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30 Sep , 2019  

Laughs y’all welcome back to my channel. If you aren’t subscribed, welcome to my channel, I’m Jada and act as Hydra says. We’Re just gonna be doing another rig review, of course, so um I part of that. We I see hair. They send me this gorgeous kinky curly week and I’m going to be doing today. You show you guys how I pluck my frontal so natural, how I pluck it, and I actually put this wig on my hair. So if y’all want to see how I do that is so simple yeah, so that’s literally, all I did to this week was pluck it.
I did, however, bleach my knives because when a week came, it came like this, like brown like tongue, some kind of brown like skin tone, it really didn’t match my skin tone, so I just went ahead and bleached it and stuff like that. I did pluck over eels already pre plucked, but I just wanted to make sure it was just to my liking and, as I can see, I think I plucked it really good. Don’t laugh in my part. My part is like somewhere like right here. This weed was not supposed to be a middle part. It was supposed to be like side like a side part, but I don’t know what I was doing. I was just doing to lunch and my part like right here so y’all, just think that this is like a little bangers of them. I’ve never worked this company before this is my first time and I’m pretty sure I was working with them again in the future because honey this week, it’s like it’s so cute, oh yeah. I already know I don’t keep short here. I think this is like my second time ago, some short hair on my channel and I’m satisfied. The texture on this wig is super. Super super tight, really kinky. I normally don’t work with kinky here, but there’s just so much like tangling and on it. I’m gonna talk about that also, but so I see hair reached out to me. I forgot the date they reached out to me and stuff like that. I just know the package came in like three business days and they ship the wind eh. Oh God, for me with yet you know the answer of ships on Sunday, so they ship like every single day, seven days a week, so you gonna get your package like super quick, you’re gonna get your package faster than FedEx or UPS or you know Stuff like that, so yes, you know that’s what this ship with y’all, already see, how the how the we came shoot.
I just want to say shout out to them: could they make sure that the box was a hundred percent secure, like their box? Wasn’t breaking folding bended, nothing make sure table secured. I appreciate that because I don’t want no raggedy boxes when they come to me like. I want my box to be fresh, to put my wig in and stuff like that, but shout out to them for the big. Like little bubble thing around the box, because that came in handy my box wasn’t damaged or anything like that. The box was really cute of the package. It was cute. Everything was cute. They sent me some meat, glass she’s, very pretty long. I might win, but they are super cute shout out to them. So when this week came y’all seen how it came became like really really tight, I co watched it and then I had went ahead and bleached it. I like go watch the first, then I bleached my knives and then I flip. I watched it and I flipped it. So I did a lot of stuff to this week, not too much, but I did a lot like my regular, like curling hair, you know routine. I caught white I put Micromax on and that’s it that’s only thing I’ll be doing, went to my hair, so this wig right here is their 14 inch 13 by 4 kinky curly weed and I think it’s 130 percent density. So this week is not too um. It’s not too thick and it’s not too thin. If y’all get what I’m saying it’s like the average density, I guess I just wig being a 14 inch. You really don’t feel like I have a week on because it’s so short, it’s like i’ma turn around. It’s like right here on my neck. I think he goes like right there. This is the longer thing goals, but you know it’s kinky, so it’s going to kick up, but it yeah. I really don’t feel this hair at all. I did, however, experience a couple like shedding strands when I was co-wash me and when I was just combing through in the stuff, our our natural hair shades. So I don’t have a problem with Shannon blowing it’s too much in our child No, you know stuff like that, but I did receive shedding when I was Co washed me – and I was just running my fingers through it.
You know not too much You know just the more like shedding is not a problem with me overall, I want to say that I’m really impressed with icy air the package It was bum You know I didn’t have any problems with the I didn’t have problems with the yeah, I’m gonna say that I’m gonna say yeah, because I’ve had no problems with a year If I do have problems this week, I’m just like, pin But I highly doubt it because I always like to switch my wigs up like every week, I’m going to different week, so I probably won’t have so much shoes for this week I’Ll show you guys I want to mention that I have like over like seven weeks that I’m still in I’ll be setting up for super cheap, like fifty dollars Cheap, cheap, like fourth of July, is tomorrow, so I’m gonna be doing a huge 4th of July week Sale I’m emailing! You to bracket so much hair and wigs and stuff like that, and I really don’t have no room for it So I’m um, I’m gonna put the link below and i’ma let y’all going in and shop and stuff like that Half of the wigs! That’s on the site is wigs that I review on my channel as well so yeah I would be doing a big sale so hopefully I’ll take advantage of that because I’ll be someone for super cheap, like 50 bucks like so that’s eat, right own thing, y’all really Be there for is the wig in the shipping, but you can’t beat it because half of these wigs and it’s hair so it’d be like 200 some dollars in stuff, like that So y’all make sure to check that out I have everything like below: I’m going crazy online with the upload and this stuff, like I’ve, been coming back to back with pictures I’ll put all my stuff in a link below y’all Make sure to follow me Follow me on Twitter and Instagram for sure cuz I’m always on those two also snapchat I be on there most of the time make sure I follow me, don’t forget to thumbs up click that subscribe button and also turn on post notifications So I can know when I upload

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