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We have a VIP trip to Taco Bell’s headquarters

1 Nov , 2019  

Hi guys welcome back to our shared Channel today is very, very excited. We have taken a field trip, we have broken out of the studio and, like the big, real Taco Bell lego drive through here, we’re invited here we get to go inside, so excited, I’m so hungry. Thank you for having us today we’re sure I’d like to do whatever it is. We’Re gonna do are so excited to have you here welcome to talk about headquarters so before we start our visit, we needed to make sure that you’ve prepared with all Taco Bell gears, no pressure but feel free to you know, wrap the brand swag.
If you, if you want to, I mean this, is talk about HQ, but we call it why it’s great okay, yeah, I feel like at ed quarters, like I make this sound like we’re in like a big silver box, which other just likely are. Yes, we call this place the RSC, it’s the restaurant Support Centre. The reason we qualify is because, like we’re here to support the restaurants, we’re great come into a restaurant, the team members that work in restaurants, everyone in the field, the reason why we walked this way – cuz you’re – probably like wait – are we leaving right now everybody? This is the end of the tour. We’Ll see you guys later. I love starting here because everyone walks in here every single day. Oh sorry, oh go ahead. You know everyone walks in here every single day and, like you, see this board, and this is a reminder of like wow. This is what we’re doing with our restaurants. What’s our drive-thru speed, how full are our tacos like? I got it? Well, that’s like over it. Oh yeah, whatever see four minutes of the second darkly no hana’ night, we live on twitter and in social all the times I come here and I’m like oh yeah, there’s a year but yeah, there’s actual restaurants out there like a new restaurant opening. Oh my gosh! There’s that many new opening we have over 7,000 restaurants, like national, look at here’s our goal. We have really big lofty goals. Mm, oh we’re gonna get there. This is not so many. Neither so there’s the biggest one is like fancy and there’s alcohol sure it’s. How there’s not the only one? No so we have several Cantina restaurants and and inline restaurants. Inlands just don’t have the alcohol component to it, but we do have, I won’t say I’ll have to get those numbers for you, but we’re grooming right there. We give it away, but what’s the closest to, I hope we would have been there yeah the Newports each one, it’s the closest to us. So there’s one like right and Newport Beach ripe, all the bars and it’s a beautiful or each other.
They kind of severe open windows yeah, oh my god, Thursday. At that location. It’s one of two locations ourselves. How much birthday do you know offhand? We would like. I don’t know what to college in this area. Irvine and let me tell you if there had been a Taco Bell Cantina, I would have had a lot of regrets about yeah. Well, maybe not because I was really happy about that. So our biggest one is the one that I was like. That’s like our flagship store that one has a little works to it. You can get. You know your twisted freezes there, your alcoholic Friesen, you get married there like dog. Oh my gosh, I’m getting beer, I’m saying if I didn’t have a wedding, planner 100%. My wedding would be in a Taco Bell, which, like would actually be amazing, but, like you know, for us like we live in ring the bell, but you definitely drink the sauce yeah we on sweatshirts. You know we live in right about. We got drinking kool-aid here. The straight bar on the top: well, let’s keep going, let me go either. We’ve got so much more to show you, though we have a huge culture here. Everyone always says I live here, because I love them incredibly overjoyed how maybe it’s a dress and be creative with ourselves. But it’s also amazing too, because we love celebrating, like not only people’s growth and potential here in their careers, but also just like the life moment. So if you look like hey man, we did like a little art class together and we have Taco Bell twinsies. So if you happen to dress up the same outward, what a cute baby, he is an original. He goes back to when we first like started. Creating talked about – and I believe say it might be from like our launch location, I’m downing, Oh, which is the home of the first. The first ever talked about home, numero, uno and also Germany, apparently like loves food. It’s the oldest McDonald’s and the first Taco Bell. Oh yeah, hometown goal, speaking of will take you over to the talk about timeline, Pachelbel’s timeline and they love a good time. So, like you said, topical started in 1962 in Downey, California, we mister and Len bell yeah, and you know back in the forties when Glenn. First started experimenting with tacos: everyone was eating hamburgers and hotdogs and he’s like you know what I’m gonna I’m gonna Zig. Whenever else is a key yeah, you see the boat we heard yeah. I was like yeah so things I love it.
I think there are only some franchisees and I want to say in that way: there’s like one or two that might sell it, but it’s it’s! You got it. You gonna know those ones. You got to know your store, so he started in Downey, California, and his first store was called taco Tia and with taco Tia. You know, people didn’t know how to pronounce the names they were. Two minutes aren’t even sure how to eat. Tacos, like people were literally taking the tacos from the top and like biting them from the middle. You know. Is there a wrong way to eat a talk? Oh, that’s, not you’re, right, you’re right! I do like getting food from like it’s like kind of how you get all the others that was like the new SEC. She had. You want to do the full taste of the pizza. You need to take a bite from the middle. Oh, I have to eat from the middle, that’s like all I know, but how do you eat from the oh? I mean I usually eat from the flavors, though, as we go on through time through time, history Vince, your packaging has changed over time. Our logos have changed our uniforms, the Liberty Bell, so that one, oh, we are you love to be jokesters and we did it as a April. Fool’s prank, oh well, not yeah, so we didn’t actually buy it. I’m glad so, in fact, Gidget is related to bruiser. In like non-stop yeah, it’s a famous family, he doesn’t follow class. I love a good Mountain Dew with our veg, so box is specially formulated to pair well with all of our menu items. I think you’re ready to meet tequila to eat, which is great too, and I’m gonna say about chocolate. Well and the reason I’m even more obsessed as a healthy adult, is that you guys had, over the years over history formulated the best menu for also people who want to have a healthy experience. Yes, I go here and I don’t feel like I want to die for seven days. This food is the best exactly I like loved our power menu bowls, yes yeah. Whenever I’m like, I need to eat healthy at Taco Bell, like that’s. My goal go t-bone, but even though you can modify everything like I get everything fresco, I also just like love, tomatoes and honey, which a lot of I know a lot of people don’t. But that is my: it’s really nice, because a lot of people don’t know this, but like there’s so many ways to eat, Taco Bell and like you can make Taco Bell your own Hanna Hanna’s vegetarian. So she is like a master at Bobby Hyneman. I talked about a VA certified, which I know we’re meeting with Marissa one of our nutritionist later and like because we’re being certified, we already have what is that word: mama EPA, American vegetation, vegetarian association, America, many words, hooray American vegetarian association.
I am sorry nutritionists work with the association to make sure that all of these foods are compatible with their guidelines, and so now we have 13 menu items that you don’t even have to modify like. They are vegetarian stamp of approval. Vegetarian, like you, can order it right off of the menu. That’s so great people love options. I bought that for my vegetarian friends, because then I don’t have to like knock it to the employee. Lounge come on. Let’s go would be losing Wow wait.. They sure are. We have a partnership, it was Xbox, it’s certainly anti-gravity situation. Maybe, and you do it, can you lift your feet? You’Re off? Oh, this is really cool. I love all the artists too and healthy. What’s all they doing here? Yes, so we have a program called the PPE, hello, every fall and spring. We identify a hundred artists that are up and coming artists and we give them five hundred dollars in Taco Bell gift cards and then help support them kind of like, while they’re on the road and give them maybe some opportunities, some people. We have fans off of Bell Hotel, maybe others are featured their songs featured in our commercial. So you are basically responsible for the success of healthy eye. I mean partially partially. We don’t want to say that, but wholly we love you and we’re here to support you and then, if you see we have some props from commercial. So that’s from a bacon club, jillybug, commercial bacon, guitar, and then we have some weapons in here from a destiny: commercial, basketballs bro. So we have a partnership with the NBA, so doors and the inside. All this challenge the Taco Bell Skills Challenge. You can see some of the balls have it on here. We have them signed by players. We also have just a couple of fun. Memorabilia in here. We’ve done a lot of things over the past few years and okay. That was the best the web of fries of our ml. Oh my Amin fried and seasoned in Mexican spices dipped in warm nacho, cheese sauce, it sounds delicious. Someone doesn’t want you to taste him. Who would you think they are like a few of mean, so many celebs are huge fans of Taco Bell but like who are the diehards that you can think of off the top of your head? Yeah he’s incredible and he’s such a passionate another brand. So I know he wanted to get married in Bora Bora whenever that is like. Maybe we should just scratch or bore, and just you talk about who’s at the hotel.
Well, yeah. I ran into some friends yesterday, I’m chilling a barn or heart heart is my bag. Oh, my god, oh my god yeah and I thought, like my she’s, a little her feet when it touches other people like Spencer Pratt. I’m courting a lot of the cast for Vanderpump rules. Katie and Tom straight. Are incredible fans love the brand? Well, it’s funny cuz! You just kind of like you guys have to come to friendsgiving. First off your oh, this is your official invite. I mean, I think, there’s a talk about friends, good, there’s, a come to talk about headquarters and our chefs create this amazing menu. That only happens once a year and it’s different every year, so every friendsgiving it’s a different menus. So I guess we get Pembry all of November right. We like basically just want to give you a you know a Thanksgiving meal with the taco bell twist. So you might need something like a golden chalupa, which has you know turkey and stuffing. My brother we’ve already served that so you won’t get back this okay, I’m excited for whatever you know. A lot of people ask us: do you have a Taco Bell in your Taco Bell? Of course, we do Taco Bell inception people, so you can order top of the Bell whatever you want they’re out today until about two o’clock here: okay, if you’re not feeling Taco Bell, it just happens to be an off day for an off taco day off taco Day we do have a grill, so if you wanted to get like a hamburger, maybe get the grill special. If you want to come in and get maybe like pancakes or an omelet in the morning, you can do that. We have all four a little deli and a coffee bar and then also too you know we always travel a lot of visitors and people coming in. So we cooks our retail down here as well. So you can purchase any of your favorite talkable items that you see on my talk with all taco shop. Well, let me know anyone watching you might want to purchase this sweatshirt if it’s available, I’m like it’s very comfortable, the grave material and lovely for the whole family. You guys test out new menu items here too, with the people that work here actually know. So this is current and what you see is what you got in the only way that you can test new items is in our Test Kitchen, which will be taking you to a very short So let’s get our tour finished right, and so, as we walk down, we do have a lot of amenities here at Taco Bell, which is amazing.
We met the Americans Jim I saw him if you wanted to like go get your hair and your nails done You got a massage We know that you can make minute Do you guys sleep here, I’m like Buffy girl Do you live? That’s the only thing we’re missing our beds, real, oh, when you’re having clubs don’t have enough area So before we go inside, oh boy Okay, I don’t want that Are my right I’ll never get here, so you bring in your kid and yaw him top of daycare and they like roll up our old chicken tacos in there I’m just kidding No Child Education, they’re, really Fanta, and then we also have a mail room around the corner so like mostly during Christmas time, we’ll have like some specials So if you want to, you know, deliver packages to your family, you can do so too, but we also have it just on the dailies So I’m like it’s gonna be hard We just have like you guys are asking about the laundry room they’re like Why is there a laundry here? It’s because you can get your dry cleaning done here, so we’ll actually take your dry cleaning up to your desk and it will be there ready or if you’re you know, working out at the gym and you’re like dude These the only gym clothes I got We can, you know pop them in the laundry and go through that, I’m going after you, just gonna get so many tons up I wanna work at Taco Bell Do iron yoga kickboxing! I love the bars boxes are here, and so we there’s equal in class right now That is so cool Sorry a morning, workout crowd We have a night workouts Now we have a lunch, it goes like Is it open like a development? It’s open all the time Very promising – and it also makes you moment – and I was mentioning that the kitchen is awaiting – are over the kitchen – is the way we got our arrival Let’s not make them wait any longer I would need to be rude Oh I hope you came um It’s not real, quick before we head in okay, just fun fact: we have over 700 employees that work in this Korean, it’s a big building, so it’s a really a big building from our daycare center to working in marketing to working in international five levels We are on the second floor currently with international and our food innovation The Test Kitchen resides Are you ready employees only I’m or making an exception here? We go I mean yeah, the better ones like it better, so we’re kind of dinky Would you guys like to go but you’ll find it

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