By the way, I don’t know any patterns of our lifestyle range before so try they’re like Beauty ranges and stuff by droping. I’ve ever tried her lifestyle range. There’s like a so I kind of like for a little bit, and it’s actually quite far looks my favorite thing. So it’s a ring holders, but it’s like a cactus shape and I just saw the packaging for this we’re so so so lovely. I love like pink. So it’s baby kind of pay for the price. I love all the monochrome on this is well. I just think it’s such a nice effect and something I’ve been working on and involves all of these colors as well that I’m using so one like my big things. I’m getting ready to reveal which I’m going to reveal at the end of the month. Most you guys keep your eyes peeled. United is two like two things. One of them is to do with all the colors on here, so yeah yeah. So this is really pretty. I should get open it now. I don’t want to rip the box, but I don’t have a knife to undo the undo the tape, so this is going to be really hard, but to be honest as much as I love the box, I always try to box it up.
So I’m finally going to rip this, the top of the box. Some people are going to hate me for that, but I always find a box ourselves so just having nowhere to put anything but oh wow, it’s so cute. I know there. This is so so so nice, I definitely write hood. Can you do that? He actually sneeze from downstairs. That’s how loud he is when he sneezes and always twice I’m getting ready for the second one, but oh yeah. This is so cute. It’s like gold and pink, and it’s really really really. I definitely will put my rings on here. I’m not sure they’re all going to fit, though, because they’re quite fit, but it’s really nice, then it has a little set for her initials. You know so I actually love that and wrapped up in this tissue paper and guessing is a notebook. Oh, oh, it says wonderful. I love that as well. I really like Anna gold really like this. Oh wow, I didn’t realize it helped my initials. It has s B on it, which is so cute. It start to like it’s so tiny, but it makes such of your friends like. Oh, I love that and I love the polka dots inside there’s actually like I’ve. Never I think I met Zoe. I’ve never really really spoken to her, but this is one thing that really reminds me of her. Even I don’t really know that. Well and as I like stripes and spots of really her things much your these are actually kneeling. You notice so perfect. I go through so many notebooks like so many. Ah, this is cute. This is a jewelry tray again, the packaging is so cute for this. Oh, my god literally love it again going to try and be neat with the box, but I’m not the best way. We might just have it up with a willow driven ol box, oh wow, that is thank you. Oh I actually well actually not supposed to be. I actually will get like a lot of use up both of these. I love these so much, especially because, if you guys for yeses look, you wouldn’t know that I’ve been like sorting out my makeup, drawers and stuff, but this drawer here this one. This is actually my Tulare draw. Okay, here’s a little sneak peek. It just has like it makes it apps everything, and then I have a taller. We draw down the bottom as well, and both of them really sorting out so and he’s out somewhere else, actually per my jewelry. Now, that’s great. What’s nice is walking into everyone’s off. You can take one chest: clams, Alden, ah, hey mom. Can you get in the show yeah now get in the shower now yeah yeah! Well, that happens. No Oh Jed asking if he can get a shower wash and recording some Zoey pencils, and these are really sweet. As well again, I really like how it’s all like packaged and then the final thing is this, which is do the same.
Spire, yes, is inspire, and this is really cute. We really pressure to go on your like bedside table or whatever. So, yes, that’s very cute. As well, I’ve got it’s alright, just to go on your bedside table, yeah desk etcetera, but yeah. Overall, I had shetan, I genuinely I’m not just saying this like. I would be completely honest. I love everything like so much. I would genuinely descend. So. Thank you. So much for that and here’s my little one is my little Nate’s and Zoey. So thank you so much and I actually will use my subscriber majority of properties everything I actually really genuinely do like that, plus it goes as a theme of my rooms. I now need to throw out all of these boxes that are actually so cute. I just don’t have space for them, so I’m going to throw that out and change my calendar as well, because that seriously needs to be done. Oh, my goodness, and also if you guys have been following the floor a lot then you will never see my new pond. Nice is living like in our house with Casey and Nicole, and can I just say: oh my, oh, my god, what she’s wearing today? Well, I know like Harlow is obviously like a mini, a mini human like in a baby. I get that, but she genuinely today looks like I can’t even explain it. She look because basic to surround trousers and shoes and she looks like she’s, okay, she’s laying down to this and she’s going to get up and go running is seducing. She actually looks like and as I trapped in a little baby’s body and it think you to sing so I’m going to going to show you her in a sec, but I need to put all of that away. Otherwise, I’m just going to be creating more and more and more mess, especially cleaning film as well. Here’s my calendar is coming in April. I’m gonna have to take the whole thing down to change this, so I know we’re not in April we are in. Oh wait is that going backwards? Okay, we are in August right. Yeah, see I’ve circled dates. You literally can’t do anything else on this, so we’re now yeah. Oh my god miss Zoey month. Oh, my god, it’s nearly going to be September 2 and I probably forget the rest of the year. So I’m going to put this is too hard. She 1/2 I’m going to put on August now. Oh there you go guys. Probably one change for the rest of the year, but make sure you remind me because I know you guys have been so yeah from where I went to Lucy’s house.. I don’t know if it’s gone up yet by July K, my favorite, but they’re actually from Primark cause any sashes by GWA and they’re, really really really good.
So I picked up a pair and I’m going to put these on my eyelashes now, because I don’t know I could really do about it, but I feel like when I film I like to wear eyelashes. That’s why I wear eyelashes nearly every day, just because I like it for when I film, like I wouldn’t wear if I was just, I would go out like this by just, and I want to feel like if it’s better one year when you whack a pair Of eyelashes on and I’m loving, these ones gwa e. So it’s a bit later now my dad is back home and I heard one fact I think I have. We bought an old egg that from the factual I was going to go out to quite a poor purpose here. Oh, it is basically we’re going to go with Katie Nicole, to look that way, we’re going to go with Katie, Nicole and a Brazilian restaurant and outside, not because because I don’t really know why that this is so 20 quid for, like a male, which I mean, Isn’t about it’s like really going up, which is so when I can order. Takeaway meals will takeaway in another just as much so I’m having a jewel to meet. You come wrap. So you ordered me. Yes, once mine one is mine. I think it’s got one here, so I have it. but it’s going down. Yes, I’m a happy girl you! I have second thoughts. Last year one money’s run promised your cover-up, I’m sure I’m comfortable, oh my god, but you guys funny and you’re like oh yeah, don’t you bother oh you’re wearing yeah you’re going sexy? What you’re saying reckon I can get away of anything anything! Anything maybe to me no, you did for them, um. I need to pipe accessory that you might take one of those upstairs for me. Nothing, my dear no don’t mean yeah come on judge, don’t be like that. It’s all to myself! Please bad girl key. I have totally done myself in tonight. Oh speak, so much and all this is where you are looking young, you take up, says. One of them is coming out. The day are watching it stays long. We just filmed it’s one. We functions before, but it’s very fun it was born, shut up was there. Let me never never boring he’s joking..m. now, I’m going to slip my water and old dad I’m actually going to go to bed soon, so you actually see it the one day I can’t go to gym after please, what times really early drop your cell half server half 7:00? Yes, fine, husband and five sheets get up anyway. She wakes me up, then there we go alright. Well, it’s whether you go yeah what you do anything happen, boy What oh, but send it to you to fulfill our like slowly dying, which is so sad.
Oh I’m not going to have a look, still work I’m now gonna have anyone looking to Harlow’s doing what she doing? Oh, oh yeah, the boss effects Definitely not herself outfit, no coke! You Sheena! Oh good We took her out Don’t we yeah? We just took her out, we didn’t take her out You know we went out to dinner about three and a half hours ago, and she then cry one if so funny cuz they came back from, as I he’s been an absolute nightmare boo Is that what the hell, why, like she, never cries like Anna yeah she’s, a fair season, especially to leave it open to rise, one? No, she was jessica, lee bailey should hold up We have my white coffin How can you see much brighter? How can you see the thin half hours, but we see, if donor than that every night, but our little look how cute she looks if your baby grows, the sweetest, it’s the first one you’ve got her renault She, I don’t remember our love life is so preciousm so be sure to go and check it out I thought I was going to go up in the evening, but you’re decided to push myself I’m going to put it up, so he goes up this morning I need to wash off my makeup and stuff right now, so that’s probably why I’m going to do as well I actually take that back, because I’ve just been on my phone and I’ve just seen over on Twitter about Barcelona, and it literally it breaks my heart Like you just I just honestly, I pray I pray for everybody in Buffalo and I pray for everybody in everyone in the world, but you don’t even know where it’s going to happen Next, it’s just it’s such a horrible feeling that I just I can’t imagine that losing somebody from your family for like an instant like that, it’s just it’s just disgusting and horrible, and I honestly, I hope, all of you guys stay safe if a fun Barcelona, wherever You’Re from in the world of all of you, like, I pray that you all stay safe and it’s just it’s horrible I can’t believe that I’m praying for everybody right now It’s just so disgusting I hate even talking about it honestly, so I will end my vlog here, but can I just say I am a sinner going to break up It’s been a filming day again So that’s what I was trying to say it like you’re so hard to like vlog What I’m filming, but why I thought like a lot to do, but not filming wise, so I’m going to make sure I take you guys with me to do all of that, so that, should it be good, good, good stuff and wish you guys a couple

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