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1 Nov , 2019  

Hey guys were really yellow. Also. I do my eyebrows like super super super super naturally, so I doubt you would have even noticed that I have my brows on this time, but I do just wanted to clarify that and if you could not tell I’m being very sarcastic because they’re obviously a lot Different angrist back to the intro. Thank You, Sephora collection. Don’t show you my nails yet because they look really good. I’m gonna be filming a simple, everyday makeup, tutorial just kind of what I do when our eyes shadow, I’m gonna, be using the Sephora collection.
I love palettes they’re new and I’m gonna be using the neutral ones, because my everyday makeup tutorial super neutral and, like you know, neutral well, that’s gonna. So I’m gonna go ahead and start because why would I not at this point first, I always do brows. We know this, so I’ve been using the Sephora collection retractable brow pencil. It’s really good. It’s like $12, I’m pretty sure. Basically, literally all I do is underling my brows, you don’t like make them bigger or anything which is a misconception. I think that’s the real word. If it’s no, I I’m sorry, I look stupid and if it is – and I doubted the day it was a real word. I look stupid so either way. I look stupid, but it’s a misconception. I don’t over line them. I just follow the natural line and then I fill in the bottom part where it’s a little more sparse. Don’t really do the top much because I could have a lot of eyebrow hair and then sometimes I’ll outline the arch yeah. That’s it the shades a little too read from my hair, but it’s okay it’ll be fine. I promise but I’ll survive. This humiliation also go ruin them. So quick, y’all, don’t even know every time I get acrylics I bite them off after I did that. I just use like a flat eyebrow brush to conceal, underneath also, I have coffee. What can you read it? I finished doing my eyebrows. They are done so my nails. Can you tow. I get acrylics like once every three months and I do not not act. So I’m just going to use the Too Faced Born. This Way. Super coverage concealer for my eyeshadow base before I’ve had my eyes, I’m gonna go ahead and talk about the eye shadow I’m gonna be using. I have all of the palettes from the new pile of collection in my hand, right now do see them because they’re right here, there’s six in total, there’s two colorful ones and four neutral ones seen four neutral ones are right here.
This is the medium cool. Our shadow palette, the light warm eyeshadow palette, which looks like this, you, like cool eye shadow palette, which is more white and then the medium warm eyeshadow palette, which is this one and then the last two are the ones that are more colorful. This is the bright tones I hope out, which is a really good blue, like it’s really really good, and then the jewel tones are paola, which is my favorite overall, just because the colors are so pretty in this school. I love her. The formula for these are really really good, especially for the price, because they they’re 14, each I’m pretty sure and they’re really really buildable and they’re. Really blendable and they’re really easy to use like if you’re a beginner, and you need a good eye shadow palette to just like start, you off. These are really good, especially because it’s a bunch, a variety with the like huge palette, like they’re, all really different and they’re, also very compact, and really good to travel with, because they have a mirror, see hi mirror. And then they just have like a bunch of shades like this could be easily like a million looks million, is a lot of looks so I don’t think a million, but a lot now that I talked about them for a bit, I’m going to start my shot. So first I’m gonna be using the light warm eyeshadow palette, which is this one. So now that I have that base down, I’m gonna go ahead and use the transition shade. It’s really really light, but I’m just gonna go ahead and set that base. Basically least in the crease, because eyelids craze really badly, I’m just placing it and padding it right now kept my take breaks, which I always do and don’t do eyeshadow for a long time, there’s always dust on my brushes and then it gets stuck on my concealer. It’s not a good time, but whose fault is the one dog and the one complaining and I’m going to put this one in the same place, put a little lower blending that you can just use any crease brush using the same one. So everything just looks better when you have nails, explain it, it’s a vibe, it’s inviting it’s Fi, it survived it’s in fine. What is it it’s about it? I hated that raise your hand if you hated that thanks for sharing, oh no they’re, just give me flashbacks to school, and I don’t want to go last semester. I literally sat in the bathroom during lunch. It survived. That is what thriving is called when I’m at school.
I thrive, I’m gonna be in cosmetology, though so that’s great awesome. A while ago, somebody got on my head for having makeup artist as my like contact information thing, because it’s like the thing that’s most relevant to me and calling myself an influencer just is kind of like so I said, makeup artist and somebody got upset and they Said you means very fine. What are you mad at literally what yeah I said I should shut up because I thought it was actually insane. I was like this is actually happening. Is somebody actually complaining about this? There are actual problems to be talked and complain about like actual problems that affect actual people that offend people like there’s, actual things that are legitimate and actual, and that’s just factual, I rhymed bet you would spend a dime. I quit actually yawn quit cuz. I was good period. There was a tick tock. Oh I’m not on tick. Tock like that is not my vibe. It’s not a vibe. Take talking, not a vibe for me here. I showed me this tick tock of his a girl and she’s like. I must be a coma wait. I must be in a coma cuz. What you just said cannot be rude, and I’m just so inspired by her. I’m gonna use this one with a smudger brush, I’m just going to pack that in my crease like so, this is like a smokey eye by a few were confused. It’s honestly smarter to do the darker shade first, but I don’t think before I do things, so I didn’t do that. Thinking right now is not a vibe. So then I just got my crease brush and kind of blend it out, and then I just go back with my brush like an e girl, whoo, no whoo girls do do they just look pretty. Oh, did I just call myself pretty those cute, then I’m gonna go back in with the crease shade. I just totally did that wait. I forgot to do something that was very vital to this look. I’m gonna get an angled brush and I’m gonna be using the medium, warm eyeshadow palette and using the black, which is really good bt-dubs and I’m just gonna line my lashline to make it darker see. Then I’m going to smudge it out with a smudge brush. I’ve been using the Urban Decay perversion waterproof fine point pen, so I find it easier to start at the top. I used to do the bottom and then I will connect it from the top, but I find it easier to just hurt bold like that. Then I get the bottom and it’s the hardest part. So I just kind of go like that and make it a little messy they’re, two completely different shapes.
What do I do? Do you see this they’re, both good, but in different ways? What do I do to fix? I’m just I’m a Libra, so I can’t do that. Your own face no Marcos and ask him which one’s better okay, which side is better like the eyeliner. Oh this one, yeah! Okay! Yes, oh my gosh! Thank you! I’m looking eagerly. It’s a doing. Look! Don’t you mean baby goo? Okay, I’m gonna go finish. So I don’t like this. Any more okay eyeliner has been relatively fixed. I’m gonna go charge, my camera and I’m going to pee, I’m gonna pound the lashes and then I’ll be back. So I went ahead and put on mascara and lashes. We used the Urban Decay perversion mascara, and I also used the low lashes in Miami. No I’m going to do my face before I moisturized and put a toner on the moisturizer. I use is the first APD ultra Repair Cream super gigantic. I usually hydrate intone before hand and then after my brows and eyeshadow or whatever I do my actual primer. Today, I’m going to be using the Too Faced hangover primer for the all around base and then I’m also going to use the Clarins instant, smooth perfecting touch. So this is like a pore filling primer, i’m priy, so that’s pretty pricey, but I have different alternatives. So I also like to use the Bobbi Brown vitamin enriched base as the base, and with that I typically use the Tasha skin Perfector or I will use the milk DRO grip primer for the base and then the winky looks whipped cream primer or my t-zone. Of course and stuff, I also use the Urban Decay rebound spray, just any other priming sprays. I really like, because I want to be super moisturized, because I use the Fendi foundation. I typically spray those two sprays after I do my regular primers. I just need okay, and then I use my favorite foundation to ever exist, which is the fenty one. I’m in shade 120 is a little too pink for me. So I mix in the Laura Mercier flawless readiness perfection foundation. I have forgot to put my hair back. The Fendi foundation is really misunderstood, because if you don’t prep your skin correctly, it’s probably not gonna work. For you, it’s like every time. I do make a tutorial. I always talk about it. It’s just my ride-or-die. If you will, I’m gonna use the hardest? Morogo palette cream, contour, shade and blend that I’m just going to use the Born This Way Concealer I used for my eye base I like to use a really moisturizing concealer, underneath this one, because it’s really dry, but I read the other one I typically use.
So I’m just gonna use this For today it probably will be adding more concealer and nobody can stop me Concealer is just the most important part and if I don’t have enough, I feel sad, I’m looking down so increase I use this for a micro smooth light powder 0-5 I also sometimes use the Charlotte Tilbury powder Tilbury, but it’s very pricy and this is cheaper and it works pretty much the same and I’m going to apply that where I applied the concealer, not all over My face because that’s not necessary so after you, my pressed powder, I think my favorite powder to bake with is the milk makeup loose powder, the best powder I’ve ever used Okay So in that clip of me listening to sue me by Sabrina carpenter, I basically just bronze and wipe off my fake I use the fancy Beauty bronzer in shady B’s, which is the best bronzer in the Ruiz distance Just and now I’m gonna do blush, which is one of my third parts You use the Sephora colorful blush This is love at first sight and I bring it up to about here I like a lot of blush and then I tap off the sponge and I press that access powder underneath my under eye to basically to just brighten it or highlight I use the Fenty Beauty kilowatt and the lightning dust and the fire crystal and then on the My inner corners and on my nose, I use the artists key to pull away I use the Urban Decay, all nighter spray or setting spray, and then I’m gonna go ahead and do my lower lash line really quickly and then I’m gonna be back In till now sure, because my camera’s anti, I said, feel rude I’m gonna link all of the products down below I’m gonna list them all down below get everything on Sephora If you want to buy anything, but I used oh whatever Rajjo firm, eyebrow gel, I use the milk makeup one I guess it clearly yeah and everything’s available up sephoracom or in stores If you want for the new Sephora collection, I love palettes I will also put those in the link in my description: they’re really really good, especially for the price they’re, not price Yet all thank you guys for watching I hope you guys enjoyed it Thank you I hope you have an amazing day or night or whatever thanks watching

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