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US dollar tree DIY farmhouse autumn decoration creativity 2019

1 Nov , 2019  

Hi everyone, my name, is Jess and welcome to my show. Okay. you say Dollar Tree da 1 fold. The court is, I am so happy how this project Turner.. You can give me a big thumbs up because it really helps to support my channel and if you are new here and you liked my home decor trash to treasure, make sure to subscribe to my channel and very, very, very important, please let me know in the comments down below which project was your favorite and let’s get started.
I don’t have any just a mechana, never misses, oh boy, yes, therapy and oh, is that the conspiracy law, firm house – oh, these are no material, is mythology, but i crei I’ll go get another question, we can unstick a Christian. The hemisphere is no karate. If there was a little white where the Casilla, the God II lost, touch with treasure the horizontal to free winter, we cannot eat a thousand for something, and I ask you: what is a company time? I wrote this because in Hispanic, it’s okay, let’s follow the know. The typical OS kzo soowo know everybody has, you know coming today still apart in Abajo. Well, this is our projector for the favorita e, a okay guys. So for the first project, I will use this plastic pocket from the Dollar Tree. I think they bring two or three in a single package for just one dollar. They sell them in many colors, and this was the one I god, but I really needed in white, so I will be painting it with my a white semi gloss spray paint from there. I will be using black acrylic paint and with a sponge I will be rehiring the edges of the pocket to create an enamel look and I will be painting the bottom, the top in the handle of my bucket in black color. Then I will begin to stick the solitary letter stickers in black color. You can write whatever you want to your pocket and I’m going to write the word pumpkin in the center of my pocket.
At the top. I hit the phrase form fresh and at the bottom. I just stick the price of my pumpkins. It’s super easy and simple to do, but you should try to stick the letters as straight as possible. Then I just put some foam inside the pocket. This is just like foam that I already had on hand. I will use this pumpkin filler from the Dollar Tree. That brings like three pumpkins hanging from the branch and I’m going to be putting three of this pumpkin fillers in the foam inside a bucket and trying to accommodate each branch to make it look good. Finally, I just put this Spanish moss to fill the pocket and cover that the foam is not visible guys. This will be the result of our press. I love it. I really like it and I think it’s super cute and it’s very very, very easy to do. Okay for our second project, I will be using this large, solitary pumpkin son, and I will be carefully removing this leaf to be able to reuse it in another project. This project is inspired by a galvanized pumpkin decor that I saw on Hobby Lobby and it was super expensive and I will be remaking it on a budget, I’m going to paint the back of the pumpkin with my metallic spray paint. So the first thing I’m going to be doing is painting the sign with the UH Peter gray, color and a brush, and I will be applying it to the pumpkin, creating stings. And then I put my acrylic white paint in the same way and as I always said, you can go back and forth between the colors until you get the galvanized. Look that you like now, I’m going to create slots in the pumpkin You just need a ruler and a black marker and I’m going to draw dashes lines trying to keep them straight and with the same space of separation in the whole pumpkin guys I want to let you know that I finally have a PA box and you can Send me letters or anything you want, because I really love knowing about you so here in the screen.
Now with a pencil, I will mark two curved lines to the pumpkin from there I’m going to use the burnt armored color, and this spawned that, oh, my god I leave the link from where I get mines and I’m just gonna try to make this piece Look a bit older and I’m going to focus on the edges of the pumpkin and the curved lines that we draw in the center of the pumpkin And I’m also going to put a little bit of pain in each slot That we draw to have a little bit more dimension from there I will use for fall leaves and I will be painting them with the same burnt, umber color and let them dry and also going to be using this Dollar Tree metal Welcome sign I just need the part that says, welcome and I’m going to cut the rest and I’m going to be painting it with my burnt umber color as well, but it’s dry I will be sticking a piece of white paper on the back of the welcome sign so that the letters are going to pop out Now I’m going to glue the leaves on the top of the pumpkin, with my hot glue gun and I’m going to make a bowl with my Buffalo Shack ribbon that I think I get on my calls on clearance, I’m not sure um, just to give it a Nice touch to my pumpkin and finally, I just have to paste the welcome sign in the center of the pumpkin with my hot glue gun, and this will be the result of my second Rogerson Oh my god guys What do you think I really like it? You know that I love governor’s things but creating this lurid galvanized metal pumpkin Oh my god, I just think, looks amazing Forgive me eight victims up for these two projects I see you this Sunday with my five minutes

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