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Using only children’s make-up to challenge grav3yardgirl

1 Nov , 2019  

Hey everybody it’s funny. Today we are going to be attempting nikkietutorials using kids, only makeup using kids, only using kids makeup only challenge the gist of it is that you go, and you buy a bunch of makeup for kids and do your whole face of makeup. Using only those products. I literally could have gone to Sephora and gotten all this stuff and it probably would have been cheaper. This was over a hundred dollars worth of products, and I literally just got the bare necessities.
We have some amazing stuff to get into today. This has like 200 makeup products in it alone, this blinged out cellphone full of makeup and then my other favourite bit of packaging. Are these weird blinking eyeballs? This is actually like a makeup palette and a keychain. I even have like a janky little Beauty Blender. It’s not fair to call it janky, I’m sure it’s quite lovely. I do want to know, though, why there are lights lips cut into it, though, what’s going on here. Okay, I am about to probably get sassy about some of these products, I’m sure they’re, fine, I’m sure many people in the world use them. That’s why they’re manufactured I, however, am as sensitive as a fresh womb baby. My skin is so sensitive, I’m quite nervous for this, I’m quite nervous that my eyes are gonna start like itching, I use Chanel eyeshadow, sometimes and have a problem with it. Okay, so I’m just saying if I start it’s not I’m not trying to insult you. I swear I’m going to start out doing eyeshadow first, because I don’t think that there is a chance that fallout is not going to be involved. So I want to make sure that I do the eyeshadow before I do the foundation I’m going to try and achieve a camel look, because that is my absolute favorite color also thumbs up. If you want me to attempt the hundred layers of camo challenge, I really want to get in on the hundred something challenge. The only thing I could come up with was a hundred layers of camo. I don’t even know if that’s possible, but hey, hey, hey, hey! You want me to go there I’ll go there. A hundred and twenty eyes shadows lip gloss. It looks like we’ve got some blush options: some highlighters, some contour, you can just go to town with this. This is gonna, be fun honey.
I just feel like these shadows are gonna need a base, so I found this cream eyeliner pencil from the icing and one side is bronzy and then the other side is just a little smudging sponge. The pigment in the color payoff of this is actually Mad. Decent, it does feel very like greasy, though, especially when you blend it out. I would love to know in the comments down below you know. What was your experience with makeup as a child? Were you allowed to wear it? Were you not? If not what age could you start wearing makeup? My parents, always let me wear makeup. I wore like red lipstick in the second grade, I’m not even joking. Oddly enough, my favorite thing to pretend, like my favorite adult thing, to pretend like I was doing when I was a kid, was shaving my legs who pretends just shave they’re, like I hate doing it now, it’s like a chore, but when I was a kid and Like I couldn’t shave my legs yet I was like. Oh that’s me, I’m shaving my legs with my fingernails. I pretended that my fingernails were a razor. I should stop there. This story is just getting weirder and weirder. The more that I try and explain it. Yes, I am also using to brush sets that I got from Claire’s, I’m actually gonna take this little brush and I’m gonna go in it’s so difficult to show you guys the shades, but I’m gonna go in with this like sort of yellowy beige-ish. Looking thing guys, can you imagine like holding this mirror to do your makeup? Maybe I made a mistake with this base, because these eyeshadows actually have a surprising a pigment. Can you see it? Can you see it blending brush? I guess is not in kids makeup vocabulary. So somebody help me because I’m using this super chunky, blush brush and I’m trying to blend out what I just put down every single one of the shadows in this palette is shimmery or glittery or metallic. Next, I’m gonna go in with this sort of brown. Topi literary shimmery bills and I’m just going to try and deepen my crease. Oh my gosh look at how unexpectedly pigmented and dark this shadow is, I don’t even know you guys. I don’t even know – and I was scared – that pigment wasn’t happening now – I’m going to go in with this little brown, beige, gold, color and add a little bit to the outer corner of my eyes and also just to make the crease not so dark a little Bit more blended out, if that’s possible.
Now it is time to use my old friend, even when I started doing my makeup on YouTube. I still use these little sponge eye a pliers blessed, I’m going to go in with a couple of these difference: olive green type of shades and I’m gonna try and make you know the perfect camo colored look here. I’m gonna be just dabbing this on the center of my eyeball and trying to just pack that color on Wow you guys this stuff is so unexpectedly pigmented who knew I am actually surprised by how not bad this looks. I thought it was just gonna be horrendous, but it’s not that bad. It feels awful, but it doesn’t look like the most de crouded thing. I’ve ever put on my face the last step for the eyes right now. I’m gonna go in with this glorious little makeup sponge and I loaded it up with this nice dude. Look at that. Oh, it’s like casting a glowing. Oh wow Wow anyway, I’m gonna put this on the inner corner of my eyes. Looking good, I’m tired of touching my eyes right now, so we’re gonna move on to some other steps, and then you know we’ll put on the mascara and all of that jazz later up. Next, we are delving into children’s foundation and concealer and what children, what children are wearing things like this. I found this foundation, which is a two way wet and dry foundation, not a hundred percent sure what that means. I would like to add: they only offer this in two shades. It looks so crazy. You guys it feels crazy. It feels super chalky. Let’s try a brush, let’s see what happens? Oh, can you guys see that when I was like rubbing that on my face it’s just stuff flying up into the air, let’s try and pick some up with the Beautyblender Beautyblender, which I would like to add somehow does not absorb water. You know if you have a Beauty Blender and you squeeze it under the water. The sponge gets a lot fluffier. The sponge increases in size. Not this thing, mm-hmm! No, nothing. Nothing happens. Oh wow, hey! We actually sort of oh, my gosh. How patchy is that this is crazy. Oh my gosh, it’s just so cakey, it’s so crazy and there’s seemingly no way to blend. Oddly enough. No it matches all right. Can you guys just see the dust flying in the air? I feel my pores dying second step in our foundation process.
Is this expert face moisturizer concealer in the shade lights once again, I’d like to point out, they had two shades to choose from we’re gonna give Genki Beauty Blender another shot. This is the most ridiculous beauty tool I have ever tempted to use in my life. It just makes everything Apache. This is terrible. It dries so unexpectedly quickly I’m gonna try and just fix everything. I’ve done wrong here. I’m gonna try and blend it out with a brush. Yes, super patchy and cakey and chalky, but I sort of got the hang of it. I just sort of like went to town and put that concealer all over my face and kind of turned it into a foundation with a little bit more coverage. Dare I say if I’m like way back here next up, I’m going to try and use some powder, and you guys, I don’t even know what to say about this. This is the only setting powder that I saw at my Claire’s top of it is green. Why why is half of this green just a green powder? It’s not magically, transforming it’s not changing it anyway, it’s literally just green. I thought. Maybe we could like quasi bake our faces with this, my gosh, you guys it’s just white and chalky. This is about to be like a joker makeup transformation. Who else is so excited for Suicide Squad to come out, though I don’t even care about superhero movies ever, but I’m so excited for that one. It’s ridiculous! Um, that’s doing nothing! This is like wiping nothing on my face. This is like the nothing from Fantasia. So next, let’s get into the exciting world of highlighting and contouring. We have 4 whole shades to choose from only one shade for contouring a little bit nervous here that that shade is super shimmery and the rest of the options are super chalky. I guess those are the two textures you get in the world of children’s makeup: hey Elena grandpa yeah, Wow, hey! It’s like a zani is anything Oh kinda wow! You guys. Some of this stuff surprises me with how not horrible it is 57 layers. Later, I feel, like you, can kind of see something’s going on there. We got a little bit of contour up in here, but don’t try and contour your nose with this biz cuz. That is a big mitt steak. We need some blush.
We have a surprising amount of options here, Wow I actually really. Once again, you know this blush is like surprising me. Look at these swatches in the worst place possible, can’t pick a color of blush use them all come through child blush. We don’t have a technical highlighter option, so we are going to bust into that beautiful eyeball palette, eeny Meeny meeny. That really weird white glittery shade is the shade we’re gonna be using. Today, it’s really exciting.. Will it highlight, I feel, like that’s like good mythical morning, question: hey no highlighter here, oh we’re kinda is something happening. I liked it. I liked it a lot. You know what I swear you guys. I can sit literally alone in my room all day long and I will not get one phone call. I will not get one text message and then sit down to film and it’s like suddenly it’s sending some signal. Bat signal out to the cosmos and everybody’s, like oh yeah, let’s call bunny, let’s text her right now, while she’s filming once again, I’m just rubbing another layer of cakey powder on my face, feel good, slightly concerned about only having shimmery eyeshadow options for my brows look At that, what color did I just pick sort of red sort of a red Brown? There’s, not a good luck. You guys, I’m really not hating it right now. What’s wrong with me, it’s like. I lack the perception in my brain of what is good and what is bad, I’m just like. Oh yeah, it’s good! What’s wrong with me what’s wrong with but sound of a holiday next, it’s time for one of the most horrifying of steps which is eyeliner and they gave us this super teeny, tiny little stub of an eyeliner. It’s like, if you’ve been sharpening the same eyeliner pencil for the last 50 years. This is all you’ve got left. I would like to, however, mention that this is frightening ly hard. It’s like the actual product feels a little stabby Gaby. I’m gonna use ye old fashioned trick called sort of heated up by passing the product over the flame of a lighter, oh wow. A little bit of that went a long way, not working. Maybe I somehow like sealed it by lighting it on fire thought. I was doing good didn’t do good at all. Oh, it’s melting that certainly can’t be healthy.
Rubbing nothing’s happening. We are going to attempt to use Claire’s liquid eyeliner once again, no hate. My eyes are just so sensitive and also, I feel like you, don’t get a lot of control with this I mean look at how look at how thick this is painting there we go. Maybe if I just wipe a lot of it off. First, not as scary as I thought it would be world’s janky Asst uneven wing, maybe of all time, but hey look. I did it. I also went through and went ahead and did my mascara I cheated on that step. Just a little bit. I did use benefits roller lash. Now, I’m gonna go in with that same weird, vaseline II, sort of pencil we’ve seen it a couple times. I’m gonna go ahead and give myself a nice little smudgy budge down here. Gon na go ahead and smoke. It out just a little bit more with one of those beautiful eyeshadow shades that we have you guys, you guys, I’m really impressed. I’m not gonna lie some days. I surprised myself, Hey look at that. You touch it once and it’s just like receding. Four swipes. You can hit pan color just clear. I did get a lip gloss today in the 90s. This stuff was my jam. It is a super magical, clear, glitter, infused lip gloss. I don’t know how I used to love lip gloss. Oh look at that. Glitter. Look at that glitter, I don’t even know if you guys are gonna, be able to see it or not, but it’s got like little tiny flecks of blue glitter. It is so smelly, but it’s like a grape kool-aid kind of smell. It smells great smells like my childhood. The last step that we have is some eyelashes and I was totally shocked that I’ll or is sold in Claire’s like right in the kids makeup, like you got sparkly lip gloss right next to that lashes that I wear on a regular basis. I actually have not tried these before, but I am Leary excited. They are called three-dimensional nothing that was a fourth dimension, or is that just a Twilight Zone thing they look like they have the wonderful super thin band that I’m so fond of, like the Vegas, nay, I lower collection has yet. I don’t know if you guys can tell or not there’s multiple lashes stacked on top of each other definitely should have saved the lipgloss for last cuz. It’s really getting all up in my mouth right now Is anybody else always like below the lash glue a little bit to get it tacky ooh, just blowing bacteria, all over my eyes also, I think I need to get a new chair.
Listen to that sounds weird I think I didn’t cut the band enough Also lashes, such a precarious stuff, you know it’s like you’re, either gonna look gorgeous Are you gonna poke your eye out either of those things can happen? Give me 20 minutes to get the other one stuck on I’m not even sure that this one has adhered down all the way, but what are you gonna do? What are you gonna do with your limited skills? So here is our finished Look literally This took me way over two hours and 40 minutes to please wait longer than regular makeup I don’t know why it also definitely turned out way better than I ever hoped or could imagine I definitely think that the fake eyelashes do a lot of helping in this situation Best items that we use today, I would have to say, is the eye shadow, the makeup brushes and surprisingly, the lip gloss coming from somebody who abhors lip gloss, the worst things that we tested out today is definitely far and away the foundation and the concealer Just oh my gosh In my opinion, you would be way way better off just going to the drugstore or not using foundation at all I definitely hope that this is one of the challenges that picks up in the community I would love to see a lot of people Do this see how many awesome and amazing, different and crazy looks that we can get using kids makeup only so thank you guys So so much for hanging out today and for watching it that button down below subscribe, become a member of the small family and give an alligator its wings seriously hit subscribe, it really really helps me out You guys That really helps me out Also, if you want you can follow me on Facebook, facebookcom slash, graveyard girl or you can follow me on twitter, tumblr or Instagram at graveyard girl same way It’s spelled here, don’t forget to answer my back-to-school giveaway The days are ticking You can win a lot, a lot of school supplies So thank you guys so so much for hanging out today and for watching I love you guys so so much and I will see y’all tomorrow, hi

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