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Use only child / Claire’s make-up for the full face! Sophora japonica

1 Nov , 2019  

. I know you guys have been requesting this so so much. I have been dying to film it. I have just been so busy this week, like I’ve been to summer in the city, which was amazing, and I have a blog, which is should be going up today or might already be up when you’re watching this by finally filming this view. Today – and this is the testing. Actually, I think another gum I’ve started at first. I will link both their channels down below and yeah. It seemed like such a fun challenge.
You guys were requesting this so much. I hit up the Claire’s website and have a look in a sale and ordered some stuff, and this is the look that I’ve come up with so without further ado.. Is this eclairs BB cream, and this is enly shade at light? I’m pretty sure they only had two shades, and this was the only kind of foundation or kind of base thing on the website. I don’t even think they had two concealer everything I got was on sale by the way, which was good. There was a big plus. They also took advantage of that, and this was 2 pound at 52. So if this works, it’s gonna be a pretty good. Bargain I’m just gonna put this on my face with my fingers. I think, and I want to keep the kind of big Brush cleanness that I can use it for powder yeah. This is just like moisturizer, I feel like I’m putting Sun cream all over my face. Okay, so I don’t really feel like that gave me much coverage at all. I’m actually gonna put another layer on and see if it’s buildable at all. I think this is actually like too light for me, which is a very, very rare, I’m going to try it and double this up as a concealer and kind of Pat it under my eyes and see if it will give me any more coverage. It’s quite a nice formula, though, like it’s a pretty nice BB cream, I think, but it just doesn’t have very good coverage was obviously like when you’re a child. You don’t really need coverage because you tend to have really good skin when you’re younger. Somehow the more I part my nose, the more red it’s going, so I’m just gonna leave that and move on to powder so for powder. They didn’t have any powders like on the website. So I’ve got this big set, which said that it comes with a powder in it and it’s this big purple set that opens out like this, and this was also on sale.
I think it was reduced okay, so, on the back of it it says it’s 22 pounds which you could get a proper decent eyeshadow palette for 20 pounds, but this was on sale for 12 pounds. I think okay, so that is a lot of eyeshadows. It has all these eyeshadows and then there’s a bit plastic, and then you slide these bits out: okay and then there’s some powders, I’m not sure which one is supposed to be the setting powder cuz. That looks like a blush to me because it seemed as though there isn’t actually a powder in there there’s only blush powders and highlight powders, I’m just going to use my new look powder and I’m using this kids makeup brush to do so. I guess the brush that like drop, is actually three pounds and comes with five little brushes. It comes with this um powder brush, which is actually really cute. It’s like turquoise and polka dot love it’s two, two of them aren’t spotty and two of them are spotty. These are the other four brushes there’s like an eyebrow brush, which actually looks like a pretty good one, and then it’s got to like eyeshadow brushes, which are not blending brushes at all and then a brow brush. So I think I’m going to do my eyebrows and all and again there were no eyebrow products like in the kids makeup section, so I’m gonna have to use one of these eyeshadows, but all of the brown eyeshadows here are shimmery. There is one matte brown eyeshadow. Okay, this has pigment, it’s very um, wrongly matched to my eyebrow color, but it is pigmented. I look at this pigment like I’m getting from this. It’s so warm toned. That is one one toned eyebrow know what I’m actually really impressed with his eyebrow brush like it’s really thin. It’s working really well, okay, so we have some brows. They are very warm um, but that actually worked pretty well that eye shadow was really pigmented right. So I’m gonna move on to eyeshadow and there’s a lot of colors in here like a lot of colors, and I think I’m gonna stick more to this side. I think I’m going to use this right pink color here and the color beneath it.
Using this flat brush, which is not blendable battle, oh it kind of hurts to use it. It’s quite a solid stiff brush, okay, so the pigmentation on this is actually pretty good. I mean there’s no makeup gate, but it’s it’s not bad! Oh dear, I’m not very blendable, oh my goodness. This is already going wrong. I’m going to try and use this too, but Oh should’ve done my eyebrows after I’d done my eye shadow okay, so I think I’m gonna go for the matte brown color that I’ve used in my eyebrows and I’m gonna put this in my crease and, Like out of 82, like darken things up a bit, so the brown color that which is using was this one here or just are my fingernail, it nice and I’m going to use this like powerful way, which one this one yeah this purple color here and a Bit of this purple color here I just have my nail in again: oh I just realized. I have another brush. I have this bigger brush. I can use that to blend. I just dip my brush in the black just because I just have to see how pigmented this is. Okay, that’s actually pretty pigmented! Oh well! That’s that’s too big Mattila! I do I’ve ruined it. I’ve ruined it, but it’s not blending man. This blending is a struggle. So I’m taking the pink color from earlier, and I’m just gonna run this on my lower lash line. I fell. Oh, this is turning into like a Halloween. Look. I don’t even know there is some really pretty looking like pink sparkly eyeshadows here, I’m gonna swatch, all of them to see which one is going to be best okay, so this one is really pigmented is really kind of chalky. I’m going to go for the pale is kind of shimmery whoa. This is like the palest pink color and the parlor, and it’s very sparkly. Actually, I was not expecting it to be that sparkly, it’s very kind of ball arty in chalky, but it’s got a lot of glitter in this okay. I guess I’m then going to go in with some of the kind of darker purple color and I’m also going to smoke this along my lower lash line. Then I’m putting some more of that purple on my outer corner. Why not so in this set of wonderfulness? It also has an eyeliner eyeliner pencil, it’s called mascara and it’s got a lip pencil.
Oh, I just noticed as brushes in here I could use this guy as my blend out brush, so it’s very stiff so when it said that it came with like a mini island and mascara, I wasn’t quite expecting them to be this small, but it’s okay. We can work with it, I’m going to use the liquid eyeliner at first and I’m hoping the brush is going to be. Okay. Some of the bristles on the end are like too long, I’m just going to snip that off. That is actually really black. You actually have to be joking me like how I cut off, just as I started doing this eyeliner and I didn’t notice and I’m just I’ve just done like nearly finished my eyeliner and I haven’t even been recording, but I was really just about to finish this Wing – and it is so difficult with you guys that could have gone worse, but it could have also gone a lot better. This brush is very hard to use it separates as you use it. So it’s hard to get like a really precise point. It was really pigmented, so this is the smallest mascara I’ve ever seen in my entire life. It’s like the size of my eyes. Okay, the brush is actually a pretty normal size. Okay is a bit small on average, but I can deal with that. Not bad Claire’s, not bad. The formula is very wet, so it keeps getting on my like eyelid by well, not gonna lie. This mascara is actually better than most of the ones that I’ve tried in these. I’m quite happy with how the eyes look right now, but I don’t think you’d be able to really tell this is kids makeup a lot from the fact that it didn’t blend very well, and you can still see the veins on my eyelids, but To be honest, quite bad, there is a variety of different things in here that isn’t bronzer. There is a highlight which actually, oh my god, this looks like it’s going to be. An amazing highlight there is a blush here and then there’s a load of rushes in the bottom, and then this is supposed to be a bronzer, but it to me this looks like a freaking jeffree star highlight and the pale one as well like what okay. So I’m going to use the slightly darker one as my bronzer but as we all know, I’m not good at contouring or stop focusing look How shiny is like a golden strip on my face, so I’m now gonna use a blush.
I don’t really know what one to go for like to be honest Some of these colors look really pretty I think I’m gonna go for this one Why do I keep stabbing my nails and almost I’m like seriously? I need to calm down It looks like it’s really pigmented, oh god, I look like a clown help What do I do now? Oh dear? Oh, do I look like a clown, so that was way more pigmented than I was expecting and now my cheeks look crazy, but I’m gonna go in with a highlight and I’m so Oh, my god, look up minted Claire’s, my friend, you have done an excellent job on this I mean I’m pretty sure most like children are going to know what highlight is, but this is pretty good The final stage is the lips, and I went for this Lip crayon – and this is in Italy, shade nude I think I think it’s just called nude and does this twist up? Oh it twists up, that’s actually pretty cool right, so I’m gonna put this Oh, I just broken it Okay, oh, it smells really weird It won’t like go on the corners of my lips That one is not my favorite I think what I might do is apply, or one of these colors from this kit over the top of it I’m gonna cover this brownie color here, okay, so that’s better! Color this brush has the tiniest handle in the world like it’s really hard to control where you’re putting it eventually feel like I’ve just had Botox My lips are so like, so this is it the finished? Look What are you first think yeah? No, I’m pretty happy with all this done out If you did make sure you give it a big thumbs up, let me know down below what you think, because to be honest, I am pretty impressed with how this turns out We see if you guys, aren’t already subscribe to my channel and you have enjoyed this Then it would be great if you would subscribe and join this little YouTube family, because that would make me its super happy So yeah subscribe, if you want to, if you hate my face I hope you guys are having a great day and I’ll see you guys in my next one bye, hi guys as you can tell from the side so

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