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Vr180 how young can I be Pavlova? |How to cook Ann Reardon vr180

1 Nov , 2019  

Welcome to how to cook that I’m Ann Reardon and today we’re cooking in the mini kitchen, but I’m filming in virtual reality, which means that you can look all around by yourself. You can either do that in the YouTube app by tilting your phone or in a VR headset or on a computer by clicking on the arrows in the top left corner to look around we’re also going to be decorating this bedroom, and we have this new bathroom. That we’re going to be decorating true, so I’ll bring you back into the kitchen and we’ll get started with the baking first.
What we’re going to be doing is making a mini pavlova. So the first thing we need to do is take mini eggs and then carefully break the eggs open and let the egg whites drop into the bowl. And then you just keep swapping your egg yolk between your shells. Until all that white is out. This can be hard to do with the normal sized egg, but it is so fiddly with a mini egg. Then you can put your yolk into the separate bowl and continue to do that with the rest of your eggs. Put those leftover egg yolks in the fridge and you can use them in a different recipe. We don’t need them for this one. Now we’re going to get those egg shells and just pop those into the cute little bin. Then we need to weigh out our sugar. So I’ll get the scales and put those there. We don’t need this bowl anymore. So, let’s put that over by the sink and grab the sugar, it’s important when you’re baking to weigh out your ingredients. Some recipes are more finicky than others. For example, macarons need to be exact and the ones are not so bad if you’re a little bit different with your measures, but generally with baking. If you weigh out your ingredients, you’re more likely to succeed, add this sugar in with the egg whites and put the scale back over there, because we don’t need that one now and we don’t have much room up and nearly drop the bowl. The little things are very fiddly to handle with big hands, and then I’ve got a little bit here of cream of tartar. Just add that in as well a little bit of acid just helps to stabilize the egg whites.
So you get a nice stiff meringue. Then what you want to do is just whip that up and keep whipping until the egg white rust right up and thick is to make stiff peaks like this pop those over in the sink. And then we need to grab a baking tray. Oops make sure you line your tray with baking paper so that the pavlova doesn’t stick to. It then grab a spoon and put your meringue onto your tray. Now you can spread this out. However, you like normally, if I’m making a path, it’s not this mini. Of course, but I like to spread it out into a circle shape, it might actually be easier to use a spatula to do this and to spread it out a little bit more. That’s looking better beautiful. Can you see that there I’ll lift it up for you? We’ve got a little perv ready to bake so now we need to light the oven. This is something that I really can’t do with miniature matches, because obviously I would burn my thing and then we use that to light the oven then put the miniature pav into the oven to bake, and while that’s baking, we can come over and work on the Bedroom, let’s start by moving in the bigger pieces of furniture like the bed, and then we can make everything else fit around that everybody asks me where I get my miniatures from I buy some stuff and I make some stuff so, for example, I bought this bed And then ripped off all the bedding, because I didn’t like it and hand stitched all the little pillows and sheets, and then I actually thought it would be nicer. If I put a quilt on top of it, and this pleated fabric that looks like a quilt is cut off a pretty pillowcase that I found in the second-hand store, I also think we’re gonna need some sort of window dressing. A curtain would be nice right. There just drawn to one side: I think that’s gonna look good, making sure it’s straight. I think that is you tell me if it’s straight or not, some bedside tables would definitely be goodness the bed you need somewhere to put your books and stuff, and then we probably need something on them actually, because they look a bit plain.
How about a lamp? Just on that, one that looks lovely, but it makes the wall look a bit plain. So let me just add in a make it a great week print onto the wall at the bed head and I think a blanket box is always very handy to store all your linen, especially if there’s no linen cupboard in the house like this one doesn’t have So if we open that up, then we can just put a towel in there just like that and close it back over how about we add in a dressing table right over here on that blank wall? Hmm, that’s gonna need something on it to you. Isn’t it how about a couple of hours just on one side and then some mini perfume bottles on the other side? Now this little bassinet, I saw this at the miniature shop and I really liked it because it’s so cute, so I thought, let’s just add that in here. Well, I think that that looks pretty good for our bedroom. I think that looks finished. What do you think, and I’m just gonna move this doghouse here it even opens and closes. How cute is that imagine having Bennett just small enough to put inside there? Alright, let’s check on up, have open up the oven and pull it out there. We go. That is looking good look at that. Put that there and close up the oven. Now we need to blow that out. That’s going to be a little bit tricky because I can’t get my head in now that there’s a roof on this mini kitchen make sure you do look up at the roof because it took me quite a while to make all those lights up there and all The cornices as well around the edge and let’s put these dirty dishes over by the sink so that we’ve got a bit more room. We’Re going to need to wait a couple of minutes for our pavlova to cool and then we’re gonna need a platter. To put it on, let’s see if this is cool enough, now yep everything cools down very quickly when it’s mini, if it was a big pav, you’d need to wait at least an hour or two for this to cool down. Now I can move those out of the way over there and we need a bowl for the cream and the cream is in the fridge of course So, let’s grab that out and close the fridge and then pour the cream into the bowl grab a whisk and whip it up and tell it’s whipped.
Are you still always use electric mixers for this, but nowadays I’m doing a lot of hand whisking, especially if it’s only a small amount, because it actually whips up pretty quickly before you know, you’ve got it whipped and it’s good to go tip that cream onto the Meringue and spread it out, you do need to make sure that the pavlova is cold before you do this, or the cream will just melt and drip off Now before we add the fruit, we might just go and make the bathroom first things First, let’s add in a bath now I think we’re a bit too close to the camera Yes, move back and you’re, just gonna have to look to your right to see the bathroom I’ll add in a sink and a toilet and if you’re having a bath You’Ll, of course, need a towel on a rack and why not have a mirror on the wall? Add that in and a bath match and that’s it for our bathroom That’s done Let’s move the bowl off the counter in the kitchen and the jug, and now we need some fruit to put on top of our pavlova I’ve already chopped mine up in the fridge and let’s just put that leftover cream back into the fridge there open the lid of the fruit and then use a spoon to add your fruit on top I’m using strawberry, blueberry and raspberry I really like the sort of acidity of the raspberry, because that kind of contrasts with the super sweetness of the meringue, so it gives a nice balance there, but you can use whatever you like, put your leftover fruit in the fridge or in the freezer If you want to use it for smoothies, and we have our finished pavlova thanks for joining me in the mini kitchen today, I hope you enjoyed looking around in VR to support this channel, go to patreoncom/scishow and a special shout-out to my platinum level Supporters who are listed here subscribe to how to cook that and click on the links for more episodes, make it a great week and I’ll see you on Friday You, you

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