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We are willing to unpack and transport! Is desire a hoax?! Free items? Ah!

1 Nov , 2019  

Hi everyone and welcome to my channel. because I’ve been waiting absolutely ages to unpackage these items. Today’s gonna be a wish haul and basically, which is this really really cheap website? If you guys don’t know about it and it’s, I think my stuff comes from China because it takes up three forever to arrive, but basically they sell stuff for absolutely so so cheap and some of the stuff is even for free, like it’s listed as free and Then you just pay postage, so I was really excited to check out some items and just see if any of the stuff was actually good, because a lot of it just seems too good to be true, so I haven’t seen any of these items.
I wanted to unpackage in front of the camera, so you guys could see my genuine like first impressions of the items, and hopefully there will be some good things. I don’t hold out much hope, because half watched quite a few wish hauls on YouTube myself and some of the stuff arrives either like completely different to the picture or really really bad quality. So I’m just gonna show you everything that I got.. I just this morning hit 500 subscribers and that’s like a huge thing for me, because I think I only had a hundred on New Year’s Eve. I cannot thank people enough for subscribing to me and it really means the world to me when I get a new subscriber so yeah. then please do subscribe and like if you’ve enjoyed it okay, so I’ve got my phone by me, so I can check on the app, but how much I pay for each item. So I think I remember he’s scared port. This is okay. It’s all in like bubble, wrap; ah, hmm, okay, oh okay, so this is. I ordered some draw organizers like for your underwear drawer, to put like different things in like knickers in Wan socks in another, and this is what they look like. I just remember them being a bit bigger on the picture. Let me see how much I paid for them. Okay, so I paid one pound for this, but I thought I was only getting one. So that’s not too bad. I thought I was just getting one of these, not two. It was 1 pound to buy and then a couple of pound for postage but they’re not too bad. I mean, I guess, they’re glittery. I didn’t expect them to be glittery they’re, like a solid pink on the picture, so not too bad. I mean I guess they will do the job. Maybe that will keep me a bit tidier. I hear the next item.
Oh okay, I remember what this one is. Now, oh my god, this is tiny okay, so this is meant to be one of those tripod things. You know the mini tripods that you can sort of like tie round things and you can record in your car and stuff. You can sort put your camera on the steering wheel with the tripod. Oh, my god, this is so so tiny. I feel like it looks a lot bigger on camera, but this is so small like it’s the size of my hand. Um, it looks like it would work, it’s got the screw at the top, so you can attach your camera and I mean these little things at first. I thought it was just gonna be really Richard, but these things do move, so you can reposition your camera. So I guess that’s not bad for the price. It is just a lot smaller than what is on the picture. I’ve seen people with these and they are like quite a lot bigger. Okay. I guess I guess it does say: black mini flexible tripod, gorilla, pod for camera one-pound, so there’s only pound. You know I got really complain. It’s a lot smaller than I thought it was gonna be. But it’ll do this feels like Christmas, don’t know what this is at all. Oh, this is a phone case and it’s meant to be a lovely Marvel print, but you just got green in it. I really like the colors. I felt like the colors were a lot nicer on there on the image. Let me see how much I paid hmm just kind of similar to the image I don’t know. I feel like the way that they’ve displayed it in the picture just makes it look nicer, and it’s probably my own fault. It does have a scratch on it, though, which is annoying, so that was a pound a bit of noise. I paid any money for this suppose it was only a pound. I can’t really complain and I prefer the one that I’ve got much more so it’ll do for like. If this one breaks or something, then it’s good for a spare. I think I know what these are and just see if this is what I think it is this is. I think this is one of the ones I was excited about. Ah Wow, okay mermaid makeup brushes, they are so pretty and it says one pound on the screen shop and I took. But actually, if there weren’t a pound, it was like a pound for one or some things so and then I think you’ve got a little discount. If you bought in bulk, so I think this was about six pounds wow. These are so nice right. I’m gonna feel the brushes now wow they’re, all individually wrapped as well, which is really nice.
So that’s like what they look like individually and there. They feel really good quality Wow. Oh I love these. This is what I was excited about this haul, or just purely for these Wow. So you get one two three four five, six seven brushes in this set: hmm that one’s a little rubbish. You know when the bristles aren’t quite very um, like densely packed yeah for the price. You cannot prevail with these at all. These are the ones that did take the longest on the postage they took about a month to arrive and also getting really restless. But I can’t do this haul without these brushes cuz. I just really wanted to try these and there’s like a little mini wand to do angled eyeshadow and that sort of thing these are so cute. I’m really really pleased with those. Ah that’s nice. This is a little business card holder and I’ve wanted one of these for ages because ages and ages ago, when I used to do some modeling work, I did have some business cards done and I just think it’s a really good way of getting your name out There, if you go to a photo shoot or whatever your business or whatever you your hobby, is if you’re good at photography if you’re a makeup artist. Anything like that. I always think it’s such a good idea to have business cards with your a picture of you on or your website your telephone number, that sort of things so that whenever you work with other people or you go to events, you can give out your business card. It just makes you look a lot more professional, and it also means that people can contact you again if they like to work if they enjoyed working with you and it’s just a really good way of making sure that you know people stay in touch with you. People add you and your various social media, and that sort of thing I do need to add my YouTube channel to my business cards, so I’ll definitely be making some new ones soon. Oh, it’s got nice sections in it as well. Nice little compartments – that’s just gonna, be so handy, like you could even keep money or credit cards or whatever in there on a night out. If you don’t want to take your full purse out with you or something yeah, I’m really pleased with that. Let me see how much I spent on that. Okay, this was actually one of the free items which I’m really pleased with, and then I just paid a couple of pounds for postage.
So I’m very happy with that. I’Ll be filling that up with all my business cards later. Okay, this is a tiny, tiny little one see what this is. Ah, I’ve wanted these one of these for so long. I forgot that I’d ordered this. It is a one of those things that you stick on the back of your phone: I’m not even sure how you stick it and – and it’s got like a ring poor things so that you can put it on the side to take photos or you can just Hop put your finger in it to make sure you don’t drop your phone and floss, which I tend to do a lot. This was one pound. It looks pretty good quality. I’m gonna open it up see I’m not sure how it’s gonna go on the back of this mmm. I’m not sure how it’s gonna work, because it’s kind of like not a very grippy surface, but this bendy thing at the back is really nice. It feels like it’s good quality. It’s not gonna fall off feels really sturdy. Okay, let’s see what this item is. Oh, is that my birthday? Oh, my god. Yes, it’s a selfie lights. I forgot that I’d ordered this 2 pounds for a selfie light. It does have all its instructions in another language. It just says for smartphone in English. Selfie ring line open this and see I’ve got everyone. This is so long. Okay, how do you, okay? It takes two batteries. Let me go, get some batteries. Okay, so we got some batteries and, oh, oh, it’s got different levels, first, level, second level. Third, that’s actually so good. Like Oh see, brightening my face up. That’s so good! I’m so pleased with that. I’m not sure it’s meant to be doing that. Oh, this is disco mode. Oh my god! Please stop! Okay, it just malfunctioned, but that’s fine. It’s working again! Yay! Okay! The next thing has already started to fall open. Oh yes, I’m really curious to see if this works. It is one of those and face the battery-operated. It’s one of those face blends of things. I’m not sure how good it’s gonna be three pounds, not bad, and it comes with all of these little they’re. All gonna fall over all of these little devices. To attach okay, it’s a little bit dusty. I’m sure why it’s dusty, I’m gonna just steel myself! You like batteries just to have a little go with this I feel like these things are being decent so far, considering they’re all relatively ridiculously cheap.
Well now I don’t know where this is for, like this looks like a pumice stone or something for doing your feet Maybe you can do all sorts of body parts with this, so yeah I’m actually really not disappointed with this, because I actually thought it’s never gonna work It’s gonna arrive and it’s gonna not have a battery compartment It’s just gonna be something that you’ve gotta like manually scrub your face with, and so I’m impressed with the fact that it does You know it seems to be working so yeah I might give this a try with some cleanser tonight or something when I take my makeup off This is the last one okay So this is what I’ve been needing for ages, it’s an eyelash holder and at first I thought something would broken on it, but it hasn’t broken, which is good Oh, it’s a love Oh, it has kind of broken It’s lovely though okay, so just on the little hinge it’s coming off a bit, but it’ll still work I’m not going to be rough with it It’s so I’m really pleased with that It’s just yeah it’s on a little hinge and then it just clips in and you can put three sets of lashes in there just to protect them, because I know that a lot of us definitely me included we’ll take off our lashes after a night out and Put them next to our bed and then we’ll squash them in the morning back so don’t or take them off by the shower and then accidentally, one I’ll drop on the floor, and then your tread them into the carpet and it’s a nightmare So if you want to reuse your lashes, then I would recommend getting one of these acrylic makeup tool: bowknot false eyelash box, organizer one pound, I’m so pleased that for a pound, oh, I have needed one of these I’m so excited to take my eyelashes off and put them in here, so that is the end which Hall I hope that you’ve enjoyed it I’m really pleased with the items that I’ve got I didn’t have high hopes at all I thought some of the stuff was gonna, be absolutely terrible, but I’m really pleased with all of that, and it just goes to show that you don’t have to pay a fortune to get some good product As long as you don’t mind waiting a month for delivery, so please do like and subscribe

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