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We finally left.

30 Sep , 2019  

We left Finland, where Estonia, it’s freaky, we actually left. We left Finland. We are traveling around the world for six months, but no plans hardly plans. Yet no plans and you’ve got school back mummy will edit somewhere on a beautiful beach and you do your schoolwork life. That’s good: we could come and check out your country, then too Latvia, Estonia. I think you might want to go again. Let him go again. Okay, where do you want to go now? Videos make sure is right and like the pulpit, is there a ball pit? I don’t think there is, have you seen the room that has all these fun things in the wall? I’m going to show you have a look.
Wonderful, there’s no P do this bishop this! Is it really hard you’re doing well we’re having a crash here now you found yourself a good bed yeah and you can really sleep there. If you fall asleep, you can say that P. We should build some of these ear, I’m in Australia yeah. Should we do that, I could edit in there. I could see it all. There’s no PowerPoint! Hmm! Have you seen that room in there? Yet, let’s go inside there, look at your feet. Okay, go in the bike, always checking it out. Okay, Shakespeare T stared that a long time you just fall asleep. These are your friends here you can sun-baked. There’s you look out the window. Are you all looking forward to be in Estonia, leave the business of all our music? Oh, we don’t not. No we’re not doing that. I’m gonna go guys, have fun place and soon we’re gonna be in Estonia. Bye, bye, bye, so yeah. It took us, but the keys If I cut the keys free our the now we’re here, cutting it so fast and we’re in Estonia, my goodness, we are hopping quickly.
We left Finland, Estonia, it’s freaky We actually left We left Finland We are traveling around the world for six months, but no planes Hardly plans yet no plans and you’ve got school where mommy will edit somewhere on a beautiful beach, and you do your schoolwork, like that’s good and now that doors opening our book drive outside and turn up in Estonia, yeah we’d be waiting to leave Finland for so Long yay there’s a bright light, we’re going to a stone or where, in Estonia right now now we’re leaving the leaving the boat the best country out of twelve twelve countries to go Let’s go it’s Dania We could come and check out your beautiful country we’re going up in Estonia These people have have let us stay here We’ve put Omega and Aphrodite in the same swing ticket I will get your next one I’ll get you at this side, hello, Kiku and waves Daddy and Cleopatra Is there still on the boat? We got off first, because we’ve got the big vehicles Are you gonna? Do a stunt – oh, no and crash, and what’s the chance that there’s a fly area here, open the door and show how we step out of here perfectly we’ll push you in a moment and we’ve already made dinner dinner Is kidney be actually chickpeas tonight, chickpeas with some nice sauce that daddy’s made and we’re having some brown macaroni or wheat macaroni? I love putting them both in the same swing Okay, do something crazy, but not too crazy You’Re gonna fly off whoa you you, you

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