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Victoria’s secret model Kelsey Merritt sleeps with me at night

30 Sep , 2019  

It’s time to get unready, so the first thing I do is tie my hair in a button because I don’t want my hair getting in the way of my face and my skin care all right. So the first thing I do is take off my makeup and I use this product called via derma. I learned about it just through the modeling industry. All the makeup, artists use it all the models use it. I also use these reusable pads, I’m all about eco-friendly and sustainability. So when I found out about these – and I learned that you could just put them in the washer and dryer – it’s just better for the environment, so just pick one generous amount before I would usually do micellar water or a makeup remover, and then I would use A cleanser, but in my experience I would always break out when I would use a cleanser.
And there was this one time when I got lazy and I just stopped using cleanser. And then my skin cleared out – and I was talking to a dermatologist about this and she was like it’s actually healthier for your skin’s natural oils to come out, because if you use a cleanser every day it just strips it off of that. So the next step. I do, of course, is brush my teeth and I love this product from Schmidt’s. It’s SLS, free, fluoride, free and no artificial flavors. So it’s just very good to feast. My dentist told me that you have to do an up-and-down motion rather than a sideways motion. So just a little tip, you already didn’t know that. So, if you can see, I have really dry lips and it happens to me all the time. So I always look for the perfect lip balm. I probably have like 20 lip balms just because I am obsessed with finding the perfect one and I found it image. Skincare actually does this and it has SPF 15, which is a great addition. I really don’t like doing my skincare with dry lip, so I’m just gonna go ahead and put some on okay, so I just took off my makeup now. I don’t always put masks on every day, but if I feel like my skin needs some tender loving care, the night will put some so I used this eye mask from, can see Beauty, it’s a all natural retinol, infuse that I mask so. I use this mask after I put the eye mask this. One is Charlotte Tilbury goddess, skin clay mask. Whenever I go to facials. They have all these brushes and fancy brushes and I was like I don’t want to brush to put my mask on, but I have all these brushes that I don’t use anymore. So I was like I’ll just use one of these because it works perfectly I feel like I’m having a facial right now.
I traveled a lot and that affects my skin, a lot because it gets really dehydrated So when I feel like my skin needs a lot of love, then I will leave it on for a long time Okay, the mask left my skin very hydrated, but I feel like I can use more hydration, so I’m going to use my toner depending on what my skin needs I use two different kinds of toner there’s this treatment lotion from lemare and this oil absorbing toning from lemare So if I feel oily, then I’ll use this toner and if I don’t, then I just used a treatment lotion So right now I’ll use the treatment lotion I use these two serums depending on what my skin needs This is a revitalizing hydrating serum from lemare, and this is the renewal oil So, if I feel like my skin is very dry, I will use the oil other than that I will use the hydrating serum on a normal day, so today I’m going to use the renewal oil and I’m gonna use this new tool that I got it’s called skin gym This tool actually relieves tension and your muscles and relaxes them, and it helps your skin absorb the products more I use a an upward motion from my chin and nose It’s always going up Mostly This motion is for lifting the skin and we do not want sagging skin My next step is my moisturizer and I use this moisturizing cream from Almera, but what I love doing is using this brush to massage it in so I use this tool because it just feels really nice I don’t really know if there’s a difference, if I just use my fingers, but I love it because it’s so soft and I just when I feel like I need some pampering This is the tool that I always use the next product that I use is this eye cream from lemare So a friend of mine told me that dabbing, as opposed to sweeping, is better for applying it, because it’s it’s just more gentle, so the next step is spot treatment, especially if I have acne I’m breaking out a little and my forehead, it’s very clogged So I would use this acne spot and area treatment from Peter Thomas Roth The last thing that I like to do before going to bed is actually brushing my hair people always ask me how I have silky and smooth hair, and this is the secret, so my mom would tell me to do it comb her hair, it’s just instilled in My head to always brush my hair, so that was my nighttime routine I hope you guys learned a thing or two and it’s time to go to bed, because sleep is also great for your skin

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