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We have to take guppy to the emergency room!!!!

30 Sep , 2019  

Animal yeah, while we were in there a dog actually died. Oh my gosh there. He is right there, you guys the cat is right here. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh dancing! Well, we currently are on our way to an emergency vet appointment. As you can see, I’m doing my makeup in the car we weren’t expecting this at all and you can see the said dog that’s going to the emergency. That is this guy right here we have a case of Bologna, he’s bloated like a balloon right now and he’s no he’s blown AIDS.
I cannot below. We don’t know if it’s like it’s some sort of stomach issue right now he threw up his breakfast. He eats really fast, so we might have to switch into a slow feeder and just to be on the safe side. People to get him checked out. While I do my makeup in the car, so we’re sure all right, good being ready, we’re gonna show them your big belly. I feel like come on. His belly feels so much smaller. Now, yeah take him out of the car. I want to do that door. Don’t jump oh my gosh, it doesn’t even feel bad. I still think it still looks like it’s going out the side. He definitely like expelled. Some. His belly was huge and bloated earlier. Well now, I’m not even worried, really he’s fine, but he did. He looks pretty bad we’re at our house. Then again he threw up all inspecting animal yeah. For this. This bloated fella belly could be just got x-rays. You can see right. There cos bullies kind of poking out the kids beer belly. Come you bed nights, so guppy guppy, you got some splainin to do you got some splaining to do. Guppy is fine, he’s totally fine, we’re glad we brought him in. They did x-rays on his belly and they saw that in his belly. There were tremendous amount of food, so last night we slept with our door open and guppies been really good about, not pooping in the house, not peeing in the house. So he thought it would be fine, so he slept with our door open, and I don’t know if you guys remember my hurricane vlog, where I bought kibble well guppy got into the bag of kibble and he ate almost all the, but he ate like half the Bag of a large large bag of kibble – and you know, Jay – didn’t J – didn’t realize that he had eaten so much food. So he gave him breakfast and that’s why he threw up his breakfast this morning, because literally, he literally ate so much kibble that his whole belly distended outward and that’s why we had to go to the emergency vet.
So luckily he’s he’s totally fine. He needs to lay low today not play a lot. He needs to just basically sleep it off and he nut and he can’t eat dinner tonight. So I hope it was worth it guppy. I was wondering where he was last night. I was like he normally is at least in our room. He wasn’t in our room for a while last night and that’s what he was doing. He was mouthing down on a bunch of kibble in the closet. Normally we have our pantry door shut. He found it and he ate it. I was so funny because Jay feeds every morning I feed every p.m. right, so I’m just like oh come on. Like I know I I know you feed normal every morning. There’s no way that you like overfed him this morning and James, like I don’t know if I gave him like a little bit of like leftover pasta, we had from our meal last night, which wasn’t a lot at all, and the vets like no. There was a lot of food in this and like like his whole stomach is like jam-packed with food and it’s kibble and we don’t feed kibble. So that’s how we knew we were like. Oh my god, freaking ate the kibble Franklin’s kibble, the goop. I’m really happy that guppy doesn’t have blue, because blue is a serious medical condition where a lot of dogs get frickin. Some of them die from it and it’s nothing to mess around with and a large breed, including Saint Bernards, get it often. So I’m glad that he has no issues and stomachs not twisted. He just ate too much. That was the best scenario that could have happened. While we were in there, a dog actually died. I took it took us. It took an hour for us to check out of the emergency vet clinic because an actual emergency came in which it was a beagle and it um. I guess it barked a lot, so they the vet, prescribed Prozac to it or something, and then I had like. I don’t know something: weird happened and um. It’s really sad, like literally I’m still recovering, I’m such a baby – oh my god, I’m still recovering from like Callie and like just hearing somebody like cry after their dog died, like literally, she brought the dog in while you’re there and then it died. And then you just hear like the owner, just like the type of cry that you know you that happens when something dies, it would just add huge Jay coming in at the perfect time how to tell my sneeze turn off the baby.
Hey hi. Do you want to be baby girl’s friend? Oh, my goodness, look how cute you are. This is Louie he’s pulling all the trick. Catches scratch that bitch there you go. That’s that, oh, my god, ooh, but I mean. Did I just get permission really? You just gave me permission: skit you get to be our new little bird baby, birds friend. Would you would you alright guys? Well, I got permission to get a little corny baby bird Fred and I held it and I took it out of his cage us up. A little bit to new belief for me and my preference, but I did to the woman she kept on going. No, no yeah, it’s a baby calling you so they’re a little bit bitey! It’s nothing like I’m a cow bite, their little beaks are so small. It’s so cute. I wish she wasn’t as a you know, beaky, but yeah so kind of decline that, even though she was so cute, I really wish I could, but not the right fit, we’ll find the right fit. Eventually, all right, you guys we are home and now ah soby need to throw that trash away all right. He really got into this kibble, so I came in it and I thought maybe this is doing because mom’s pantry, if you really think about it, desert well a little update on baby guppy, their little naughty boy who snuck into the cupboard and ate all his food X-Rays on your belly and you were fine, but it’s better to be safe than sorry someone’s coming hi. Okay, I’m gonna feed them, except you, the vet, said not to feed you tonight that these, so I’m sorry, you’re gonna, have to miss out on this one. Are you guys now, I’m gonna go outside and then I’ll go feed the cats? But I wonder if the predator cat is out here. Is he out here? Oh my gosh, I hear someone yelling. Oh my gosh there. He is right there, you guys. The cat is right here. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, my gosh. Is he gonna come up to me he’s literally letting me pet him? Are you serious, oh my gosh, that all right, you guys. I was not expecting this. Oh love bite. Oh, thank you. I was not expecting that at all. I hear something else coming something else was coming up. I can hear beliefs, that’s not even why that’s a little scary. What is that? Oh he’s bit my toe it’s gonna freak Why are you doing that? Hey? Oh, you wanted those kitties! Okay: okay, come on money cat, let’s go feed, you guys! Oh my gosh, I’m gonna step on you.
If you walk right under my feet like that gotta, be careful! Oh, you were super friendly, hi! Look at you! That’s what you look like Are you neutered? Yes, who are you? Are you somebody’s cat, you’re kind of skinny? Are you a boy or a girl? This cat is not shy Alright, oh my legs like get out of my kitty There’s food right here, oh and then we got euro euro is tell me these cats Don’t look so similar How did I get? I got twins, twin cats, twin cats Look at this cat You guys he literally wants to live inside my house Where are you going? I just gave you food: what do you want from me kitty? You don’t want to come inside I have all these dogs Do you want to meet the dogs? Alright? Are you friendly, okay, pinky Thursday mom you’re gonna let this cat go inside we’re gonna Do let’s cut come inside no Frankie suck hi kitty, you are brave, that’s for sure you got what it takes Boobs are gonna we’re gonna look at the cat cousins Like I don’t know it’s cut it So I know what this cat doing It’s gonna look good catified Franklin is a cat cat goblet he’s more like just the kind chaser, but through sleemo, good boy, pinky, Oh boom Whole thing looks good, yeah time for me to eat dinner Your life, you dudes cats, before you gonna, give me dinner, don’t get scratch it scratch it I don’t know if it’s a girl or boy we’ll probably stretch you good yeah My knees like what is going on, hey that was good enough You’Re, not afraid of dogs, just amazing, oh my god I can’t believe we just hit that cut That’s crazy, where’d! He come from it’s the microchip Is he? Why am i calling it a he? I don’t even know if it’s a girl or a boy Let me know in the comments down below: do you guys think it’s a girl, or do you think it’s a boy and yes today was a long day got these like where’s, my Duffy, we literally had to go to the vet this morning because you ate so Much food we thought you had below you still look Peggy I can still see how puchen your look, no food, for you, probably even is so full honestly You have to be so full

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