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We retired early in Portugal. Look at our minimalist home.

1 Nov , 2019  

Hey guys a month and Christina from average journey, we are living in Lisbon, Portugal and we are ready to give you a tour of our minimalist apartment. So if you’re new to our channel, we actually just reach financial independence, we retired early at 40, and we moved to Lisbon. Portugal we’ve been here for about three weeks and we have really been wanting to give you a tour of our place, but our place hasn’t been completely set up, but now that it’s set up, we want to give you a tour of our house, and we really Want to focus on the minimalist approach that we use to design and furnish the home here in Lisbon, Portugal.
So we’re going to begin our minimalist apartment tour. But before we do that, we want to talk about our apartment location. Our apartment is located in the centre of Lisbon because of our location, we don’t own. A car. Lisbon is an incredibly walkable area for us we get around by walking or by taking the tram, the Metro, the train or the bus. Lisbon has an incredible public transportation system, and since we live right next to a metro, stop and several bus stops, we’ve found that getting around with public transportation is super easy and convenient. Now that we’re retired, we found that we do a lot more walking because we’re no longer stationary at a desk for 40 plus hours a week, we’d love to just go around and explore the city, and we’ve found incredible: restaurants, homemade ice cream shops and really unique Coffee shops near our house now, let’s take a look at our minimalist apartment, so our apartment has three bedrooms and two bathrooms with a bonus storage room that we use as an office. It’s 128 square meters in total, which is one thousand three hundred and seventy seven square feet so welcome to our apartment in Lisbon. Here you can see the first thing when entering our home is a shoe rack and a container to put our loose change in money. In keys, we lived in Japan on and off for five years and in Japan they don’t wear shoes in the house. So we don’t wear shoes in Portugal either so, rather than just keeping our shoes thrown around in the entryway, we search for the most narrow shoe rack. We could find to put it in the entryway. The real purpose of the shoe rack is so we aren’t bombarded by cluttered shoes right when we walk into the house.
One of the reasons why we live a minimalist lifestyle is that we really believe that minimalism provides us with clarity. Of course, there’s direct financial benefit for having less stuff, but we also feel, like our minds, have more space to reflect and to be creative in a space that isn’t cluttered with a bunch of stuff. So right off, the entryway is the living room. This is our favorite room of the house because of the large floor-to-ceiling windows and the natural light that comes in every day when we decided to retire early and move to Portugal. We got rid of everything and flew to Lisbon, with only four suitcases one for each of us and on top of that, our house didn’t come furnished. So when we furnished our apartment, we knew we wanted to focus on a minimalist yet functional design. We really hate clutter, which is one of the reasons why we’ve always adopted a very minimalistic approach to furnishing all of our homes. We wanted to design two separate spaces behind the couch. This is the first space. The chairs are super comfortable and, at the same time, they’re really lightweight, so we can easily move them around the room when we have people over and this space we love. We wake up in the morning, walk the girls to school and then come back to this exact spot in the house. It’s the perfect time because there’s so much hustle outside with everyone going to school or work or wherever they need to be and Aman and I can just sit down, have our coffees and pastries and people watch from the window. So this is our master bedroom, which is really basic. It just has a bed two nightstands bench and a lamp. We wanted to keep the same wooden design throughout the room and again we really wanted to focus on designing a clutter free space. We have a master bathroom attached to our bedroom and it’s towards the back of the house, and it also gets a lot of natural light through the frosted windows. This is sinoese room. She has a bed a desk, a chair in a built out closet. The girls are really good about keeping their rooms clean and organized, even if they don’t consciously notice it I think that by having a minimalist design and by keeping their rooms clean, they’re able to think more freely and be more creative, this is Malia’s room.
Her room is much smaller than say Noah’s, but, unlike so Noah Mel gets the floor-to-ceiling window, which brings in the natural light into a room just like so Noah Mel’s room has a bed a desk, a chair and a built out closet If you notice from Mel’s closet, her fashion style is pretty much all black, which makes our wardrobe very minimalistic in nature, because she’s really happy with only a couple of pairs of pants and a couple of different tops She actually hates to shop And this is our second bathroom at the end of the hallway, unlike the master bathroom, it doesn’t have natural light coming in, but in this bathroom all the walls have floor-to-ceiling marble and the marble is really light-colored, so the bathroom appears very light and airy This is our kitchen One of the coolest things about our location is that there seems to be a grocery store on every block So, as you can see here, our kitchen fridge looks practically empty, but this is because we buy fresh fruit at the market every day and we basically just buy what we need for the day So we’ve got our small dining room table at the end of the kitchen and if it’s just me and am on in the morning after the girls have gone to school, we’ll have our coffee in the living room near the floor-to-ceiling windows But since we’re always home at the same time for dinner, it’s a must that we all sit down and have dinner together and finally, the smallest space in the house, our office, it’s actually a storage room, but a mom put in a desk and shelves We like to edit, either here or in the living room, because with this space, we can close the door and focus on our projects What I love about this desk is that it can actually fold up when we’re not using it It just creates more space in an otherwise fairly small room So that’s the end of our minimalist apartment Tour Please make sure you like comment and subscribe to our channel and if you want to see more of our early retirement life here in Portugal, make sure you follow us on instagram at rich journey You

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