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We made transparent chips.

1 Nov , 2019  

we’re gonna be venturing into the land of voiceless Facebook, food tutorials, you’ve seen them, they feature top-down shots. They have a lot of fast sped up pouring and mixing and no taste tests to even validate whether or not making these really really long recipes is worth it. One recipe in particular that I saw on my feed the other day caught my attention: transparent, potato chips. This thing is pretty Dern Verrill and I understand the intrigue. How can potato chips possibly be transparent, but after looking at the recipe briefly, it seems like they basically soaked potatoes in a bowl of water to get the taste and use that water to make transparent chips.
And they do look cool, potato chips and try them out alright? Let’s start cooking, ok to start off we’re gonna get to what is called like a potato stock which is basically like that, like potato bath, so we’re a make our potato bath house first by taking the potatoes cleaning these off and then slicing a 2-inch cut Into each potato, the idea is that I have a little bit of a hole in these guys. So when we bake them, the potato juices can come out or make them like potato teabags in some ways. So now we’re going to take these potatoes and put them into this mixing bowl and then we’re basically going to lather them in oil. You don’t have to massage them, but I did all right so now I’m going to lay them out onto this baking sheets and then salt them. I feel like they’re gonna end up being like salt delivery devices. Oh, my god, so these potatoes are extremely thoroughly salted. The next step now is to bake the potatoes. So once you’ve got the potatoes baked and the bath water heated, you start dunking them in to let them marinate is marinate. The word would, you say: bask like sunbathe, but in hot water, regardless we’re gonna. Let them sit in there for two hours and then we’ll have our potato stock all right. So it’s two hours later taken out off. Oh, that is steeped so we’re gonna. Do right now is we’re gonna strain, this potato stock, so all we have left over is like that potato water and then we’re gonna. Let that cool overnight. So we can make our glass or transparent chips tomorrow, and ten and uh Dan ant is a room. The fridge, yes, I’m putting it here, underneath the open cat suits, but one benefit from this recipe, though, is bonus potatoes. Well, it does like a sort of soggy potato, so it is the next morning our potato stock is chilled we’re to take that out mix it with some corn starch and that’s gonna make our potato gel.
It does smell, like taters man. I think you’re ready for potato jelly. I don’t think you’re ready for potato jelly yeah that looks control. That does not look like something you like to eat. We’Re gonna pour the gel into a squirt bottle to start prepping our chips. This is how we reform our chips, we’re just going to shoot them out. That looks like a tear drop man that looks like you could pick up a transmission chip. I got to be honest and basically you just keep squirting until you’re out of juice turns out. We had a lot of juice, so we ended up making a lot of chips. I am curious, though I got like a little droplet over here. I want to see what it tastes like. Does it taste like a lot, it’s kind of like the aftertaste of potato. After filling up this first baking sheet, we still had a lot left and so for our second batch, we decided to try some fun shapes yeah. The smiley face chips, this guy’s a little goofy looking. How do I make a Pringle? So after our second batch, we still had some gel left, so I decided to use the rest to make a giant chip. I got to get the parchment paper to weigh down just a little bit. The key is here is to make sure that we use all of it, but also that we don’t run out of it short of a full chip. It’s like chip Pangea, you know it’s like the predecessor of all chips, one chip to rule them all and in the darkness crunch them. I think we have enough. Oh, my goodness! Well, there we go so. Did I make it nice? Okay, that’s that’s! The perk is having a big sink, so we have three batches of potato chips, the giant one one that has like some other designs in it and just the standard beginner one normal one personally made so we’re gonna put those into our oven for like two To four hours, or until the potato chips Harden, this is probably straight up like the 24 hour mark. So it’s been a long one. So it’s about to be night and the chips seem like that they are almost finished, but the final step before we’re done is we’re going to take them out we’re going to fry them and then we’re ready to eat them. But it’s pretty late right now. So I think that we’re gonna leave them in here and tomorrow morning, we’ll take them out Doucette frying and do also set tasting.
This is taking a really long time it’s been in there for like eight hours and 135, what cooks at 135. So it’s gonna be like a 48 hour recipe dude one second in the facebook. Xion comes right out a lot of effort. If these things don’t taste good, then do not make up. It looks like a snail just trailed over your paper and left that behind disgusting, okay, so it’s the next morning, so we’re going to take our potato chips out of the oven. Take a look at them. It doesn’t look pretty, but it looks like those could be chips, especially with some additional frying, so it looks like the giant potato chip has not fully parted in the middle, so we’re gonna put it back into the oven now for a little bit longer and See if we can’t get it to fully hardened as for the other ones, let’s take them off the baking sheet, get ready to fry them. Look at that! It’s almost like gold. Remember when he’s like eating like the things from his head, they do look a little bit like ruffles. I think, because the parchment paper was a little bit crinkly. They have like some natural waves to them. That’s the clear potato chip dude, that’s his name. You have gingerbread man and clear potato chip dude right there. You got the Cyclops chip here and then not Cyclops chip. Okay, so Sofia has rejoined our cooking efforts, even though she hasn’t been careful. No, I don’t know what’s happening. We do have these transparent, potato chips. Right here that we can start to fry up, keep one, so you can taste what it tastes like unfried though oh crunchy, you can hear it. It tastes like sweat. Here is the moment of truth. You ready, oh wow. I was not expecting that lost a little bit of its transparency right there. It looks like a clamshell alright, since that one turd puffy, I want to see if I should leave it in for longer. Maybe it needs to fry through the white. These look like real potato chips, yeah they’re, not transparent, but they smell tasty, so we’re gonna jump into tasting them in just a second. We have one more to fry up, which is this person one who’s gonna do a high dive in they hit the side of the pot, but you get stick the landing and it’s coming out to look like a pretty good potato chip. I got to say: that’s him. Upside-Down anxa looks a little bit like a like a bunny rabbit, so I’m not sure we fried these right, but before we try another frying technique, let’s taste them Cheers all right that tastes like ice.
More, it’s good. There is a marshmallow vibe to it yeah. I think it also kind of tastes like the very outer rim of a fried egg. Oh we’re like, if you like, leave any eggs behind yes on the pan and it gets that kind of burn. I’m gonna try turning down the burner just a little bit because maybe the pots too hot by let’s do this. This is a less hot frying pot. All rights not just sizzling up immediately. Let’s see we’re gonna, take it out. Oh, my god that might have worked good. It’s interesting that they’re, like lower temperature, worked better.. Are you ready, taste test? Ah, alright, cheers Cheers it’s a little chewy. It’s not super! Crunchy or crispy it kind of reminds me of Listerine strip. You know when you first put them in they start to melt. Then if you start to chew them, they change their mind. Yeah. I really enjoyed they’re like really fried ones. It tasted good. It had a good texture. This one is still salty, like it doesn’t taste bad, but the texture is not very enjoyable before we call it. Quits, though we do have our giant chip, which we now know how to fry. So we are going to check in on our giant chip in like a couple of hours, but I think we’ve gotten to the point where you can say: we’ve made clear potato chips. Those were definitely clear, they’re definitely made out of potatoes and they were in the shape of chips. So yeah, it’s a clear potato chip fast-forwarded and I think our clear potato chip is just about hardened in the oven. We get one shot at this. Oh, it’s so fragile. It wants to break. We lose a little pieces here and there, but that’s what we need to do: they’re just that chip off the old block. So what this giant chip is like the mothership mothership, oh okay, that is our giant clear plastic. Potato chip are we seriously eating with all that paper, um, no, we’re gonna try it, though we’re basically hoping right now that the fryer will take the paper off. That’s our best shot right now, yes, go for it! Wow! Look at that paper. Let’s try to take it out, oh, that is a giant potato chip. It’s so questionable! Okay, let’s see if we can’t get the rest of the paper off now that it’s all oiled up, so this is about as far as we could go. There’s definitely some leftover paper on that Just like fused together, it’s like never coming off yeah, it’s kind of like a shower curtain, so we’re gonna salt this ship up and with that I’m gonna take a bite we’re at will, lady in the traffic.
That is better than the other ones that look like this I think, because it’s thinner, it’s got more of a crunch Are you need the paper? I want to try it This is disgusting Well, you can’t buy to the paper huh face about the same so before we call it quits I say we’re gonna heat up the oil, so we actually get into that really hot temperature and making that super fried version that tastes a lot better Let’s see how that tastes, real quick that is not clear anymore, that looks amazing There’s like a giant starfish, okay, I’m gonna feed it right to yourself ready we’re going in That’s the paper side, shoot yeah awesome, it tastes, really good! That’s awesome! So, overall, I’d say that these chips really aren’t worth all the time their facebook virality does not equal quality taste That’s said yeah, I would say in general I think it’s probably like a 100 to 1 ratio of time yeah and the flavor probably not worth it Although I am very proud of this giant potato chip, I want to keep eating this, I’m not convinced if he it doesn’t like the paper like they’ll get a face That’s gonna stop eating cuz, there’s paper on it, how you Steve candles as a child? Okay, get out of here We’Re gonna open a room on next beat and we’re gonna tell your guys Suggestions to fry different things in the wok could be Oreos could be Creamsicles could be anything you guys choose and we’re gonna make those with your suggestions, you can still click that link and watch our next meet room after the fact it will still be there It will not disappear and you can see us fry stuff and hopefully not injure ourselves or anything or anyone else Definitely the latter, so the length of that will be in the description below Yes, thank you guys so much for watching make sure you smash or gently tap that subscribe button make sure to hit that little bell icon So you get a notification every time that we post I’m waiting for you to save smash again smash Thank you guys So much watching check out our next be room and we’ll see you guys next time

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