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Wanda Sikes’s children’s homework made her angry

1 Nov , 2019  

Did you bring a fan out with you? Yes, what’s happening, bitch gets hot. Sometimes it’s a tiny little. Yes, I am in menopause. So that’s what happens Wow so, instead of those I just catch on fire, but no reason this booth is, I understand. Yes, I know I’ve been through it, so wait so you I texted you when you got nominated. Yes, we congratulations. Jimmy nomination and you went to. Did you go to the creative arts? Yes, I wanted to create Alex Alex. Is she like a great? She loves those things.
Oh my god, a monster, really I mean there’s a red carpet thing she wants to be there. I would be surprised when I get home in this just red carpet in the house now. This sets the parol little press line just taking pictures. She loves it. We showed we set the picture to my on our kids right. So hey you know, and Lucas goes oh too much makeup, you’re ugly, I’m like wow yeah he’s harsh man. He just just lets her. Have it Wow it’s cuz. She doesn’t usually wear makeup right yeah. He just wants his natural ma. He doesn’t want. You know right, and do you like her with makeup on more or do you like her because I like Porsha without makeup on, but she loves wearing me too yeah yeah yeah. I, like Porsha without the makeup yeah yeah. No, I’m like you. I like her natural I like Alex without the make yeah, that’s in Portia, hates red carpets, but she loves an excuse to get dressed up and do things like that yeah. So what did you do? This summer I didn’t talk to you. I know yeah we went to, we were in France, Villefranche, we are that’s in the south and the thing is, though they they picked. These places and they’re beautiful. The view is beautiful, but it’s just getting there like this apartment that we Airbnb it. It was like it was up going this cliff, so it was like 250 stairs steps to get up to the apartment in like a hundred degrees. Oh my God look at. That’s me: oh man, back to the beach. Just oh yeah yeah, you don’t look happy at all and then will you make that turn. It’s just more steps, and it just keeps going up just step me so like if you get upstairs you like. Oh, my god, I left something on the beach too bad yeah.
It’s just. I don’t care whatever it was you towel the kid I don’t care like he’ll find his way home. I don’t give I’m not going back down there. Your thing is: you’d see that, like an image like in a movie or something you’d go, oh my that’s so charming, but the reality of steps right, yeah people move into a house like that. How do they get furniture up there? I would just build it when I got up there. Well, just you just look into supply, you know all right. No, I just thought of that. I don’t know because I like that is a good thing about moving a lot, so you drop it yeah. No, so they just hold it in yeah. They do that in Positano. They have to helicopter things in let’s it’s crazy, I’m you went to Wimbledon. Yes, I did, and that was the first time going to win Wimbledon over there right, I have been yeah. I heard you met some fancy people when you went to where you were in London, yeah uh-huh yeah at the Royals. They met. Yes, Prince Harry and Megan nice yeah, they were lovely, just got to show off all the time. Don’t they wanted to meet me? Oh, they wanted to meet you yeah well, and I held Archie but anyway said that all right. So what about your kids? Well? Are they in school? Did they start? What are they in debt they’re back there in fifth grade they’re back in school, so happy? Let me show all parents are happy, huh, god bless teachers. I’m just I mean you know my kid. Here’s the thing, the the the the the homework and like the summer reading was kicking our butt. You know cuz. I wish I could just trust. My kids, like hey, here’s the list, you got to read these books and that’s it, but I noticed I would ask them like there was a that that one book to read Sadako – and that was the easiest book, so I’m like. So what was that book about? My son is like um, it’s a about a girl and she does like these are Sudoku puzzles. You know got leukemia from from the effects of the but the bomb being dropped over. There know Hiroshima he’s talked about number games. So now I have to read all the books right, so I had to read three books this summer with them, and I’m tell you again when he got close to my school’s about this time I’m right, I still got two hundred pages to cover the books.
I’Ll read to them: why did sleep in hopeful it’ll sink in? Oh God, mess does Alex Rita mess Why are you no? No, she she’s just smoking and yes, yes, over there smoke with her Barea, yeah yeah What would she say? She’s, like the book says like very interesting to me, but I don’t care for it I don’t I don’t care to read I like her I prefer like a magazine, something with more photos She’s French, you describe her like she smokes and she doesn’t She doesn’t smoke It so explain, I think we just saw they explain what the movie is about Oh it’s, a with Adam Devine and it’s a guy He his cellphone, pretty much takes over his life You know it’s like Siri gone crazy Basically, have you had that where Siri says something surprising to you, because I’ve had that happen to me when you ask it something: has Cerie Cerie ever done something weird with you yeah yeah She called me the n-word one time no she’s like she’s, okay without negative Harry Do you, but do you get obsessed with your phone? I do know I’ve tried I’m trying not to because you know my kids to ten and we’re telling them You know that Wait till like 13 to get a phone so, but so I don’t want them to see how you know like we’re into our phones, but they got to also realize it It’s our job You know like I, don’t go to an office, but everything is right there in the phone But I do it’s like sneak and play games, but I play games like you know like the like spider solitaire, and you know this weird game right stuff like that But but I noticed this now, I think I’m being like profile, because, like my friends, they get all my aunt’s for cool games You know role-playing games and stuff and everything that comes up like my pop of the light, helps Ally, find her teapots What one of them? No, I got stuck I was next thing I was taking care of a garden, I’m like dude, I gotta, get it for water, the petunias the movie is called Jack, see it opens in theaters everywhere October 11 That is Wanda sights We’Ll be back

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