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Use only NYX cosmetics for the whole face Shani Grimond

1 Nov , 2019  

Hello, my chickens, welcome to my channel, so I’m here with peanut today. I actually don’t know if that’s his name still, but that’s what I call him all the time: hey Tina Tina. the brand that I’m going to be using today is NYX Cosmetics. I only had a few things in my makeup collection that was from NYX. It is a really affordable brand. So I thought why not do a full face and see how it turns out. So I have a bunch of brand new products in front of me and I’m so excited to play around with them.
So if you guys haven’t subscribed to my channel already, I’m going to start out by doing my eyebrows and I’m going to be using the eyebrow cake powder. This one looks really good all the colors look good anyway. So let’s see how it goes. I’m going to start by taking this lighter brown right here and we’re going to make my brows more defined, starting by drawing a line on top of my brows. Oh, my god, this is honestly working it so well. I feel like I’m going to start using this a lot. The pigmentation is really good. It’s really soft and easy to apply on the brows yay we’re off to a good start. I’m so happy with how my brows look right now, so the next step is concealer to conceal, underneath the brows to make them super sharp and also to get rid of all of these things on the eyelids. Don’t want that so I’m taking the above and beyond a full coverage concealer. It was so hard to choose the color for these concealers because they looked a very pink it’s going to wipe all like the excess oil off my eyelid, because all of the concealer usually creases in my natural oils. First impression it is very creamy. So it’s really easy to blend out and then with a really big brush. I’m just going to take this all over. My eyelid, too can’t slap that discoloration. I actually really like the color, I’m not mad at that. It’s definitely covering most things I need covered. I just wouldn’t say as full coverage as like the ones that I usually use like the top shape tape and stuff, but I mean that’s a given because those ones are like three dollars pretty sure this is like 10, I’m just going to use this white eyeshadow Right here to set this down, I always sit down my eye base. Ok, that does look a little bit chalky when I put that down next, I’m going to take this shade right here. This reminds me a lot of the Peach Smoothie by makeup geek. So I’m just going to just add a transition shade. I’m just going to put this right here, so the other colors can blend into it. You guys know the drill and by the way the brush I’m using is a Mac two to four.
it’s just so easy to blend up all of the colors Russe. Next, I’m going to take the highlight and contour palette, and I’m going to pick up at this wormy chocolate kind of brown right here, and this is going a little bit underneath that last shade that we put on. I love this contour palette. This is something that I’ve had for a really long time I reach for it all the next color I’m taking. Is this a really deep, rich brownie black color and I’m taking out a smaller blending brush this one is the Kylie cosmetics one. This is actually really good. It reminds me a lot of like this Sigma. I think it’s like t25, it’s pretty much the exact same like the morphe blending brushes okay. So I’m just going to put this right in my crease kind of scared. This colors really ugly not going to lie yeah. This is vintage like a black with like a hint of brown in it, not what I usually go for, but I’m actually going out tonight like I’m going out for drinks, my friend’s birthday. So if this looks bad um, a milk, bad the whole night, so you can so, I think the lending for quite a while, and it’s not like it’s not bad, like I’m, actually really impressed with the eyeshadow. But it’s definitely not blending as well as like my favorite, like huda, beauty or like, and it stars yeah but like. Obviously these are so much cheaper. I’m just really trying to well in that patch away. But it’s not really going anywhere or we’re gonna have to move on okay. So next I’m going in with this consider again and I’m going to make a cut crease. So I’m just going to form and then you’ll see what I’m doing next, I’m actually really excited for the arch other. So I’m just using a small concealer brush to cut the crease, I’m done with cutting the crease. Now I’m going to choose between these two colors to see what I want on the lid, so we could do a really nice green or a purple, I’m just going to swatch them and see what they look like. Oh, that is such a pretty color holy. Okay. Let’s do this, oh my god that color is amazing, I’m really going to pack it on. So it’s super intense. The eyes may look a little bit weird until we have lashes on, but I think it looks really cool, except for the fact that I’ve really stuffed up the shape of the corners are completely different. That’s okay! So next I’m going in with the angel veil primer. This one is actually really good. It smooths my skin, a lot. I use this one all the time, so I’m just going to go in on a little brush a little wormies.
Then we’re going to blend it and it just makes a safe to look at babied. But oh now, it’s time for the foundation, so I’m taking the stay matte, not flat foundation in the shade zero. True nude, I’m actually so scared, because elderly like five colors there and they did not look like they’re going to match me. So just put me on the back of my hand, it actually does not too bad. I’m going to blend this in up with my B notes or yellow like what’s neither my foundations or eyes really off. What can you do I’ll just introduce myself as Bart Simpson tonight? Oh well, it looks really nice on my skin because medium coverage and it’s blending out really nicely it doesn’t look too cakey. I just wish sorts more colors. I’m sure there is that they just would have stopped them at my tache next, I’m taking the same at but not flat, foundation powder. So, let’s see if this will make my face a little. Yes, like you know, yellow, oh, it feels really silky and it looks like it has a little bit of coverage. So let’s do this God I hit my face so hard when I set my hand open. Oh my god, I didn’t do my concealer. What the that is, so not like me: okay, so quickly doing concealer, I’m hurting it with the powder up too high, oh my god, so I’m going to dip the edge of my Beauty Blender in here. Oh my god that was so intense. I’ve never done that! Oh no, I have a feeling this concealer look really ashy underneath my eyes fully better putting foundation on there. To be honest, now, I’m going in with the NYX to highlight and contour pro palette and I’m going to stay underneath my eyes using this banana shade. I may as well make the rest of my face: yellow is under my eyes daily, like I seriously okay, this concealer, I hate everything about it, even when I did my eyes with it like primed my eyes, it made them really like. Oh, that just looks really gross and like grainy, like it didn’t blend out into like one smooth, color eyes like chunky, I’m actually like really lightly patting down that concealer, and it’s just like blending into nothing. I wouldn’t recommend that anyway, he’s back to the powder might be a little bit under my eye, so we can get rid of that yellowness, a bit cool to be honest, or I like this powder. Actually now, let’s move on to underneath the eyes. So I’m going to pick up that crease color again and I’m just going to take that from outer corner all the way to inner corner and to do that, I’m going to use a large pencil brush now it’s time to set my brows.
So I’m taking the brow mascara and I’m going to shade brunette, I’m just going to brush them straight up. I’ve been loving that look lately on my blog. This works so well. It’s separating every single hair makes it look really full and for the mascara, I’m taking the SRO lashes, I’m just going to pop this on the top and bottom lashes. Oh, my god. I think this has fibers in it. No whore, I hate those mascara is because all the fiber drops onto your cheek throughout the day. It’s really not doing too much to my lashes, like it’s not making them extra long or sick Lisa, it’s making them black, oh okay! So just quickly I’m going to go ahead and add some false lashes. I don’t know if Nick’s Happiny it’s like during they didn’t have any at the target that I was shopping at so I’ll be right back, let’s go back in without contouring palette, so I’m going to take that same crease color. That were you because I love warm turn contour shade, I’m just going to allow people to pop that in my cheekbones, something that I actually really do like you know what so everything that I’ve used so far has been really good, except for the foundation color, not The formula and then the concealer as a whole, because I was so bad like it’s a joke, but everything else looks really good so far. So I’m also going to put this around my hairline as well, because I don’t have a bronzer. So I’m going to really brand up the face with this car. Now it’s time for the blush, I’m taking this one in the shade amber this one’s a really pretty pinky coral shade. So I’m just going to put this on the apples of my cheeks and then blend it back. But since we do have that green going on, I’m only going to put a little bit on virtually pigmented sir a little bit and then for the highlight. I’m going to take it in this color right here. I know you Samba, for actually so I’m super excited holy pigmented. That is really intense. It kind of has like a purple reflex to it so like this. Would work really well on pale skin actually like it, though I might want to actually involve like my face and look as yellowy more ya know, I forgot to use the liquid illuminator. That would have been so good what that highlighter was already intense enough. So, let’s move on mm: why are you making so much noise? Do you think my face? Is too yelling? You said oh, my laughs, then you usually used to sit on my lap sermon. Okay, so the lip liner that I’m using is okay Is that for the retractable lip liner in the shade? Oh Vanilla Sky, there we go so I’m just going to outline my lips.
This is seriously so easy to use I love retractable lip pencils because you have to get a sharpener out It’s just so easy, very impressed I’ve used this for years So now it’s time for the lipstick I’m taking this nude shade It looks really good in the bullet, but when i swatched it at the shop it was like Was it my favorite, but we’ll see how it goes? Oh, it’s just so liquidy, like literally look at the difference of the bullet to that What’s on my lips, this is like foundation This is like a nice nude Well, even if this was a nice color, I feel like this would be one of those lipsticks, such as get all over your teeth, because the formula is so creamy like it’s that creamy that’ll just slide right off So instead I’m going to take the lingerie liquid, lipstick look People say this is really drying, so I don’t know how this is going to go Oh, it’s very strictly When you apply it, it’s very light Okay I would not classify that as a liquid lipstick If that’s, what it’s supposed to be, is it yeah and then? Lastly, I’m going to finish my lips off with the butter gloss in a shade fortune, cookies, I’ve loved all the butter glosses Ever since I was a fetus, it was like one of my first makeup products that I bought I love the shade a creme brulee that one’s my favorite This one is a little bit too left me black eye conditions The only one I’ve got at the moment Don’t know where the other ones are gone I used to have a million Ah, although we’ve got stolen or my house got broken into Last but not least, I’m going in with the NYX Julie finishing a setting spray I’m just going to put this on the sides of my face Okay, so now I’m going to go, fix this situation and I’ll be right back okay So here we have the finished a look maybe some products to buy and maybe some products you should stay away from like the concealer and the foundation color, because It helps me add so much I may go Let me show you my nails I got them done the other day They look so cute yaaaaah um So I’m definitely not wearing this makeup out tonight Like that’s just not happening, I think I’m going to keep the eyeshadow on and then take like everything else off I mean I like the high line that the cheek area, but obviously just like the foundation color and stuff internally clients have anyways I love you guys

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