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1 Nov , 2019  

Hey guys, welcome back to my channel today is part two, the Walmart haul um. The first part was fashion and choose which to use on a fashion right – and this is just going to be like the beauty and the home stuff that I needed for the house. But yeah, if you’re interested and seeing what I picked, that there was no hey, keep watching. Okay, you guys first time, I’m gonna start off with this fact, because one of this I love this, it holds your eyes for like 18 hours.
It has this huge straw, and this is how I drink my water. This is the only way I can drink. Water is if it’s ice-cold and I have been drinking a lot of water. I am trying to lose some weight, I’m doing the intermittent fasting and I started that Friday and today’s Monday – and I weighed myself today and I lost like 327 pounds over the weekend. Good I’m impressed I’m happy, I mean I don’t know what else to say. So if I can just keep up with it, because I don’t know, I tend to fall off anything that has to do with buying anything like this, which this isn’t dieting. I still eat what I always eat, but totally. I can stick to it because I have a hard time sticking to stuff, but anyway, as far as water, though I love these cups, I have all kinds of these comes to. This was the first one like this. I’ve got so it’s not so heavy, like my other ones. It has the straw blah blah. It was 988 okay. Next I picked up this mirror, and this was in looks like the candle is just a candle and stuff on it, but I’m going to use it to do machines of my foundations because we’re getting to the point now to where we’re in the transition from our Summer, colors to our winter colors and in order to make them match our skins, we’re going to have to mix them and for some reason I could not find a mirror around the house small enough to do that now. This is a little big for what I’m going to use it for, but it’s the smallest one I could find at Walmart. It was four dollars and eighty-eight cents. It’Ll do the job, so I’m happy. Okay, I picked up some more of the shampoo that I use on the girls. This is the one I get equate tea treatment. I used this to try to keep them from getting head lice at school.
So October. 1St, though, have been with us for four years and they’ve never had head lice, I’m excited. I know we’ve gotten letters from school before there’s a kid in the classic head lice, but so far it has never made it to our house so tickled with that. Okay, I needed some shampoo and Walmart no longer carries my shampoo and I can’t find it anywhere. So I picked up this Garnier whole glands. Restoring shampoo, maple remedy, castor oil and maple extracts this one deeply nourishes reinforces and repairs. This is what I got. I do use purple shampoo in my hair a lot, but when I don’t really want that real silver color, I will use regular shampoo for a while, which is what I’ve been doing, and my hair is not as dry when I use purple shampoo, it can get Really dry, not so dry that I can’t stand it. You know I’m saying like if you bleach your hair or something, but it will get time to dry and when it’s dry I can actually go for seven days without washing it. But with this heatwave that we’ve had going on, it seems like I have to wash my hair every two three days because I’m just sweating, but I got this because it really smelled good and Walmart. Just doesn’t have anything that interests me and I really needed some shampoo, so I picked up back okay, speaking of hair. They had this SGX in YC and it is a beachy texture, texture spray, how we’re mrs. with my tongue every time, but it’s called the peacemaker I’ve never seen this at Walmart before handed on a little sidekick. It had dollar off coupons attached to it. So I thought you know what 598 I’m gonna go ahead and try it about 597 ISM. But anyway I got this from 598 y’all know. I love a good texture spray. I’ve used this a couple times, not my favorite, but it’s not that bad either. You know I’m saying it will give you some volume, but it’s not giving me that PC messy looking alike but we’ll try it out, we’ll keep trying it and speaking of hair. I picked up this happy hair habit, dietary supplement and it says, help to support healthy hair has biotin bamboo extract and vitamin either vegan gummies or strawberry flavored.
I could eat these as candy no problem, but these are in with their on an end cap. At the make up, they have all different kinds of vitamin, but I thought you know I’m going to try these try growing my hair out just a little bit since it’s getting ready to go in the fall winter, and so I picked these at the buy. Ten is 2500, so yeah and then my other buddies. I take these all the time like I have been taking these probably for every year, but they’re the equate probiotic gummies. I, like my vitamins, to be gummies. Okay, I’m still a kid at heart and they’re easier to take if they taste good right, I hate so all in pills. I have to do that with like my thyroid medicine and my classroom on acid. I just want some gummies okay, so I use these. This is probably mine, I don’t know from teen dozen. These are 888. I think these were nine yeah. These were 888 and you get 80 of them. These are 988 and they come with 60. I mean they had these for sleep, which has melatonin in them. Have probiotics and these, but I get more in this one, and I know these work does work okay. I got this hand soap, because the kids wanted this. Let me tell you: it looks so cute sitting on the sink that I’m gonna have to go. Get two more that way: I’ll have one for each bathroom and one for the kid shed, because our new house has two bathrooms, not one and I’m so excited. I can’t wait but they’re two dollars and they hold a lot of soap. So I will just keep refilling them and then put them up, get them back out next, all right they. What else do we have? We got some odor eater spray powder and it has 33% more, and let me tell you, I don’t know if it’s just baby cheap shoes or because the kids don’t wear socks, but the smell that comes off and feet and then socks. So we’re trying to odor eaters and Kevin likes this. He uses this so we see okay. Ah that’s more of these because I get these all the time and I got cinnamon apples in the big pack, which is like 388. Maybe and then I got warm apple pie and these are the $2 packs that come with 6. This comes with 12 all the time.
You guys know that, and I ran out of spraying wash yesterday, so I went to Walmart to get spray and wash and I ended up getting the oxy clean and I got home and I already had money I’d bought the week before and it was down in The class, but so far this is doing really good, but I always keep a stain remover, because the kids are constantly playing outside they’re, constantly getting filthy and stains like they are seven and nine and when they eat for some reason the food is just like. So I mostly have to use it to get food out of service clean sensations. I love these. I use them all the time. These are the ones that I use guys these make my clothes smell so good. My kids always ask me: why is it your laundry smells good? Okay, I got like five boxes of these. They were on clearance, they are the LED string lights and I got them because they’re brown and I have a grape vine tree on my front porch and it usually has the green string lights on it. Cuz, the green doesn’t really pop out the white does and the brown are always so expensive, like so expensive. Why? But anyway they were on clearance, so I managed to get a few boxes of them, they’re in warm white and whenever you have a grape vine tree make sure you get warm white, because one time I got bright white and I’m telling you you could see it From the moon, so I was like no my whole front porch. It was so bright. No, no okay! I picked up these hair barrettes. They are on clients for 2050, since regular 388, and I got them because I just like that. Look you to kind of like pull your hair back. You know I’m saying and just stick them in there and I really like these stars right here. But yes, those are very cute makeup, we’re at the makeup and then we are done guys. L’Oreal Beach Bay looks like this is really really really good. You guys, I got this because this is a face and body Luminizer, and I like to put it like right here if I’m wearing a tank top. I want it right here because it really really works Let me show you look at that: do you see that glow from where the lights hitting it? Oh, my gosh look at this.
I love this stuff and I will put it here and I’m saying, but I like a good glow to the body, and this just really worked I’ve been eyeing it for a long time, and then I heard talk to you talking about it and I was like cool it’s good, I’m gonna get it I picked up a salon, perfect finger nail polish, because I’ve been getting my nails done and I’ve been having them do it in black I like to take my own nail polish, and you know I’m saying – and this is like a dollar ninety eight This was 14, but this would last me forever You know, I’m Sam okay, y’all have seen this, but I picked this up This is the hard candy This is the look pro eyeshadow palette in blushful nudes It was $10 You guys hard candy is hit or miss mostly miss for me, but these $10 pallets are so good Look at these shades They are flipping gorgeous I love them, so pigmented you guys worth the $10 I picked up a Loreal brow stylist, because one I am out of mine and two you I run out of my a nostalgia and look how I was a dope I forget what color what shade I used better Now it this is 797 This is so good This is probably like my 10th one, because I love these These are so great they’re Just you know they work just like the Anasazi ones, so good so good Last but not least, every year around this time I notice Real Techniques always comes out with new brushes There’s a whole end cap of real technique, brushes at my local Walmart, and I got the eyeshadow brushes This is what they look like you guys These are so good, but I, like it says, apply shadow So here’s your shadow brush that it says blend shadow and this is your blending brush, but I have been using these non-stop, so I’ve done through the packaging away But oh my gosh, I like these and I’m telling you they are so good Ok guys! That’s it! That’s everything that I picked up from Walmart please give it a thumbs up and if you’re new to my channel hit that register right It is the fashion and the shoes and all that good stuff, but yeah guys

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