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We changed Gaby’s garbage (she likes it now)

1 Nov , 2019  

Just around the Riverbend done in Tokyo and up him, my name is ducky and money happy. I wait too soon. I’m sorry try again and keep visiting traffic that I’m super funny. If you keep it like this, but also do it again, iron. My new felt Sehun is Becky and we’re the scigirls, and today we’re here with Gabby, so we are here at Gabby’s, brand-new home, helping Hermes over her office, very high, but well, we are also here she was like. Can you guys help me with some other things we’ve going on and we’re like? Yes, we will help you.
You had a couple pieces around your house that you like love, the idea of but they’re not working for the spaces right, yes and a lot of pieces that I actually didn’t even mean to bring and they got here with the mover. So I’m like I’m stuck with him now might as well, so one of our favorite things to do with upcycling and making old furniture cool again. So we have a couple pieces that we’re gonna help. You make awesome. Yes, okay, so the first thing that we’re doing is this old writing desk that I actually found on the side of the street like when I first moved to LA I’m, not a mess so cool, because I love antiques. Yes – and I saw it – and I was like I could – make this cool destroyed – it captain for five years, anyways tried to throw it away when I moved and now it’s here, but I had a cool vision for it, where I thought, let’s make it into a Coffee knob in my bedroom, so shall we feel like I’m birthing a this is going your bedroom right. This is going in my back like what would you say? The theme is in like three words. The theme, I would say is traditional eclectic and rich okay whoo. I meant like rich in color, not rich, like I make a lot of money. I just wanted to clarify like this hat is from a thrift store, I’m still relatable okay, so I found these at Goodwill yesterday and they were just perfect. I knew I wanted this to be a coffee. No, let’s be like really honest, I’ve never actually gonna drink coffee. When I show them this, they asked me if I’d be down to have little C hooks to hang mugs. It was like perfect, but I was already thinking. How are we gonna find a mug small enough for that fit to line the Bob? Oh God, this was the perfect time we made out yeah, I’m sorry we did. We did make out at the thrift store, but in the thrift, store, hauling type of way roll the clip here for that. Okay, so we’re out the first to start, and we do see that there’s some decent decor here. What is that? It’s a burger, I think so I love elephants.
Should we pay Mui $3 yeah like a little black yeah yeah brother color. We want yes good max and I love elephants. I brought good luck yeah. This is blue. Looking at me yeah! No, that means a no that’s been that’s a Becky. No, this is so cute. We don’t know what we’re using it for, but we’re gonna get. It wait. Oh, my god, that’s so cute and golden black, I feel like we could fit in one of her room. Yes, Gabby, do you need these Gabby Gabby dawn? We lost her bye, yeah, she’s, clothing, shopping now, yeah. So on theme, okay and the other thing which, like we didn’t, have to bring downstairs hefty it miss. The other thing we have is a white dresser. I actually love the dresser. I just got from Ikea like three years ago. Maybe – and I love it – it’s solid wood. Well, it fits perfectly so I really like the dresser, but there’s so much white in that room already, and it’s so open that I wanted to punch it up a little bit, make it a little more edgy, a little more gothic yeah, a little more Corky. Okay, wait. We have one more thing that I know you briefly mentioned. I’Ll just go, grab it. Okay, we can discuss the plans for it. Wait do I know what’s happening? Yes, you mentioned it’s a path thing you’re like also, if you can use a coffee table comes like oh can we can we do something whatever okay, this may be able to show off between Becky, and I because we both came up with ideas and we’re like They’Re both pretty good I’m having look like both of them. My idea is, I think, both of them involve painting it black and then I’m thinking we could like drill holes into it to make a design. So, like imagine like a skull or something you like drilled, like a bunch of holes to be the design, you look through the design through a little hole like Kenya, you picture what I’m seeing. I get my shot for this. It’s gonna be more like black. Nicole, so again the black matte paint and then like when I first saw it. I even asked: are there drawers and the slide because it looks like there could be uh-huh, so I think it could be really cool to do like ornate gold handles like one on each side like as if there was a drawer but there and then and then On the bottom, like a couple of inches like paint the tips gold, so it looks like there’s like metal tips on the bottom of the feet: interesting gold, yeah. That was my thoughts, so he says I would leave more towards that one, because the gold I like, because I’ve been trying to pull in more gold, stuff yeah – and we will house – has a lot of oil. That’s nice to kind of pull in that like the rustic, okay yeah! Well, let’s do that we’ll work on this and your room because we still haven’t finished that so you have nothing full day, yeah, I’m out going to therapy.
Let’s call it what it is and I’ll be back in all right, amazing something cool these may or may not be done, probably not okay. So we have our three pieces that we’re gonna work on and I’m going to start with the secretary writing desk. Now, coffee nuts, so, as is the first step with pretty much any project that we’re going to be painting, you want to give it a light sand first, so I’m gonna do that and then I’ll get on to fixing this system. I kind of feel like it’s earthquake proof, though, because like it can Evan flow, you know, so these we’re gonna do something about them right. The nobbies, oh honey, watch this. Oh my god. Those two are on a bit more legit yeah. These are actually on. We got to remove this glue and take off these knobs and what we’re actually planning to do is add a whole new knob kind of like right here. Instead of these two little pulls, so we need to fill them with some good old spackle. We don’t really have a wood filler here, but this will do yeah for sure same defi allow my rapid rise, I’m going to work on typing this, so there’s literally there’s some screws that need to be tightened and then I think we’re missing. One also come up. The bottom so we’re lucky, it’s even standing right now. First quick test part to better yeah. It’s still like go way better pain time. Thanks to everyone that seemed in terribly paint. I paint color, no spoilers. But let’s just say this is leftover from Gabi space. The part of the house ooh em, both Queen, what we’re doing on the inside. It’s actually it’s nice walnut, as is, but when Gabi spray-painted this a little while ago she got a little white everywhere. We had the idea of doing the inside as a wallpaper. We chose a couple of different wallpaper options: Gabi chose one, maybe you guys can get some comments below and we ordered it and we’re just hoping it gets here in time. So we’re gonna do this coffee table next and, like I said it’s gonna, be like an ornate black and gold theme like it’d, be really cool. The first thing is: there’s a couple like divots in the top of it that since we’re paying to get anyways, I’m just gonna putty it. So it’s all smooth and then I can go ahead and start painting and then like. I guess this like some would say it’s character. I would say, let’s not well because, like this whole thing’s gonna feel like fancy in the end.
You know it’s not like farmhouse, yeah, yeah, coffee right now, it’s farmhouse yeah. We don’t want that for her from farmhouse to fancy. Okay, what’s next just standing off the drive pate, because I want to do gold tips on the beat it’s so much easier to spray-paint those gold now. Well, I don’t care about spray paint getting anywhere else on the table and then taping off. Just the goal to do the black later than it is to do all of the black and then cover it all to do a little bit of gold. Then also one add it. I picked up these handles to work ESCO handles on the side and on the website they looked like gold, the IRL their playground, so they I’m gonna paint those two blue. Why is it doing that? Is it rid of the thing? Maybe I should sand it down more. Maybe it’s go about like wax stuff on it. Oh no, it looks like it. You know that wax stuff that we’re actually gonna use later yeah for that black paint ha ha ha. You must be able to stand that off pic. Oh, my god, you try another leg: she’s, not getting gold legs, that’s creepy! I know yeah, you know what will work Becky, painting the handles for sure 100% ten into ten. I’m going out of my way to use styrofoam, which is the big move for me. So it’s got work. You guys, don’t know that he hates that Ramone hose of that. What a hack right hat like oh yeah, like the color, was supposed to be. That’s so hard hardware store, ok, so the next day. For me and guys, look how good this looks. I think we all need more of this color in our life, and my next step is to add some hardware. So I have a little small knob here which didn’t even have a knob here before, but I feel like it definitely needs one yeah. How do you open it? You open it like this. Just like that’s not what fancy people do we’re gonna put one here and then a handle here and then, hopefully that wallpaper that we ordered in time will come today. That’s like a TBD situation, so my notes are on and I think they love fire, and the next step is to add a few little C hooks for our cups and I’m just gonna add them to the top on the inside. Here then, all we need is that wall paper got our thrifted mugs. All in a row. Get your ducks in a row, get your thirsted mugs in a row guys the wall paper came. I literally did not think I was gonna happen, but I have it did you guys make your guesses of which ones Gaby chose, which one do you think she chose? She chose this one and I love it.
It’s so complementary to this color and then there’s like green and it comes out. It’s such a mood, I’m so excited so now we’re just gonna use an exacto knife and do some wallpaper all on the insides here they too and we’re back at it. I think there’s like three coats of spray paint on this now and the goal is definitely sticking much better so enough that I’m gonna move on and the rest of the plans. This is literally just painted black. We have this black chalk paint which is gonna, be so easy for covering things. I think it doesn’t need very many coats at all, cuz, it’s heavy and it’s matte. It’s gonna look sexy looking good! What’s going on these legs, okay, so I had a thought in the room, a curve we did on Gabby’s channel. There was a special piece of art that Gaby helped us make that involve some really cool dripping of gold paint. So I thought: how cool would it be instead of just doing straight lines around the legs? If it was gold dripping up the legs, so I might even ask Gaby to help us do it, because she was so good at the first time, Gabi Gabi can borrow you for a sec. Okay, there she is. Oh did you? Did you hear that you’re needed for some art expert? The one thing that I can do is literally just drip paste. It’s literally your new favorite hobby. I think it’s a really good time actually feels great. I think it’s gonna look really good upside down like that. Okay, let’s create this with your drips. This is what happens when you don’t have goldleaf. You just use your spray paint, that’s pain. It actually works great yeah. It’s real grippy! It’s real trivia! Oh yeah! Oh Dean, it’s super hard to control it cuz, it’s so wet yeah. I like how much between our projects and the other room in this one, how much are kind of playing like gravity, plus it’s like the little things like that. That kind of tie like your house, together, yeah. Why do you like the drips in the one room? Then you kind of notice them again in other parts of the house yeah. My very undying and problematic need to be different from everybody else. What does that say about my life? See when I was a kid no kidding if I could get this a drip all the way to the bottom on this one that would be very, very cool, come on baby you’re like feeding it. I know this drips Wilin over here. Got that good drip talk me it’s another coat as you can see, but I think what we’ve learned from this paint is like you can’t as its drying roller it if it gets text dirty lay it on me.
I’m gonna let this first coat dry like totally and then kind of insect coat so doesn’t get it like you want put on the handle, so you can really do that right now, yeah, that’s true! Wow! Those handles are looking fire and also the drips kind of look like fire they’re, very cool. Okay. This is like 95% done. The very last happening to do is just do this. Sealing wax that came with a chalk paint and just rub it all over everything. So this doesn’t scratch and chip, and it’s super durable, may or may not have cut up Gaby shirt for this. She donated a shirt for the process now that our other projects are complete, we’re going to get started on that dress there by painting it the same black as the table, literally, how hot is it out here so hot? I can’t feel my skin right. I want to go back to Canada by delicate Canadian skin Jay handsome um. While I was inside subscribe, second setting up the main dresser and you did it, but in like an Ultimate Universe. This, like patchy, look, is kind of for a universe far far away. It looks like almost like the moon, oh yeah, yeah. I feel you yeah you just had to like set it up. For me, a little rose to it being like a thousand degrees out is like I put it on, and it’s instantly dry holy Sh. So it’s gonna be fast. How hard is it out? It’s a bit. Warm I’d, say: 31, that’s it! No liar! Meanwhile inside I see a white dresser and I want to thank you. It’s looking good. I know popping the sky of literally we’re gonna wax. This, so it’s a sealed. This stuff makes all the difference for this to not scratch and like just looking nice yeah. The mat like chalky, like is not it look rich without it being it doesn’t, make it look shiny. It just makes it look like a field. I’m feel delivered I’m yours, so the knobs were these black knobs, but then we bought these gold knobs. And yes, you can spray paint your knobs, but I am a little cautious about spray-painting knobs, just because touch them so much. I don’t want them to touch it, and also this color is a lot nicer than like italic scraping and then lastly, Gaby actually had these Dino knobs, which are really cool, and we didn’t want them all to be Dino, not because I saw it might be like Gold too much so we’re gonna like add them in sporadically. Oh, my god, it’s like Dino Dino, nope they’re attacked. Oh, I love this. I have nothing else to say, but I love this. I think it looks so frickin chic and it just like pops. A little bit more with the black, and I cannot wait. Gabi’s gonna freak, hey everybody, I’m coming in guys hold my hand Oh my god, am I like the bride, trying not to see her groom.
Oh you’re gonna love, this oh yeah, okay, ready, yeah, big, do one! How did you we added this like little bumpy? Oh wait! I need like a backup view of it Wow that looks so good It looks way better without the diners we’re being over on every yeah That’s what you’re thinking oh yeah they’re, just like random and Patrick! That’s a makeover! Thank you! Wow! It was a pretty dresser I love the dresser, it’s sturdy, it’s great! But now it’s my company All right, it’s! Yes! That is exactly what it is It’s this perfect Let’s go! Look at the ass! That’s what I’m very, very obsessed with this It’s so quaint, it’s so different from the original As I found it and as I tried to remake it myself, this is so precious I love the perfect wall-hanging moment in here in the little cups It’s so sweet, it’s a sweet little piece It looks amazing against the wall You look so good in your bed Is this color green we’re dry but whatever? Basically, this is the color of the wallet, oh so like blends in, but then you open this and it’s like, oh, my god, yeah the the yellow, the pop of the yellow, is so nice in this old-timey I have this exact print My bedroom growing up, it’s very cute, very sweet I love her so much This is really cool This is another thing that was going to be absolute trash and it got brought me on accident and now it’s a very great coffee table Yeah and your little drip he’s like totally made it again yeah It’s so spooky is it’s like back where it’s almost like flames, yeah yeah yeah, it’s so cool! It’s a cool! It’s like ratchet cheek! You guys absolutely crushed it, but all of it is phenomenal Oh, my god, well, thank you for letting Dan you’re, so incredibly, talented Thank you It makes you guys check out our office makeover on your gym You have to see it It is so stunning I’ve sent pictures to everybody and everybody’s Like that’s incredible, thank you You did a lot of work for me Thank you If you liked it make sure you like, and if you love it, make sure you stab it and we’ll see you next time, shootout robot link, okay in her cute Now I found that the third story today and your cute shirt to show them Oh wow We have that I don’t legally merch That might just happen to me like down below What’s up

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