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Wear cheap wishful clothes for a week!

30 Sep , 2019  

So much my dress today, hey guys, what’s up it’s Lauren and happy Thursday, I know today isn’t our normal day, but hello hi. Welcome back to my channel. I’m so excited to be sponsored by wish this week and to challenge myself to wear a piece of Wish clothing every single day and we’re gonna find out how good a freakishly, cheap piece of wish clothing can really be so stay tuned. We’Re gonna find out and like low-key, I’m filming this after the weeks like kind of party now, but it’s all secret for you and if you are new to ish it’s an app or website you can find basically almost anything crazy variety of super fun things And I’ll have a link in the description box if you want to shop on the App versus the website.
Honestly, love bow, but if you’re more like an app shopper, I’ll have that link down below y’all know that I am a bargain hunter.. The pieces that I didn’t get a chance to wear this week: okay, guys and happy day, one of wearing inexpensive wish clothing. So I’ve got my first main piece on today. It did not disappoint. Also I’m in the room. That’s getting redone right now, so it’s a little echoey, but I’m super stoked about it. So I’ve just got regular leggings on and then this jacket is a little bit cool and I am headed to a photo shoot. That’s gonna end kind of like around evening time, so I thought that I would like not bundle up, so it’s actually a really good, like lightweight kind of like thickness okay. So here’s what it looks like hello, meow you’re, definitely not chewing on my new pillow right. You would never. This room is so empty. Okay, so here is the jacket and I’m pretty sure it was $18, which I feel like at some stores would be like. Okay, really really Meow’s meows meows meows, meows, meows, meows, meows meows. I feel like in a lot of stores. This would probably be more like the $80 range. That’s so cute. It’s got color blocking. It’s got a zip, it’s got snappy, it’s got a kit, a jacket with out of pockets. It’s not even like. Are you even a jacket? I’m super happy with it. It’s super cute. It’s got like an inner, pink hood, but it’s Navy on the outside. I’m down with it down with it, they won my success so far, we’ll see how she holds up also just like a messy person like I don’t know her responsible enough to have white. Oh my jacket, but I guess we’ll see so I’m gonna head to the photo, shoot and I’ll see you guys in a little bit.
Oh, my gosh okay, so this set is possibly the cutest that I’ve ever shot at photo shoot Riley and I are doing a shoot today and instead of just like shooting around my neighborhood or like in my house, I was like. Oh, let me like see if I just like, find a cool space to rent for the day. Oh my gosh, so many photos coming soon but like this is like a freaking Pinterest dream goals. Freakin goals need need me need me me. The super need good morning. Guys and happy day, two of wearing wish clothes for the week. I feel like I probably don’t have to say that, like starting, maybe tomorrow so today I am wearing a literal, two-dollar t-shirt and I’m super impressed with the quality. I thought I’m just gonna be like regular cotton, like polyester blend type of t-shirt, it’s actually a little spandex II, which was kind of random, but I was pleasantly surprised. It actually fits a really well, and I think I actually super dig the spandex situation. That’s happening right now: okay, so here we go honey honey. I see I kind of feel like Pooh Bear a little bit, but in the best way it’s kind of a neon bright, probably a little bit brighter that I would normally wear. But it’s pretty true to what the photo looked like on the listing. This is cute. This is good. It’s like a perfect length. I actually ordered it in a medium, because I was thinking that it’d be like a regular t-shirt material and I would tie it up, but I mean I really need to, and I just kept jeans at oh wait. Also wait. There’s like new things happening in the room too. I forgot that yesterday it was not like this. Oh my gosh, okay, so I got okay, no, that’s not new, but I’ve got this new little puff. I got this new carpet. I got my new little floor. Cushion wow this room is gonna, be like just literally changing as the week goes. Yeah like a tuned one vid, don’t hate that.. I guess I made it. You know what this is the before mass of a. I definitely didn’t ask about what we were doing beforehand, but now, I’m here and there’s no choice and so we’re gonna. Do it anyway potentially won’t be flogging the aftermaths. It may not be a good situation, there’s a hinge of what you’re holding okay wish me. Luck. Okay, bye, hi, guys and happy day. 3. Today is actually Valentine’s Day. So this morning I went and got a last refill. Two lashes are looking on me. This one is actually kind of like bothering me. Actually, I think, there’s one stuck in my eyeball. Hmm also, my wait. Wait, wait the focus with the focus there.. What a great Joel is breaking out so freakin bad, and I’m really really sad.
but also not super excited for my skin. Anyway, is my half. You know it is Valentine’s Day today. So happy love day to all of you guys, my true Ballantine’s my true day. One love, I don’t have any big plans there or anything, but I do kind of feel like baking cupcakes, because, what’s like a better excuse to eat cupcakes, I don’t Allan tines day, even if you bake them, oh yo. So today’s wish outfit is this: super cute purple fuzzy sweaters. It’s also pouring rain, there’s been like a tiny break and rain right now, but it’s been so freaking gross today, always wanna be cozy get my bacon on, and this sweater is one of my favorite purchases that I got on wish. Okay, so this lighting is absolutely terrible to show you my outfit, I’m gonna go to the other room, but the window is open, so I know it’s gonna be crazy, cold in there. Oh, no, it’s so cold in here. Okay, let’s try this again wow. It smells like a barn in here because of this road here is the fuzzy sweater it is so cute. I wanted to get it in all the colors. It’s like a perfect purpley topi. You know what I don’t even really know. What color taupe is it’s not mo mom purple, great color hood, so soft, so fuzzy. It’s got the elastic detail on the bottom of it. I actually do have pants on just some black like workout shorts underneath and then these like slipper socks, cuz, I’m just trying to be so cozy today, yeah, alright sweater, so soft would love a pocket here, but not mad that it doesn’t have it for $12 $14, I can’t remember exactly how much this one was but holy crap, what a great quality sweater purse so freakin cheap, I’m stoked! This is maybe my favorite piece so far. Also, I put my hair in braids last night and my hair is just like doing the most. I woke up and I was like. Oh no did he maybe make a terrible mistake and actually going to the hairdresser tomorrow to get my extensions moved up because I have like the bead ones if you guys saw that flaws, so that’s gonna be tomorrow, probably gonna wear another comfy outfit. For tomorrow, as well, maybe the other fuzzy sweater it’s time to bake some freaking cupcakes. Oh my gosh guys, I am having the most struggles. Oh, I got like a really cool icing tit and made that and that’s beautiful, but I don’t have enough icing to do all that. So then there’s like a typical everyday cupcake, but, like you, don’t even understand the contraption that I have going on here.
It is not good there’s icing here, as I say, on the floor down there, there’s icing on my legs two seconds ago. The cupcake station is just out of control right now. Okay, two hours later I’ve got my best six. I had some really fun like icing. Toppers to make stuff like that one and that one turned out really good. I had a surprising amount of sprinkles on hand. Okay treat yo self hi guys and welcome to date, or so I had a little bit of an issue today, because I just order a whole lot of warm clothes and I kind of run through all my fuzzy sweaters, from which already it is cold. Today, like 9 degrees Celsius, so I don’t know what that translates to in Fahrenheit, but it is chilly, so I had to improvise a little bit. So today’s outfit has lots of non wish pieces to keep me warm. So I’m about to go ahead to my hair salon to get my extensions moved up, so we’ve got a beanie, a jacket and mugs on and then this is the wish piece. So I’m gonna take the jacket off, so you guys can fully see it. So this is what it looks like they’re really cute, like sleeveless dress, it’s got a little hood sub-strings and I actually got it in navy too, so I wasn’t quite sure about the sizing. So this was the medium I think, and it’s a little bit baggy, but the length is a little bit better and the small is definitely a little more fitted but they’re both so cute no pocket here. So I’ve got this and then my winter weird, to keep me warm, I’m gonna head to the hairdresser right now. Oh PS, wait for the focus wait with the focus. Where are you going? Where are you going please come back? This dress was a dollar, I’m kind of going back and forth between, like the super super cheap pieces and like a cheap but like higher, more expensive pieces from wish, because it’s kind of a little place between like a $2 bando. And then I think the most is like $19 water, or was those expensive either way crazy, cheaper. Today’s ohrid $5, it’s literally less expensive than the coffee I get every morning. That’s up! It’s that’s why I made it to the house: hey great, that’s how much my dress was today yeah. It really would yeah really what I got it: a tubular, so wait you’re wearing right now, oh my gosh, so I was supposed to go to this team bug event tonight in this really sparkly dress, which probably is a little closer to $800.
They don’t it’s dressed $5.00, so we are bonding again. Extensions are in there moved up. We have an adventure tomorrow, I’m so excited to show you guys what I’m wearing and you’ve entered that I’m going on tour good morning and happy Saturday from me and my $4 dress. Oh my gosh, this one might be my favorite who date because, like yesterday was Q, but like this one is just the chief know. I guess the honey shirt was only like two dollars something, but this dress is so fun. What is my eyelash doing? Oh No. This dress is four dollars and it is so incredibly soft and I was a little worried because I’m headed down to Venice today to do some like walking and shopping and eating – and I was like, oh man – I gotta wear a dress today, but it is So comfy and I’m so stoked to wear it, it’s a little bit chilly today and it’s like long-sleeve. It’s got a little bit of a bell. Sleeve situation and the whole $4 thing doesn’t but not gonna question it whatevs it’s super cute and just for the outfit sake I have on my little cheetah booties, but I don’t think I’m actually gonna wear these defendants because I’m not trying to die Today walking around but look how cute this is. Oh, my gosh, I came it up on two different colors. Now it’s like I don’t know. White is like kind of springy, so I’m gonna put the jean jacket on that. I was riding yesterday, so you can get the full look, but here’s what the whole thing looks like, and you know what it’s pretty thick like. I was worried. I was gonna have Show through with, like my underwear and bra. I think this literally might be my cutest outfit. Yet, oh, my god. The jacket I feel like just helps make it like a little less so much white. I wish the neck wasn’t quite as high, but it’s whatever and also keep me warm today so like I’m, not really complaining about it, but and I am off to Venice, um hello. I just got home and realized. I did not plug a single thing in Venice. I did take a few pictures. I did a little bit of shopping, went to brunch a really good day and the dress still hold it up great. It was a little bit cold. Definitely wish. I had worn pants of some sort, but a plus I had a barbecue flatbread barbecue chicken flatbread, and it survived that whole meal without getting any barbecue soft, which is a major feat in my books to be completely a hotness.
But I did take some photos. So here are photos of my day in the outfit, but otherwise, even though it was not very well documented or you know, big got a few compliments on it from stranger, a plus. So I hope you guys enjoyed this like almost full week of vlogging. I know the title says like week of outfits, but I only did five days, but I figured that like on the weekends I just like em a blob like a literal potato blob. So I figured that the cute outfits – you know and be good to just do like a weekday type of situation. Okay, so let’s just hop right in the hall. I’m super excited, I’m gonna make sure I have all the right prices for each piece, because some of them are like literally mind-blowing. I gotta check myself first to make sure I’m giving you the right prices. Okay. So the first piece is this pink skirt, which is super cute and it was three dolla and honestly, it’s the same quality that you would get at literally any like regular store to be completely honest. It’s like a fake suede, it’s lace up and has a zip at the back and honestly for $3 again. I know I’ve used this metaphor already, but this is cheaper than my daily coffee beverage. I actually even bought it in two sizes because I was like this is so cute and I want to make sure this fit. So I got it in a small in a medium but super true to size, so the smell ended up fitting and I’m gonna give the medium away. Next piece is my only $1 item. There are so many $1 items, which is just literally insane, which is a plain black band. Oh and ya, know what more could you ask for? I’m probably honestly gonna go back and order this in a bunch of colors, okay. Next, this is one of my favorite items, so these are my $8 satin Navy shorts heck. Yes, oh my god also. I think I’m gonna go back and order these in more colors. Also, I apologize my terrible habit of looking at my monitor. Stop doing that, stop doing that! Lord stop doing that. Next I have a pair of denim shorts that were $10. I actually haven’t tried these on yet, but I ordered them in a small and they’re. Definitely pretty size accurate, but holy crap. Man like these are cute, so stay tuned, probably on insta, to see what they look like on, but these really do look like they’re gonna fit, and I am stoked next. I have this little crop hoodie and it was six dollars is what it looks like. It’s got really fun, just like chequered detailing on the side, and I fir to read a product description and didn’t realize that it was like kind of like a fixed band next, but likes also solved So I was pleasantly surprised by the texture of this sweater because I was like oh, it’s probably thin and like really cheap II, cotton polyester, but I’m into it she’s stretchy.
She got some stretch Oh this is also another one of my wish pieces It’s a twelve dollar little cross What time is it looks like there’s a little tie up right here, so you can kind of tighten the bottom to be a little more form-fitting but twelve dollars, and I am so into this color palette and then my last piece is a pair of five dollar Leggings – and this is what they look like you’re, pretty cute they’re, almost more of a jogger fit, I would say, but I’m pretty sure I actually read that in the product reviews, so I probably just should have taken that gander at that, but either way they’re super Cute and fit really well and they’re, like a nice decently, stretchy spandex like not too thick, but not too thick, so I hope you guys enjoyed that little mini haul and I want to give you guys a few tips on shopping on wish, because, but you guys know, I’m always super real with you guys My best experience for sure is looking for items that have the little truck icon That means eligible for express shipping and all my stuff came within a week I’m also a huge fan, not even just on wish, but on every website of reading product reviews You kind of get an idea of how the fit is how the fabric is, and you guys know that I am a super intense texture person so like I need to know what my product is gonna feel like So it looks a little truck icon and look for the high ratings look for the product reviews and you are gonna – have yourself the best experience on web shot If you do pick up some stuff from wish, make sure to send me photos like give me like a little photo screenshot haul of all the things you guys I’m super excited to see what you guys find it was a collab with the Tri guys and we tried Arial silt and it was insane So I will see you guys on Sunday for a sin DIY that I am also super excited about, and then I got on Wednesday for another vlog, I’m sure yeah But I will see you guys on Sunday and again on Wednesday, bye love You me and dr royal Elise, my pretty little kingdom yeah You know what

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