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We design pajamas for a day lady

1 Nov , 2019  

Yes, exactly it’s my house, I will be nude in it. So what are we doing I’ll? Tell you what we’re doing we’re gonna be styling PJ’s into actual outfits to wear out into the world so Lindsay and Jasmine also did this pajama challenge, but they styled two outfits one for day, one for night, we’re just gonna style, one outfit that transitions! Well, from day to night, you can add, like a couple of accessories to like make it into more of a night look look if you want to throw a heel on and you’re like ooh night that works too.
I love pajamas. I don’t wear PJs. I think in 2017 I’ve vowed to only start wearing matching PJ’s to bed. I grew up in the Midwest where it got cold at night, so I was always rockin like matching flannel pajamas sets, which is really cute. Now I mostly just wear like boy shorts and like some type of anime t-shirt when I go to bed the second, I get home it’s now, some PJ’s that I had they are, like you know, short sleep or like a longer sleep, because that’s when I’m like On vacation with multiple people, and so like – I don’t want to you – know, give too much of the store away for free. The shop is closed. The shop is open for business. I have seen the types of pajamas that, like people are wearing these days. Okay, I have some fashionable people in my life and I got to tell you: pajamas are in right now. The one thing is: if I’m eating food, I have to be wearing clothes. I won’t eat food naked cuz like that. Just kind of feels like a step too far for me, which is why Bryan Alaska don’t always put on a shirt and like underwear just to eat food and then, as soon as I’m finished, eating food I’ll take them off. I’m gonna do some shopping. Freddie gave me $4,000 and because I said it out loud she I can hold her to that. So I gotta get pajamas today’s the morning in which I’m going to be wearing pajamas as outerwear to work. I thought it would be cool to show you the pajamas that I usually wear. So this is something that I wear. Basically, when I sleep normally, but the pajamas that I’m gonna be wearing today are right here. I already have a vision. I really like pajamas that make you look dignified, like the kind that you’d see like an old person with like a cigar and some scotch wearing and their personal library cute little shirt that says prickly in the morning. It’s got cactuses on it and then it’s got cute little cactus ting shorts, it’s August, so as Skippy as I can get them because it is so hot.
I’m hot right now! Look it’s my pajamas yeah, my email. So I think the look I have in mind is gonna, be a little less sexy and a little more PJ, especially because you know, obviously we work at BuzzFeed and sort of anything-goes at the office, especially if you’re doing it for projects. I wouldn’t look like a classic PJ look matching cat messy Bob okay. So, as you can see, I stopped recording when I was at my house, because I accidentally only ordered the top to my pj said so now, I’m pulling into the mall parking lot to try to find a last-minute replacement for my pj day and I’m a little Stressed out, but let’s see what we find, so I’m gonna be wearing a cute little outfit today, I’m just gonna style these new pajamas in my regular style. So I should put a little bit of foundation on. I have some cute little gym shoes, I’m gonna wear and I feel like it’ll be a good look and it’s Kristin. What do you think? I don’t know how I feel about this kind of feels like the same color, Chantal de nada. I am NOT in they’re all very cute like individual pieces, but I think it is a little bit just one tone and she bitchy yeah. I liked up Jen and the idea of a denim skirt, but it’s not the right, color denim, yeah, okay, fine! I will go back to the drawing board, so I found this ed that I think good and short super cute, my vibe as you can tell, but they don’t have my size. I also have to stop at the grocery store this morning before heading into the office. We’Ll get a little sense of whether people think is weird, but I’m wearing. I don’t think they will. So I picked out a pair of PJ’s that I’m like. I asked one of the employees if I could just 5gj of any change in the changing room and then wear them out of the store she was like yeah, that’s fine! So that’s something I did I’m gonna put together in my day. Look my PJs right now. I already feel weird walking around the mall in PJs, like I feel exposed in a way they’re not scandalous, few days, their regular museums. I think it’s probably just cuz. I can feel my booty wiggle. I think the topics I wanted, everyone to know that I’m bisexual and I feel like there’s no other way to better revive them, and why is that? Well, okay, so I took this that I tied it and then what I also have a little pink pants So it’s like, I kind of wanted everyone to know that, like I am fab – and I am here for friendship transition into your night look also, the two of you are sort of like, like you’re, both doing like cactus themed, pajamas cactuses are a big thing in Pajamas this season quickly in the morning what just outfit Jesus outfit, because it really did just look like honestly, good outfit you might we’re out and about.
I know the shirts really really colorful and I love the color blue yeah They seem like something I would wear when I was a child like my mom would have put me in this and sent me home from school Oh look at this cutie grab this little set This kind of looks like James to me I think it does like a Ron First last pantsuit Bob Springs as I walk around and sashay through the world Yeah I feel like Luz is a good way to describe it, because I noticed that when I’m sitting in chairs, I have to be very cognizant of like where my legs are because just wants to like what do you think now? It’s time for me to change into my night Look: Oh: what’s your night love, I’m not gonna! I know I’m not gonna show you it’s hiding under my shirt Oh oh! I could unbutton it slowly, see the surprise Oh my god do it please Let’s talk about your outfit, even that you can forget your I was gonna wear a black hat It’s like a look because I ran out of hair go, but I have a purse because that’s what you do in the night, but down where purse femininity I’ve been thinking a yo you’re new to the step Now I’m pajama bottom bitch Oh, you did a little switcheroo on that situation situation I think I’m not looking drinking water drinks, the spreading christen still wearing my pajamas I gotta tell you, I’m wearing pajamas for a day, so easy pajamas are probably the most comfortable thing Anyone could wear styling them I didn’t feel like it was that difficult I take I take hot table Jeep I almost like this little pajamas on bold better than the original one at that pic as a little bit more personality It’s a really cool kind of vintage Like the colors are really fun, I was able to kind of play around a little bit more with my accessories Maybe was a blessing in disguise that I didn’t order The full TJ effect that I thought I did listen, I’m lazy and I’m cute So really For me, plus, I was able to like take what was already a cute daytime chord and turn it into like three outfits Instead of one styling PJ’s for day and night bedtime Let me guess whatever you for the back, you maybe

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