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Use my makeup on the back of the drawer. Sophora japonica

30 Sep , 2019  

Hi guys welcome back to my youtube channel, where, basically, I I don’t know, I was just sitting there thinking, there’s so much makeup in my makeup: drawers and there’s so much stuff at The back that I don’t even like know what is at the back of my drawers because I never reach it. I never use it. However, I did Google this and after I’d filmed the clips of me picking my makeup, I was like. I just want to check that. No one else has done this. A couple of people have done this.
I think Emily. No is it Emily? No I’m Emily Noel has done this in the past, like nothing can be original on YouTube anymore. It’s so hard to come up with the original ideas, then I’m gonna get rid of it. Because what is the point of it just saying there do nothing, so I’m just gonna insert the little clip of me getting my hand, scraped along the side, the back of my drawers trying to pick out these products. Okay, yes, I’m still wearing my dressing-gown, but this is where I keep like the majority of her makeup products in these Alex nine drawers and by the way, the reason I never do a makeup collection is because everything is a mess. Let’s just give you like a little sneak preview, yeah, okay, this is what’s on top of this drawer. I also keep the stuff in these drawers as well. I’ve got like the bigger drawers, but because everything is such a mess, I’m gonna pick stuff from the very back. This one has got my primers and then concealers in it. So I guess for my primers it’s a little bit. I don’t know it’s a bit more difficult to pick right from the back, because what is right at the back here is my concealers. I do have some primers at the back here. Okay, that’s a pressed powder. I don’t know what that’s doing man, you don’t work for primers, I’m just gonna have to draw like this. I’m gonna close my eyes and just pick one this okay. So this one is Lottie London. This is my foundation drawer. I can’t even reach, although into the back here, why do these drawers move all the way back? This is a lot more difficult than I thought my husband stopped this in a minute. Okay, I’ve got the Rimmel lasting finish foundation. I haven’t used this in ages and concealer is in this pot here. Oh my god, please excuse this broken thumb now, look so ugly! This is one by miss sporty the insta Glo liquid concealer. Then let my powders it in hair. I’ve also got some more foundations, but these are more like foundations that I use regularly. So that’s, okay! This is the collection sheer loose powder last time I use this. It was too dark for me, but I’m gonna give it another go.
So I keep my bronzers and blushes and contours in this drawer here. As you can see, it is a absolute mess. So if I go to the back you okay, this looks like it’s gonna be way too dark. For me, I try to find a contour as well. I guess: okay, it’s the collection, contour highlight and sculpt palette for blush. I’m gonna go for this one which I picked out a minute ago, because I did pick it from the back and it was a blush instead of a bronzer, so I may as well just use this highlight is gonna, be an interesting one. I can’t even fit my hand at the back of this drawer. Oh my god, I used to absolutely love this highlighter palette feel kind of bad that there’s so much lot Ilan doing. That’s just been shoved to the back of my drawer. I’m sorry! I have all my drugstore ones and okay done all of us doing a head. These are my drugstore palettes, but I think I’m gonna go for this drawer because it’s more overly full I’m gonna go for this. I think it’s a morphe palette. Oh, my god, I haven’t used this in forever. This is my custom makeup, geek eyeshadow palette. So this drawer is like glitters and individual eyeshadows glitter liners and what is this collection glam crystals, liquid eyeshadow? I don’t even think I’ve ever I used that then eyebrow staff and eyeliners are in here you probably can’t even see, but originally it was colored pencil, ila, eyeliners and here black pencil liners and then liquid, liners and then bra stuff was in a pot of the Front but everything is just kind of mixed together: let’s go for a liquid eyeliner, well they’ll! Let you feel the same all night for a better okay, so we’ve got the zoeva cat eye pen and then for brows. How we’re gonna do this? I guess I break down this one. Okay, this is the Maybelline tattoo brow pen most take something come over this side. Okay, this is the Miss sporty happy brow kind of want a pencil as well. Of course I get the Poundland one, then my mascaras are in this one. Okay, this is the Urban Decay Naked perversion, mascara. Alright, I’m just gonna do this right. We’ve got a dark brown lip liner from makeup revolution. Then my lipsticks are in here. This is most of them. There’s also some more in this one, but I think, like this is my main lipstick drawer. So it’s just doing lucky dip. Okay, we have this, which is the NYX powder puff thing.
Okay, I’ve decided that to make this extra fun, I’m gonna pick a random beauty sponge from the bottom of this box. This, oh, no. I think this was either a l’oreal or NYX one which I did in particular. I don’t know why I still got it, but we’ll use it anyway. So for starters, we have the Lottie London Bay primer before anything else, illuminating primer. This is a water-based primer enriched with vitamin E. I have tested this once before by honestly cannot remember for the life of me. Why thought of it? It’s like a pink liquid. Let’s see if it does illuminate my skin. Oh it smells kind of like the Revlon Colorstay foundation. If you guys know what that smells. Like okay, because I said it was illuminating, I was slightly worried that it was gonna like have glitter in or something, but it doesn’t it’s just it just kind of felt like a moisturizer. To be honest, I’m just gonna put a tiny bit more because my skin is feeling dry this morning. I have no idea why, if there are any new light makeup products that you guys have seen that I’ve launched recently that you want me to test. Let me know I do want to test the image nation and Lahti London collaboration, so I have to get my hands on that, but if there’s any other launches that you’ve seen that you want me to try, then we know I’m not looking forward to this sponge Foundation is the Rimmel lasting finish 25 hour foundation. I have got the shade at light porcelain, which I’m hoping is going to be okay, so I’m just taking one pump of this. It’s quite a thick foundation, the sponge that I’ve picked out. I absolutely hate because it’s so hard and I feel like it, absorbs a lot of product. I can’t remember what brand this is either way. I don’t like it and there’s no point me linking it anyway, because trust me, you wouldn’t want to buy this. Oh, it’s just so hard and it just doesn’t blend very nicely. You know I, like my makeup, sponges to feel like a soft fluffy marshmallow, not like I’m hitting myself in the face with a rock. You know what I mean. I just feel like. It’s so goes up way too much product and with other sponges. I just get a much nicer finish like. I know for a fact that this foundation is higher coverage than this. I’m gonna put on another layer, then for concealer I have the Miss sporty liquid. Concealer in instantly on a wait, the name of the concealer is it insta, glow concealer. I have the shade 0:01 radiant light. Oh my god, why is it purple? I think I must have used this for a cut crease or something. I don’t remember the last time.
Oh, my god, I don’t remember the last time I use this, but I’ve clearly used it over the top of a shadow because it’s coming out pink. I have no idea how much coverage this concealer has. So I’m just gonna put on quite a decent amount. It’s not she not bad. Where do you feel like with this wonder? I’m gonna have a black eye when I wake up in the morning. You know what that concealer is not bad. It’s not like full coverage, but I wasn’t really expecting it to do anything because I’ve tried some of these types of concealers before where they literally have zero coverage, and they just give a bit of like glow under your eyes. I’Ll give it that it does have some coverage. Oh thank god. I’m done with this lunch. Now it’s a full powder. I have the collection sheer loose powder in the shade too translucent. I seem to remember that I had this powder, then I got rid of it because it was too dark for me. so I rebuilt it and then since then it’s just been sitting in the back of a drawer. The thing is, it’s supposedly translucent, but it’s really not. You are about to witness it kind of just comes out, yellow and it clings to random places as well like I’ve got random patches of yellow. Do you see what I mean? Maybe you would like this. If you had slightly darker skin than me, but I think I don’t know it just doesn’t really pair well with my foundations, my forehead still looks the same color that it did before, but my under eyes and patches of my cheeks have just gone really yellow, then, For my contour, I’ve got another product, my collection, which is the highlight and sculpt contour care. I used to actually quite like this. It’s just very dark, so you need the tiniest amount. The mirror, though, like come on as if anyone can see their face in that mirror. I can see one eye okay, so I’m gonna take my brush and really tap off the excess, because this is dark. I think you know what I’m gonna leave it there for contour and then move on to bronzer, because I feel like just both of these together are way too dark. For me, this is the Lottie London tan time at bronzer. I think they’ve just got one. Oh no, this is the shade medium dark. Okay, thank God is not like super pigmented. My favorite type of bronzers are actually ones that don’t pick up that much pigment because then they blend a lot better. Actually, you know what that doesn’t.
Look bad in the viewfinder and as always, so if goes overboard with the bronzer, because I like to pretend that I’m tanned, when I’m actually not and full blush. I have this, which is the me my at first blush in the shade temptation.. I seem to remember I quite like this, so I’m gonna give it another. Go it look. She looks untouched, yeah. Okay, that’s actually such a pretty blush color, it’s kind of like a peachy pink and it’s got the tiniest bit of shimmer and I think, but really not very much at all, then for highlighter, oh, my god. I used to love this palette and obsess over it. I haven’t used this in forever. This is another one by Lottie, London. This is the shimmer squad, highlighter palette and I used to love. Okay, as you can see this shade right here. I think this palette is only a tenner as well and it’s so high. So I’m gonna dip into that shade that I used all the time which is called the good girl. I would actually use this palette in at least a year, and I’m not gonna lie like it is blinding, but it is picking up quite a lot of texture on my face. I don’t remember it doing that before is so pretty, though, like look at that glow, then I’m also gonna take this onto my brow bone. Okay, not bad! I mean it’s definitely not like my favorite formula of highlighter ever, but I think for 10 pounds. This is such a good buy. Okay for my eyebrows, I pulled out a few products, miss sporty Studio, lash, happy brow, styling gel in the shade medium brown. I’ve got the Maybelline tattoo brow micro pen in medium brown, and then I’ve got the Poundland makeup gallery. Eyebrow pencil in brown, so I’m gonna start with this brow tattoo and see if I can get any more ink out of it, because I seem to remember it dried up really quick before so. Okay right we’ve got some strokes. The first strokes were always fine, but then, as soon as you try to do the rest of your eyebrow, it would just kind of get stuck and stop making any pigment it’s like as soon as it touches your skin. It’s just like no I’ve run out of product um, something I’m gonna go in with the Miss sporty brow gel just to make them a bit darker whoa, that’s a big brush and then just to define them a tiny bit more. I’m going to use the brow pencil, I’m not even joking to you right now. I think this is gone moldy, I’m already hoping you can see this right now. It’s got like gray, blue stuff on it. What the hell is that actually mold, I’m confused. Let’s just try and wipe it off, I’m gonna use it anyway. I wiped the mold over my hand.
Maybe it’s not even mold somebody please time with it. It’s not mold. So those are my eyebrows done. I feel like they look very kind of the wrong color. Okay, then, for my eyes I have got this palette, which is a costume makeup, geek palette, full of individual makeup, geek eyeshadows. I have not used this in at least two years, maybe okay, so I’m gonna start with creme brulee, which is this one. Oh, my god, this is all coming back to me. Creme brulee is basically like a really light transition. Shade, I’m gonna do something purple. I’ve got purple eyeshadows in here. Why not so I’m gonna taking this shade, which is called unexpected? I don’t know why I ever picked that out. It’s like a cool toned, lilac purple. Have I ever worn it probably not, but we’re gonna use it anyway, as a transition, everyone used to rave about makeup, geek eyeshadows. I never really see people use them anymore. Next, I’m gonna take this one, which is called bitten. I can’t believe that I had to pick that up to look at it, because that used to be such a popular shade. I’m gonna take a slightly smaller brush and I’m gonna put this on my outer corners. What doesn’t look at the same as in the pan, what the heck the shade has gone so dry? Maybe I should try a different brush. What the hell this is going so weird on my eyelid, it’s going like flaky, I mean I could be because it’s like that, I may be four years old. No I’ve gotta match the other eye. It just don’t already come out. Like you see, I mean that’s so odd, I’m going to take this one, which is like a dark cool, toned purple drama queen. This is a shimmer, but I don’t have like a darker matte purple, so we’re just gonna go for this one and I’m gonna. Oh, my god. This was a mistake. I don’t know whether it’s cuz these eyeshadows aren’t as good as I remember, or maybe they’ve just kind of gone off. Cuz then probably out of date not different brush. Okay, that’s looking a little bit better, I’m just now gonna try and match the other eye. This shade has got so much fallout. Is it actually like hurting my eyes to try and blend it? I guess to be fair because it is a shimmer. It’s not gonna blend out as easy as Matt’s, but it’s like I’m getting like friction burns on my eyelids okay, oh my god, okay, I’m being so dramatic! We’Re like it’s just not I’m not having a fun time right now.
Okay, I think that’s probably about the best that I can do with trying to blend that shade out foiled eyeshadows um. They were stunning. I’ve got this purple one here, which maybe you know what maybe we use that it’s called mesmerised and again it’s kind of like a cool toned purple. I’m gonna try it on a brush, but I think this works better on on my finger for sure. Oh, oh, my god, Wow okay, even on a brush that is so pretty, but I’ve just realize I’ve got fallout all over my face good of me. This is with my quite a soft brush as well. It’s not even like a super dense brush. That’s so nice, look at that. Okay, I can still safely say that these foiled eyeshadows are really nice. Actually, the I’m actually, then just gonna add a bit of in the spotlight, which is like a peachy pink and I’m just gonna put a Thai bit of this on the very center just to like brighten up a little bit. That’s pretty and then gonna take the same purple shades just on my lower lash line and then on my inner corners. I’m gonna use this shade, which is called shimmer shimmer. Does anyone remember this because it oh my god, it used to be so popular, and that is why so, I think over well, I’ve got a pretty decent look. I don’t know I think we’ve been to get rid of some of these eyeshadows because I don’t use them at the same time. I just like a hot bear to part with it, because there’s so many in here, so if the liquid liner, I’m using these Arriva cat eye pen in black box, actually seem to remember this being quite good but I’ve you only used it a couple of times. I mean, to be honest, the reason being is because I will use an eyeliner. I will put it back in that eyeliner drawer and then I will never see it again because it gets lost. That was my phone, not yours. Okay, it’s a pretty nice eyeliner. It’s not super liquidy, it’s a little bit dry, but it could be because I’ve had it for a while just sitting in my drawer, then for mascara I’ve got the Urban Decay perversion. I actually used to really like this mascara. I just haven’t used it in ages. It’s even my so if you use it with the mascara primer as well, I think the reason I haven’t used this in a while is because I found that after like wearing it all day, it transferred onto my face a bit: it’s not my favorite mascara era. Ever but it is pretty good right now. I feel like it’s not doing much for my lashes. Where did I get it here and then? Finally, we have the lips for my lips I’ve got the revolution lip liner in the shade Glory, which is literally a dark brown.
This needs a sharpen and then my lipstick is the NYX powder puff lippy in the shade pop quiz I haven’t worn a dark lip in ages and I don’t think this is gonna go with the eyes If you also really fancy, can you imagine if I just left it there and went out like this? It’s really pretty I forgot to use my cream eyeshadow damnit Let me just go in with the lip product How does this even come out thick Wow he’s much really well This is a lot brighter red than I thought we was gonna be used I can kind of blend it with this sponge It’s pretty much just come out red hasn’t it Oh This just looks so bad, so the eyeshadow is okay, it’s not my favorite and I think it’s dark on this either knit is on this side The highlighter is nice The brow stuff was a bit too warm quite like to the foundation and concealer I’m just gonna get up a question of the day As always, if you have any questions that you want to ask me about anything at all, leave them down below with the hashtag of question of the day Oh okay, this one is interesting It comes from Nathalie ncar and she said Is it true that influences only show products that you have been paid by a company to show, for instance, when you’re doing get ready with me and casually use products? Have those products been part of a money transfer at some point, I really want to trust that bigger bigger influences are genuine, but it’s super hard to do because of the shadiness about sponsorships um I know for a fact that in the UK that is definitely not true, and if anyone is doing that in the UK, then it is highly illegal, because at the moment, if anything is sponsored, you have to disclose it I think America’s laws must be different, because there is a particular youtuber that I watched their vlogs I’m not gonna say who it is, but they are part of quite a popular duo on YouTube and she always mentions products in her vlogs which are clearly sponsored which she doesn’t disclose, that they’re sponsored and I’m just like what are you doing anyway? That is it from me leave them down below in the comments, if you aren’t already subscribed, we’d love to have you,

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