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We have a new puppy! A prank on my brother!

1 Nov , 2019  

Everyone I’m a geek so much from the gym. Yesterday, literally, no part of me wants to get back off of it this morning, but I’m actually starving. So I’m gonna go downstairs. Make myself some breakfast everybody under sided him with one, but they can come gonna, be have myself an omelet kind of feeling it, but at the same time I don’t want to get up. So I don’t know if I’m hungry enough to get up by. I really am hungry, so I should yum-yum what’s gonna like it doesn’t move, but young just being myself would get out over there and I’m ready to talk.
Yet I’m not sure how give it looks. I mean, I think it looks okay, but I’m hoping it tastes better than it looks anyways and I’m also balancing you on a champagne glass, which is just great. So I’m gonna sit here and trim it back first, because I am so hungry and I got up because of this so Cheers the breakfast I completed it. This is right: Debbie’s, no new puppy, hi ray, Oh actually, so cute he’s better in out or no she’s gone back again, she’s going back again fellas. I this is my hind yours, it’s gonna go surprised! You know we’re not actually having rain. I went to sleep then come back to sleep, there isn’t a race. This is Debbie: Oh you’re, snuggly, Debbie, Oh little ray has gone, which is so sad and I want a puppy even more than it already wanted a puppy. I actually really would love to like a doctor puppy. I don’t know, but you know get one from a shower to himself and hope the Alpha out and I really hopefully fingers crossed. I could do that one day, but I’m not gonna get a puppy any time soon so mercy we’ve got Bella and also because well my parents just don’t want to get a new dog. Honestly, one dog is like obviously so much hard work anyways but yeah. I really hope to probably one day, because that would be amazing, so everyone asked if I’m ever gonna get a new puppy. I think I will, but obviously when I actually move out alone, obviously will move me house soon, so I might be able to try and convince my parents to get one them that I just. I don’t really think it’s gonna happen. I don’t know anyways. I am actually gonna make myself my protein shake I’m gonna rock myself a bath KC’s. Also here now I was actually going to go to the gym. I think I’m gonna go to the gym tonight, so I’m gonna have my protein shake enjoy. My bath I’ve got work.
I need to do emails himself, some utila in the ball just being and running my bath. However, I forgot to put the baubles in until after so there isn’t that many, which is kind of sad. I love a bath with loads of bubbles, but it’s still kind of bubbly. I have got this that I’m gonna put in the Baja. How cute is it he’s Santa bath bomb? They haven’t got the peep in Center anymore, but this is already cute. So I’m gonna put this in the bath and I’m also gonna be using this here. Bucks, Fizz body conditioner, I’m really excited cause. It smells amazing, got my protein shake also, which is so good and I’m also gonna grab. My laptop probably watch something in the, but I really need to be doing some work, but we just watching TV, while some in the bath watch some Netflix and then once I get out, then I do all the work yourself I need to do here. We go wait like where’s. What Bob wants pizza, I always get them confused. I was in not a bath bomb, it’s a bubble bar. I lit, I feel like it’s a bath bomb by always get it wrong and everyone’s like it’s a bubble, pod or bath bomb. It’s where they like fears. What could I say this like I’m glad now, I’m not gonna direct, it be so mean and stupid, but I could be such a cute blood prank on my mom in the bath, but I’m not gonna. Do that alka bath and ready to do my makeup for the rest of the day and watching Sophia and Cinzia that flub actually almost ending your books with Anna and I go to New York, ah Sophia more in like three weeks, Ashley yeah really soon! So I’m just like watching everybody’s New York vlogs, I’m like getting so excited, including my old New York blog. So I went to New York actually says, but you know it can’t have been the beginning of the year. No – and it was a year before the beginning of that year – yeah, oh my god anyway, it was amazing and I can’t wait to go back. So I’m watching those new, your vlogs. Whilst doing my makeup, my bait mitt, my makeup bag is still looking for you. So my last my last vlog so far we’re doing well. Guys makeup is done. I mean it’s very minimal make-up, but that’s how we like on a Sunday, I’m actually kc8, Nicole and Halle. I’ve just arrived, no was I gonna, say: Nicole, isn’t mum and her boy mom’s boyfriend is also here. They have come over. Okay, see dad haven’t seen them.
I’m actually drop my phone very quickly. So, basically, as it’s a Sunday we’re having a roast, I say that as if we have a roast every Sunday but used to have a rose every Sunday and then it just it just stopped, which is really sad. I think we just got a bit lazy. Don’t blame in though he has to cook like 20 people, whatever so they’ve come round they’re having a roast my auntie’s, also here. So, basically, that’s why I put about makeup one day because I felt like I needed to it was kind of appropriate. I looked a little bit rough. Oh, I also dyed the bits. I needs to do something editing on sass, that’s great! So now I think I’m just gonna chill dresses Sunday with my family. However, I might actually go to the gym a bit later because I did say I was gonna go to the Chairman. I haven’t quite made it there. So you’re gonna go to others I’m supposed to follow here. They are hello. Hi George, my outfits about the dish shop and look how amazing this food is. I can’t thank you Dad. We could get used to this because I lose every Sunday. The amazing I don’t thank you roast dinners in here. I look so good. Yeah everyone’s been taking photos up there yeah Harlow’s likes to decide. She really wants a rose, but instead she’s got roll. Oh I wish call Yorkshire pudding. Is that what it is? It’s not good there now. Is she Archie? Oh gee, oh gee. Why soon, as I take out my blog camera, any of it now, this is what the boys are doing. They’Re so loud, you’re, right guys, shouldn’t be any louder. You guys just had to be the first ever and I’m actually hungry again. I don’t even know how mean to me about my travels. Go we’ve just been like sitting at the table. You know. Do our little thing just chatting that I was so stuck out there. I have it sent despot from primark. Basically, and so I took home, I’m jaded girl when I got my pram up to I can’t even remember I went to Liverpool Manchester Omar, so they can go to I literally go into London. That’s it I would say the ball right MA. I went to Liverpool right, I went to Liverpool, didn’t I no no. Where did I go for my grandma club? Where did I go in general? Beside you, don’t remember. I actually can’t even remember well at all. How could I remember that I think it wasn’t before I don’t know yeah, I think it was anyways. This was left over from the Manchester meet-and-greet.
Basically, I can take home. I took home that all the London stuff, but obviously buggers over travel and they couldn’t take home everything at the time all the gifts that you guys have given me. So I kindly asked mum. Oh, please, can you send me a book as long as they don’t want to leave it behind, so they sent me all the gifts themself. So the next couple about well probably not a couple of hours for the next hour, so I’m going to be going through the gifts. I’ve actually put some of the other gifts in here as well, just like to kind of go through and show some to you. A lot of the stuff before I’ve read through so many of them already. Thank you so much all these things like no books and stuff just actually mean the world to me and like they may be invoked here up and stuff. That’s so sweet inside, like I’m. Just like I’m so cute, so thank you so much so it’s so much! I love you right. Video ideas as well. I love cuz. It also helps me out, so thank you so much. Oh, my goodness. The baby Bella’s, actually gonna go into the shop and get some so life is great and yet so many different gifts themselves and thank you so much so I’m going to go through all of these presents and just books and stuff you a today and I’m Just gonna go through them and do a little bit of an unboxing and find a home for everything, because, basically all my like books and stuff, I keep in the spare room upstairs. Actually there’s like three drawers for now. I don’t know what I’m gonna do, because if I keep doing media grease and stuff I’m gonna have nowhere to put them and all the gifts and stuff I just yeah we’re all sharing that. So thank you so much. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I’m going to go through them now and enjoy that. Oh this I’ll be saving for Christmas, because I said that I was going to save this for Christmas, so I’m very excited for now. I said to I shall make and I was like I promise I wear to Christmas, so I’m going to keep this in this box. Oh this is so cute, oh, my goodness, like so cute, it’s must’ve taken so long and they’re so cute. This is look. I am always on to Anna and we’ve literally been saying how bored we are to each other for the past 10 minutes Haven’t we literally don’t know what to do of ourselves and we’re talking to each other, which is kind of offensive trying to plan our evening, and it’s just it’s not a sign in that grey.
I literally feel like I’ve done nothing today I just have found really kind of like demotivated Don’t really know what it is I kind of want to have like a very productive day tomorrow So hopefully I just haven’t really been in the mindset of anything today I think if I get up maybe early up tomorrow morning, then maybe I’ll feel a bit more like motivated and stuff so fingers girls, I’m going to wash off my makeup now put on actually a face mask my mum Has goodness my mom Has this skincare drawer? Not a drawer, it’s like a little pot and it has like all of her favorite and my favorite skincare stuff Hawaii isn’t working, so I’m gonna have to use the bathroom for a life in here is basically all of favorite products that we love using So I’m gonna whip out a few of these on a face, mask and do in my skincare routine I also do actually need to watch the first fantastic piece because I haven’t actually seen it and I’m going to the premiere on Tuesday and it’s gonna Be a pretty big premiere and I want to obviously know cuz It’s number two, I would say wanna know what it’s all about and stuff so and it’s that movie In fact, I haven’t actually seen Harry Potter, any of them, and I know people gonna be watching like what yeah I haven’t seen Harry Potter, and the word thing is it’s my brother’s all-time favorite movie, like he’s obsessed, this is Casey, I’m talking about so like I should have really seen it I haven’t so I’m gonna watch those movies Obviously I’m not all the Harry Potter’s now, but I’m gonna watch fantastic beasts now head to bed again early, I mean I say, get an early start by the time I stop watching this movie It’s gonna be midnight anyways, but kind of us get into bed a bit earlier and hopefully go early in the morning and film until all that fun stuff Oh, and you guys seem to really enjoy it I actually love it It’s probably one of my favorites I’ve uploaded recently and I went vegan for 24 hours, but I did it like actually thought I had it on So so so well But thank you so much for watching the vlog and I see guests tomorrow, bye

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