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VLOG 8/Fashion Week

30 Sep , 2019  

So I just did a little fitting for it if fashion we really like to prep myself, so I like outfits, ready and I shoes ready and I make the living room like my closet, so Lauren saw – is really happy about that for a month. He lives between my clothing racks, so, as you can see, I put it some outfits over there shoes on the floor, I’ll have my mirror right in the living room. This is not one of my outfits tomorrow. I have my first fitting for a show. It’s not gonna be too crazy, though, because I’m still shooting with PS in between I’m gonna, bring you guys around with the show.
So I’ll do and show you how it’s hey guys, especially we get started cuz I’m running around with my book raining already. So I’m off to my first show of Fashion Week and this cute pain fans and first I’m going to go to Brenda Maxwell and Jeremy, Scott and they’re going to go to to Harper’s Bazaar Kyla. It’s getting my hair and makeup done and Brenda Maxwell. This show is going to be at 7:00 Jeremy’s father’s at 9:00, but shows always start later. So I think this one is eventually going to start like 7:30 I’ll be done at like 8:00. That’s a rush over to Turkish cotton for the car, changing okay! I’m going to turn up the camera dress litters. We are gonna go to Barcelona. It was Fashion Week in New York last week. I didn’t film that much because I was already able to wear off to Barcelona and Venezia spectrum. He said the burger is so good and it’s better than in and out what do you guys think I like in and out better along fine, I spent Lawrence’s my favorite SC Bowl, except flexing kill We only have one and a half hour, but I really wanted to show hey Ephram, I’m Priscilla guys.
This is the best people ten believe we landed only one hour ago This came straight here, but it’s all worth it So I just took a shower because I’m gonna go to the fittings where we gonna try on the clothes for the upcoming three shoot days and we’re also gonna Do a little hair and makeup this So don’t wanna see what kind of hair and makeup they like so tomorrow we can start immediately once I rifle set and I’m wearing this, you go boss back Gene Stuart, Weitzman boots, glasses are from the specs and the earrings are from lavash good morning It’s 5:30 and my first day working here, just got in my trailer, where I get ready for a shoot So here, like some snacks and here have my changing area The makeup is super natural and the hair, but every day like today we’re shooting on a beach tomorrow we should hang on a boat and then Wednesday we’re shooting in a house and then at night I will fly out to New York So I’m right by on my way to the hotel now so look who is waiting for me with a coffee, okay, chocolate and white circle, a red birthmark in chocolate, Matthew, okay, good morning, guys last day of shooting and tonight and off back to New York For one day, so I’m gonna show you some of the beautiful views on the location where we’re shooting Today, it’s a great house look at this and this okay I just had lunch and I’m getting into touch-ups, and then I have two more hours before my pickup is here and I’ll have to be at work, and we did a lot of filming today Look at those huge cameras, so it’s gonna be great So Lauren is meeting me: [ Applause, ]

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