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Use only children’s make-up for the whole face! |Rosie McClellan

1 Nov , 2019  

Hey guys, it’s Rosie and today I’m doing the kids makeup challenge. I’m going to try to do a full face only using kids makeup, I’m not actually old enough to wear real makeup. Yet so my mom went out and bought as much kids makeup as you can find. I haven’t actually seen any of the makeup yet so, let’s see what we’ve got, I’m going to brush my hair with this Choose happy holographic brush. Next, i’m going to choose one of these hair bags to put my hair up, so I don’t get any makeup in mine, so I think I’m going with this bloomin go type one because it’s quite colorful, so my hair is brushed antibac.
Let’s start with the makeup: first, I’ve seen on a lot of tutorials that you use primer and I don’t even know it’s for, but I think it’s for like a good base of your makeup, so I think it’s in this one cuz. I saw like a tube that said base products. Here we have a Beauty Blender, which is quite hard and we’ve got a highlighter and this think it’s a contour. Stick. Yes, a contour stick! So I’m going to use this primer and I’m going to use this beauty. Blender because I think that’s what you put primer on with I’m not sure, oh, that comes out boss that feels so cold, I’m not sure I’m infinite everywhere on your face, so I think I’m done with the primer. The next thing from what I’ve seen my mom do is, I think it’s concealer, but I don’t know why kids still sell this, because I don’t think kids need to put concealer on but we’ll try it anyway. I don’t know how much I need to put on it, so I’m just gonna come out like that. I think that’s. I think that should be I’m going to use the same piece blender as I need to try MA and but I’m going to use the other side of it. It won’t blend in I put too much on so I don’t think how is meant to put that much on, but it won’t really learn drop me doesn’t matter. This is probably why kids shouldn’t wear concealer, because they don’t have that much strength to dab it in. Why Len I’m basically going to wipe most of it or having to move on, so I think I am done with that. After all that concealer, I now look like a panda, so I think I need some bronzer to brighten up my face. So first I’d like to look at me up for milking it this any in here, so this it says it all in the back. So that looks like so this is the like pack kind of makeup set. It’s got like the mild bronzer night, blusher, sorry and a darker tone, blusher, and then this one looks like a bronzer, but I don’t think is because it’s all sparkly – and it looks like quite in dark highlights – are sorry but there’s motive like a brushes.
So I think I might use them right up. These are eyes shadows, but I think NASA bronzer. So I’m going to use that and I’m going to use this is such a cool brush. It’s like a tomb. Is it to anyone? It’s so so it’s like a place, so it’s a Beautyblender and the brothers are brought on top of that. I love the bills of new brushes. I can see all the dark, like all the front rooms are going us are you. I don’t think I meant to put it under my eyes, I put so much concealer. I think I’m me too, I’m just going to put it all over my face and I think that’s where you’re meant think I’m done with no brothers up up. Next, I think, is the blusher, because I need to add some color onto my face, so that’s the color blusher. I saw a few brushes in yeah. Now I’m going to use this palette again, they’re, like my old plants and dogwood festival. So I think I might be done with with the blusher. I think it’s time for the eyes, because that’s the really fun part and I’m going through this look because it looks like paint has been like splatting into her eyes and it kind of looks like a rainbow that and it’s not going to be easy. So just try it think those brushes I’m gonna use. Yes, panic! I reckon that’s dark and notice. This doesn’t really show up that much. I can’t review it’s here, so I’m going in with a darker purple, yeah cuz. I never use the types of brushes with them inside the crease is like a dark purple. Okay, so I think I’m done with that, and now I’m just going to do some other colors, I’m now I’m going to actually look the color in and I’d like to do this, like gray blue, this bright, pink like this hot, pink color. This really like bright purple and write it screaming and all that there you go yay, so I’ve got like the hot, pink color and it’s going up my eyes and I’m going for this creamy type color, putting it over the top to make it that I’m putting It’s like darker color, because this kids makeup it doesn’t really sharp because it doesn’t have that much pigment. So I’m just going to like keep on swirling ever then it like shows up a bit more. I’ve got the blue, which is kind of showing up and it’s kind of like a rainbow effect.
You might not see on the camera, but it looks like it’s like a light pink and then it’s like a blue into a purple color. Yes, I think it’s quite nice now I’m going to do like a lighter color, which is the Wi-Fi. I think that looks quite nice, so I think I’m done over there. So my eye shadow is now done and I’m not going to touch my eyebrows because I’m Way too young for that. But once I did begged my mom to shape one of my eyebrows – and she did with these like this homemade like waxing kit and it hurts. So much and I never want to do it again, but my mom said I can’t do it into 1:16 anyway. Next up is the these eyelash curlers and Siam might scared Finney’s because I’ve never used eyelash curlers before and so it in the cute store. So, let’s just give it a go and hope that I don’t pull all my eyelashes out. He goes I’ll not pick. My skin look look at them. They come I’m gonna start using these. They just make lines in my lip. Unfortunately, it does not work on your lips next up. I think it’s time for these glitter eyeliners. They look like they’re going to be freaking God, you look very pretty and when I was little, I told Taylor Swift that I had glitter glue and she said glitter makes everything better. So I still believe that so the first color is this: like violet purple color and just like a hot, pink color, there’s like a dark blue color like a Christmas greeny colour and a gold color that is box, and you just like the normal black eyeliner. Okay. I think I’m going with a real bright color and I’m going for this no – and I think I might add some like this glittering silver in it. If I can’t get it in. But I’m trying to do that like a twin. But I didn’t like the silver in on top of the blue. I kind of liked it, but now I’m going to move on to the sparkles. I think that’s as good as it gets. Next is mascara, and I know how to put ombre my dad would never let me wear out, but this is the scar it says mascara like really really tiny. I think that’s a word. That’s the mascara. It’s not the best mascara it’s good to mascara is done. So now I’m going to move on to the highlighter and I’m going in this box. Now this like palette – and this is the highlight there – so I’m going mix for the highlighter and I’m using the brush from this. I don’t know how this works Coloring takes a bit of time, not there a lot of time, good highlighter.
Now I look like Cinderella’s elderly sister This is not going to mommy I need help I think that’s the messiest thing I’ve used, so it will take quite a long time to clean up, but I have to keep on bending okay guys we are nearly there So let’s try out some lipsticks and lipglosses I’m going into this palette because it has some lipsticks in it and I’m going to be using one of these two lipstick brushes I think this is like a really nice color If you put a few more layers on it or get to the color, but I’m not going to put that many layers on it My final item is this: setting spray spray, like all of your face, to set your makeup So I’ve never seen anybody use this before, but I’ll give it a go It smells like nail-polish wait It is actually for your face yeah I feels like for your nails It feels wet and calm till it’s really fun to like sperm, your face so like when you’re your friend’s house You can just go Oh, this is what you said like you set your makeup with settings room, that’s it for the kids makeup, but there are three of my favorite items that I would like to show you I’m waiting until I’m old enough to use them First up is my matte lipstick and it’s matte royal It’s like this blue purpley color As you can see, I have not used it yet and I’m really excited or when I’m older, so that I can use it next up It’s my Mac brush and it’s like a small like pocket brush that you can let you pin your pocket to like to touch up your makeup and it’s like a lipstick brush as well and an eyeshadow brush all in one So I really liked that my final favorite item is this lab routine nail varnish and it is my mom So if she finds out that I have it, she will not be happy, but I just wanted to show you it because it’s this like light pink color, and I think it’s really pretty so hopefully she’ll keep it for me One day live of the day, never pump mascara like this, because all the air goes into the sky a bottle and dries off the mascara inside and then you won’t be able to use it and the mascara brush will just be thrive That is a tip okay So today’s been so much fun I hope you, like my kids makeup challenge and I probably don’t look the best I could

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