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We tried to age ourselves 40 with cosmetics.

1 Nov , 2019  

It’s nightmare time, there’s all this buzz going around with the face app with everyone aging themselves. So we decided – let’s not do the face app saying, but let’s take it a step further.. I didn’t partake in the whole old face at situation. The idea of aging and life passing me by is not one that I’m curious to explore. I don’t like it God willing I’ll never look like this I’ll die before that’s not funny, so my mom is about 30 years older than me, and she looks so good.
My grandma also looks really good. My great-grandma looked super good and lived until she was a hundred and two. So I feel like I have a lot of years coming my way and I still think that i’ma look cute. Here’s the thing I’ve seen my mom, my mom is like 65 and she looks fantastic, so I feel like I might get to cheat God a little bit which leg I’m okay with it’s the art, it’s the form that I’m interested in not really seeing myself and How I look in 40 to 50 years, I want to be a hot grandma and I want to have a lot of money. Unfortunately, we’re not simulating the money part of it, I’m just trying to like cream and sunscreen my way to preserving this jar of jellybeans. For as long as humanly possible to see what’s gonna happen to me once I fail at that task, it’s a little horrifying. So when we dressed up as Disney Villains, I was asthma and the makeup that I had definitely made it look like. I had lots of wrinkles, I mean I thought it was cool because my face was like blue: what’s it blue purple, I’m not that nervous, because I think they were all just gonna look so so cute like. I think that we’re all gonna look just like these charming little. Ladies, I only do this for money now. I understand the goal here is to look older, but it just feels like aging myself for ages sake, not like a cool Disney villain kind of age.
Yes, let’s put some miles on this road. All right, we’re getting started, we’ll be able to see each other except foods. Little people we’ll try not to cheat, but I don’t know a fresh game. I’m eating a wig perfect. This is what probably a fraction of what many more has to go through when she’s shooting. This is us. I have my forehead wrinkles on now, I’m getting my cheek wrinkles as we keep going. My face is getting more and more stiff and I’m unable to make true expressions. Look who’s. Cheating now me so Kristin’s hair is done. So now, I’m jumping in the chair to get my hairs done so my mom, all her hair went gray when she turned 40. She might be a little bit not happy that I’m saying this, but it’s it happened, father your eyes open. Can you see my little pinky? I don’t know why this feels so intimate. Okay, we’re doing it we’re doing another. Another little party move because we’re keeping this train rolling. I love to see my life without love, we’re taking off Kristen’s prosthetics on her cheek because they didn’t quite fit her face, they’re a little bit too large for her face, and so we’re gonna use a different method that probably won’t age her quite as much. This is so funny thing seeing young cheek and then the big ol, five happy grandpa on my mom’s side, Kristen you’re, getting your wig on and my wig on. So am I done. Oh, my god, we wound up doing all different amounts of aging. Kristen are a little bit more than me because I did not use any of the prosthetics just because we kind of learned that they just weren’t really working that well, so fred has full prosthetics. Kristen just has the forehead, and then I don’t have any yeah like it looks pretty good Are you not having yeah you look like you have a side business where you sell candles yeah that you make yourself, then I make myself.
Okay, are you ready ready in 1, 2 3 Wow yeah, I for sure look the oldest I do look like you’re ready like for the dating just available yeah We look like two people who are fighting over the last Fig Newton It is weird because so normally I’m like oh I’ll smile and then I’ll like see wrinkles on myself or I’ll Do this I’ll see you wrinkles on myself, so it is weird to like not be doing any of those emotions and then just still hanging there I also feel like I just look like an older man, it’s good to get off my fat long Let’s say a grand Torino remake where you played the Clint Eastwood role, I’m like kind of mad yeah you’re, like you’re, onto like great great 70s, but I lived a hard life I think other people are gonna be taken aback I do you think I think they’re gonna be pretty freaked out yeah one two, three okay, so Chris Thank you remind me of like my grandma In a way, oh, no, my cheeks are red, which means I’ve had a little bit too much whiskey The last few years this week is really selling it You know you can tell like old people like to mess with you as a grandma like press that I can make of It sounds like it’s gonna be scary, but like it’s just like age gracefully Yes, I’m dead well! This is definitely what I wonder Should I try glasses on all right on the count of three Jen You have to open your eyes and look at us one, two three Well, I could be like what you offer doing this with me I know that it took a lot of time, but I think that we all look adorable we’re so cool your face Really I mean y’all are you I think I just I belong aging ourselves, Blaney Tess’s minute, I time in a tone taking them what a long day well hard Tammy

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