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We bought a second house! Ah!

1 Nov , 2019  

I don’t want any of what we’re doing to come across as like like trying to like brag or anything like that. Oh it’s too early! Oh, it’s too early. What time is it and what and what are we doing? Why for what? Well, we can’t tell you we’re gonna leave a little suspense, we’re gonna leave a little cliffhanger here, we’re going to Florida, we’re headed to the airport. I don’t know why. I have this much energy at 5:30. In the morning I haven’t had coffee. Yet so, there’s a little weird, it’s a little new for me, but whatever, but we’ll tell you very soon.
You’Re, just gonna have to wait. You’Re going to freaking wait all right. We got to go if you know how I feel. Why would you say that, like you put me in such an uncomfortable situation, like you know, I’m not happy? No, I tried. Okay, let’s go to this. Oh wait. We didn’t even say it and another day another love uber in the airport. What it is yo we made it to Florida, especially inside we are officially in Florida. We should have logged before going to Ikea. We live hopped off the plane at Florida and went to straight to Ikea, which is sure we did and we currently have a mattress rolled up behind us, empty pillow stuff like that wait. But why would we have that stuff? Oh, I don’t know why we had that stuff dropped, just dropping hints and we’re on our way to get a TV, so this is jumble. This is a pretty big deal right. Claudia welcome to you all, thanks for announcing yeah. They didn’t know that you just announced it that this is her new one. We hadn’t told them yet and guess what exact in Florida yeah. So we we just, we got a place in Florida below home in Florida, and it is it’s very, very, very, very exciting, kitchen living room, we’ll do a more in-depth thing, actually Jesse’s doing a more in-depth thing on her channel, where she will do the whole renovation Process because we are doing like renovating and furnishing thing, we’re not renovating a ton, but it’s just like there’s a couple. Little changes yeah, so we’re gonna be vlogging that whole process and yeah and he’s gonna be very exciting. So we’ll be here for a bit getting all this done so with that said, I think we’re gonna we’re gonna go to dinner and then do a target run. What else is new? Because we need, like you, know, toilet paper and shampoo and deodorant in those kind of things, good plan, guys great plan, good glad we’re all on the same page. Here? Alright, it’s been a nice. Oh yes, it has been a night.
It’s currently 1280, don’t you guys hate when your credit cards or debit cards decline, so for no reason and you can’t pay for things same. Let me tell you a story. Okay, so we spent literally an hour and a half, maybe more than an hour and a half almost times almost two hours, I’ll put a picture here of everything that we got and we were the last ones there yet like. When I say the last ones, they’re like we had four people helping us because they wanted to get us out of the store any time he’s hospitalizing the lights were shutting off. They were waiting for us to to walk out for the lights to shut. We were just like trying to hurry up and get what we needed and we were at check out anyway. Anyway, anyway, it took literally 15 minutes, but how to get everything through and to get everything, that’s so much crap, so, basically, okay. The reason why we went to Target, though, was we needed a few things for tonight like we needed shampoo, we needed towels, we needed sheets like we needed things, because we came to an empty into an empty thing yeah, so we needed essentials. So we were at Target getting essentials, and then we decided to get like everything that we needed that so, basically before we left, we made lists of every we made one master list of everything that we needed for this place like we went room to room brainstormed In our head, like every little detail from like a candle to a fake plant to the bed, to the furniture, everything everything that we needed, we have on one master us. Then we separated that into the target list and the IKEA list and whatever every single separate list, so we what we were at Target more like me at the time. Let’s just do it. I know we just got off a flight but we’re gonna freakin grind. It out and yeah buy what we need from Target tonight, or at least the things that we can take with us right now. So we did that and got the check out and what happened? Maybe the main card that we use got declined earlier, because I thought it was fraud because we’ve been purchasing like bigger things like the mattress and like furniture and stuff and they’re like Oh big purchases decline. That was my debit card. That was our debit card. This is this: this is a doll yeah. So then we have two other credit cards that we don’t really use. Don’t really like credit cards, a whole another story, but I’m trying to babe. You can’t ruin my process here. No real telling story is it run.
I take the freaking camera, I’m saying to other credit cards that we have we’re like fine, we’ll pay for those with everything we’re paying for those we’re using them throughout the day and like when we went to Ikea this and that we go to Target to check Out guys, we got declined all that plastic like all of them, every single one, don’t know why I don’t know how, but then we were left with one debit card that we don’t really use that highlights money on it, that we were like alright, we’re gonna Use this not enough to pay for the target purchase like the way. No, it was like there was enough on that random Cod to get us some things. Yes we’re! So we went to Walgreens and just like got the things that we needed and target was nice enough to hold our like bigger purchase for us guys. It was literally two once we had bagged at all. It was two shopping carts full. We just had to give it back to Target they’re holding it for us til tomorrow. I have to go to the bank, fix the cards and we’re gonna go to Target and pick it all up and then we’ll and then we’ll show you the stuff that we have Milo. How do you feel about that? Milo? Are you happy? Are you just always a happy boy? Things are gonna be happening quickly, yeah like this. This process in Troy, like showing you guys why we’re here? Yes, the rest of its gonna be like full-on cuteness. If I wasn’t clear before we have a one-bedroom home in Florida, where I’m from where my family’s from and like interest we’re getting into real estate yeah, we both are just really into it. We really liked it, and we thought this place that we got would be a really cool starting point on like renovating things. We well especially me, but you like it and ask me like we really want to really renovate yeah yeah. Okay. Well, we’ll see you guys tomorrow, goodnight day, two well taking leads Thursday day two of a vlog yeah a shame update. We wanted to pull out the camera, because you know everything is going wrong, not everything if you think it’s going wrong, but no big deal long story short. We have lost our keys. Let’s just recap from the last clip that was filmed. We haven’t even thought of logging today because of how hectic today and then went to sleep last night after putting the camera away. So that’s where you saw woke up today took a shower shower, doesn’t have a shower curtain because of the target incident from yesterday. So we shower in a shower without a shower curtain got the whole bathroom, so there was no mat, nothing Gabriel.
What are you doing, and why is this part in the middle of a block guys we had to show this to you. This is, after we’ve, already finish the vlog we just had to. We couldn’t not capture this so basically got everything we needed for the shower. The pole shower the liner, we got the curtain, but then we forgot one important thing: the hooks freaking hang the thing up, yeah. So that’s a thing we just you know tied a few knots here at the end. Try to get this thing straightened out. Do you guys think this is gonna work? It’s I really don’t know this. Is our ramen have a good shower, really dope showering? We didn’t have any towels, so we had to use a beach towel that we had packed today. So that was there any one thing like we soaked the bathroom, but that’s fine, no big deal whatever like it’s gonna be a good day. Next thing go to the bank. That was fine got things done. Then we went from there back to Target, went to Target to pick up the stuff that we needed to pick up, that we left there overnight, went and got it all good on our way, back, going back to the place to our place and guess what our House keys are gone, they fell out of my pocket somewhere, we don’t know where. So we go back to the bank again to see if we lost him there cuz. I was literally the only place I had sat down outside of the car because they weren’t in the car either. Now we trying to find out keys. Yes, we think they’re gonna be a talk. Well also really hungry. So are the first 24 hours of this thing are going great. It can only go up, don’t they get don’t jinx it babe God’s gonna be like? Oh, you think so. Do you have anything else, we’ll update you. As things happen, you have when we find the key guys checking in here. This is big. This is really really big. Welcome to Super Target. Actually, so tell me: what’s a big deal, we got a babe. Excuse me babe. I am I’m glad you trust me. That’s very, oh god bless america, you guys and now we’re back at Target for the third time in less than 24 hours yeah. What else is new? What else is new LR? We have finished at Target now we need to go to Ikea. It’s on my 6 p.m. is it almost shadow heck? Is it almost 1600 all right, hey, but look. Look on the bright side. Look on the bright side. We are three other keys, so we’re going IKEA. Look first copy all right! You guys I just want to say Jess and I were talking at lunch and we thought that we should mention the vlog two things.
It’s weird us being as young as we are and buying a second place already, and I don’t want like we don’t want it to come off as conceded in any way We don’t want to be prideful or anything So we just first want to say the two things at first We want to say thank you to you guys so much for supporting us with everything that we do If you guys, weren’t following us and and interested at all and the things that we do, we would not will not be able to have this as our job and do the things that we’ve done So Thank you guys so much like seriously Thank you so much because you have changed our lives and second, we want to thank God, because without him, none of this, what we have done, you guys watching us all of it wouldn’t have happen If God didn’t want it to so we’re just what do you eat I drink, you do do it for the glory of God yeah I thought we would have been more in sync yeah I know I just kind of skipped a few words in the middle There news, whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God We are going to be the dorkiest parents, teaching our kids like whether you eat or drink or whatever you do do it all For the glory of God, say 1st Corinthians 10:31, oh my gosh! No, but you guys we are very serious We want to be want to show that we are so appreciative and not I don’t want any of what we’re doing to come across as like like trying to like brag or anything like that, because I know what can and people might give us crap for, like Whatever yeah, we just don’t want to make it look like, but trying to show off or anything like we’re, just so excited about this, and it’s something I really passionate about yeah We want to share all of our lives because we weren’t going to be like all of our all all three of them, so we hope you guys enjoy these Florida vlogs and yes, Thank You, Barry We appreciate you guys also we with all the contemn sefa I greatly appreciate you guys even considering, to buy something that we make anyway I think this log is me in the car, but the next vlog won’t be like this was just the setup for the rest of the trip It’Ll, be good, it’ll be really fun yeah, but we’re gonna I think we’re gonna end It here head to Ikea and with that said, pieces and gabriel conte

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